Earn It With A Whipping

Goddess Nina and I review the new slaves application. We read over his slave abilities and fetish wants and determine what he is good for. We then tell him what he has to do to get his fetish. He loves latex and ass worship but before he gets any of that he has to do WHAT WE WANT and WE WANT TO WHIP! We also see he has a thing for sweaty girls so the best way to work up a sweat is with a whipping. So we just go to town WHIPPING HIS SORRY ASS. We think he can take a better whipping if he gets an ass full of latex in his face. So Goddess Nina puts her ass in his face and I whip the fuck out of him. Then we switch positions and start the whole thing over again. We just keep hitting him over and over again harder and harder. By the end the we are so sweaty he has to be motivated to take a lot more he does. This guy is really a total loser and we are going to whip him tell he cries to the camera asking us for mercy. But we are THE MEAN GIRLS we have none to give, LOL.

Princess Carmela

Caning Chore Chart- Episode 6 - Superior Goddess Brooke

***This is being written by the new"clip description slave" that has been commanded to watch all Mean Girls' clips and do all underwrites from now on because they shouldn't have to do their own write ups.This is how I serve because I cannot live at Mean Girl Manor. I am to watch, review, and give a complete and fair description of each clip from a slave perspective to all potential clip-buyers before deciding to make their purchase.***

Superior Goddess Brooke is standing in the kitchen reviewing the Caning the Slave Chore Chart. The chart is posted on the refrigerator like any normal to-do list would be at any typical house. The chart is amazing to see because it has a dozen different Mean Girls names listed on it. Each of the Mean Girls is scheduled to cane the slave on a different date and then mark it off once completed. We can see that 8 of the Mean Girls have already administered their canning to the slave and that there are still 4 more to go! I love this because it shows that the slave will suffer no matter what as his future beatings are already scheduled! I also love that the chore chart contains the names of all my favorite Mean Girls on it. Just think what it would be like to serve at the manor as a live in slave knowing each of the Mean Girls would all take turns disciplining you like this!

Princess Carmela who has already taken her turn canning the slave instead of simply checking the task off as complete has marked herself down as the Winner under the completed column. When Superior Goddess Brooke sees this she says she can't believe what a bitch Princess Carmela is being by already declaring herself the winner when there are still 4 more girls who still need to cane the slave! Superior Goddess Brooke says she is going to make the slave pay! Because she is going to Bethe winner not Princess Carmela!

Superior Goddess Brooke looks amazing in her short tight red dress and high heels!The slave is draped over the couch and secured in leg manacles so he cant escape the beating he is about to receive. Superior Goddess Brooke tells the slave he is not to yell, or scream or anything, but is to keep quiet the entire time. In addition the slave is instructed to thank Superior Goddess Brooke every time that she canes him.Whack! Whack! Whack! The canning is truly brutal and you can see the slave is really suffering! He tries to keep quit and take it but he cant help screaming out and eventually crying what seen to be very real tears!Superior Goddess Brooke tells the slave to stop fucking crying and only beats him harder!

Overall, on a "slave scale" of 1-10, I give it a "9" based on seeing Superior Goddess Brooke totally break this slave and literally laughing at his tears along with the whole concept of the chore chart and the fact that the slave had to suffer extra for some thing he didn't even do! Just because of the rivalry between Superior Goddess Brooke and Princess Carmela! This is a great clip even if you're not into canning. If you are already a fan of canning and corporal punishment you have to buy this clip!

Caning Chore Chart- Episode 5: Princess Carmela

This stupid slave has been waiting around for A MONTH to be caned by me.A CANING UNLIKE ANY OTHER is coming. Some of you might be wondering why we have a Caning Chore Chart. When Princess Beverly walks by with her slave on leash instill fear into it with the thrashing I give. Let this be a lesson to all you would-be slaves, we are real, and we really break men.

This slave is beaten sooo hard that we ACTUALLY BREAK FURNITURE AND IMPLEMENTS. You won't believe the waste we lay to its body. By the time it is quivering mass of a flesh, sobbing and broken.

THIS CLIP IS NOT MEANT FOR YOU FAINT-HEARTED BETABITCHES. What you are seeing is 100%- the suffering, the marks,the destruction I cause. One thing is for sure, I set a new bar for brutality here at Mean Girl Manor.

Princess Carmela

Intro To Pain

This slave was here serving about a week ago. Before he left I told him he had to learn to take pain for us or else he couldn't come back. He came back. He thinks he can take a Mean Girl beating. Raven and I whipped the ever-living fuck out of this slave. He was cringing, shaking, telling us he couldn't take anymore. But we made him take it. A few time he tried to crawl away but we yanked him back on his leash and made him take more and more whippings. I love beating the ones that are not into pain because they wuss out the most, it always makes me laugh. We took turns transforming this sub in to a real pain slut. Now it won't be long before he's begging us to beat him again. They always come crawling back for more. Beating these slaves is so much fun!!

Princess Bella

Princess Kianna First Time Whipping

We had no idea before the shoot that Princess Kianna was even coming . But once she showed up, we all knew we had to make this clip. Princess Kianna got to fulfill her lifelong ambition to WHIP A MAN! Princess Chanel was standing by to show her how to do it and Princess C was holding camera documenting it and giving advice as needed. Its so fun and interesting to take a girl who is naturally dominant and bossy and put her in a situation where she can really beat a man into submission. It goes without saying she is so hot and all men (subby or not) are powerless to resist her charms. Be that as it may you don't find a naked man and a whip available to you that often except at the Mean Girl Manor, LOL! So we gave her a whip and she let it loose. Princess Kianna took to whipping a man like a fish to water, she was a little timid to start but once she got the hang of it you couldn't get her to stop.

Get Your Bell Rung

For our slave tryouts we sometimes make test a slave's endurance by making him hold a bell between his teeth. If we hear that bell getting rung whenever he gets whipped, he gets beat harder. With me directing the action, and one of our Princess's behind the camera, Princess Ashley whips mercilessly, and every single time that whip cracks across his back we all hear ring of that little bell between his teeth. This slave is so stupid. Doesn't he know to stay still?

We have an assortment of whips to break him with. They go from easy to destructive. You wouldn't believe how we lay waste to his back. We weren't even sure this slave could take it. But even a weakling like this pathetic loser can't stop himself from wanting to serve us Mean Girls as a REAL LIFE SLAVE here at the Manor.

Pay Us What You Owe Us

I bet you wonder what happens to our pay piggies that fall behind on their tributes to a Princess. Well THE MEAN GIRLS DON'T PLAY THAT. When a slave is late with a tribute you better believe WE COLLECT! Bella's money slave is 3 months late with his payments and he going to get the fuckin beatdown of his life!! Goddess Nina and Princess Carmela druugg and kidnap the delinquent slave and bring him back to the Mean Girl Manor for a talking too. They act like a couple of mean mobsters girls as they rough him up to ENCOURAGE him to catch up with his payments. The camera person actually feared for the slaves safety but rest assured the Mean Girls know what they're doing! They make him an offer he cant refuse because when you mess with a mean girl, THE MEAN GIRLS MESS WITH YOU.

Princess Bella

Caning Chore Chart- Episode 4: Princess Beverly

Well, I am in a hurry to go out but I cant leave before I do my chores which is beating this slaves ass with a cane! I think I did the most damage to this slaves ass, beyond what the other girls have done to him, haha! The look on his face as he screams is just precious!

Princess Beverly

Sadistic New Society

***This was a custom clip from a member of our website***


Shortly after the election of Hillary Clinton, the United States has now become a female-dominated society and all men at the age of 18 have to become slaves to whatever woman they are assigned to. But before they are given away into slavery, they have to be sent to an educational institute for compulsory training to turn them into the best slave possible for whatever woman they will be given to. The Mean Girl Manor is one of these institutes. Poor performance reported from the female trainers during its training will result in lifelong imprisonment by law!


This particular male was sent to the mean girl manor for his compulsory training. Unfortunately, he is still un-accepting of his lowly status and had the audacity to complain about the new "male slavery" laws in the United States and what “that bitch Hillary” has done to all males in the USA. Well this is obviously not tolerated at Mean Girl Manor and warrants a severe and sadistic punishment!

The slave is made to kneel outside on hard concrete under the blistering hot sun. In addition, he is made to hold a heavy sand bag above his head while kneeling, with both his arms fully raised to support the sand bag. In this painful position, he is going to receive 200 lashes from his beautiful but power-hungry & cruel female trainer, Princess Beverly. (She LOVES the new laws against males!) This is a horrible punishment, as the slave is suffering is 3 ways: his knees hurting from prolonged kneeling; his arms tiring from holding the sandbag above his head; and finally pain from the whip.

The princess is in a sadistic mood today (after the slave complained), and decided that every time the slave fails to maintain the proper position (failing to kneel upright due to painful knees or failing to keep his tiring arms fully raised), she will restart the whip-count to ZERO.

Throughout the punishment, she will taunt/threaten the slave that she has the authority to send him to lifelong imprisonment if she is not happy with his performance. The slave will be exhausted and broken by the end of his ordeal and will be begging for mercy!!

At the end, the princess decides to grant mercy- with a cruel twist of course. She will stop whipping the slave after 199 lashes, and casually relax in the shade while sipping champagne- but she just keeps the slave in this horrible uncomfortable position and he has to WAIT in agony for his last & final lashing! (But at least she isn't beating him at the moment, right? So "kind" of her...) She will enjoy the slave's predicament, knowing full well that eventually the slave will succumb to they've sandbag's weight and will drop it due to exhaustion...and the whipping count will start at ZERO again!

How the slave will have wished he wasn't rude in the first place...

Caning Chore Chart- Episode 3: Princess Bella

UGH. Well it's my turn (Princess Bella) to beat the slave. Each week we have a Mean Girl beat the house slave to build up its pain tolerance and keep it in complete fear of us so it ALWAYS obeys orders- no matter what. And yes, even though I am running sht around here now, even I have to do my chores! And this slave really needs a lot of discipline to keep him in line. He needs to be constantly reminded that each of us individually can beat his ass anytime time we fucking feel like it. He needs to know that he is NOTHING and that ANY Mean Girl at any given time can take complete ownership of him. So Superior Goddess Brooke was hanging out with me as I dole out his punishment- and remind him what a "nothing" he is in life while I hit him with the house cane over, and over, and over again...

Oh, and I TOTALLY let him have it too! I am like seriously hitting him with everything I've got. (I found out later that I guess you don't really have to hit very hard to make these cane things hurt like hell? Oh well, I don't really give a sht. It's just a SLAVE and I OWN it, so...whatev. We keep this loser literally chained to the caning bench like for weeks at a time sometimes. We don't give a fuck. And it just gets beaten over and over and over... That must be really painful, huh? LOL.

The best part for me was when Brooke put a PIG-SNOUT on the fat loser's FACE and made it snort like a PIGGG for us as I was cracking it on the ass with the cane!! HAHAHA!!!! And watching Brooke laugh in its face as it was like squirming around in agony and OINKING for us as I beat it...OMG it was fucking HILARIOUS! Such fun entertainment!! It was lucky to even be beaten by us though. Cuz me and Brooke were talking about it afterward and we are so fucking hot, these losers could never be around us any other way- and they fucking know it too. They are LUCKY just to suffer for our fucking entertainment!