Fishnet Facesitting

I LOVE using slaves as human furniture. But I HATE when they BREATHE!! So I put some tape over my slave's mouth to stop that. Then I attach some nipple clams to its nipples- just for my own entertainment! And I have my riding crop with me just in case it DARES to breathe any of it's gross hot breath on my PERFECT ass!

And My ass DOES look perfect in these fishnets and G-string! What a lucky loser- I dont care how much pain its in!

So now I can settle in and read my book in perfect comfort...well, for ME anyway! LOL!


POP Goes The Penis!

A slave was REALLY hurt in this one! And of course, us Mean Girls not only dont CARE- but we think its FUNNY! HAHAHA!!!

GoddessNo and Princess Sophie are enjoying our time at FetCon when we decide to take my slave up into a room at the hotel and use him to amuse ourselves. So I start by making him perform in "Red Light / Green Light" for us! (Princess Sophie has never played it with a slave before!) We make fun of him for having such a small dick and tell him right to his face how he could NEVER satisfy us!

Then I decide to show Princess Sophie the only thing this slave's balls are good for- kicking them up into it's stomach to give us a good laugh! (And get some exercise for us! LOL!)

So we take turns- I let Sophie kick him right in the balls while he sucks on My toes like a good little bitch! Then we switch & its My turn to kick him.

And THEN we decide to turn it up a notch and REALLY kick him hard!! So Sophie holds his arms up so he cant squirm out of the way and I get a good running start and slam My foot into his balls. THEN I decide to borrow Sophie's shoe so I could do some more damage and cause some more PAIN for My slave- and boy did I! LOL! I hit it right in its semi-hard d*ck with the toe of the shoe and...well, let's just say My slave's cock n balls had a "catastrophic event" and we had to edit most of the rest of

I HATE when slaves cant take My wrath! Oh, but the best part was when I watched this later I didnt even remember the "interview" we did at the end where I talk into the camera about how much I love to torture and hurt slaves...and what I WISH I could do to them! LOL! And Im laughing about it while my slave is "recovering" in the other room...LOL! You'll have to watch to find out what I REALLY want to do to slaves...

Beating The "Worm"

Goddess No takes Her sadistic torture to new levels- by making Her slave go outside and pick out a 'switch' from a tree & bring it to Her. So She is basically making him pick out his own torture device! Then She proceeds to make him strip naked, LAUGH at him and mock the size of his penis, and then torture him by whipping his cock with the cane-like switch. There is also some ballbusting & stiletto trample in the video, as Goddess No just cant resist the temptation to walk all over Her slaves & kick them in their nuts to remind them of who OWNS them! And She looks SO hot in those white boots- YOU'D let Her torture you too!

Beating The Old Dirty Bastard

This is a GREAT video. (And the last for at least a while from the infamous Goddess No...) The premise is simple- a guy answered an ad on craigslist to be beaten by Goddess No in a video. And it turns out that when he shows up, he is old enough to be Her grandfather! Does She care? NO! She thinks it's HILARIOUS to beat on this "dirty old bastard" as She calls him... She even commented later about how hilarious She thought it was that this guy just comes over to 'volunteer' to 'get his ass beat' by Her!! The more She learns about it, the more She loves this stuff... And the contrast between Her young, 20-something body and his old naked flesh being beaten by Her while She laughs...its quite a site... There is a lot of HARD ballbusting, stiletto trampling, and CBT with Her riding crop & stiletto shoes. And this guy couldn't take all the beating that Goddess No wanted to give the end he was begging Her for mercy. ( a guy 40yrs older than Goddess No, naked and on his knees in front of Her, BEGGING for Her 'mercy'...She thought it was hilarious!) You know, it's amazing how people say "yeah, i can take stiletto trampling" or "i can take some hard ballbusting"...and then when they get in front of Goddess No and realize that She really doesn't give a about them and hauls off and kicks them as hard as She can...then tramples all over them without taking an ounce of weight off of Her sharp heels (like a lot of women in other trampling videos) all of sudden you see the fear in the slave's eyes as they realize how much it really hurts...and how Goddess No REALLY doesn't care!

Destroying My Slave's Balls For My Friends Entertainment

Goddess No decides to call up some of Her friends during a video session so they can hear Her kicking Her slave in the nuts repeatedly! You can actually hear Her friends laughing hysterically on the speakerphone and shouting encouragement to Her! This is totally real- and you can tell by Goddess No's reaction how much She loves to kick Her slave in the nuts & cause Her slave pain! With each brutal thud of Her pointed-toe, metal-tipped stiletto pumps into his balls, She shrieks with laughter and yells out to Her friends on the phone- "I just kicked him in the nuts again!!" and you can hear Her friends humiliating for the slave...but he'll do anything for Goddess No. And so would you, seeing Her in that red outfit... The clip continues with more testicle torture, as Goddess No then makes Her slave put on it's "ballshocker"- so She can send an electric shock to his nuts at the push of a button and make him scream in agony for Her friends... Of course, there are also some disrespectful slaps across the face, callous stiletto trampling, and stomps of Her heels into the slave's flesh, as usual...we even get a nice close-up of those killer shoes dangling from Her perfect toes as She impatiently waits for Her slave to attach his ballshocker... And the video ends with a special torturous treat for the poor slave...!

Eat My Pie, Slave!

GoddessNo decides to feed Her slave...but she wants to make sure it realizes its place and doesn't get any ideas that it means anything to her! It is just a thing that she has to keep alive so it can continue to live to serve She feeds it...with Her feet!  Stepping all over its food- and it slurps it up without hesitation because it KNOWS where it belongs- at its Mistress's FEET!

Electrocuting My Slave's Balls

One of GoddessNo's favorite ways to torture Her slaves...electrocuting their balls.  Simply because it causes the maximum amount of pain for them with the minimum amount of effort from HER....

Watch Her as She sends a shock to its balls with the simple push of a button- and how She just LAUGHS as it jumps and yelps in pain!

Barefoot Trample Tease

The Beautiful and casually abusive GoddessNo in one of Her early videos- when She first started walking all over slaves...and in this one She walks all over one of them, even squeezing his dick between Her toes at one point, laughing at how pathetic he is while She does it.  She even steps on his face!

Princess Kayla- The 19yr-old Ballbusting Model

Princess is just plain MEAN, as she continues her humiliation of the poor migrant worker that adores her sooo much. She brought him in to use him for the photoshoot, but know she just wants to "kick him in the balls"- just for fun! And the total loser that he is, he lets her! And all she does is play with him and insult him.

She casually sits on the couch making the poor migrant worker kneel n front of her and humiliates him even further by making his strip for the 19yr old Princess! So his balls are hanging there, completely vulnerable between his legs- and easy target for her to flick her foot out and kick whenever she feels like it! And the shoes she is wearing have metal studs on the top of the toe- which is exactly the part she is flinging up into his naked balls!

And she does this while casually smoking a cigarette and even SPITTING on the loser! She even slaps him in the head a few times with her shoe- because she CAN! And it AMUSES her!

And all this loser does no matter how badly she treats him is grovel at her feet and tell her how beautiful she is...LOSER!

Beating My Bitch In Front Of My Friends

This was the video that started it all... Goddess No opens up to her friends about Her "slave" bitch that does whatever She says- and lets Her treat him like absolute . Some of these girls knew about Her having a slave (a new concept to ALL of them) and some didn't. Goddess uses this as an opportunity to show them what a 'submissive male' is and how badly you can treat them- as well as have some fun in the process. There is a lot of mocking laughter from these girls as they watch Goddess No LITERALLY walk all over Her 'bitch' and capture it all on tape in a hotel room in Myami as She basically humiliates & degrades him for their amusement...including several stiletto stomps into his groin! (Which totally leave Her friends gasping in amazement as this loser THAKS Her for it afterward...)

Princess Bridgette Abuses Her Power

This is a classic Princess Bridgette clip.  One of her very first clips.  From when she first discovered the power that her incomparable beauty and perfect feet have over old, pathetic men. 

After humiliating this pathetic loser and makng him BEG like a fool at her feet, she decides to have one of her friends help her literally abuse him- because he will apparently take ANYTHING just to be allowed around her.  So why not stomp all over him?  She can obviously walk all over why not do it LITERALLY??  And let her friends have some fun doing it too while she is at it. 

After all, her beauty gives her almost unlimited power over losers.  What fun would that be if you didn't take full advantage of it??

(Clip is not in HD.)

Worship and Grovel for Princess Bridgette

This is a classic Princess Bridgette clip.  One of her very first clips.  From when she first discovered the power that her incomparable beauty and perfect feet have over old, pathetic men.  (Clip is not in HD.)

Princess Bridgette Facesitting in Lingerie

A classic Princess Bridgette clip.  She sits on her slave's face in lingerie just to tease him with what he can never have.  Meanwhile, her BFF drills her heels into the slave's balls at the same time.  She thinks its funny because she knows she can do whatever she wants to Princess Bridgette's slave...

Princess Bridgette in Hoooters Trample

A classic Princess Bridgette clip.  She comes home from her job at Hooters and decides to trample her slave in her smelly socks she wore all day at work.

Princess Bridgette Gets a Wax Foot Bath

This is some old, lost footage of Princess Bridgette using a slave to give her a foot bath to her perfect feet.