Worship and Grovel for Princess Bridgette

This is a classic Princess Bridgette clip.  One of her very first clips.  From when she first discovered the power that her incomparable beauty and perfect feet have over old, pathetic men.  (Clip is not in HD.)

Princess Bridgette Facesitting in Lingerie

A classic Princess Bridgette clip.  She sits on her slave's face in lingerie just to tease him with what he can never have.  Meanwhile, her BFF drills her heels into the slave's balls at the same time.  She thinks its funny because she knows she can do whatever she wants to Princess Bridgette's slave...

Princess Bridgette in Hoooters Trample

A classic Princess Bridgette clip.  She comes home from her job at Hooters and decides to trample her slave in her smelly socks she wore all day at work.

Princess Bridgette Gets a Wax Foot Bath

This is some old, lost footage of Princess Bridgette using a slave to give her a foot bath to her perfect feet.