Slave Videos

Off To The Races!

In this clip we are just being MEAN AF to our slaves.  We pit them against each other, with me riding one slave and Amber riding the other.  (Special thanks to our girl Skylar for helping film this!  She thought it was a hilarious idea to do this to the slaves too!)  

We make them crawl with us on their backs back & forth and KISS THE TOES OF OUR SHOES at each end of the "race track" in the basement of Mean Girl Manor to earn points for us.  The "winning" slave will not get tortured after the race.  

The slaves are literally leaving a trail of "red stuff" stains on the carpet behind them from the rug burns on their knees because they are so desperate to scurry their Superior Female Riders to a winning race!  


American Ballbusting

This is simply one of the best ballbusting clips we have ever shot.  All 3 of us (Me, Princess Skylar, and Princess Amber) are dressed in our hottest "Red, White, and Blue" outfits to torment our slave's balls.  We are wearing k1lller thigh-high boots to protect our feet so we can SLAM our feet into this loser's balls AS HARD AS POSSIBLE.  

We each take turns kicking our slave in the balls as hard as we can in multiple positions.

By the end the poor slave's balls are BROKEN and SWOLLEN.  

 And we include a bunch of really cool "super slo-mo" kicks too, for your viewing pleasure!   

We can tell he is scared for his life (especially when we put him in certain very vulnerable positions haha) but we don't care!  We can do whatever we want to Our slaves.  And we feel like kicking this loser's balls up into its stomach.

Watch this clip and send me an email to tell me who you think the hardest ballbuster is!  lol  


Squishing Fatso For His Life Insurance Money

Mia and I are talking about how I have this slave that so gross and annoying.  He even complains when I take money from him, even though it is only like a few thousand a month!  Like what is up with that?? 

So Mia suggests that they have this "shrinking machine" over at the Brat Princess sorority house that I can use.  It sounds awesome!  She suggests that we can just shrink the fat loser...and SQUASH him!  And it is like SO much easier to dispose of a slave if it is only like 2 inches tall!  

But Mia makes a good point- even though I am like SO over this slave, I don't want to give up his money!  But of course, I am a smart Princess so I make ALL my slaves get big life insurance policies.  That way whenever I get sick of a particular slave, I can just "get rid of them"- and collect the life insurance money!  And there is a specific stipulation in the policy that if the policyholder goes missing for more than 6 months, the money gets paid out to the beneficiary.  (ME!)  We just need to make this fat loser "disappear".  And I am so nice that I promise Mia that since she is helping me I will split the $$$ with her.  :)

So its not long before we have the slave shrunk and at our feet...and at our mercy!  We decide to play with him a little bit though before we "end" him...maybe if he begs hard enough I will let him live?

Locked Into Feet

I had Mia over for a Princess sleepover.  I had this cool stockade built into the foot of my bed, so we can have a footslave locked into place at Our feet and use it whenever we want!  It is SO convenient!  You just wake up, and SHOVE your feet down its throat! 

Poor slave...this clip opens up after we left it locked up at our feet all night long while we slept...and when we wake up, we just shoved our feet into its mouth until it literally GAGGED on Our feet over & over!!  Haha.

Some of you freaks probably wish you could be locked up at the foot of my bed like 24/7, huh?  ;)

-Princess Amber

New House - Old Foot Freak

I always enjoy having new girls over to show off my "Mean Girl" lifestyle to.  But some of them just don't understand how I can be sooo mean to old losers and treat them the way that I do.  But me n Princess Mia (from "Brat Princess" fame) hit it off right away online, and she was totally down to see my new house that a slave bought me and hang out for awhile.  We even shot a few clips together while she was here. This was the first one.

Basically, I just show off how this old foot-creep is like SO obsessed with my feet that we can do anything we want to him.  I let him bow down and kiss my feet in front of Mia and he is like soo happy...but then I tell him that he has to keep his legs spread niiiice and WIDE while he kisses my feet.  That way  Mia can line up her KICKS TO HIS BALLS from behind!  HAHA

Poor old foot loser is so addicted to my feet that he just keeps getting back up and bowing down to kiss my feet over and over again no matter how much pain it is in...and kissing my feet with his legs spread- even though he knows Mia is just going to KICK his balls again!  So pathetic.

It is so funny to play with loyal foot slaves.

-Princess Amber

Survivors Get to Worship

This clip was fun AF.  Its basically a hodgepodge of slave abuse lol.  I have just finished abusing the fuck out of this slave by basically kicking its balls up into its throat all day in some previous clips.  So as its "reward" I tell the loser to lay down and that I will now allow him to worship my feet.  And he is just enthralled at the opportunity.

This slave is just SO "in love" with me.  But it literally means NOTHING to me.  It must be so hard to be a slave.  I mean, the girls that you are "in love" with just walk all over you and basically abuse you.  And that is exactly what I did to the slave in this clip.  But no matter how badly I treat it, it still seems to be in love with me.  LOL

I walk all over it (literally) in both my stiletto heels and my bare feet.  I stand on its throat full-weight and laugh as it struggles to breathe underneath me.  I eventually allow the loser me to worship my feet- after they have been sweating inside of my boots all day.  Of course, the loser is grateful just to lick the sweat off my pathetic. 

I shove my feet DEEP into its mouth...literally shoving my foot down its throat until it gags-while I laugh.  I even kick the loser in the balls a few more times WHILE I am standing on it!  

This slave is so in love with me...I can do anything I want to it.  And in this video, I pretty much do!  How much do YOU wish that YOU were this loser??


-Princess Amber

Suspended Disbelief

Well, I have a new victim to abuse. 

This is a fairly new ballbusting slave that we have just inherited.  I have already kicked him pretty good in a previous clip.  ("Testing A New Ballbusting Slave")  But now I want to take him to the next level and REALLY destroy his testicles.  So I have him strung up from the ceiling out in the garage - completely helpless - with his legs pulled apart nice and wide with chains so I have direct, unobstructed access to vulnerable testicles!

Then I begin my relentless onslaught on his balls.

Kick after kick I slam my booted foot into his balls.  Not sure why it is so much FUN to be so mean to boys...but it is!  :)

The slave apparently can't believe that someone as pretty as ME can be THIS cruel to him.  (Haha I love that.) 

Eventually it begins to complain and beg for my mercy.  So what do I do?  I switch into a new pair of boots that are even more brutal!  This loser will learn what happens when slaves complain around here! 

Eventually the slave starts quickly learning its place around here.


-Princess Amber

DE-sensitivity Training 101

So sometimes young, less-experienced Princesses actually "feel bad" about hurting or abusing slaves.  But that is just pointless because slaves are not people.  They are less than people- they are things.  Things that were put on this Earth to be use, abused, and treated like dirt by hot young girls like Us.  As an experienced Brat Princess, I actually teach a class on this philosophical theory.  

My star pupil is young Princess Amber.  She even brings her own slave to class with her every day!  In today's lesson for my "DE-sensitivity Training 101" class, we are really working on breaking down the slave's sense of self-worth and ego.  It MUST be reduced to seeing itself as nothing more than the sub-human garbage that it truly is.  This way, its Princess Owner can get the most work and money out of it!

We start with face-slapping.  Then we move on to some hardcore verbal abuse to really break it down.  And then finally we end with some REALLY dehumanizing spitting right into the loser's face. 

It MUST understand at all times how far BENEATH us it is.  And by the end of class, Amber's property has no question that it is a LOSER and absolutely DESERVES to be treated like garbage by Amber!

-Princess Mia

Testing A New Ballbusting Slave Out

This is just Me testing out a new ballbusting slave that begged to be used by Us in Our videos.  he takes some pretty good kicks...and just keeps taking more if I command him to.  Like a good slave should!

-Princess Amber

Good Pain Slaves Get to Worship Feet

We have just finished kicking this slave's balls up into its stomach.  It has learned its lesson and is showing a much better attitude.  So it is time to reward letting it lick our boots and feet.  We take it up onto the deck and let it grovel at our feet as any slave would love to do...  (Yes, this is 100% REAL.)


Pain is Just Part of Being A Trample Slave

This slave has been such a good and loyal one.  It has served Us for a long time.  Bella and Beverly have really hurt it while stomping and jumping all over it in the past, Chanel cruusshed it under her stilettos just so she could get a new pair of Louboutins from an online slave.  And now I have decided to break in My new pair of signature "Platinum Louboutin Pumps"!  These heels are sooo sharp...and the poor skinny little slave is in suuch pain...but it knows its sole purpose ain life is to lay at the foot of my throne and let me walk all over it because it is BENEATH Me.  

I can feel its ribs underneath my heels- but I don't care.  Slaves are MEANT to be walked all over and hurt!  Their feelings don't matter.  Pain, humiliation, and suffering are just what they were born for.  Its purpose in life is to suffer under the heels of its Superiors.  To be literally walked all over- by The Mean Girls!

(The trample slave really was in tremendous pain in this clip...and barely made it!)


Step On An Indian

This slave has already been through the ringer.  We have caned it, bullwhipped it, and even taken CATTLE PRODS to its brown skin, shocking it into complete and total submission.  It is nothing more than a heap of flesh at Our feet at this point.  This is where most "compassionate" girl would probably let up and show some mercy?  Well, that's not Us- we are MEAN GIRLS!  

We just think its funny that we have broken him this badly and decide that it would be even more fun to STOMP ALL OVER HIM IN OUR STILETTOS!  After all, he is already in perfect position for it!

This is actually one of Our best trample videos in awhile.  Skylar literally stands FULL-WEIGHT on the slave's hand with her stiletto heel at one point- and just laughs as he SCREEEEAMS for mercy!!  HAHA.



A Pirate Gets Busted

This slave admitted to us via email that it was not a member of Our site, but that it had watched Our clips for FREE on PIRACY sites!!  Well, since he was a "local", we warmly welcomed him over to the "Mean Girls Punishment Compound"...for a "free session".  (wink wink)

Little did he know that we were going to restrain him, spread his legs nice n WIDE open for Us- and then take turned kicking his balls up into his throat!!  The whole time, we are reminding him that he NEEDS to pay the "price" for watching Our clips for free on any site other than OURS!

By the end of the clip, the slave is a b100dy mess.  (Princess Carmela especially tears him apart with her ankle boots covered in SPIKES!)  Skylar's pointy-toed "money" boots are covered in the slave's red stuff- and she commands him to lick it off.  This should remind him that if he had spent HIS OWN MONEY to watch Our clips, maybe he wouldn't find himself in this position?

By the end, he is begging Us to show him mercy and promises never to watch a pirated clip of Ours again!  HAHAHA


Ballbusting The Shoe Store Loser

A beautiful blonde walks into a shoe store right at closing time.  The wimp of a sales clerk tries to tell her that they are "closed", but she easily overrides him and demands that he lock the door behind her and wait on her in the otherwise empty store for as long as she wants.  She sits and dangles her shoe from the tip of her toe under his nose- she can tell instantly that he is mesmerized by her feet.  ("Great. Another foot-freak that works as a shoe salesman" she thinks to herself.  "This will be almost too easy!")    

Within minutes she is bossing him around, humiliating him for her own amusement, and making demands that he must comply with to keep her as a "happy customer".  He begins literally begging her on his knees to "just buy 1 pair of shoes!" so that he can at least make his quota for that month.  After mocking him for being so pathetic, she eventually agrees- on one condition.  He needs to let her kick him in the balls as hard as she wants over & over with every pair of shoes she tries on!  

And when she finds the right pair, she promises she will buy them!  Watch the clip to see the ultra-humiliating ending for the pathetic shoe salesman...


Lets Break Him Completely

This is a continuation of the beating we give this slave in "Caning for Dollars".  (Read the description of that clip if you want the full background.)

He has been beaten & broken badly at this point- just using Our canes.  He is lying at Our feet, begging for mercy, but he still has some $$$ left.  So we decide to make sure we get the rest of it- using bullwhips and CATTLE PRODS!  (YES, these are REAL, full-power cattle prods that are usually used on the thick hides of COWS and other livestock!)  We feel that is MORE than appropriate though, considering we basically see male slaves as nothing more than livestock.  LOL

We whip this slave with these EXTREMELY painful bullwhips and it is simply beyond "in pain".  Its brown skin is scarring up nicely for us!  Luckily, it knows this is its true purpose in life- and that it is LUCKY just to be BEATEN by girls as hot as Us!  Then it is on to the CATTLE PRODS...OMG these thing look like they HURT!!  Oh well...that is what slaves are for- to SUFFER for their Superiors' entertainment!


Weekly Paycheck Presentation

At Mean Girl Manor we have a weekly ritual that I find VERY important.  You see, most of the local "house slaves" that serve me are forced to have regular "day jobs" in addition to their toil and servitude here at The Manor.  And each week on Friday they are required to crawl before me as I sit upon my throne and present their paychecks to me.  (Yes, their ENTIRE paychecks!)  

They are required to kneel before me, ritualistically hand their $$$ over to me, literally BEG me to take it, then THANK me for taking it.  Then they are allowed to grovel at my feet, worship me, and praise my perfection- as I could MY money!  The more they have earned for me, the more "worship time" and other rewards they will receive!

Additionally, one of the best ways I have found to keep them working hard for me all week long (even when I am not their watching over them) is to keep them locked in chastity.  So of course, after they hand over their paychecks and are groveling at My PERFECT feet, they inevitably end up uncontrollably begging to be released from their restraining cock cages.  Do I ever allow it?  It depends on how much they have earned for me...after all, I don't really care how sexually frustrated they are- all I care about is HOW MUCH $$$ THEY ARE EARNING ME!

Watch the clip to see if any of My slaves earned a release this week!

-Goddess Platinum

Caning for Dollars!

People write into us all the time literally BEGGING to be abused by Us in Our clips.  (Slaves are so pathetic..we actually think its funny that you BEG just to be beaten by girls as hot as Us.)  Anyway, for the most part we only grant this privilege to members of Our site.  And this little indian loser joined just like a good little bitch, then sent his ID and deposit- just as we commanded.  (See how easy that is?)  

Then he drove to Vegas.  By the way, we don't like "safewords" here.  We think they suck and are stupid.  So we just tell pain slaves to bring $$$ with them.  If they take ALL the pain we dish out to them- they can keep their money.  In fact, if they REALLY take it ALL- we will even give them their deposit back!  (Isn't that nice of Us??)  But if they ever beg Us for mercy- they need to PAY Us for it!  So its really simple.  You want Us to stop beating you?  Then pay us!  And we will stop.  For a little bit.  But then after a short break the beatings will  And when we break you again?  Then you PAY US again!  And so on, and so on...

Anyway, let's just say this "big talker" was BROKEN withing MINUTES of Us taking Our canes to him and he began literally BEGGING US to keep his deposit! LOL!!!

So we happily agree to that...and then we start beating him some more.  After all, he brought an additional $300 to "buy Our mercy" throughout his session.  Well, let's just say that he blew through that "mercy stash" really quickly.  And soon he is just a pile of broken, babbling male mush at Our feet.



Whip That Smile Off His Face

Some slaves come to Us acting really "cocky".  Like they think this is all "fake" or something.  This slave is another first-timer that says he wants to work for Us at Mean Girl Manor fulltime.  Well, it all starts with joining Our site (which he did) and being used in Our videos.  This is his "tryout" video.  (Keep in mind as you watch this clip that he said in his initial email to us that he would "take ALL pain from ANY & ALL Mean Girls"!)   

We do not want him knowing where Our Punishment Compound is quite yet, so I instruct him to stand in a certain spot on the side of the road- and wait to be abbducted.  We have Our driver pull up- and Me, Skylar, and Carmela all step out of the car.  We throw this loser in the trunk and instruct Our driver to take Us back to the Compound.  Can you believe that as we are driving back, we can smell the slave VAPING in the trunk of Our car!??  And when we pull him out of the trunk, he is still vaping and SMILING as if he thinks this is "FUNNY" somehow??!??

Well, needless to say, he did not think it was funny for long.  After stripping him of his clothes (and his dignity) we make him sign the appropriate paperwork, we close the door of the Punishment Compound and take Our bullwhips to this slave's hide...and it isn't long before he is COWERING BEFORE US and BEGGING US FOR MERCY!!  There is NO smile on his face any longer.  He realizes this is NO JOKE and that WE MEAN BUSINESS.

He obediently crawls into his cage.  We have the Ballshocker strapped onto him, but strangely it doesn't seem to be causing enough pain to please Us.  So we begin taking Our cattle prods to his exposed flesh.  And this REALLY strikes fear into him and he realizes he better learn HUMILITY if he is going to survive around here...  Nothing is more fun that watching a male cower inside a cage while you stand over it holding a cattle prod and it literally BEGS you for mercy!  The fear in its eyes is kind of...a turn-on?

By the end of this video, this "newby" slave is literally crumpled on the floor at Our feet and CRYING!!  (No, we are not making this up!  It is REALLY shedding REAL tears at Our feet while it begs Us to "let it go"! LOL!)  We thought it was so funny that Skylar even filmed his tears close-up on her phone so we could all watch and laugh at it later!

If you think you are a "tough/cocky" slave and want to come here, you NEED to watch this video.

We will be bringing this loser back for more abuse though- now that he knows his proper place.  Skylar has decided to take ownership of him and use him regularly.  

-Goddess Platinum


How Pathetic Are You?

So I have been hanging around here and getting waited on hand and foot by these pathetic old losers for awhile now since my aunt took over Mean Girls.  But usually I don't talk to these freaks too much except to tell them what the fuck to do for me.  But this time, while this fat old loser is serving me my brunch, I decide to ask him WHY he does whatever the fuck we say.  Like, does he actually enjoy being treated this way???  And can you believe it, he actually said "no"!


Then he admits to me that this is literally the only way he can be around girls as hot as me.  So this fat, ugly, old fuck is putting up with all this just to be around me because he is seriously just THAT pathetic!  And he does make a good point that being treated like dirt by ME is still better than being around some fat old ugly woman- even if she is "nice" to him.  Well, I can't resist...I want to see exactly HOW much abuse he will put up with to be around me LOL.


So I proceed to humiliate the FUCK out of him, telling him right to his face what I think of him.  (It is NOT "nice"! LOL)  I slap him right across the face, mock him, yell at him, throw food at him, and literally spit right in his face over and over- and he just LETS me, like the pathetic fuck that he is!  Gawd, I love being young and hot...and power that it gives me to treat ugly people like DIRT.  LOL



-Princess Amber

What Are You Doing New Years Eve

This poor slave has been locked in the closet all night while me and Alpha were out on the town in Vegas for New Years Eve- using THE STUPID SLAVE'S credit card to fund our lavish year-end celebration together!  The fat ugly old slob comes crawling out of its hole and begins groveling for pathetic.  I just mock it for being USED and treated like GARBAGE- and still putting up with it just to be a part of my life.  I throw it in its face about how much the table & bottle service me n Alpha cost- and how much the charge will be on the loser's credit card next month!  I even tell it how I bragged to all of my friends that were at the table about how it was "just some old loser that I was using" to pay for it all.  They coulnd't believe it- but we all just laughed and ordered a second bottle!


And this old loser puts up with it..why?  JUST SO IT CAN SNIFF AND KISS MY STINKY FEET AFTER BEING OUT ALL NIGHT IN MY THIGH-HIGH BOOTS WITH NO SOCKS OR STOCKINGS ON! fucking pathetic.  Here's your "New Year's Kiss" loser- on my FEET!



-Princess Skylar