Slave Videos

BallBusting Devotion

Miss Lexi Chase gets bored with the power that her beauty has over simps sometimes. They grovel at her feet and literally WORSHIP her like a goddess CONSTANTLY. It is so easy for her. Sometimes she likes to "challenge" a simp to see how deep its devotion will really go.

One of the best ways to do this is by making it spread its legs and take devastating ballkicks while CONTINUING to profess its love for her- no matter how many times (or how hard) it is kicked in its balls!

Princess Skylar is here to help test this loser's devotion. Miss Chase has the simp on its hands and knees before her throne. It must spread its legs niiice and wiiide while kissing her feet and telling her how much it loves and worships her. Miss Chase just mocks it to its face and tells it that it means literally NOTHING to her. Whenever she "bores" with hearing the slave's groveling, she simply nods toward Princess Skylar, and she delivers a devastating kick to its balls from behind!

How many kicks will this pathetic loser take to prove its devotion to Miss Chase?

Lexi Chase can be so cruel to those that are so obviously beneath her. She relishes in showing off the power that her beauty has over them. The poor simp has no chance as Miss Chase lifts its ugly, massive head with one delicate little finger and looks directly into its can't help but tell her that he is so in love with her, and as Miss Chase laughs in its face and rejects it for the millionth time when....WHAM! Another kick is delivered from behind!

And Miss Chase just LAUGHS as the fool rolls around on the ground in front of her throne...

Beaten by Lexi Chase

Miss Chase is sitting on her throne and whipping a slave-worshipper at her feet. She wonders what it will take to get this inferior foot-freak to stop worshiping her? Can she just beat it and verbally abuuse it until it has "had enough" and gives up?  Whatta fun little experiment...

But no matter what she says or does to it, the foot freak keeps kissing her perfect, petite, size 5 feet and professing its undying devotion and love for her, no matter how hard she beats it. She even verbally berates the pathetic foot-freak right to its face throughout the entire video, telling it that it literally means NOTHING to her, that she is so much better than him, and that it is lucky that she even LETS it kiss the FEET of a girl as hot as her!

She can't believe that this loser just puts up with it and keeps WORSHIPING at her feet no matter what she says or does to it!!

Her beauty just gives her SO much power over these stupid simps that she can literally do & say whatever she wants to them...and they will just KEEP worshiping her like the Superior Being that she is!!


Foot Freak Room Service

Miss Lexi Chase lives a very pampered life and is staying at a high-end hotel. She calls down to the front desk. This hotel has a special package available for their Gold Members that includes having a complimentary foot-servant sent to the room of all female guests. Miss Chase wants one sent to her room- and she wants it NOW!

When the foot servant gets to her room, Miss Chase is SO mean to it. She is "elite" and beautiful- and she KNOWS it! She has nothing but disdain for "the help" wherever she goes, but foot-servants? They are literally the lowest of the low, and deserve ZERO respect. (I mean, who would take such a lowly job??)  Miss Chase treats it like trash while casually shoving her feet down its throat and verbally belittling it.

To make SURE she gets the BEST service possible, Miss Chase threatens to leave a bad review on yelp, stating that the hotel's foot servants on staff are "subpar"- and the lowly servant at her feet knows this will get him fired!  He becomes absolutely desperate to please Miss Chase...which only makes her even MORE power-hungry as she relishes the power she holds over him due to her pending "review".  This idiot MUST do whatever she says and lick her feet like its job depends on it- because it does

Miss Chase can be so cruel to inferior people that she can see are clearly beneath her...

By the end of the clip, she is calling down to the front desk and demanding that she receive 24/7 footslave service during her entire stay, AND that her entire stay be 100% "comped"- while the foot servant is still groveling and worshiping at her feet, trying desperately to please this impossible customer!

The Corner Office

Draya was one of the interns at a huge law firm. Now that the intern program has ended, the company just announced which of the interns they were keeping on as regular employees, and of course Draya was one of them. Not only that, but she got a corner office!

One of the other interns, some old, fat, white male comes in to chit-chat with her about the company's selections, and she helps him come to terms with the fact that he wasn't selected to stay with the firm. He is shocked and broken. He can't believe it!

But Draya decided that she will keep him on- as her "personal assistant".  And he will need to accept it- or else. It is his only option. He can't accept being let go completely.

But Draya wants to use her newfound executive power to make him to SHOW her how badly he wants it...


And from there the humiliation only gets worse for this old white male as Draya obviously relishes in her newfound power over him...

STARRING: Goddess Draya

Mean Tweets

So sometimes Draya and I like to compare notes on the stupid messages we get from idiots on our twitter accounts. The funny thing is, these morons think we will actually reply to their stupidity. As if we can't tell that they are a waste of our time and just trying to get a response from us.

Um...NO. Instead, we call in a slave and make it kneel before us like a dummy. Then we take turns reading the most annoying tweets we can find in our account- and then instead of replying to it (which these idiots do NOT deserve!) we just SLAP the dumbass slave kneeling before us right across the FACE as hard as we can! LOL! It is like really therapeutic!

Pretty soon we are actually having FUN reading these stupid messages and laughing as we make our slave pay the price for other slaves' stupidity! (And yes, these are totally real twitter messages we are reading!)

-Princess Amber

Slave Squatter

Princess Amber is the hottest real estate agent in town. She gets all the best listings. This one is the strangest one she has ever had though...

She is showing the empty home to Miss Lexi Chase, a rich, arrogant housewife.

When they enter the biggest room in the otherwise empty house, there is a conspicuous-looking cage of some sort in the corner of the room. Miss Chase asks, what is that?? Amber explains that the previous owner of the home was a dominatrix and she left her "slave" behind- literally as part of the listing. Like, it literally comes with the house like it is part of the property! They both laugh at this! Amber admits it is totally strange! They have both sort of heard of what a "dominatrix" is, but didn't even think it was like, a real thing lol. Let alone that they really own real-life SLAVES!

Amber pulls the slave out of its cage to show it off to Miss Chase as a "selling feature" of the home.  Amber has been stopping by in between her other showings over the past few weeks and using it to rub her feet as much as she wants. (During those visits, she has been training this "thing" to literally BEG anyone she brings by to buy the house.  Like, it knows anytime it is dragged out of its cage, at the snap of Amber's fingers it is to literally throw itself at the feet of Amber's prospective buyer, kiss their feet, and BEG them to buy the house from Amber!)

She explains to Miss Chase that it is SO obedient that it will literally do ANYTHING she commands it to! They start by making it do tricks for them like a pet. They both laugh at how pathetic this is, but apparently this "creature" has been totally branewashed and programmed to OBEY any order it is given, instantly and without question!

Miss Chase is starting to warm up to the idea of owning her own slave...this could actually be useful, and a very nice "bonus" feature for this property!

Amber decides to take it to the next level. She commands the slave to take off Miss Chase's designer shoes and WORSHIP HER FEET! Miss Chase can't believe it! This thing is literally licking the sweat from between her toes!!  But it feels so...good! She wonders if this "thing" enjoys this? Amber shows her the metal chastity device that has been LOCKED ON IT'S COCK! And Amber thinks the previous owner just took the key with her! HAHA! So this slave can't "enjoy" anything They both just laugh right in front of the slave's face about this.

Amber and Lexi begin discussing all the other things this idiot can be used for- from landscaping to home repairs! Miss Chase will need to sell her husband on it, but she thinks the "chastity thing" permanently locked on its cock will help convince him that it is ok for her - even as a married woman - to have her very own slave and use it for whatever she wants, even to worship her feet after a long day. As long as it does whatever it is told, works its ass off, and has its cock locked up permanently!

Amber decides she wants to shove HER own feet into its warm, wet mouth too...just for fun, after having them in her stockings and leather heels all day...

Watch the clip to see if Miss Lexi Chase decides to buy the house...AND the slave that comes with it!

Simping for Lexi Chase - PART 1

This Is part 1 of a 3 part series, 

Miss Lexi Chase has some loser simp come to visit her hotel room while she is traveling and grovel at her feet in person while she chats on the phone with her boyfriend. She makes it pay her thousands of dollars and place it under her perfect little feet as a tribute to her. This particular simp has been begging for Miss Chase for yeeeaars to go on a "date" with him- and been thoroughly rejected by her. But it is still SO desperate to be in her life. She laughs with her BF that it is "DumDum" that is groveling at her feet right now. She tells her BF about all the simps that beg for her- they both find it amusing how badly she treats them and they make up mean nicknames for them so they can tell them apart when they are mocking them to each other. It makes her and her BF laugh when they insult Lexi's simps and call them mean names right to their faces- but yet they STILL worship the ground she walks on and do whatever she says at the snap of her fingers.

The loser just keeps kissing Miss Chase's little size 5 feet and telling her how PERFECT she is- while all she does is laugh at it and insult it and remind it how little it means to her. She laughs out loud that no matter HOW much the simp worships her, spends on her, and does whatever she says at the snap of her fingers- it still will never be good enough for her. It will just be used and walked all over. But the only other option is WAY worse for the simp. Because if it doesn't let Miss Chase use it, mistreat it, and walk all over it- she will simply get rid of it. And the simp would MUCH rather be used and walked all over by Miss Chase than to be discarded by her completely!!

When the simp's money finally runs out, Miss Chase decides that she is done with the simp loser and his "worship time" at her feet is over...unless he puts a new pair of Louboutins on her perfect feet! The simp is so pathetic that he agrees to take Miss Chase shoe shopping for the expensive designer heels, just so he can be in the presence of her beauty a little longer...

Boot Worship for Your Life

This fat slave is brought faaar out into the desert- where it will need to worship Lexi and Skylar's boots, licking ALL of the sand and dirt off.  And it will need to do it like its pathetic life depends on it- because it DOES

We intentionally walk around in the desert dust and dirt, getting our boots nice and FILTHY. Then we command this fat old slave to LICK THEM CLEAN! If it doesn't do a good enough job, we may just drive off and leave it out here in the desert, naked fat and afraid as night falls....

STARRING: Princess Skylar and Lexi Chase

Foot Freak Under The Stairs

I was working on my clip store and I decided that I felt like having my feet worshiped. So I decided to take a break and under the downstairs where one of the house foot-freak is stored and bring it out to use it to worship me for awhile. It just feels good to have a slave-tongue sliding in & out between your toes while you take a relaxing!

But then once I am done using it, the freak goes bonkers when I try to take my perfect feet away from it! I explain that I am done with it and it NEEDS to be stored back under the stairs until someone else wants to use it! Ugh, the freak literally throws itself on the floor and BEGS to worship my feet some MORE.

So guess what? You better PAY ME, bitch! So I make it go fetch all its money that it has been saving up.

And the rest of the clip I am basically just pulling my feet away from it to drive it INSANE until it pays me MORE....and MORE...and MORE!!!!! Haha. It is so easy being me. This idiot ends up paying $5,000 just to grovel at my feet- all while my clips are selling and earning me MORE money, and I am tweeting on my phone to beta losers around the world demanding that they send me MORE money just for the privilege of even receiving the slightest bit of attention from me...

And I just sit on my throne and relax while I am worshiped and paid for being pretty- as it should be!


-Princess Amber

Mean Newscaster Miss Chase

"This is Lexi Chase, signing off for Action 4 News!"

Lexi Chase is the star reporter for Action 4 News. She is a big fish in a small pond- and she knows it. She knows she is destined for stardom! She should be in a major market like LA or NY- but she is "doing her time" for now at a small local station because she is still so young. She treats her support staff like GARBAGE- but they know they need to put up with it because she IS a star for the station.  (and she is just SO hot!)  It is obvious to everyone that she will be on a national newscast in no time.

In this episode Miss Chase is reporting on a toxic waste dump out in the middle of the desert. She complains about how this story is "like sooo beneath her!" and that she should be an anchor, sitting behind a comfy, dignified desk. At one point she wants to take a break and sit down but no one thought to bring her a chair, so she literally uses her assistant as a "human chair" for her to sit on out in the desert as she sips her tea.  (Yes, she made her staff bring her special herbal tea all the way out in the desert just for her to sip on during her breaks!)

She then demands that her new stiletto-heeled Louboutins be shined and all the desert sand be cleaned off! The cameraman is recruited for this, and he has no other option but to use his TONGUE to clean the sand off Miss Chase's designer shoes!  She insisted on bringing these shoes even on-location and wearing them out in the desert, so her staff had to bring a special wooden board for her to stand on she she wouldn't ruin these designer shoes that one of her "simp-fanboys" from twiitter bought her!

At the end Miss Chase has an idea of how she can win an award for her reporting and get national exposure! But it will require sacrificing one of her staff... Luckily, they mean nothing to her. they are just "little people" that were born to be sacrificed for the advancement of important, "pretty people" like her!

Watch the video to hear her evil plan at the end...

Your Purpose In life Is To Make Me Money!


In general I would like the tone to be angry.  Scolding, pissed off.  Lots of…

“I’m talking” and “Shut up!”

Like the fat loser that Mia owns keeps interrupts and Mia says “I’m talking” and then just stares at him, for 4 or 5 seconds.  Then "Do you want to get ball kicked?  Do you??  Then shut the fuck up you stupid fat freak and make me MORE MONEY!!!"

A lot of spitting in his face, face slaps, etc..

So the drama would be this.  Mia has repeatedly asked the fat chastity-loser that she owns to pick up extra shifts and OT at work for Mia to take 100% of the $$$ from him.  The loser has had no luck. 

Princess Mia yells at him about how she wants extra shifts and OT for him, and he tries to explain he has but his boss, a women, does not give him any.

Mia says "Tell her your keyholder wants more and you need the extra hours!!  Literally BEG her!  Offer to be a content-slave for her only fans or something!!"

Lots of the chastity slave trying to interrupt,  and then Mia says "SHUT UP!!   That’s back talk!  I told you to quit the back talk!" and she slaps him!

Mia then tells her fat money-pig that if he cant get extra shifts she will have no choice but to increase ball kicking video production for her only fans.

So Mia decides that every time he comes home from work (instead of STAYING there and working another shift!) then she will just use him as HER "content-slave" for her ballkicking videos on her websites!!  So he can either KEEP working for her 24/7- or come home and have his balls kicked in and recorded for her profit!  It is his choice.  She decides to give him a taste of it, and makes him lay down on his back and starts digging the stiletto heel of her shoe deep into his balls while filming it for her OF content and talking to her fans as she films it on her phone...

Mia digs her heel in sooo deep that the chastity slave BEGS for mercy and decides that he would LOVE to work back-to-back shifts for his Princess Keyholder Mia (with only brief naps in-between) so he can earn money for her 24/7...

Ball-Slapped Bitch

This prisoner at the Mean Girl Desert Compound has been "adopted" as Mean Girl Guard Draya's "bitch".  She likes to pull it out of its cage, string it up in the dungeon and play with it just to get her sadistic jollies. 

Plus,punishing it help recondition the bitch to show it who's boss.  Draya says there is a competition between the Mean Girl Guards for whose prisoner will pick up the most trash later on this afternoon when they take all the slave-prisoners out of chain-gang duty!  Draya wants HER bitch to WIN for her!

She decides that some "ball slapping" should motivate the bitch to work hard for her today!  So she proceeds to yank its cock out of the way with one hand and deliver a hard open-hand SLAP right into its balls with the other!  The prisoner yelps and screams to Mean Guard Draya that he will work as hard as he can for her today!

Just to make sure the prisoner knows she means business, she delivers some hard knees to its balls as well!

Mean Schoolgirl Bully: Miss Lexi

Miss Lexi Chase is a mean bully at school.  She picks on all the girls that aren't as pretty or popular as her- which is EVERYONE.  One poor girl's stepdad comes to talk to Miss Lexi about how she picks on his fat, ugly, nerdy stepdaughter "Betty", but...he is instantly in awe of Miss Lexi's beauty! 

Miss Lexi can tell instantly that he is in love with her (ALL old men are!) and when she snaps her little fingers and points to the ground, he instantly drops to his knees before her.  This 18 year old little girl has so much power over grown men...and she KNOWS it! 

Soon Miss Lexi has this old man BEGGING her to KEEP PICKING ON his own little girl and says that she actually DESERVES it!  He says he had no idea how beautiful Miss Lexi was when his stepdaughter complained about the bullying!  But now that he sees how beautiful Miss Lexi is, he actually APOLOGIZES to Miss Lexi and AGREES that she has EVERY RIGHT to pick on "ugly people" that are obviously beneath her- including his own little girl! 

Eventually Miss Lexi even skypes Betty so she can show off how she has reduced her "stepdaddy" to a groveling old fool for her!  She makes "stepdaddy" literally bow down and kiss her little 18yr old feet, she makes him bark like a dawgg for her, and she even makes him tell his stepdaughter DIRECTLY that she will NEED to do WHATEVER Miss Lexi says from now on, or else she will need to find another place to live!  He even threatens to take away her college fund if she doesn't obey Miss Lexi's every command from now on!  This breaks Betty completely.  She needs that college fund!

She agrees that she will now be doing ALL of Miss Lexi's homework, carrying her books, even shining Miss Lexi's pumps with her TONGUE every morning when Miss Lexi arrives at school- in front of EVERYONE at school!  She will even be massaging her feet in class if Miss Lexi snaps her fingers and tells her to!

By the end of the video you can actually hear the old man's stepdaughter CRYING on the other end of the skype call as she witnesses first-hand her stepdaddy literally groveling at the feet of her school bully!  All while Miss Lexi just LAUGHS and comes up with MORE things that she can do to BOTH the stepdaddy & stepdaughter!  She wants to pick on them BOTH from now on for her entertainment- as well as the entertainment of all the other "popular" people she hangs out with at school!!




Goddess Draya is shopping for a new slave. 

Specifically, she wants a cuck-slave this time because she is getting pretty serious with her boyfriend, and she wants a slave that will serve the 2 of them hand and foot as a couple whenever they are together, withOUT any hesitation.  It should literally be a MINDLESS servant.  And some slaves are just so terrible at serving other males, even when they are COMMANDED to point-blank by their Goddess Owner!  It can be so embarrassing when you are with a hot Alpha guy and you just want show off the betas that you have at your command (just for like, entertainment for you & your man) and the inferior betas are like so hesitant just to bow down and kiss the feet of their Alpha Masters.  Like, Draya wants INSTANT obedience!! 

Also, Draya hates how fat, ugly, and gross most of her slaves are.  Like, they do whatever she says for the most part and worship her as the Divine Being she is, but...they are just sooo gross.  So she is looking for an "upgrade" and heard about Princess Amber's new store: "Cucks R Us"!  She heard they have a decent selection of 100% OBEDIENT, well-trained, mindless drone-slaves and a lot of the other Findoms and Femdom Princesses are buying their personal live-in slaves there now.

Amber shows Draya a new model she has been working on.  It is a "formerly Alpha" male that is getting old and has now been retrained to SERVE & OBEY MINDLESSLY.  Amber also explains that it can literally be kept in a closet or small crawlspace for DAYS or even WEEKS if you aren't using it, just like you would store any other household "thing" that you own.  It does not know how to complain.  And if it "expires" within 30 days, she can return its carcass for a replacement.  Amber tells Draya that this formerly Alpha male has literally had its brain "re-wired" into a beta brain, using electro-shock therapy.  Amber puts on a show for Draya.  The slave is commanded to do whatever Draya says at the snap of her fingers. 

It BOWS DOWN to its Superiors at the snap of fingers

It kisses her feet. 

It licks her shoes. 

It crawls and barks like a pet (it has NO pride or self-respect left! It has all been "wiped clean"!)

Amber and Draya take turns spitting right in its face and saying the meanest things possible directly to it- and the slave just takes it and THANKS them, as it has been trained to!

Amber even shows off how it has been trained to "presents its balls" for kicking at the snap of her fingers!  Draya tests them out.  The slave mindlessly THANKS her after each kick to its balls like a broken, trained zombie!

Then they discuss the "cucking" aspects of the slave's training and uses.  Amber explains that this was hard because this slave was not gay, and its electro-shock therapy training is not 100% complete yet.  So it will need to be fitted with an extra electronic device for a small upcharge.  Amber attaches the electronic device to the slaves testicles so she can demonstrate how it works for Draya.  Basically, if the slave hesitates to do ANYTHING either her or her BOYFRIEND command it to do, an agonizing electric shock can be sent directly to its testicles at the push of a button- and the slave WILL do whatever you command at that point.  It will suck her boyfriend's cock if she tells it to!

They test it with the ultimate question of obedience...Draya wants to know if she can "rent this motherfucker out" to suck cock 24/7 on streetcorners or whatever it takes to earn her back the $$$ spent on it!  At the push of a button, she has her answer!  The slave is groveling at her feet, BEGGING to do WHATEVER she commands- anything to get the electricity to its balls turned off!

To "seal the deal" Amber goes on to explain that, for no extra charge, if she purchases this cuck-slave, the electro-shock device can be surgically implanted INSIDE the cuck's scrotum and hardwired directly to its testicles so it can NEVER be removed without the cuck literally ripping its own testicles out!

And the thought of that just makes them both laugh hysterically!!

Princess Amber Meets A Real-Life Fan

Some loser had been BEGGING for my attention online for some time. Normally I don't take these losers seriously unless the prove they can be of some use to me. Luckily this one was SUPER OBEDIENT and literally did everything I told him to- which led him to the opportunity of serving me IN PERSON!

He paid for a private session with me a month prior, and he clearly just couldn't get enough of me (WHO CAN, THO??) Unfortunately, he didn't have enough money for another private session, so I told him if he wants to serve me more, then he can be a slave in my clips!

That was an amazing opportunity that he just COULDN'T pass up, so he agreed to be on camera as my slave with the exception of wearing a mask.

He sent his deposit before arrival (so not to waste my time in case he "chickened out") and showed up like the good little beta I know he is. He was SOOOO excited to serve me that he booked his flight to NV on the soonest dates I was available LOL.

Because it was his "first time", I had him follow me on his hands and knees to my throne, where he laid cash at my perfect stocking covered feet. I teased and humiliated him the entire time: laughing in his face and MAKING him admit what a LOSER he is for agreeing to all of this just to be around me HAHAHA...


-Princess Amber

Foot Sweat Vacuum

Princess Amber and Goddess Draya want to have their feet worshiped- right out of their old, smelly Converse sneakers. 

They think its hilarious to make a slave lick their feet when they KNOW how sweaty and smelly they are! 

So they take turns shoving their sweaty feet right down the slaves throat while they mock it and laugh in its face for being such a pathetic foot freak that they can just USE it like this.  They even SHOVE BOTH OF THEIR FEET DEEP INTO ITS BIG, OPEN MOUTH AT THE SAME TIME!

Eventually they make the slave literally SUCK the sweat from in-between their toes using its big nose!!




Converse Cum

Sitting outside on my day bed taking SUPER cute selfies, with my new slave down at my feet, I notice that he starts to DROOL all over my converse and his sad excuse-for-a-dick twitches when I move my feet!

I figured it'd be SUPER humiliating to make him to lick the dirt off the bottoms of my shoes while I take pictures of him and laugh in his face and think of ways to humiliate him MORE!!!

I eventually decide to let this loser have a chance to finally cum- but ONLY on MY COMMAND of course!

I even slap him around and further degrade him as he strokes his tiny cock! But all losers know that ANY pleasure from me must CUM at a cost HAHAHAHA


Eat The Cum Taco

This is a really gross video.  To be honest, you probably shouldn't buy it- or watch it.

Goddess Platinum commands two of her slaves to kneel before her and masturbate purely for her amusement.  The first one to cum on the tortilla at her feet "wins".  You can guess what the LOSER has to do...

Both slaves have some problems getting "up" for this task, as they are both so scared of losing.

Piggy Bank Cuck

My poor old cuck-paypig.  It is sooo in love with me, even though I treat it like dirt and blatantly use him.  Like, I literally keep it locked in a cage for days at a time while I am out fucking my hot, young, muscular boyfriends- and using my cuck's money to pay for the dates!  And the worst part is, I literally TELL my cuck to its face what I am doing, and that it is just a human piggie bank to me.  It means nothing to me.  And yet it still loves and worships me!

I tell my stud lover about my cuck-pig and that I keep t locked up in a cage.  He wants to go see this!  We decide it will be fun to really torment the old loser... 

While we are literally making out on top of its cage, I make sure to tell my paypiggie cuck how little it means to me while I am fooling around with my big, muscular stud boyfriend right in front of him!  I really rub it in about how we are out spending its money on US having fun together- while it  is locked up down here in a cage like a fool.  

Just to add to its humiliation (and show off a little to my BF) I decide to give my cuck-pig a little treat at the end...

Pummeling Porky Pig

This is a clip of beautiful, young Supreme Queen Simone's first time ever caning a slave!  She usually just rejects fat losers, but she had no idea that they could be used like this!  Who knew you could just chain them up and beat them for your own entertainment?? 

Supreme Queen Simone is learning from her visits to Mean Girl Manor that old, fat losers will let beautiful young girls do pretty much whatever they want to them just to be allowed around them.