Slave Videos

Platinum's Bootlicker at the Bottom of the Steps

I am talking on my phone, just chatting with a girlfriend when I accidentally step in something. So I decide to stroll down to the boot licking slave I have chained up naked out in the desert at the bottom of my steps. I casually walk down, shove my boot in its face, and command it to "lick!"- of course, it does as it is commanded. Then I begin to tell it all the awful things I have planned for it while it is chained to a rock out see, I am renting this location out to a group that wants to use it for a party, and I plan on letting the guests use this freak chained up at the bottom of the steps for ANYTHING they want...

-Goddess Platinum

Slap and Kick The Loser

This slave just lost a "trample contest" for Amber. She was standing on him and he BROKE before the other slave did! 

So we have it restrained for further punishment. It will need to learn a lesson about disappointing Superior Females. 

We spit right in its face, slap it silly, and even take turns KICKING and STOMPING it right in the FACE!

Amber is SO disappointed in this freak's performance for her.  I mean, all it had to do was LAY THERE!  (While she stood on it in her stilettos.) 

But she MORE than expresses her disappointment to the kicking its head in, basically!


-Goddess Platinum

This Slaves A Real Drag

(This is part of our clip "The Return of Euro-Trash")

This is just plain ABUSE. LOL. We have been abusing this loser all day and Ashley decides to just start dragging it around on its leash- while it has its hands cuffed behind its back and is made to CRAWL behind her!

We whip it, beat it, and kick it! (And we do it all outside, right out in the open- with our neighbors walking by haha!!! The slave was sooo embarrassed!! Not to mention it was in PAIN...apparently its like really hard to crawl on your knees on hard cement while your hands are tied behind your back?? LOL We don't care- we just drag it around like a canine on a leash and kick it around like a soccer ball lol.

(Princess Skylar is filming it all for us and laughing her ass off while we abuse the F*CK outta him! You can hear her behind the camera in a lot of the clip..)

FEATURING: Princess Ashley and Princess Chanel

Making Boot Bitches Beg

This is only part 1 of "Making Boot Bitches Beg"- in which one of our loyal house slaves is made to lick my boots spotless- in hopes of eventually getting to my perfect, sweaty feet inside of them! (Kind of like "how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop" LOL.)

Anyway, this is JUST the bootlicking part of the overall clip!  Boots do not come off.

-Goddess Platinum

Waterboarded by the Mean Girls

We are always trying to come up with new ways to Torment our slaves. So me n Princess Skylar have this one handcuffedto a wooden plank and completely at our mercy. All we have to do is casually place one foot on its ugly face and gently push downward- and it is effortlessly submerged underwater for as long as we like!

And we actually kind LIKE the feeling of all the airbubbles on our feet as it is gasping for air!

But eventually the air bubbles stop...and this makes is really sad because we like how the air bubbles felt on our feet!!

Oh well...time to bring in a new slave to replace him with...

-Goddess Platinum

Maid To Wear Panties

So I decide to allow this loser that contacted me online through Our site the opportunity to serve me, since he is local, he MAY be useful, and most importantly he is paying me. I learn that he will basically do ANYTHING for me - or any of the other Mean Girls - just for the pathetic privilege of receiving a pair of our oldest, smelliest, most-worn panties LOL. How pathetic is THAT?? Can you imagine working for like DAYS for someone - doing like hard labor and being beaten regularly - just for their discarded panties?? LOL! Slaves never cease to amaze me with how pathetic they are for hot girls like us...and they DESERVE to be used for it!

Oh and I don't know why but I scratched the hell out of the slave with my fingernails during this clip too lol.


-Princess Carmela

Skylar's Human Wallet

So I am going on a hot date tonight with my Alpha boyfriend.  But first, I decided to stop by to make a "withdrawal" from my idiot human ATM before meeting my real man though.  I can basically treat this fat lard like garbage and take as much $$$ from him as I want- and he just lets me walk all over him.  I love it.  And me n my man love getting our dates paid for by losers!!  (My BF couldn't believe it when I first told him that I literally own a "human ATM"!)

Watch how bad I treat this fat fuck- and he STILL pays me!  I literally make him count his money - MY $$$!!! - out at my feet and BEG ME to take it!!  Then he has to kneel there with his wallet in his mouth like a FOOL while I rest my arm on him and make a phonecall to my boyfriend and discuss our plans for the evening.  And yes, I TELL my man about what an idiot I think this fat-fuck is for paying for our date- while he is right there listening to every word!  I don't give a fuck. 

Me n my BF are literally LAUGHING OUT LOUD over the phone with each other about how pathetic this old man is for letting himself be USED like this by a hot, young "power couple" like us- just so his pathetic ass can be allowed the "privilege" of bowing down and kissing my cute little feet for a few minutes...until I casually kick his face away and walk out the door with all his money!!

But I leave him with a little hope...because if me n my man get druunnk enough, we may even call him from our dinner table to laugh at him while we are spending his money! 

-Princess Skylar

Freak Gets Fed


This was one of the grossest clips we have every shot. Even WE couldn't believe we put our under-the-stairs "human pet" through this for one of our online fan's enjoyment!

We made it eat REAL dawgfood (we even show you the can up-close to the camera before opening it!) AND me n Skylar take turns ashing cigarettes into its "delicious meal" that we have prepared for it!

At one point - no joke - the slave literally throws uup its "meal" at our what does any Mean Girl do in a situation like that?? We MAKE ITS PATHETIC ASS LICK THAT SLOP BACK UP OFF THE FLOOR!!! (You need to see this clip!!!!)

Coming Home From My Sex Vacation

I have been gone for a couple of weeks with my Alpha boyfriend- and this fatass slave had to pay for it all haha. He has been waiting sooo long for me to return just so he can kiss my feet and worship me again. I make him pay me MORE $$$ for the privilege first though!

And then the whole time he is worshiping my feet, I am telling him about all the sex I had with Alpha while I was on the vacation that this stupid, fat cuck beta-bitch PAID for! Haha it is hilarious to see how crushed he is emotionally while I shove my feet into his mouth and tell him about how good I was to my REAL MAN boyfriend while we spent cucky's money!

Its so much fun for me to these loser's hearts while they literally worship me...


-Princess Skylar

Princess Amber Foot Worship

I was laying out on the deck and decided I wanted my feet worshiped while I relaxed. My feet were dirty and sweaty, so I wanted that taken care of. And it just feels so good to have my feet licked while I lay out...its just sooo relaxing!  And that's what slaves are for, so I snapped my fingers, and of course had a slave lapping at the soles of my feet in no time.

It was sucking on my toes like I was sucking on my lollipop lol.  So pathetic...but its useful to me, and that is all that matters!

-Princess Amber

Whipping a Pig with Grace

This pig is hung from the ceiling for the newest "Mean Girl" - Queen Grace - to beat on as much as she wants. We both have some fun beating it while it screams and begs for mercy...and spins around while it dangles from the ceiling lol.

This is Queen Grace's first time whipping a slave! So she starts off kind of slow, until I show her that she can beat on this loser as hard as she wants...and then we start laying into it more and more as the clip goes on!

-Goddess Platinum

Boot Bitch Applications

I’m pretty much turning you into my total boot bitch today. You and you alone are in charge of keeping all my boots spotless and in perfect working order for today. If you do it right you can be my boot slave. You need to study up and learn everything there is to know about boots. You need to know all about the labels and styles. Know how to care for and maintain leather patent leather and vinyl, suede and all other material boots are made out of. Now get started and worship my boots like a good slave.

Goddess Platinum 

Life and Breath

So Skylar and I are talking about how much fun it is to have slaves' lives literally at our mercy. I ask her if she has ever played with a slave's ability to breathe? It is SO much fun! When they are chained up and helpless like this, you can totally have their life in your hands! (Or under your ass, if you want!) So we take turns sitting on this slave's face until it reeeeaaaally starts to struggle underneath us. Then we swtich out and give the other person a turn! The poor slave can't tell if he is in Heaven or Hell...I guess it just depends on how long we remain seated on its face? LOL At the end, we have a special surprise for the slave...

Goddess Platinum

Getting The Slave In Trouble

You better worship our feet the way we want you to, loser.  Oh, what's that?  Princess Skylar ordered you to clean the bathroom and have it done by the time she's back from her date with her boyfriend?  Well that's just too bad...because WE COMMAND YOU to worship our feet instead- for as long as we want!  


Uh oh...Amber just got a text from Skylar that she is almost home, and you aren't even close to being done with that bathroom!  Which we just find hilarious!  Especially since we know what we are gonna tell Skylar- and it will REALLY get you in trouble!  But just KEEP WORSHIPING OUR FEET until we give you permission to stop, loser!


Uh oh..wait til you hear what Skylar is going to do to you if that bathroom isn't done when she gets home!  Let's just say she is going to use you in one of her videos that you will NOT want to be in...HAHA!


-Goddess Platinum

Suffer For My New Louboutins

***(Paid Custom Clip for a Member of Our Membership Site)***

True story: An online slave sent these Christian Louboutin stiletto sandals for Chanel to keep. All she had to do was torment a house-slave underneath them in a video! SoChanel said..."No problem! I don't give a fuck how much a slave sufers- as long as I get new pair of Loubs!!" Even though these heels are soooo thin- Chanel really doesn't care, she wants her new Loubs! So the slave she uses HAS to take as much trampling as she wants to dish out! She wants to make sure she REALLY hurts the slave so she maybe even gets MORE designer shoes sent to her by her online slave-fan!

And you can tell that the slave's suffering means NOTHING to her- all she cares about is HER getting to keep these shoes, and maybe even more in the future! And she doesn't care if the slave is completely destroyed underneath her in order to make that happen!

Chanel's heels dig DEEP into the slave's flesh. She leaves LOTS of marks all over its body. She laughs about how it is taking all this just so SHE can get new shoes! Poor trample-mat slaves buy his Goddess shoes- and IT has to suffer underneath them because he isn't rich enough to buy her the shoes himself! Aww...poor trample-mat slave. But every slave needs to serve its purpose for hot, Mean Girls, right??

This slave's knows that its purpose in life is just to be walked all over. At the end, Chanel even stands on the slave and pauses to take "selfies" while her heels dig deeeep into its flesh underneath her! Poor slave is in agony...but Chael totally doesn't care.  She probably isn't even aware of it, honestly.  Then Chanel puts all her weight onto ONE needle-thin heel, as she SLAPS the slave's cock with the sole of her other shoe!

She even gives its cock a some KICKS with the metal spikes on the straps of her shoes, as she laughs about how his cock is "getting as red as the red soles of her new Louboutins!"

Also completely true:  Chanel's skinny little trample slave actually suffered a broken rib from Chanel rocking back and putting allher weight back onto her needle-thin heels so much!  (Chanel probably weighs more than her poor skinny little trample slave does! LOL!)

Hammock Slave Foot Service

I like keeping slaves basically chained up and helpless around the house, in places where I can easily and effortlessly just shove my feet into their waiting mouths. So that I can have my perfect feet worshiped whenever I fucking feel like it.

I keep this one chained to the hammock out on my deck in the hot sun for that very reason. SUPER convenient for me. I just sit there relaxing, while taking each of my feet and shoving them into its mouth as I read my magazine. And of course, I have its cock locked in a metal chastity device so it can't enjoy having my perfect feet in its mouth too much! Haha!

I even make it rock me back & forth while I relax with my feet in its mouth...

-Divine Goddess Platinum

Slave Slut Gets Whipped

***(Almost a 20min clip!)***

So we just found out that this SLUT SLAVE has been going behind our backs and renting himself out to other Dommes to use in their videos! Granted, we get all his money from that anyway, but that's not the point! So I teach him a lesson about that. I figure if he is beaten BADLY enough by ALL of us Mean Girls regularly, he won't be going anywhere to get "more" beatings elsewhere! LOL

I really lay into him with the bullwhip in this one. And I have him chained up out in the garage for his beating so the neighbors won't hear him yelp. Oh, and he is still locked up in his chastity device that Platinum has him in 24/7 too! Haha! Must suck to be him.

By the end, this bitch is literally groveling at my feet, pledging his allegiance to The Mean Girls, and BEGGING to worship my sweaty feet after they have been inside these leather boots, just SWEATING the whole time as I beat him...

~Princess Skylar

My Porch Ashtray-Bitch

How would you like to be stationed PERMANENTLY out on my porch, and just kept there 24/7 to be used as nothing more than my fucking human ashtray whenever I come out for my smoke breaks? Just kneeling there all day like a fool, mouth open, and waiting to have my hot ash dumped into it while I spit on you and laugh in your face. 

Well this clip gives you just that kind of experience, freak.

Now download, open up, and say "Ahhhh"....

-Princess Carmela

Slave Delivery Service

***Custom Clip***

Princess Skylar runs a very successful business. She literally BUYS men. In this era of "Me Too", any man that runs afoul of the law and into financial trouble can literally be BOUGHT by a female. In this fat loser's case, he abused his ex-wife, who susequently divorced him and took him to the cleaners in the divorce settlement. As a result, he owed his wife over $300,000 and was facing domestic Viol***e charges. That is when Princess Skylar's corporation stepped in and paid off his ex-wife the $300K and convinced the judge to turn this male pig over to her to "manage into a reformed male".

Now Skylar loans him out to rich, successful business women to abuse in any way they see fit in order to relieve the stress of their daily lives and just generally exert their dominance over an insignificant member of the male species. The clip opens with Skylar walking her new "property" into Ms. Grace's office on the end of her leash on all fours. She explains to Ms. Grace that the device on the male's neck is a high-powered shock collar attached by the authorities before releasing the prisoner to her "care". She holds the remote control, and the eletric shocks are so powerful that this male is left no choice but to obey her EVERY command- no matter WHAT it may be!

All she needs to do is push that button ONCE and hold it down for a few seconds and the male will be rendered out and collapse. Any longer than that, and...well, we're sure you can guess what would happen! Skylar also shows off how the male also has its "male parts" in a state-mandated chastity device! She has been granted the only key. And she laughs that literally the ONLY time she unlocks his cock & balls from their prison is when she turns them over to a client like her to kick as hard as she wants over & over!

Very quickly Ms. Grace decides that she wants to kick this fat, ugly male's balls up into its throat. (Especially after she hears what it did to his ex-wife!) So Skylar gives Ms. Grace a demonstration and then begins positioning her property into different poses so Ms. Grace can experiment with which postion she likes best for destroying the male's nuts. These are some REALLY hard kicks and the poor male is in obvious agony- but it really doesn't matter. He only exists to accept as much pain as these high-powered business women want to dish out to him. He really has no choice in the matter. Ends with a nice Victory Pose, as this male is COMPLETELY defeated!

Stiletto Trample Contest

Amber and I have on the most wicked heels that were sent to us from our wishlists by online slaves. And what better way to put them to good use than to use them for TRAMPLING SLAVES IN REAL LIFE!

We decide to have a little contest. We want to see who's slave will be the most obedient and take the most pain under our stilettos. And I have on these 6-inch NEEDLE-THIN heels that are literally like NAILS underneath my feet!

Eventually Amber gets jealous and changes into some super-thin wicked heels of her own, just so she can push her slave to handle MORE pain for her! Watch the clip to see who takes the most...and what will happen to the loser!

-Goddess Platinum