Slave Videos

Princess Skylars New Toy

So I gave Princess Skylar one of Our house slaves to "play" with and beat on as much as she wants. Of course, I have to take my own turn and show her how badly I beat this fatass on a regular basis. She laughs her ass off at how I can do anything I want to him. Eventually we are both beating him senseless while he hangs helplessly from the rafters by his wrists. (If you look closely, you can see his hands turning blue from his circulation being cut off at the wrists haha.) Like we fucking care.

This is Princess Skylar's first "slave whipping" but she is pretty cruel about it after she gets the hang of it! And toward the end I just leave her with her "new toy" to "play with" as much as she wants. Poor slave...looks like he will be in for a long night!

-Princess Carmela

Fan-Slave Visit 99

So we get losers that write in to us all the time, begging to worship us, serve us, blah blah blah... And yes, some of them get to actually do it! Why?...How?  Simple. They are MEMBERS OF OUR SITE and OBEY OUR ORDERS.

This slave was one of those. What exactly did he do?  He:

-Joined Our members site

-Sent his deposit when commanded to

-Sent a picture of his ID and his cell #

-Agreed to be filmed without a stupid mask on

-begged to PAY

-Traveled to Vegas and followed all of Our instructions to a Tee when we called/texted him...and this hour-long video was a result of his obedience!

TBH the video itself is kind of boring. He mostly just grovels at my stockinged feet for like 45 minutes and worships me in silence like a lump. You can hear the TV in the background as I relax after taking all his $$$ and letting him grovel before me.  Then I literally just use his ugly face as my footstool while I watch TV haha.

At the end I give him a chance to impress me and make a really GOOD video by letting me stand on him in my stilettos until he can't take it anymore- and the longer he can take it, the longer he gets to remain in my presence before I kick him out!  Unfortunately, like most slaves he is too weak and can't take much- so after just a few minutes I kick him out the door and make him leave for disappointing me.

But before kicking him out, I decide to totally disrespect him one last time by standing full-weight right on his FACE in my stockinged feet though! LOL

The best part though is the beginning when he is commanded to literally crawl up the marble steps outside on his hands and knees with his $$$ in his teeth- just for me to take it from him and laugh in his face for being this pathetic!  haha


-Princess Amber

Walking All Over Euro-Trash

We decide it would be fun to literally walk all over this loser after we took all his $$$ and what little "dignity" he had left. So we drag him outside, use him as our human ashtray, spit on him, burn his back with our lit cigarettes and proceed to stomp all over him in our stilettos!

Poor loser is suffering like sooo bad underneath us...but we just think its funny, and remind him of what human garbage he is to us. Why does he put up with it? Because we are fucking HOT, that's why!!

And because he says we are WAY better than any stupid "paid session" with some stupid ugly old dominatrix that like takes it easy on him n stuff. We REALLY want to hurt him and we really ENJOY it!  And I guess it's pretty obvious we don't care about him LOL.  But for freaks like this, that probably makes him want to serve us and give us all his money even MORE!  LOL

We really do think its fucking funny to hurt him just to see how much he will take for us!


-Princess Ashley and Princess Chanel

Built-In Foot Slave

Goddess Platinum and I are just getting over a hangover when we finally wake up and she mentions about how it really helps her recovery to have her feet worshiped. When I mention that yeah, it would be great to have a slave right here to worship them, she says she DOES have a slave here! I ask her "where??" So it turns out she KEEPS A SLAVE STORED UNDER HER BED! LOL We go to look, and when Platinum snaps her fingers, a slave pops out from under the bed and opens its mouth for us to just simply shove our feet into! Whatta GREAT idea!! So we both basically take turns shoving out feet into this loser's mouth and gagging it on our feet until we feel better. Poor thing chokes on our feet a few times- but it really has no choice.

Apparently Platinum has it chained in unde there so it can't get out even if it wanted to! Although it obviously doesn't. Who wouldn't want to be locked under our bed while we sleep just a couple feet above you? And you never know when you might be hearing the snap of our fingers, demanding our feet be worshiped! Whatta great life for a loser like this I fact, we even make him literally BEG to be kept down under there forever for us! haha

-Princess Carmela

My Alpha Wants His Car Cleaned

I was coming over to shoot some clips and as I was leaving, my Alpha says that he wants his car cleaned. He joked that I should make "those pathetic losers" that I beat on in my videos clean his car for him!  So I told him "no problem babe" and that was the first clip I made these bitches do for me- while me n Grace just hang out n chill and boss them around like the bitches they are for us.

AND we took turns filming it so we could make MORE $$$ off these idiots washing my man's car, AND I made them all PAY ME for the privilege of doing it!! HAHAHA!!!  Gawd, I love being a Mean Girl!!  It is so great being able to use these pieces of human garbage for whatever we want.  I even rub it in their faces as they are washing my man's car that "Alpha wants his car SPOTLESS bitches for when he takes me out on a date in it later!" lol.  I even make one of the losers LICK THE FILTH OFF THE RIMS OF MY MAN'S CAR WITH HIS TOUNGUE when I see that he missed a spot!  Alpha would not like that, so the slave needs to learn a lesson...

Me n Grace even take turns beating the slaves to make sure they do a good job, and joke about how we should open a "Mean Girls Carwash" and staff it literally with SLAVE LABOR- so they do ALL the work for us like 24/7 and WE make all the MONEY!!!  Haha who wants to come work for us at our carwash??  :)

-Princess Skylar

Shocking Piggie Slave

Poor fat piggie slave. We are staying at the Mean Girl Desert Compound, and he is serving us during our stay- and we are sooo mean to him! But for me n Chanel its just kinda natural for us to be mean to fat, ugly

Chanel teases him with her feet, and the poor fatty is like sooo desperate just to kiss them! She dangles her shoe in front of his face, and he just starts drooling like the pig he is. And we mock him because we think it is SOO funny that Goddess Platinum is keeping him in chastity literally 24/7 now! Can you imagine NEVER being allowed to touch your own penis or cum without someone else's permission? That is just so pathetic.

We ask him if he wants to be unlocked from that thing that Platinum locked on his cock? Of course he says YES and starts like literally BEGGING for us to unlock him! Chanel has his chastity key down inside her shoe. It was given to her by Goddess Platinum when we checked in- and she cares like SO little about it that she put it down inside her shoe. OMG how humiliating. His fat ass has his own dick locked up so he can't even touch it- and Chanel was literally walking around with his key DOWN IN THE TOE OF HER SHOE all day! Like we seriously don't care.

So we unlock him and fatso is sooo grateful- but we have a surprise for him! We have a fully-charged, industrial-strength BALLSHOCKER all ready to attach to his balls in the place of his chastity cage! This is gona be SO much fun! Soon we are taking turns shocking the slave's balls and laughing our asses off while he flops around on the floor at our feet! (He looks like that thing really must be painful?) And we make it real simple for him- the more he kisses Chanel's feet, the more shocks he gets!!

We want to see how many shocks he will take just to kiss Chanel's feet while he tells her how much he "loves" her! (Haha OMG it is like SO pathetic!!)

We even make fatso put on a pig nose and "OINK" for us while it kisses our feet and we shock it!! And we keep increasing the voltage to its nuts the whole time too!

This is so humiliating AND painful for the slave- but it just keeps taking it, until we crank the ballshocker all the way up to "15"...

By the end of the video, the slave is literally BEGGING for us to put him back into chastity! HAHAHAHA!!! Which we gladly agree to do. will be with an extra surprise for the slave!!  After all, we agreed to "put it back into chastity"- but we never said that meant that we would be taking the ballshocker OFF!! LOL

Oh, and we met Princess Skylar while we were there- she made a "guest appearance" in our video and helped us torment piggie-slave! That was so nice of her.  :)


-Princess Ashley

Kryptonite Pussy Juice Porridge

Cat-Girl has sneaked into Superman's secret Fortress of Solitude. She has set out a trap for him- a deliscious concoction of a mysterious nature. When he returns from fighting evil, he can't help but at least try this strange treat. After all, he is a bachelor and is hungry after all his crime fighting! After a few bites, he begins to feel rather...strange.

When Cat-Girl senses that her plan has taken full effect and weakened Superman, she boldly struts up to him and proclaims her victory. There is nothing he can do to stop her. He is so, so...WEAK. Cat-Girl laughs and explains her diabolical plan. He has been eating "Kryptonite Pudding!" And to make it completely irresistible to him, she had laced it with her own deliscious pussyjuice- which is known to be completely irresistible to ANY man- even SUPERman! So of course, he gobbled it all up- sealing his own doom!

As it absorbs into his system, he becomes weaker and this point Cat-Girl can overpower him so easily that she simply grabs him by the hair and FORCE-FEEDS him the remaining Kryptonite Pudding- whether he wants to eat it or not!

At this point, our hero blacks out and collapses helplessly at the feet of this Evil Temptress. He awakens only to find to his horror that her porridge potion has...TRANSFORMED HIM! He is nothing but a weakened gelatinous form of his former self. Cat-Girl laughs and decides to toy with him...she cannot help but enjoy slapping around this former "super" man!

And Cat-Girl literally "slaps him around"! She bitch-slaps him across the face until he is actually begging her to "PLEASE stop hitting him" because it hurts him so much. Apparently her potion has INCREASED his pain receptors so the slightest slap across the face racks his body with immense pain! He literally cries at her feet begging for mercy and begging her to "please stop beating him"! It's absolutely pathetic...and she LOVES it.

Soon, the "hero" is licking the evil woman's boots, completely defeated and helpless. She has renamed him "Super Loser" and mocks him to his face. There is nothing he can do about it. he will live the rest of his life as her SERVANT- or else face the consequences!

She even laughs about what she has done to Batman! HE is apparently her slave as well! She fantasizes about how soon they BOTH will be her personal boot-licking lackeys! Cat-Girl even records "Super Loser" licking her boots so she can threaten him with blackmail, should her "Pussy Potion Porridge" ever wear off! Imagine the disappointment on all his fan's faces if they were to ever tune into yootoob and see their "hero" groveling and licking her boots like this!

Oh this is going to be so very fun for her... Hmm...who is next to be enslaved by Cat-Girl?? She has an idea...and she explains how "Super Loser" is going to HELP her make it happen!

Trick Or Treat Smell Our Feet

We were all dressed for Halloween and decided to toy with one of our foot-freak slaves that we use to serve us.  We make it kneel in between us and BEG to smell our feet.  Since we had been in our heels and ankle socks all day, we knew it couldn't resist.

But of course, since we are MEAN GIRLS, there is always a catch!  We make the slave take turns literally BOW DOWN to one of us and BEG for our feet with its ass up in the air and its LEGS SPREAD WIDE.  Then we make it say that famous Halloween chant "Trick or treat, smell my feet!"   Whoever's feet AREN'T being kissed is seated comfortably behind the slave, with her leg drawn back and ready to SLAM her foot up into its nuts whenever she feels like it!  

SUCH a fun game to play with a slave!!  Sometimes we let it have a whole minute of sniffing and kissing our feet...other times it just barely reaches out toward our foot with its puckered lips, and...SLAM!  A foot crashes into its balls from behind that it never saw coming!  haha!!

Me n my Auntie Platinum take turns tormenting the slave, and by the end, the poor foot freak is like soooo confused...haha!!  I mean, it keeps having these gorgeous sweaty feet dangling right in front of its nose, but...its been kicked in the balls so many times and is in so much pain that it is actually hesitating to kiss the perfect foot right in front of its face!  

Poor thing...this must be like heaven & hell all rolled into one for the slave.  Oh well, we don't care!  As long as its fun for US!!

-Princess Amber

***(Some really good "super-slo-mo" kicks in this clip!)***

Dorothy Humiliates Toto

***THIS IS ALL TOTALLY REAL...and humiliating AF for the slave! LOL***

I want to dress up as Dorothy for Halloween- and I want to make one of my slaves dress as "Toto" and use it as part of my Halloween costume!  So this was a public test to make sure it will obey all my commands, and can handle the humiliation I will put it through in public at the party we will be attending.  So I literally walk it down the street on all 4s like the DAAWWG that it is- acting like it was "nothing" when people pass by and stare haha.  SO much fun!  (Well, for ME, anyway!)

You can totally hear a couple of black guys yelling out humiliating things at my slave almost right from the beginning of the clip as they walk by.  I don't care.  I think its hilarious that they are mocking this pathetic fucking freak.  It DESERVES it, IMO!  I mean, who would allow themselves to be treated like this?  I mean, I know I'm HOT, but...

Anyway, after walking for a bit, I get tired and my feet are all sweaty from walking all night in my "ruby red" converse with no socks on. :)  So I have a nice, comfortable seat right there in public and make my daawwg-slave take my shoes off and worship my sweaty feet as people pass by and laugh at him! Haha only in Vegas can you degrade a stupid male like this..and people just walk by and laugh.  :)

Maybe I should start my own "slave-walking" business year-round?  Who else wants to come here and pay me to walk them down a public street like a bitch?  LOL

-Goddess Platinum

Hooked On Ballbusting

This was so cruel...but SO fun! We have this loser literally hanging from the ceiling- and its legs pulled open nice and WIDE using chains and a pulley system so that me and Carmela can simply run up and KICK it in its balls as hard and as often as we want!

We even have an extra slave there to pull the other slave's chain (so-to-speak) so that its legs are niiiice and wide and we can get a super clear shot at its slave-balls! The slave hanging from the ceiling probably didn't want to have that done any more than the other slave wanted to be in charge of the "pulling"- but we don't care. We use slaves for whatever purposes we want, as long as it benefits US- even if that means helping us abuse other slaves lol.

By the way, funny story- the poor slave hanging from the ceiling was sooo happy when we told it that we were going to FINALLY be taking its metal chastity cage off...until it found out WHY we were taking it off! (Which was basically just so we could kick its balls in! haha)

Oh, and Carmela had her slave buy me a nice new pair of "platinum" ballbusting boots to try out for this too! The toes are NICE and POINTY! I can't wait to try them out...poor slave...haha. (We kick this bitch HARD btw!!)

There are also some awesome "slo-mo" kicks throughout this video that people seem to like!  Like we make the editing slave do a "slo-mo" of all the best kicks so you can really see them connect!

-Goddess Platinum

Bikini Butts Own You

I am showing Skylar how to control a slave's air with your butt. A bikini makes it really easy because you can feel all its air getting cut off real good while you are sitting on it. We take turns making it gasp for air and beg us for mercy.

-Goddess Platinum

Feet For My Cuck-Bitch

My poor cuck-slave. Funny thing, he doesn't even WANT to be a "cuckold". That is just how I chose to use him- and he needs to fucking accept it if he wants to be in my life. Too bad, so sad haha. In this clip I am making him confess how much he hates serving my Alpha boyfriend- just so I can mock him right to his face for it. I think its so fucking pathetic that he serves me AND my Alpha boyfriend just so he can be allowed to worship my FEET. But I let him have my feet and lick the dirt and filth off the bottom of them. And I verbally abuse him the entire time about how this is his "reward"- and that it is all he will ever get, so he better be GRATEFUL for it.

I threaten him the entire time he is licking the soles of my feet that I may just decide to call Alpha and TELL him how our slave was complaining about serving Us! And how Alpha will kick the craapp out of him while I just sit back, watch, and laugh! In fact, I tell my cuck-bitch that it kind of turns me on to watch my muscular real-man boyfriend bully him and beat him up for me...hmm maybe I WILL call Alpha and tell him what Our slave said! It will be so much fun to see him beat up our slave again...

-Princess Carmela

Queen Grace- Her First Human Ashtay

I am using one of our live-in losers as my human ashtray. Grace has never seen anything like this before haha. So I just explain to her that these idiots will do ANYTHING to be around us just because we are so fucking far out of their league. So I like to REALLY dehumanize them as much as possible? Why? Just because its fun for me to abuse other people that are obviously beneath me I guess. It just feels good to me for some reason. And I like seeing what depths they will go to make me happy and serve ANY purpose I give them in my life.

So we basically take turns ashing and spitting into this idiot's mouth and insulting him right to his face. Grace can't believe someone would let themselves be treated like this. But I explain to her that he is LUCKY to be getting this from us! Otherwise, we wouldn't be around him at ALL! Haha. And she sees it for herself when the freak THANKS us for our ashes and spit.

Gold Medal Trampling

So I let this fat loser pick out his "fave" outfit that he would love seeing me in more than anything. The catch? After I change into it, I am going to let him know what I want to do to him! And I get to do ANYTHING I want to him! The worst part for the slave is, I know what his LEAST favorite fetish is..haha! TRAMPLING! He absolutely hates it because apparently it is like really fucking painful or something.

Oh well, too bad. So after he gets done drooling all over the floor when he sees me come walking out in this outfit, I command him to lay on his back so I can walk all over him! His poor, fat heart sinks lol. I explain to him that this is the most fun for ME because I know he hates it and because I know it hurts him so much! (Look at his face in the preview pictures! Haha!  I love it!)

And I tease him the whole time that he DESERVES this pain if he wants to be able to gaze up at MY beauty while I am dressed in this hot outfit! (And no, the slave really did not know what fetish I was going to pick before we shot this clip!) Honestly, these inferior pieces of garbage DESERVE to suffer pain just to be allowed around ME...


-Princess Skylar

Princess Chanel Is Hot And So Is The Ground

***(Paid Custom Clip for a Member of Our Membership Site)***


America has become a female-dominated society and all men when they reach the age of 18, will automatically have their identity card revoked and become slaves to women. Women, on the other hand will automatically become slave owners and be entitled to numerous privileges, one of which is to train, torment, and humiliate new male slaves at specific dedicated training centers such as the Mean Girl Desert Compound.

Princess Chanel is one of these trainers. And a slave has been sent to the Mean Girl Compound for additional training. Unfortunately, he could not tolerate life under this new regime and actually tried to escape!! Needless to say, he got caught and is now sent back to Princess Chanel for further harsh punishment. Princess Chanel is obviously very angry and has decided to punish her slave by physically exhausting him. (Since he has so much energy to try to escape...). Princess Chanel decides to make the slave leopard crawl (military style) around the hot deck, caning him along the way to make him crawl faster for her!

This is painful for the slave as the knees and elbows will be hurting from crawling from the burning hot deck in the blazing hot summer desert heat.  Finally, Princess Chanel asks the slave if it wants a break and to have some ice cream? Of course the slave says yes! But Princess Chanel announces a twist. She has the ice cream on a plate with a string attached and pulls it around the deck, making the slave crawl after it and BEGGING for it- until it quickly melts in the hot sun before his eyes! The entire time, Chanel is continually to taunting the slave, saying how sad it is to be a "man" in America now.

At the end of the clip, Princess Chanel finally allows the slave to have its ice cream- and just as it is finally getting its opportunity to bow down at her feet to eat its melted ice cream like the broken slave that it is, Princess Chanel casually & quietly lifts her foot, placing it on the back of the slave's head- and slams its fat, ugly face down into the ice cream, twisting her foot back & forth as if she is grinding into its little brain that this is how its life will be from now on...

Worship Me for Your Key

I am chilling out on the deck and have been in my work flats all day. My feet are sweaty and stinky as hell. (This is ALL real BTW! I was working all day at my "day job" in these flats- although I don't think that is going to be happening much longer with the way you losers are buying all my clip haha. When I open my own store I am like DONE with this "working" BS...) Anyways, I ring the servant's bell that me an my Aunt Platinum keep around, and a slave comes crawling over to serve me. I demand that it take my flats off, sniff them DEEPLY to inhale my scent, and then WORSHIP MY FEET!!

I want ALL the foot-sweat licked off. Especially between the toes where it really builds up throughout the day. And this poor slave has apparently been locked up in one of those cock cage thingies for like WEEKS now. It starts begging me to let it out haha. So I just see this as an opportunity to have FUN with a pathetic fucking slave! Especially since I know the taste of my FEET make any of these freaks go crazy. So I demand that it keep worshiping my feet because what I WANT is all that matters! (And TBH, the slave doesn't know it, but I actually LOVE that it is driving the slave even MORE insane at my feet because of that little cage on its cock! Haha!) I tell the foot freak slave that I will "consider" letting it out of chastity if it "does a good enough job worshiping my feet".

You should see the freak go CRAZY after I tell him THAT! LOL! He like tries sooo hard to worship my feet like his life depends on it after I tell him that. (I make a little mental note about that when I see how desperate he gets...these cock cages are GREAT for mentally conditioning slaves!) By the end, my feet are all sweat-free and I am feeling nice and relaxed. Not to mention kinda horny and MEAN.

So I start telling the slave about all the guys I've fucked during the past few weeks while its cock was locked up- and it wasn't even allowed to MASTURBATE! Haha. Then it is time to make my decision...will I unlock the poor slave that has been locked up for sooo long and trying sooo hard to worship my feet and make me happy? Or will I cruelly leave it locked up and go off to fuck this hot guy I know at work that just texted me? the clip and see what I decide to do!

-Princess Amber

Slave On The Rocks- Part 2

I have a cocky-ass slave chained to its cage out in the garage. It is the one slave that I have "inherited" here that just always seems to be smarting off and acting "cocky". Apparently it still is having problems accepting it's role in life as a slave to females. I guess its previous owners have some "dirt" on him or something...and that is like the only reason it has to serve us. It really hates it and constantly needs to be "broken" with regular beatings.

Anyway, I bring my "Mean Girl" friends to help me beat him into submission. This clip is the portion of Fitness Goddess Tina helping me beat him. And we make him stand on these rocks the entire time just for our entertainment while we beat him too. We hit him with whips, canes, and paddles- basically anything we can hit him with LOL. We even break the canes on his ass! Until by the end, he is literally BEGGING to be our submissive little BITCH- whether he really wants to or not. It is amazing what a little pain can motivate a grown "man" to do....

-Goddess Platinum

Left Behind As A Trample Mat

So I had to leave one of our shoots, but I left my slave there and commanded it to lay there and let any Mean Girls walk all over it as much as they wanted while I was gone. (And this was Princess Amber's first time ever walking all over a slave!) Gemma and Amber both have fun walking on my bitch in my absence. -Princess Carmela

Ass-Kissing is All You're Good For

You are pathetic. Absolutely useless. All you are good for is to be kept around to kiss my ass constantly and tell me how amazing I am. This clip is a SUPER tight close-up of my PERFECT ass in this hot shiny you can get a nice, good close up of how perfect it is as you KISS IT for like the 1000th time LOL. And if you ever stop kissing my ass and telling me how amazing I am- I will fucking replace you with another begging groveling worshiper of mine!

Knee To The Love Sack

This poor slave has the unfortunate situation of falling in love with me.  Too bad, so sad.  It happens to these losers all the time.  They serve me and I treat them like DOGGSHTT- and yet they STILL fall in love with me. Its like they just can't help it.  I guess I really AM just that beautiful though.  So i guess its not really all that surprising.

So when I hear this loser whimpering at my feet and saying something about how he "loves me"- I just can't help but take advantage of it.  I decide to make him stand up and spread his legs so I can get niiice and close to him...until he is just sooo hot and bothered...and I am whispering in his ear, asking him about how much he "loves me", and then...WHAM!  I bring my knee up as hard as I can up into his balls!  Haha!!!

He keeps crumpling at my feet each time I slam my knee into his pathetic slave-balls, but instead of breaking his "love" for me, he just keeps groveling at my feet and STILL professing his "love" for me!  Which just makes me laugh in his face, quite honestly.

Over & over I keep dragging him to his feet, looking deep into his eyes, and as he pours his heart out about how much he "loves me"- I lean in nice and close, and just as I am giving him just a glimmer of hope that I may actually return his feelings for me...I SLAM my knee into his balls again!  It is just so funny...I can't stop doing it!

About halfway through the clip I decide to up the ante, so to speak.  I add this little "spiked knee brace" thing to my outfit- and I make the slave look nice and close at it.  I make him feel how sharp the spikes are and ask him if he STILL loves me and if he will really endure "anything" just to be around me- no matter how badly I treat him.  To my surprise, he STILL says "yes!"  This is seriously like SO pathetic.  At this point, I figure this old loser deservesto be treated like this.

I look into his eyes and literally tell him to his face that I think he is PATHETIC for being "in love" with a girl half his age- and I SLAM my knee up into his balls again and LAUGH in his face as he goes down in a heap at my feet.  And guess what?  He STILL kisses my feet and prefosses his "undying love" for me!  Haha!!

There is apparently no end to this.  I can treat this gray-bearded old loser like absolute dirt and he will just put up with it no matter what.  And that is exactly what I will do!  Why?  Because I am a spoiled brat, that's why.  And because I CAN.

It must really suck to have your feelings toyed with like this by an 18 year old brat- and not be able to do anything about it except keep letting her walk all over you. You losers all all so pathetic lol.

-Princess Amber