Slave Videos

Give Us Even More Money

This is the part "The Return of Euro-Trash" where we make him lay his tribute out at Our feet- while we literally mock him to his face for it and take ALL the money he has saved up since the last time he saw us! I mean like we literally TELL HIM TO HIS FACE that we think he is pathetic for doing this AS we are taking all his $$$ from him! Haha.

We laugh about how hard he probably had to work for all this money- and how we are just TAKING it from him in a matter of seconds!! We then make fun of him by telling him how little we think of him, and how all he is going to get for this money is pain, suffering, and humiliation...

BTW this is TOTALLY REAL!!! No fake "roleplaying" or "scripts" here! This is a REAL slave of ours that REALLY came to see us and meet us!!

Princess Chanel and Princess Ashley

Party Shoes for Pig-Slave

I am showing Princess Skylar how fucking insignificant the slaves are that we keep around the Mean Girl Desert Compound. Like, they are SO pathetic that you can make them literally lick the dirt off the soles of your shoes at the snap of your fingers. And I explain to her that these pieces of sh*it are SO pathetic that they are GRATEFUL just to lick the dirt you have stepped on off of your shoes! She absolutely LOVES it- and goes on to talk about how filthy these old shoes of hers are, and how they are covered in all kinds of filth from her nights out at the clubs, going to parties, etc. (You can really see the filth in the close-ups on this clip too!)

We decide to make the slave lick EVERYTHING off of every part of her shoes. And I totally love Skylar's attitude toward slaves. She totally makes fun of how fat this one is and talks about how maybe we should put it on an "all-shoe-filth diet" so that all it gets to eat from now on is the dirt and gunk on the bottom of our shoes! I love it! We totally laugh our asses off right in the slave's face. Skylar told me off-camera that she absolutely loves how around here she doesn't have to "hold back" and if she thinks some old loser is a fat ass and totally beneath her, that she can just TELL him that right to his face! And I let her know that is EXACTLY how it is around here! She thinks she can totally get used to this... :)

-Princess Carmela

Hammock Pampering

This clip is really windy. We are just relaxing out on the deck while slaves worship our feet and serve us like the Goddess that we are. FEATURING: Goddess Platinum & Goddess Tina

Foot Bullies- BTS

So this is the "Behind-The-Scenes" footage of "Foot Bullies". Some of you might actually like this clip better LOL. It is basically another camera that was filming Skylar AS she was filming this clip for me!! So it is like you are watching "the making of a custom clip". The backstory on Skylar filming this is that I was about to do it just using a tripod, but she came home from work just as I was starting filming, so I asked her to run camera for me! For the full backstory of the clip, see the description of "Foot Bullies". And this clip ALSO shows how Skylar literally fucking BEATS the slave with a whip for me during the breaks! Like if I even slightly complain about the footslave's enthusiasm, she puts the camera down and literally BEATS it for me! She is SOOO great!!!

She even makes it spread its legs so she can kick it in the balls SUPER hard a few times to "motivate" it to worship my feet better! (That was like NO supposed to be any part of the clip! LOL!) But WOW does it WORK! You can totally tell the slave's enthusiasm ramps up a notch after each well-placed kick that Skylar delivers to its nutsac! Haha. When she restarts her filming each time, the slave's foot worship is like SUPER highly enthusiastic! I guess he was terrified of another kick in the balls from behind from Skylar LOL! Anyway I got a WAY better clip out of it, and that is all that matters.

Princess Amber

Remote Control Testicle Torture

This is one of the best videos we have ever shot- and it is totally REAL. 


This slave is owned in real life by Carmela, and she has it stored in a cage down in the garage in the summer heat.  (Seriously, it must be like 110 degrees in there!)  She wants to torture it (just because she seriously LOVES torturing her slaves) but its too hot to go out there!  So I have a surprise for her...


I have our most powerful ballshocker LOCKED onto its balls AND a 2-way babymonitor set up out in the garage so we can literally torment and talk to her slave at the same time- while we relax upstairs in the comfortable air conditioning!  Carmela LOVES it!


We proceed to take turns sending shocks to its balls and laughing our asses off as we watch Carmela's slave flop around like an electrocuted fish in its cage!  LOL!!!  And the poor slave has no idea when the next one is coming- or how powerful it will be.  (Or how long we will decide to hold our finger down on the button, for that matter!)  And this shocker goes all the way up to "15" and can REALLY send some serious voltage!  We shock him so bad that he starts banging himself onto the cage bars and starts to leak the red stuff out of his bald skull!  Haha!!


We start talking to it through the 2-way speaker and making it beg us for mercy...and even start playing mental games with him while we laugh at his agony!  It is completely at our mercy.  We even make it guess who is shocking it- and if it gets it wrong, it gets shocked AGAIN!  OMG it is fucking hilarious to watch it flail around in its cage at a simple push of a button!


And again, this is all 100% REAL.  You can see what level we set the remote control to, you can hear the slave screaming for mercy on our monitor, and you can even see it JUMP within a second or so whenever we push the button.  (There is just like a 1-second delay or so, as the signal goes out to the garage, and the monitor sends the video footage back to us, etc.  But you can tell this is totally real.)


And yes, the slave really was BEGGING us to stop about halfway through this video...but we kept going anyway...LOL!  



-Goddess Platinum

Foot Bullies


Ok, so sometimes Our fans write in and pay us like lots of $$$ to humiliate our slaves or whatev. And basically the house slave we decide to use for the clip gets abused, beaten, and degraded- while WE make $$$ from the clip! Haha it's like a PERFECT situation, IMO! But we GOTTA make a good clip for Our customers, or else we like may not get more custom clip orders. And if its REALLY good, we may get like BONUS $$$ from the fan! Its fuckin awesome. :)

So all this customer wanted to see was me sitting on a throne - where I BELONG, IMO! - and having my PERFECT feet worshiped by a slave with REAL PASSION. So Skylar is running camera for me (I had to give her a little of the custom $) and she cptures this slave's passion for my feet, I think. She does a really good job because she is like yelling at the slave the whole time, demanding that he try harder to worship me the way I deserve!! She is such a good friend... I think I made a good clip. I even take my work flats off AND my sweaty nylon ankle socks so the slave can suck on my toes!

Ballbusting Like A Boss

This is Princess Skylar's first ballbusting of a slave.

She told me off-camera that she has kicked guys in the balls before, but it was like a "one-time" thing, and it was just because she was mad at them for something they did. But she has never gotten to just kick a guy in the balls as much as she wanted just because she felt like it! (Not to mention being able to make the loser stand their with its legs spread wide open to let her do it, and then literally make him THANK her for each one afterward!)

She can't believe what we get to do to these losers around here. She really lets him have it too, once she has seen me bust thid worthless idiot's nuts a few times and drop him to the floor!

-Princess Carmela

If You Can Pose On A Slave You Can Pose On A Stage

Goddess Tina and I are both BIG into fitness. Tina actually competes and has a competition coming up! She mentions to me offhand that she is having trouble posing on stage in her stiletto heels and maintaining her balance. So I offer her something that has worked for me in the past- posing on someone else's squishy, bony, uneven body! Tina wonders who the heck would be so pathetic that they would actually ALLOW her to step on them and literally WALK ALL OVER THEM like that?? And in her STILETTOS on top of that??

Then I offer up to her one of our slaves to use as her personal "practice stage dummy"! She can't believe we can just USE him like this! But she absolutely LOVES it! I just explain to her that we are so hot that losers like this feel LUCKY just to be stepped on by women as hot as us! And then I explain to her that if you can stand on a slave, you can stand on a stage! It takes a little bit of practice (and a LOT of pain on the slave's part!) but eventually Tina's heels are digging into the slave while she is hitting all her poses. And by the end we are doing "victory poses" to celebrate her posing balance improvement!

-Goddess Platinum

Taking Out The Trash

This is just the beginning part of our real-life "session" with our "Euro-Trash Slave". 

From a 1-minute opening of us explaining how he got to come here, to what we plan on doing to him- to us actually driving over to his hotel and grabbing him right out of his room and tossing him into the trunk of our car and taking him to the Mean Girl Desert Punishment Compound"!  Oh, and of course we filmed him PAYING us and literally laying $4,000 out AT OUR FEET!  Haha

Princess Skylar (who we just met for the 1st time and was awesome!) filmed the whole thing for us so we could make even MORE $$$ off of this loser by filming our abuse of him and selling it!!

Wanna know why THIS loser gets to experience this and you haven't??  Because he:

-Joined Our site when told to do so

-He sent his ID as commanded!

-He sent a nice deposit and proof of travel to prove he was SERIOUS!

-He agreed to be filmed AND to do it without a mask!

-And most importantly, he paid us a LOT of money to show he knows that we deserve it more than he does!

Can you do all of those things?  Then you can come here too.  Or do you have a problem with any of that? can just keep watching and dreaming, loser!  Too bad so sad.  Because quite honestly, we get sick of slaves that wrote to us and just TALK about coming here, or have a problem with our demands.  Be a REAL slave like this one, and you can come here too!!

-Princess Ashley

Ballbusted For A Bad Day- and a Good Friend

I am sitting her with my girlfriend that has never seen the "princess" side of me before.  I tell her about the day that I have had, and how I'd like to take it out on somebody- so I make a phone call and tell "some loser" to running over just so I can abuse it and take my frustrations out on him.

She can't believe that someone would agree to that for me.  But I explain to her that this freak I just called is obsessed with my FEET, of all things- which I think is pathetic, but it makes him really useful to me!  Like when I say anything, I mean he will put up with ANYTHING just to let him kiss my feet!  Haha.  My frend doesn't really believe me, and I can't wait to show off in front of her!

Finally the idiot shows up, and he is literally the definition of PATHETIC.  He like throws himself at my feet an BEGS to do "anything I want" just so he can kiss my perfect feet.  I tell him I want to kick his balls in- and he is crushed.  But we both know he has no choice.  So in a matter of seconds he is stripped naked and standing at attention with his legs spread nice n wide for me- just so I can kick him in the balls as hard as I want while my GF watches and laughs at him!

I kick him over & over...and the whole time, I am teasing him with my feet and telling telling him "just 1 more kind and maybe, just maaaybe he will be allowed to kiss my feet!"  Which is all lies.  I plan on kicking him WAY more times than just one!  But he doesn't know that and foot freaks like him don't deserve to be treated with any respect or dignity- so I really don't care if I ma getting his hopes up, just to CRUUSH them again!  I think its funny that my FEET can do this to him- and so does my friend!  This is great entertainment for us!

I won't go on to explain any further, except to say that you should watch this just to see how mean I am to him at the end.  (Does he EVER get to kiss my perfect feet?  Or am I just a terrible, cruel "foot-tease"??  You will need to watch to find out!  Haha.)  Oh, and I even let my friend have a couple of good kicks on his balls!  Just because I am a good friend- and because I have no respect for this loser foot freak.  It deserves to be kicked by EVERY girlfriend I have, IMO!!!

-Princess Gemma

Hooters Waitress Training

So Skylar is the hottest waitress at Hooters- and she KNOWS it!  She makes a ton of $$$ and barely works.  The customers are all just desperate to sit in HER section- no matter how terrible her "service" is or how badly she treats them.  She is so hot that they don't care- as long as they get to interact with her in SOME way! 

Amber is a potential new "Hooters Girl" that is "shadowing" Skylar for the day.  Skylar is supposed to show her around, explain to her how to do the job, etc.  Amber can't believe what she is seeing though!  Amber is used to working at a "normal" restaurant, where there are men AND women customers, and you need to provide good customer service, get their orders right, and work hard.  Skylar barely lifts a finger and literally INSULTS her customers right in front of Amber!  She calls this overweight guy "tubby" and tells him he is FAT right to his face!!  And that is only the beginning.

Skylar explains to Amber that it doesn't matter- loser guys do NOT come to Hooters for the service or food. (Honestly, both totally suck.)  They come here to be around HOT GIRLS- and as such, we can basically bring the food out whenever we feel like it and treat the customers like craap- and we will STILL get super big tips!  Amber is amazed and says she should have been working here all along!  Skylar totally agrees, and decides to give her a "demo" using one of her pathetic regulars that is totally obsessed with her.

Skylar INTENTIONALLY brings him a salad when she KNOWS he ordered a bunch of fried food.  She tells him right to his face (and right in front of Amber) that he is "too fat to order that" and that he is having a salad- whether he wants it or not!  When he DARES to even begin to raise a slight complaint about it, she puts the salad ON THE FLOOR AT HER FEET and orders him to "eat it off the floor like the pig you are"- and to Amber's delight, he actually DOES it!!  Now the girls are going to start REALLY having fun!  Because Skylar explains that this is still literally only the begining- "she aint seen nothin yet!"

The fat customer asks if he can "at least have some dressing for his salad"- and Skyler proceeds to HACK UP HUGE LOOGIES AND SPIT THEM RIGHT ONTO HIS SALAD!!  "There you go, fatso!  THERE'S your 'dressing'!"  And the girls both have a good laugh at his expense as he obediently does whatever Skylar orders him to!

Then Skylar decides to "up the ante" and makes the fat loser LITERALLY LICK THE CHICKEN GREASE OFF THE SOLES OF HER WORK SHOES!  And to add insult to injury, she makes the loser PAY her for the chicken grease!  (Her rationale to Amber is: "Because it has been stepped on by ME- and I am SO far out of his league that he is LUCKY that I let him lick the grease off the soles of my shoes that has been stepped on by ME!")  So Amber wants the bottom of HER old work flats licked clean now TOO!  AND she wants to be PAID for it too now, bitch!  And Skylar is so nice, she let's Amber take some money from this "good regular customer" of hers too!

Then Skylar "goes on BREAK"!  Her and Amber LAUGH about how "hard she has been working" and how she DESERVES a break!  She even orders her "regular customer" to GO WAIT HER TABLES FOR HER while SHE is on break!  AND he has to fetch her tips and deliver them to her!  AND he has to wait on HER and bring HER order to her, because SHE wants to eat while she is on break now!

Amber is in awe of this and cannot WAIT to work here!  Skylar says she hasn't even seen the best part!  She makes the fatass loser literally lay on the floor and RUB HER FEET while she is on break and enjoying HER lunch!  She even ties her old tennis shoe that she has been wearing to work for YEARS to his FACE so he has to inhale her FOOT SCENT the entire time he is rubbing her feet!!  Skylar explains to Amber that girls like her are SO fucking hot that old losers like this crave ANYTHING they can get from them- even their spit, or the rank smell of their old shoes.  And she makes the fat old man literally PAY her just to let him rub her feet!!  

THIS IS A GREAT CLIP AND TRULY SHOWS HOW HOT GIRLS CAN GET ANYTHING THEY WANT FROM PATHETIC OLD LOSERS- AS LONG AS THEY KNOW HOW HOT THEY ARE, AND USE IT TO THEIR ADVANTAGE!  Follow this series to see how Amber does as a "Hooters Girl" once SHE joins the team, after learning so much from Skyalr as her "trainer"!

The Art of Good Trampling

Skylar is pretty new to all this, but she turned out to be a "trampling prodigy" based on the feedback we have heard from Our fans, so Goddess Platinum asked her to help Amber trample slaves better. Skylar's key advice to Amber?--> “The most important thing is don’t give a FUCK about the slave- and if you are really good, you forget it is even underneath you.”   

This clip includes a full-length shot, as well as close-ups of the heels reeeaaally digging into the slaves's flesh. (And he looks like he is in REAL agony!)

Both Mean Girls Skylar and Amber were on this slave at the same time for the ENTIRE duration of the clip- and they barely move from the same spot the entire time- except to maybe lean waaay back on their heels toward the end!  Haha.

Chastity Weight-Loss Program

This slave is so fat and he has been locked him up for awhile now by all of Us until he loses weight.  But it doesn't seem to be working...he has only lost a few pounds! 

So I explain to him right to his ugly pig face what his ultimate reward will be if he loses 100 pounds...and he actually seems quite motivated by it! (You need to watch the clip to hear what my "motivational offer" is! haha.)

I don't blame him would be the greatest thing that has ever happened to a fat, ugly loser like him. And to be honest, it would be a privilege that is beyond what any stupid SLAVE should ever be allowed, in my opinion!!!  But all you fat ugly losers at home will need to watch to hear what it is and just DREAM that this was YOU.  Haha. 

You all would probably be starving yourselves for months to earn this reward...


-Goddess Platinum

Slave On The Rocks-Part 1 With Princess Amber

I have a cocky-ass slave chained to its cage out in the garage. It is the one slave that I have "inherited" here that just always seems to be smarting off and acting "cocky". Apparently it is still having problems accepting it's role in life- as a slave to females.

I guess its previous owners have some "dirt" on him or something...and that is like the only reason it has to serve us. It really hates it and constantly needs to be "broken" with regular beatings.

Anyway, I bring my "Mean Girl" friends to help me beat him into submission. My little 18 year old niece Princess Amber helps me beat him down in this first part of his beat-down. 

We make him stand on these rocks the entire time just for our entertainment while we beat him. We hit him with whips, canes, and paddles- basically anything we can hit him with LOL. We even break the canes on his ass!

Until by the end, he is literally BEGGING to be our submissive little BITCH- whether he really wants to or not. It is amazing what a little pain can motivate a grown "man" to do....

-Goddess Platinum

Grace Meets Slaves

It is time for all of you to meet "Queen Grace". Yes, this is supposed to be "American Mean Girls", but Grace came to us and her spoiled bratty attitude seemed like it would fit right in around here- even though she is British! As she walks in, I have 3 of my slaves all scurrying around the kitchen on their hands & knees scrubbing the floor at my feet. Grace is impressed and amazed at having 3 grown "men" crawling around and working for me like this.

I explain to her how things work around here- and she LOVES it! I command my minions to grovel at my feet and literally WORSHIP me! (And of course, they instantly do as commanded.) Then it is Grace's turn...I send 1 slave off to clean the bathroom, and assign one slave to each of "Queen Grace's" FEET! She now has one slave kissing EACH of her feet and literally worshiping her! She says she could "definitely get used to this..." Queen Grace seems like quite the natural when it comes to slave ownership...

-Goddess Platinum

Hooters Foot Fetish Friday

Skylar is the top-paid waitress at the Hooters in Las Vegas.  Her new manager that was just sent in from "corporate" can't figure out why though??  She is lazy, rude to customers, and on this particular Friday she is literally just relaxing in a booth and texting on her phone when she should be working!


When her manager finally confronts her to ask what she thinks she's doing, Skylar tells her "not to worry about it" and that today is "Foot Fetish Friday" at this Hooters.  Its a program that she implemented awhile back- and it makes her so much money now that she barely has to even work anymore.


Basically all Skylar does now is put her feet up and let all the "foot freaks" come groveling to her, begging for her stinky feet, and PAYING her ridiculous amounts of $$$ just to sniff and kiss her feet after they have been in her old, dirty work sneakers all day.  Skylar's manager can't believe it!  That is absolutely ridiculous, she says.  "No one would actually pay for that!"


Just then, the "first foot weirdo of the night" comes rushing in and throws himself at Skylars feet- BEGGING her to let him have just a few kisses on her perfect feet, and asking if he is "her first foot customer" of the night?  She assures him that he is, and - to her manager's amazement - she snatches a $100 bill out of the loser's hands like it is nothing!  


And soon the "foot freak" is sniffing and kissing Skylar's smelly, sweaty socks- while her and her manager laugh right in his face and talk about how easy it is to take his money, like he isn't right there listening to every word as they blatantly insult him!  Skylar even brags to her manager that she doesn't even have to be "nice" to these foot freak customers- she can treat them like absolute DIRT and they still come crawling back for more, and BEGGING to give her more $$$ just to kiss her feet after they have been sweating all day inside her tan stockings, wool socks, and old smelly tennis shoes all day!


She laughs about how she walks around now, just thinking about how much MONEY the sweat between her toes earns her...she brags that it is literally like liquid gold to these foot freaks!  Especially since Skylar is known for having the oldest shoes and stinkiest feet in the entire Hooters!  She even makes this customer PAY her just to lick the "chicken grease" off the soles of her old work shoes!!


After just a few minutes of being literally WORSHIPED by this foot-loser, Skylar has already earned more than a lot of the other waitresses do in an entire WEEK of actually "working" and kissing the asses of "normal" customers!  

Skylar's manager wants to get in on she shoves HER foot into the foot-freak's mouth and takes some of his money...and then she begins wondering aloud if she should suggest to corporate that they implement this "Foot Fetish Friday" promotion at all Hooters nationwide!

The Boss-Bitch and Her Pathetic Assistant

Ms. Platinum is the hottest, but most difficult & demanding boss anyone could ever work for. This poor slob is her newest Personal Assistant, and is accompanying her to a meeting at a huge account. She humiliates him by making him get every door for her, she makes him carry her purse in public, and she berates him in front of everyone. She even makes him go up to the counter in the gift shop of this building to buy her Midol for her menstrual cramps!

She just simply hates him. Why? Just because she hates men in general. But especially this fat, bumbling slob.  So she sends him off on an errand and calls corporate to discuss firing him. They say they would prefer that she make him quit, rather than firing him. That way the company doesn't need to pay him any severance pay. So Ms. Platinum decides she will simply degrade and humiliate him 10 times worse than she usually does- until he finally quits. It should be easy. He MUST have some sort of limit to the abuse he will allow her to heap upon him, right??

When her assistant comes back, they get on an elevator and she demands that he literally get down on all fours in the middle of the public elevator and KISS HER FEET while expressing how much he wants to keep working for her! She doesn't think he will really do it- but he does the entire time they are traveling to the top floor! In fact, she even demands that "while he is down there, he might as well SHINE HER SHOES FOR THIS MEETING WITH HIS TONGUE TOO!" Again, she thinks he will surely quit- but NO! He sinks to new lows by literally shining his hot boss's work pumps with his own tongue while she rides the elevator to her important business meeting! All while she looks down upon him with absolute contempt and disgust.

She needs to take this to the next level, apparently... So Ms. Platinum walks over to a nearby couch in the lobby, sits down, crosses her amazing legs, and demands that her assistant literally KNEEL before her- she says that she does not even want him sitting on the same furniture as her from now on- even in public buildings. She wants to make it very clear to him that he is BENEATH her. She then lifts her work pump up, shoving the sole of her shoe right in front of his face - and demands that he LICK THE DIRT AND FILTH OFF THE BOTTOM OF HER WORK PUMPS NOW!! She says that if he wants to keep his job, he needs to show that he will do ANYTHING his boss demands of him, without hesitation.  Surely he will not put up with this and actually do it...but to her shock and amazement, he DOES it!!

Well, it looks like the debasement of this "Pathetic Assistant" is going to have to go to new depths...because this idiot obviously wants to work for Ms. Platinum REALLY badly for some reason. Maybe he has some sort of on her- and will put up with anything, no matter how badly he treats him? What will it take to make him quit??? As he is licking the filth off the soles of her shoes in the middle of a public lobby, she begins discussing his already pathetic salary- and how she is going to be cutting it down to he will now not only have to do ANYTHING she says at the snap of her fingers without hesitation- but he will have to do it for FREE from now on!

(Watch the clip to see if her PA actually agrees to work for this "Boss Bitch" for FREE!) ***(This clip is a little choppy, but it actually WAS filmed in the middle of a public building!!!)***

Scream for Our Rent Cuck!

So my REAL man boyfriend calls me and tells me that we need to pay our rent. (I totally forgot it was the end of the month.) How to pay it? Easy. I just explain to Alpha over the phone that I simply need to beat the fuck out of our cuck-slave, record its beating, and sell the clip to pay our rent! And the worse I beat it, the more $$$ we will make!! Maybe we will even make enough to pay for a nice dinner out for the 2 of us if I beat it bad enough!

Alpha loves the idea. So I drag my cuck-bitch slave out to the Torment Chamber and casually explain to it that it is about to suffer terribly- just to pay me n MY Alpha boyfriend's rent for us with its suffering!

It has no choice, really. This is the only way Alpha will allow me to keep this loser in my life, so it's either this, or I have to get rid of it- and I know my cuck is so fucking pathetic that it will let me use it for whatever I want. It is sooo desperate to be in my life lol.  Pathetic. 

So I chain it up from the ceiling and make it balance on a wobbly rock- just so I can laugh at it while it dances on that fucking rock as I beat it. And BOY do I give it a BEATING!! Apparently my looong whip keeps wrapping around my cuck slave's body and the tip is cracking right near its poor little cock n balls haha!! It is really hurting him bad and making him SCREEEAAAM!!!! But I think that's great because this will make this clip sell better!

And I don't really care about how much my slave suffers because it really doesn't matter to me. It's just a "thing" for me to use and abuse in whatever way benefits ME the most! :) So buy this clip if you want to see my cucky-bitch SUFFER to help pay my rent!!

-Princess Carmela

The Slave Under The Stairs

So I am talking to my aunt Platinum and we are comparing our hot boots when I comment that her boots are kind of dirty and could use a good shine. And she tells me that she actually has a slave that she KEEPS UNDER THE STAIRS for just that purpose!! She even keeps a security camera on it 24/7 so she can check on it with her phone 24/7! 

I can't believe it, but she shows me a live video feed of the slave all chained up on her phone, and then walks me down to the "slave quarters" underneath our compound- and there he is! Literally chained and collared underneath the stairs!

We take turns giving him our boots to polish with nothing but his TONGUE- and of course, mocking him the entire time for having such a pathetic life!

-Princess Amber

Bum Humiliation- Part 2

So I told my 18 year old niece Amber about this bum I found that I like to go and humiliate by making him literally BEG for my pocket change. (As well as making him do degrading acts to "earn" his pennies haha!) And she LOVES it. She is sooo mean sometimes!! And she hates street people almost as much as I do!

So we have our personal driver take us in our nice new car over to this bum's "home" in a deserted parking lot, and we proceed to treat him like the street urchin that he is, while making him BEG and perform for our entertainment while we laugh and toss nickles at him!

We even make the subhuman creature lick the dirt off the bottom of our shoes while we openly mock it for its living conditions.  We even make him strip naked right out in public- and then literally BOW DOWN AND KISS OUR FEET AND BEG just for our spare pocket change!  Haha!!

You have to watch this clip to hear my little niece and i absolutely DESTROY what little "dignity" this bum has left! And if it wants a whole shiny quarter, it better do whatever the fuck we say! Gawd,it is so much fun to be rich and degrade poor people! Haha.

-Goddess Platinum