Slave Videos

Tanning Oil Slave

This old geezer slave drove all the way to Las Vegas from Utah. It spent all day driving just for the chance to maybe get to serve the Mean Girls and I. But today I am NOT working or dealing with stupid slaves. 

This freak has no clue of the torture I have planned for him for the upcoming week. 

Since it arrived a day early… eager to serve us, I used it as my tanning oil slave. It’s so stupid it probably thinks everyday will be this easy. Nope!  Oh and I made it declare to all the stupid Twitter haters that think I’m way too mean.. LOL!!!!! That i own it! I can use and abuse it anyway I want and if it drops deaad then oh well, on to the next pathetic loser that begs to serve The Mean Girls and I! Hahahaha!!!

Oh you think I’m so mean???? Who do you think you are dealing with?  We are the MEAN GIRLS! Not the nice girls!


Goddess Platinum

Don't Get The Cops Called

----Over 40mins of various WHIPS and PUNISHMENT----

I had one of my slaves build me a new punishmentchair. I could not wait to try it out, and the first slave I found was geezer kneeling in the corner.

This fun new little chair should be drilled into a wall when standing up and I didn’t have time do deal with all that fuss so I laid it back in the Mean Girl Manor living room and made geezer lay back in it like it would sit in it.

-----This clips is over 40mins long of whipping, 

Once I got geezer into place I duct taped it into place so it couldn’t move or get away from me. Lol!

I whipped geezer A LOT! But geezer was being way too loud. I warned it to shut up because i could hear a bunch up little kiddies playing outside and if I could hear them they could definitely hear this imbecile screaming.

It proceeded to be loud and I had enough of it. This is when I figured something out about this old ass male… It is terrified of having its mouth taped shut, or a gag on, or anything covering its mouth, so you know I had to tape its stupid old mouth shut. Hahaha!!! Watching this freak wig out about its mouth being taped was hilarious to say the least.

It is so old and stupid it seems to forget that it has a nose and that’s actually what you use a nose for… breathing. I swear I had to tell this dumb fuck to breath through its nose numerous time. Duh!!!! Like, I didn’t think people could actually be this freaking stupid.  

So anyways I continued to whip the crud out of this old dumb ass!!

I do like my new medieval looking torture chair. 

-Goddess Platinum

Women Rule The World

***This was a custom clip***

---In this world Women have completely taken over. They are born with full time slaves given to them and run every part of the globe. If you are a male and are not enslaved or do not have full time work serving you are whipped to deeath---

A female security guard caught a slave trying to escape. This old, stupid slave actually thought he could trick people into thinking he was a woman. His plan was to escape and then get a sex change so he could come back and get men to serve him. But obviously his plan surprise by the looks of him. What an idiot for thinking would actually fall for him being a women.

All women are gorgeous and he is definitely not. The security guard took it upon herself to install a permanent ball shocker to ensure this slippery slave doesn't escape again.

When the slave is returned to his owner she must decide to spare him or end his life. She takes advantage of the ball shocker and puts him through some tests.

Watch to see if she decides to spare his life or not...

Guzzle and Bust!

Princess Amber and I were sitting around and thinking of something fun we could do. Princess Amber has had this loser blowing up her phone begging to come over and hang out with the Mean Girls and obviously Princess Amber has just been ignoring him like all losers.

Just then I had a great idea! I had Princess Amber text that loser back and tell him to come over right away.

We decided we were going to have this freak come over strictly for our entertainment. We both know he loves to drink beverages so we would play a game he couldn't resist. Guzzle and Bust!!! We would give this sloppy loser a beverage and give him whatever amount of time we decided to chug it... If he doesn't finish it all he gets a big surprise, a kick to the balls. We obviously won't tell him how the game goes, but he would figure it out really quick.

He finally arrives after making us wait a long 5 minutes. We play nice so he thinks he might actually have a chance with us. LOL! Even though that would never happen, NEVER! EVER!

We make the loser strip down naked. Hahaha he gets all excited. We tell him we are going to play a fun game... Fun for us anyways. This geek tells us he will play any game we want. Oh really? Any game??? Perfect!

We give him the beverage and we make it nearly impossible for him to drink all of it. One of us makes the loser turn away from the other and WHAM! Massive kick to his disgusting balls!!! LOL! We are loving this game! 

Enjoy our fun little game!!!

Goddess Platinum

I Win Step-Son

***This was a custom clip***

My old, rich Husband finally kicked the bucket. It's about freaking time he dropped deead! I was only with that decrepit, old, disgusting, vile loser for his money, obviously. Everyone knows that someone as perfect as me would never be with an old man like he was unless that old loser has money. But unfortunately he changed the will around at the last minute, behind my back, without telling me. I was shocked!!! After all I did for that old wrinkly bastard, he left everything to my asshole step son! Ugh I am beyond pissed off!!!  

I don't do well when I'm told no. NOBODY tells me NO!!! I came up with a perfect plan and decide to take matters into my own hands and get everything that I am owed...

I convince my stuck up step son to have a drink with me to bury the hatchet. I add a little special ingredient to make sure I get my way... Hahaha watch to see if my plan works.

No More Accidents

You know my geezer slave is about as old as a dinosaur. Lol! Well obviously when you start getting freaking ancient things will start failing, like being able to hold your bowel and bladder movements. Well geezer must be getting to that point.

The very first time Goddess Maci came to the Mean Girl Manor I had Princess Amber teach her little sister how to cane slaves, using geezer. I get geezer all hand cuffed to the crate i made it lay on and we started with the caning training. I swear we were only like 3 minutes in and geezer yelled, "I think I peed!"

OMG!!!! We all start laughing so hard and I'm like, "tell me you are fucking joking right now!" Then it says, "well I think I did but I'm not sure." WTF?!?! You don't know if you pissed yourself or not? LOL! I uncut the freak so it can go to the bathroom and it really did!!! It really pissed itself!

As soon as geezer was done in the bathroom I made it clean up its puddle of pee and then I cuffed it back up and we started caning training again. How ridiculous! 

Lately I have been noticing odd new stains on the carpet and even random puddles on the tiles when geezer is around. I asked it if it has been having more accidents but geezer keeps denying it. I am not stupid! I know it's geezer.

I called Princess Mya over for a meeting about geezer and we both decided that if geezer wants to act like an old ass baby and have accidents then we are going to treat it like a baby. We pulled out our giant baby diapers with stupid pink and blue bears and balloons all over them and the baby powder. Then I made sure we had plenty of latex gloves to make sure we didn't catch its grossness. Lol!

It's time to deal with our wrinkly old baby and teach it a lesson. We grab geezer's leash and drag it over to the pink princess bed where we had all our supplies set up ready to go. We lay geezer down and make it put on a diaper, I made sure we put on plenty baby powder, I don't need this freak getting diaper rash and having another problem.

Once geezer's diaper was on nice and snug we beat geezer. Obviously it needs to be potty trained with force. If this pathetic loser still wants to be a slave at the Mean Girl manor then it needs to wear a diaper. 

Princess Mya and I continued to beat the freak and treat it like a baby. Made it suck its thumb and count on it's fingers. Haha Made the freak call us Mommy and beg MOMMY to stop beating it. We went through a few diapers. We beat geezer till its diaper literally exploded. 

We will see if any of Mean Girl way of potty training works on geezer. Haha... We were  definitely entertained from humiliating and beating geezer, I'm sure you will be too.


Goddess Platinum 

Worship My Perfect Ass

Ugh my one new slave is so gross. Like I don’t think I’ll keep it around very long cause it’s just nasty kind of gross. But for now I will just humiliate and abuse it as much as possible. Lol!!!

I pretty much started from day one. You know this is that loser that I forced to let geezer suck its dick the very first day it came to serve me. Hahaha.. it was so shocked that day, I will never forget the look on that losers face when I told it that geezer was going to use its tiny little dick to practice sucking dick so geezer can make me tons of money sucking dick out in the streets. Bahahaha  so hilarious.

Anyways, in this clip I basically get the freaks hopes up. I let it stare at my perfect ass and even kiss my ass a few times while it strokes its microscopic little dick. Gross!

I think it actually thought that I was all of a sudden going to turn nice and let it cum. Funny right?

No instead I let it stroke it’s tiny dick till it got close to coming and then I made it stop!

After it got all worked up staring at my perfect ass, (why wouldn’t it get excited?!?!) and stroking whatever the fuck you want to call that tiny little worm, I made it stop on the spot. Then I informed that freak that from now on I own all of it, including it’s sad little dick and it was not even allowed to think about touching that disgusting hairy dick ever again with ought first asking for my permission. LOL!

We will see if I ever let that freak touch it’s dick ever again. it can definitely forget about ever cumming again. Lol! It will be lucky if one day I am in an extra good mood and I actually let it stroke it or edge. But I will have to be in a “I won the lottery.” kind of good mood. 

I’m hoping that the long it goes without touching it, the more likely it is to shrivel up like a rasin and fall right off.

Hey, a Goddess can dream right?

Goddess Platinum 

You Want To Cheat On Us?

Princess Mya and I were hanging out chatting and we got on the topic of our one fat slave. Every time we need that loser we can’t find it anywhere

We definitely need to get to the bottom of this, like is that pathetic, worthless piece of dung stepping out on us? Is it serving another Goddess? Cause that’s what I keep hearing and that is not cool with me at all.

We called for our fat loser and for once he came! We were shocked to say the least. It must be true, all the rumours… It’s actually got the balls to serve another Goddess behind our backs? WTF!!!

Princess Mya and I have got to put our foot down, on its giant balls!!! LOL! If it has the balls to cheat on us we obviously haven’t bashed them enough. WOW! This pile of crud actually admitted it! It actually confirmed all the rumours. It thought it was ok to cheat on us by serving another Goddess!

We are going to give this freak something to think about every time that Goddess calls it to come running… every time that loser thinks about another Goddess I want his giant balls to start throbbing in pain. I want it to never forget this occasion, what Princess Mya and I were about to do to it should be scarred into its tiny, little, empty, shrivelled up brain…

And so it began… the lesson this slave will hopefully never ever ever forget, and if it does we will have no issue giving it a refresher course. 

Princess Mya and i took turns bashing his giant sad balls with our perfect feet, in our perfect boots. Normally we kick its balls in as hard as we possibly can but this time it was different. This time it was like our inner demons took control of our feet and pulverized it disgusting testicles.  

We taught that loser a life lesson, don’t ever piss off the Mean Girls or you will pay with your balls. LOL!

It probably had to ice its balls for the next two weeks, but guess what? I don’t care!!! When we needed our slave he wasn’t there. Hell maybe we will let that other Goddess have this useless slave. By the time we were done it was broken and even more useless then usual.

Goddess Platinum

Playing with Aunt's Slave

So I'm going out on a hot date with a real man tonight and I wanted to make sure that Princess Amber and Goddess Maci (Princess Amber's real life younger sister) were thoroughly entertained at the Mean Girl Manor...I left them one of my pathetic, worthless slaves to use, abuse and play with.

So of course the girls made it rub their sore, sweaty, perfect feet. Being perfect and wearing heels all day is hard work. Harder then you will ever know. Lol! You will never understand our struggles and how hard it is to be so perfect in every way, all the time.

I really don't think that loser even deserved to rub their perfect feet, but he did deserve what came next...plenty of kicks with those perfect feet right to its face. Loser.

The girls continue to kick and make fun of it until they get bored. Then they make it tell them how absolutely pathetic it is while they smack it over and over again in it's ugly face! Princess Amber spits on it a few times to make sure it gets its rewards.

This loser deserves everything they give it...the girls know that it hates its nipples being touched so they had to twist and yank on them. LOL! They walked all over my slave like it didn't even exist. It makes me proud to watch how horribly they treated that worthless slave while I was gone out. That slave was exactly where it belongs, under my nieces beautiful feet. While it's way down there under their feet, they feed it some trash on the floor. It's lucky they even gave it trash to eat, I normally let my slaves starve.

I'm sure the only reason they gave it anything to eat was so it would lick the floors clean. Hahaha  course when it's done licking and sucking the floor clean they make it towel dry the entire thing. My floors were nice and shiny by the time I got back from my date. 


Goddess Platinum

Monkey See Monkey Doo

Princess Mya and I spent the day shopping for new dresses to wear out tonight dancing, but now our feet are so sore! We decided to take advantage of our pathetic live in slave. So we called in our first foot slave...geezer.

I know how stupid geezer is but I had to show Princess Mya. it's so stupid I actually warned Princess Mya. Hahaha It was so embarrassing how ridiculously bad geezer is at foot worship. I knew it was bad but i was laughing so hard at poor Princess Mya's reaction when geezer was attempting to worship her feet. Seriously pathetic!

So after stupid gave Princess Mya a worthless foot massage for a while and we both laughed at it till we cried, I called over another slave to show geezer what the fuck foot worship looks like. Lol! Our other slave worshipped my feet while geezer watched and attempted to worship Princess Mya's feet. No matter how much we forced geezer to watch and learn from the other slave geezer was just too stupid. 

In true geezer fashion it failed! It just couldn't get it. Princess Mya and I were beyond fed up with how lousy it was. I promised Princess Mya that she would understand why geezer was still around as a slave once we beat it. That's all geezer is good for is beating. Princess Mya decided to just gag geezer. Force it to take her perfect foot like a cock. LOL! Watching geezer gag on Princess Mya's foot was priceless! This old bag of bones tried so hard to take her foot in its throat with out gagging but it failed over and over. Hahah Every time it gagged on her foot its eye's popped out of its head like a stupid blow fish.

geezer's new name is dinosaur fart! Because its old like a dinosaur and the sounds that came out of its mouth when it was gagging sounded like a fart. He couldn't help but to gag and choke her perfect foot. Loser.


Goddess Platinum

Fathers Day Cleaning Geezer

My geezer slave drove over 8hrs to come serve me on Fathers Day!'s so fucking pathetic and wants to be my personal slave so bad that it bought me a new vacuum. it even bought a bunch of new cleaning supplies just so it could spend it's day cleaning our massive compound. I told it to make sure it had a matching apron/bra and it came with a whole French maid outfit! Just so this loser could look cute cleaning the whole house. What a sissy loser!

I was actually surprised because it actually sucks at everything else in life but was actually pretty good at cleaning. When it came to to cleaning Princess Amber's bathroom I let it know how extremely lucky it was that it got to clean here. The bathroom that Princess Amber uses was so excited that it licked the inside of the bowl and the seat before cleaning itSo gross!

Once the geezer was done cleaning the Mean Girl Manor from top to bottom, I let it kiss my perfect feet and sent him on his way. What a pathetic fucking loser!

Are you such a fucking loser that you would spend your money on the cleaning supplies that you would be using to clean our compound?


Goddess Platinum

Hot For Teacher

Johnny Football is being kept in detention by Miss Platinum for being disruptive during her classes.  (Sometimes the boys in her class just cannot control themselves because "Miss P." is just so hot- and the way she dresses and teases the boys doesn't help!)  Even as he sits in Miss Platinum's detention room, he is obviously distracted by her amazing legs...and Miss Platinum catches him staring at her them several times.  She almost seems to be intentionally teasing and tormenting him with her legs crossing and uncrossing...her shoe dangling just off the tip of her toe...

Poor Johnny has a game in a few hours and begins begging Miss Platinum to let him out of detention so he can get away from this cruel, hot schoolmarm and go play in his big game!  Miss Platinum HATES football players and decides to make this "macho jock" humiliate himself for her amusement if he wants out so bad.

She begins by plopping her feet up on his desk and crossing her legs at the ankle.  Then she says that "if you want to go to your game so bad, then kiss the bottom of my shoes and BEG me to let you go!"  Johnny is aghast at the proposition- but he begrudgingly does as he is told.  He places his lips on the dirty soles of Miss Platinum's pumps and begins begging her.  Miss Platinum laughs- but she isn't nearly done with him yet!  His humiliation has only just begun...

Soon she has Johnny shining her shoes - with his TONGUE - as well as literally kneeling before her, bowing down, and kissing her stockinged feet!  Miss Platinum soon notices that there seems to be a "bulge" forming in the crotch of his pants as he kisses her feet and begs for permission to leave!  Well, that is not acceptable!  And what is that from, anyway??

Johnny finally admits that he has a HUGE crush on Miss Platinum and fantasizes about her all the time.  Then he actually has the nerve to start begging to have SEX with her!  Miss Platinum explains that she is MARRIED- so that is just not going to happen.

However, she may allow him to have sex with...her SHOE!  She thinks the idea is hilarious as she slips her shoe off and makes her student kneel before her and thrust himself into her shoe over and over!  How DEGRADING!  But this jock is SO obsessed with her...he actually admits that he is HAPPY to accept having sex with just her shoe!  How pathetic.

So Miss Platinum decides to give him a slight "upgrade"- she extends her stockinged foot and tells Johnny that he can "hump the bottom of her actual foot" instead of the inside of her shoe.  She thinks its so funny that he actually seems EXCITED by this new option!  Miss Platinum basically laughs in Johnny's face as he kneels before her and humps the bottom of her stockinged foot.  "These school boys are so horny and obsessed with her that they will literally do ANYTHING" for her she thinks to herself...

But every time Johnny is about to cum, Miss Platinum takes her foot away and laughs hysterically at Johnny while he is left desperately "humping air"!  Miss Platinum explains that her husband (the school's football coach!) has always told her that players should refrain from sex before games!

So she makes a deal with Johnny...he can go to his game now, and if he wins, he can come back and "finish" by humping her amazing LEGS!!!

Johnny can't believe it!  He rushes off and plays the game of his life!  His pent-up sexual frustration makes him unstoppable on the field.  And he rushes back to the school as quickly as possible...just to throw himself back at the feet of his Teacher-Tormentor, Miss Plaitnum!  

Miss Platinum is still not done with her humiliating surprises for Johnny, though....and he BETTER do whatever she says, because she took pictures of him humping the bottom of her foot earlier!  And he wouldn't want those posted around the school, would he..?

Between the blackmail and the powerful allure of Miss Platinum's perfect legs, he has no choice...he is Miss Platinum's plaything now...

Goddess Maci Does Her Chores

I was standing in the kitchen at the Mean Girl Manor when I decided to look over the Caning Chore ChartThis is when I realized that Goddess Maci hadn't ever done her caning chores since she finally turned 18 and joined the Mean Girls.

I called Princess Amber, (Goddess Maci's for real, real life, big sister.) and Goddess Maci into the kitchen and informed Princess Amber that her little sister hadn't done her chores yet. 

I already had our usual fat slave sprawled out on the futon with its hands and ankles handcuffed to each leg of the futon. I was really hoping it wouldn't exceed the max weight limit on the futon. Hahaha

Princess Amber and I walked Goddess Maci into the front living room where I had our slave ready and waiting to get caned. 

You know Princess Amber and I insisted on helping Goddess Maci with her chores... We want to play and have fun too!!!

Let's just say Goddess Maci will never skip her chores again and she will be very excited for them from now on. LOL! 

It's AMAZING being a Mean Girl!

Goddess Platinum

Oh You Want To Get Unlocked?

Man oh man...this stupid geezer slave really annoys me. I don't think he understands that the more he annoys me the worse it is for him. Honestly though I don't expect much when it comes to brains; his are old.

geezer was dumb enough to tell me again that he touched a little and came a little. Still don't quite get that, but whatever. Obviously the CBT he received last time for the same remarks didn't teach him a lesson.

This lesson is going to be a lot longer. Maybe then it will sink in...

I called geezer into my throne had no idea why. it quickly found out...

I had one of my many chastity slaves purchase numbered tamper proof chastity locks designed just for occasions like these I'm sure. I locked geezer in chastity and made sure it was an extremely tight fit so there is no way he can wiggle out of it. 

I squeezed his pathetic little cock into that cage and placed one of my handy new chastity locks through it. You see these chastity locks are tamper proof...because you have to cut them to get them off. It's impossible to find an exact lock with the same number. Trust me...I made sure.

Once I was done cramming his pathetic little cock into the tiniest cage I could find I sent him on his way and I went on with life...

I demanded a picture daily to make sure that geezer was being obedient and I left it on for an entire month.

After a month and a few days pass I ordered my geezer slave to come to the desert was time to play.

Once it arrived I chained it's hands to the ceiling with handcuffs and it's ankles to each wall in the corners...spreading it nice and wide. Then I checked it's chastity locks to make sure the numbers still matched...making sure it was obedient. I knew he wouldn't be able to get out of that tiny cage

I asked the wrinkly old sack of bones if it had learned its lesson. it assured me it did. Then I made it beg me to unlock it's pathetic little dick out of chastity.

I then agreed to unlock it for a little bit...just long enough to have some fun. To be honest I was excited to be able to play with my stupid old geezer slave. A month is even long for me...

Once I unlocked it it started to get really scared. it started to realize it made a huge mistake, but it was already too Then the fun really began...

It included paddles, crops, whips and you know my favorite...ball busting. I'm sure by know you all know how much geezer detests CBT...hahahaha. I played with my geezer until he begged me to lock it back up. it's so stupid it said I could lock it up as long as I wanted to so long as I stopped abusing it's cock and balls.

What a stupid thing to promise!

Watch and enjoy...


Goddess Platinum

Nasty Ashtray

The other day Princess Mya and I were hanging out; thinking of ways to fuck with our geezer slave.

Neither Princess Mya or I smoke, but we know how much geezer absolutely hates nasty stuff in its mouth.

So we decided it was time to smoke some cigarettes.

We handcuffed geezer to the railing on the deck with kneeling on its wrinkly old knees.

It had no idea what it was in for! We forced open his mouth and made it accept all of our ashes in between us spitting in its mouth and on its face! Lol!

It was a beautiful day out, so we were in no rush...we even decided to have a second cigarette.

We moved geezer so it was laying in front of us so we didn't have to see its nasty old face while we were enjoying the beautiful weather and our smokes. Nothing worse than an ugly worthless, disgusting, pathetic piece of crud ruining the pretty scenery.

Geezer absolutely hated every time we put our butts out on its tongue. Hahahaa!

We thoroughly enjoyed our cigarette break.


Goddess Platinum

Our Foot Freak Slave

Princess Amber, Goddess Maci and I went shopping. We had super sexy outfits ons so we had to wear super hot high heels to match our outfits. Dumb idea, our feet were hurting so bad after. I'm not sure why we didn't each have a slave crawling on their hands and knees as we sat on their backs getting a ride... oh yeah then we would actually have to be seen in public with those losers. Lol!! NEVER MIND!

So we get back to the Mean Girl Manor and decide to use the slave kneeling naked in the corner to worship our feet till they felt better. We totally forgot how big of a foot freak it was! Like OMG!!! The freak took so long just taking my sweaty boots off then smelling my stinky boots and sopping wet stocking feet. 

We planned on a foot worship session so our feet felt better. If we would have let that freak worship our feet the way it wanted to, we would have been there all darn day and night. 

I don't get it!!!! Like I know our feet are perfect, just like the rest of us but feet???

Whatever! At least we didn't have sore feet after. Honestly though I think that freak would beat its own mother just to be able to kiss one of our feet, just once. It's got it bad! I see foot fetishes all day everyday, specially with how insanely perfect my feet are, but this freak takes it to an entirely new level. Hahaha

When you watch this clip you will see our slave is in heaven worshiping all our feet. But you will also see us laughing non stop at how ridiculous it is. It got to start with taking my boots off and worshiping my sweaty stocking feet, then take Princess Amber's heels off and do the same, Then Goddess Maci's heels and thigh highs. Then the freak was able to go back and take all our thigh highs off and worship all of our perfect bare feet. Jeez no wonder it was in heaven, that freak can now diie happy!!! Lol!

Well enjoy our perfect feet, almost as much as or foot freak did. Baha

Do you have a foot fetish? Are you a foot freak and obsessed with our feet as much as our loser? You know you can have the opportunity to worship or feet too. Start by sending a Minimum $50 tribute and email me telling me what you would do just for the opportunity to worship any or all our perfect feet. Then beg me!

Goddess Platinum

Round 2 Geezer Whipping

I'm sure by now you all watched the first geezer Beat Down clip I posted back in April. If you haven't watched it you better go buy it NOW!!! It was a brutal beat down by Princess Carmela and I and the old fuck actually blacked and konked out after he couldn't handle my ball busting. (Which let's all be real for a second... There aren't many males on this planet that can actually take MY BALL KICKS!)

Well I truly do love beating this old sack of k9 logs. I have actually brought him on as one of my pain slaves so I can harm and hurt him as often as I want to... It's actually pretty amazing and abusing him is fast becoming one of my favorite things I do to pass time. LOL!

This was my geezer slaves second trip to the Mean Girl Manor to serve me. He is realllllllly fucking stupid and says a lot of dumb crud just to piss me off. So by the end of this trip a lot of anger and frustration had built up. I couldn't severely beat him till the end, so I tortured him a little bit everyday. I figured this wrinkly sack of verbal diarrhea would be completely useless to me if I went crazy on him before the very end of it's trip.

This clip is the first half of round 2 geezer beat down. 

I invited Princess Mya over to join in my fun. It was only fair for me to have her come out to play with me since she had to put up with the geezers stupidity the day she came to the Mean Girl Manor.

Princess Mya and I have a blast whipping geezer over and over again with different types of crops, paddles and whips. 

Maybe one day you will have the balls to come out to the Mean Girl Manor and let us play with you?!?! Probably not though. LOL!


Goddess Platinum

Testicles For Profit

I have been working really hard making content, editing content, and running the Mean Girls Clip Stores. I watch sales really closely, all the time.

I notice that ballbusting clips always sell really well. I decided to do a clip with Princess Amber and let our pathetic slaves know that I will be using their testicles for my profit. We informed them that people love watching us destroy all our loser's balls. 

I also wanted to make it very clear that we do not give a fuck about their balls or anything else about them and all that really matters is how much money We are making from destroying their testicles

Then of coarse Princess Amber and I had to kick them all in the balls over and over as hard as we could... to make Us more money and because we absolutely love ballbusting our slaves. LOL!


Goddess Platinum

Bring Your Homework Slave To School

You all know we are Mean Girls. We own slaves... Lots of slaves. We own slaves for different things. For example one slave may actually be smart and great at homework but another is just dumb as a box of rocks and only good for beating... I think you get the big picture. Lol!

Anyways it was a school day for Princess Amber and Goddess Maci. They are still young and always learning to be better at using, walking all over and beating... males.

Both Goddess Maci and Princess Amber have homework slaves but if you ask me I think Goddess Maci got the short end of the stick when it comes to homework slaves. Poor Goddess Maci got the old and decrepit slave. It was good and smart back in its prime but the old goof can barely remember its name half the time. 

But around Mean Girl Manor High we take everything as a learning and teaching experience. So when Goddess Maci's homework slave forgot to do her homework again, we used it as a chance to teach Goddess Maci how we treat dumb slaves and teach the old, useless, pathetic slave what happens when you are disobedient.  

I'm sure by know you know we beat the dumb and disobedient slaves. LOL! And that's exactly what we did. I don't deal well with excuses. I don't care how old that slave is... it needed to be taught a lesson, one it would never forget. Hahaha 

I'm sure you will enjoy Goddess Maci and Princess Amber's sexy school girl outfits as much as you will enjoy watching us teach that old fart a lesson.


Goddess Platinum  

It's Trample Time

I woke up the this morning with a craving... Not a craving for food but a craving to walk all over one of my slaves. Not just walk all over... I mean I wanted to restrain a specific slave and just trample the life out of it! I wanted to dig my heels in its stupid body and literally jump on it till it begged me to stop, or its body just completely gave out. Lol!

I guess you could say I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, or the right side of the bed depending on who you ask. Hahahaha

So of coarse I did exactly that. I restrained my fav trample slave with cuffs and even decided to wrap its legs with saran wrap, to ensure it laid there and took whatever I gave it no matter how bad it hurt.

I know... I know... You think I am sooooo mean and cruel, but duh! I am a Mean Girl!!! Lol! I always think it's so funny when people say that I am so mean and I am being rude. Really? What did you think? Did you think you were reaching out to the Nice Girls? Hahaha

Back to my morning. I restrained the loser and made it lay there and wait till I was ready. I bet it was terrified lying there restrained and helpless. I love that! I love striking even more fear than normal into these pathetic slaves. It makes whatever I am about to do to them way more fun if you just leave it laying there all alone, bound and helpless. I bet its heart starts racing when it's just left to think and wonder what I am going to do to it. 

I trampled my slave till it literally started to cry and beg me to stop. But when it started to cry and beg me to stop, I started to jump more and make it kiss my heels. The very heels I was digging into its intestines. 

I definitely fed my craving and it was a lot of fun like always. Hmmmm maybe I will have to do it all over again tomorrow. It was an awesome way to start my day.


Goddess Platinum