Slave Videos

Selena Meets Slaves!

Princess Selena is - in real life - a 22-year-old hispanic fitness contestant and friends with Princess Selma. When Selena shared with Selma that she could use some extra cash, Selma told her about how she came over here one time and got PAID just to smack around these "gringo slaves", abuse them and basically just treat them like sh*t - Selena couldn't believe it! But if it was TRUE, she thought it was HILARIOUS- and it sounded like probably the most fun she could have making extra $$$. (And she couldn't believe she wouldn't have to take her clothes off or anything! LOL! It's funny how these young girls won't believe this unless one of there friends tells them...) So I told Princess Selma to bring her over! (Again, these are NOT porn stars, these are REGULAR GIRLS that have never done ANYTHING like this before!)
This is the first video when she came through the door and I had my real-life slave waiting at the door to PROPERLY greet her and another slave of mine is filming it! You can see the shock on her face. And of course, the FIRST thing a new Princess should do to get used to being SERVED is to make the worthless slave WORSHIP HER FEET! :) I wasn't there for the filming of this, but I loved watching the slave-edited footage later! Princess Selena relishes her newfound power over men and has already contacted Me about coming back over to abuse My slaves some more! LOL!

Several more videos to come of this new Princess... And she has really adorable feet too! So download and watch this clip, slaves!

I'm Gonna Make It Shine My Shoes!

Princess Selena is - in real life - a 22-year-old hispanic fitness contestant and friends with Princess Selma. When Selena shared with Selma that she could use some extra cash, Selma told her about how she came over here one time and got PAID just to smack around these "gringo slaves", abuse them and basically just treat them like sh*t - Selena couldn't believe it!
After making the piece of sh*t kiss her feet and WORSHIP Her, She realizes she wants to really "push its limits"- so remembering that she brought her work pumps with her, she decides to make it "shine them up" for her! While Selma is laughing and encouraging her in the background. You can see the repulsed - yet completely entertained - look on her face as she draaaags the sole of her shoe down the slave's tongue to wipe off the bottoms. Then she decides to wipe off the soles of her other shoes that she wore over to the house! (They are filthy and turn the slaves tongue black. LOL!) And she just drags it down the slave's tongue with her hand- like she is wiping it off on a rag!

You can see the look of POWER on her face as she does this. There is nothing better than watching a young girl realize how much FUN it can be to abuse men! Especially when they are young hispanic women. I find that they are the ones that appreciate it the most- because they are probably the most downtrodden women in our society. :( Well, now they get to see what its like to boss "men" around and treat THEM like servants! LOL!

Kayla's Used Furniture

Goddess Kayla is back! And she is using the slaves around the "Mean Girl Mansion" as Her personal furniture again! Especially her favorite pathetic wimpy facesitting-slave. She just LOVES making him STRUGGLE underneath her!! She puts him in several painful and strenuous positions...and couldn't care less about how difficult it is for him to hold her muscular, toned body up! She berates him every time he falls and she comes crashing down on him...She is trying to watch TV!
She eventually decides to give him ONE MORE TRY...but if he fails, he will be sold off like he is nothing more than USED FURNITURE to Her!!!


Locked Up Forever By Sierra


Hey slaves! This is MY favorite video I've ever shot so far! I didn't even know about these "chastity" things until recently when my aunt Kasey introduced me to these slave weirdoes. Who knew they made things that let you actually LOCK UP men's cocks and have COMPLETE control over them!?? I love it!
So in this clip I like play with it, smack it around and tease the slave. LOL! I even make it "jerk off" with its chastity on- and of course it CAN'T. HAHAHA!!! Then I talk right into the camera to all you LOSERS at home for most of the video. Telling you how I bet YOU losers wish it was YOU that was locked up by ME! HAHA! Fucking LOSERS!!!! How PATHETIC!! And then I give you all a nice long COUNTDOWN at the end while you watch me tease the slave's locked up cock...cuz it looks just like YOURS will after today...cuz this is the LAST TIME YOU MIGHT EVER CUM!!! :)

-Princess Sierra

Outside Seat

*(Custom Request)*

Beautiful Princess Sierra decides to take Her reading outside and sit poolside and enjoy the sunshine. But She wants to still feel the suffering of a slave's face underneath Her ass. (It helps Her relax and enjoy Her day.) So simple solution- make the slave take the stool outside and set its head on it to provide cushion.
When Princess Sierra comes outside, the slave is actually KISSING the barstool where Princess Sierra's ass has sat upon earlier! She is FURIOUS! This slave does NOT have permission to even kiss the seat that Her ass has touched!

She positions his head and sits HARD on the side of his head. She makes sure her jeans and buttons are digging into him. She could not care less though. It is going to be a looong afternoon for the slave...

Sore Feet of A Princess

Princess Lynna's feet are sore. She puts bandaids on her feet to protect them. (The bunion area and a couple of her toes) She then walks around for a bit to test them out in her bare feet. Then she puts on her knee-hi stockings and walks around for a bit. Then she tries on her shoes to see how they feel. She plays with her shoes, does some "dipping" and eventually walks out for her night in the town in her high heels!

*(Princess Lynna is VERY beautiful and has VERY pretty feet!)*

Slaves Are Just Things

*(This is part 2 of a custom request)*
"Princess Sierra turns Her slave into a complete object. Just a "thing" for Her to sit on! She is wearing tight jeans with big buttons on the back that are very painful for the slave. And She positions it in a very painful position, with its legs crossed indian-style and She just sits right atop its head and reads a magazine! Like it is NOTHING to Her! She even farts on his head once in awhile to show it how little it means to Her!!"

Facesitting Workout

Princess Sierra is wearing very tight jeans with buttons on the ass and very high heels while She is walking through the hall when she decides to put a slave through a workout- for her entertainment. She steps up onto the slaves chest in Her high heels like it is nothing and commands it to raise its hands up for Her to sit on. She then makes it do press-up after press-up with Her ass coming just inches away from the slaves's face. She even takes full credit for the slave's muscles and makes it THANK Her for developing them through these workouts! She also farts several times in the slave's face when Her ass is down near his face and laughs at him because she has absolutely NO respect for him!

Lets Play Beat The Cuck! (Part 2)

After I spent Part 1 of the clip beating the FUCK out of it with the CANE, I then spend the second part beating it even WORSE with the leather belt- in ADDITION to the cane! (And I beat it HARD to make sure My BF is REALLY turned on- and to show off a little..) ;) Then at the end to REALLY put on a show for My boyfriend I use the cane AND the belt AT THE SAME TIME and beat the cuck as hard as I possibly can with both hands!! Then after BEATING it, I command it to BOW ITS UGLY FACE BACK DOWN into My shoes and I get back into bed to FUCK My boyfriend again- now that We are BOTH so turned on by My slave's SUFFERING!!

And I REALLY beat him- BAD too. LOL. I do not have safe words for My slaves and I beat them however I WANT. I had some so-called "real Domme" tell me one time that I was doing something wrong or "dangerous" to My slave- and I had to tell her I dont give a FUCK. It's a SLAVE. This isn't make-believe. I OWN this motherfucker. It is My PROPERTY, and I will do whatever the FUCK I want to it!! I don't care how bad I "hurt" it. The only thing that keeps it alive is the fact that it needs to keep living so that it can continue to serve ME- that is all I care about!

-Goddess Randi

Lets Play Beat The Cuck!

After a loong night of FUCKING My BOYFRIEND, We wake up and I call for Our slave because We feel like having champagne served to Us in bed. I ring My service bell and the fucking slave's head pops up next to the bed! Apparently last night I commanded it to bow its ugly fucking face down into My pumps I had been wearing all night on Our date (that IT paid for! LOL!) and commanded it to inhale the scent of MY feet from inside My shoes while it had to listen to Us FUCKING in the bed right above it! LOL! I don't even remember it, cuz I was ***k but this loser obeys Me even when I'm ***k and don't know what I'm talking about ...LOL! Now THAT'S a good SLAVE! :) The fucking obedient freak spent ALL night literally BOWING DOWN TO US, with its face buried in My shoes while We fucked & slept in a warm, comfortable bed and completely forgot about it down there! HAHAHA!!!! So while We are sipping Our champagne, We decide We want to "go another round" in bed together...and as "foreplay" to get us turned on to fuck some more, My boyfriend says he wants to watch Me beat the FUCK out of My cuck-slave! LOL! He is actually finding out that this stuff turns Him on as much as it does ME! :) (I LOOOVE Him sooo much!!!)
So that is like NOOO problem! I explain to him that is what cucks and slaves are FOR! So I send My slave off to go fetch some of the stuff I like to beat it with. And it comes CRAWLING back to Our bed with a thick leather belt and a cane in its TEETH for Me to use on it. Me n My BF both just LAUGH. It's SO funny to Us that this loser will like actually willingly sacrifice its LIFE for OUR entertainment and suffer ANY amount of pain and humiliation just to turn US on so We can fuck some more... IT gets pain - WE get pleasure...PERFECT!

I spend this "Part 1" of the clip beating the FUCK out of it with the CANE....

-Goddess Randi

Cuck-Meal (Part 2)

This is the second part of Me n My BF humiliating Our slave. I continue to feed him Our leftovers (from the expensive meal that HE paid for! LOL!) off the fucking ASHPHALT PAVEMENT! :)
And just when you think it can't get ANY more humiliating for the cuck...I decide to add something to make it EXTRA humiliating for him!   My BF couldn't believe I could make this loser do this for Our entertainment...LOL. -Goddess Randi


Cuck-Meal (Part 1)

You've heard of "Fourth-Meal" from ? Well, this is "CUCK-Meal" LOL! And it is MUCH more expensive than ! LOL! Cuck-Meal is when you have a LOSER cuck-slave You and Your boyfriend on a date as your fucking chauffeur to an EXPENSIVE restaurant, make it wait out in the car while You and Your BF run up a REALLY high tab (who cares? the fucking SLAVE is paying for it!) and then make the loser come in and pay your bill for both of You while You laugh at it and make out with Your BF in the booth. LOL. Oh, AAAND I made it kneel before Me at the end of the night and PAY ME for allowing it the "HONOR" of being OUR "bitch"! (I charge it $20/hr just to wait out in the car for Us. My BF thinks its hilarious...LOL.) THEN comes the BEST make the loser eat the leftovers- OFF THE PAVEMENT OUT ON THE PARKING LOT! HAHAHA!!
This is a TOTALLY TRUE story, btw! My slave was BEGGING to spend more time around Me even though I have a boyfriend. So I told it that it can be a driver for Me n My boyfriend and take us for an early Valentine's Day dinner date- IF it PAYS for Our romantic date! And of course, the fucking pathetic loser AGREED. So I made it take Us to the most EXPENSIVE place I could find and made it come in and pay Our bill when We were done. Me n My BF documented some of it on Our iPhones. And the funny part was, We really barely ate anything! We just nibbled on a few things and then ordered MORE different stuff- just to try it. I mean, who gives a fuck since the slave is paying for it? LOL. But that gave us an idea- We should feed the SCRAPS to the slave afterward and FILM it for Our clip store so We can make even MORE $$$ off this loser! We even joked about how it was probably starving out in the car anyway because I had left it in its cage most of the afternoon after abusing it all morning. (Sometimes I have so much fun using and abusing My slave that I totally forget that it needs food sometimes...LOL)

So I texted one of My filming slaves and instructed it to meet Us in the parking lot with the camera. THAT'S when it gets REALLY good! I make My slave get on its knees and basically DUMP Our leftovers on the ASPHALT parking lot and STOMP all over it in My super-expensive heels (that the fucking freak bought Me!) LOL! Then I SPIT LOOGIES into it and command the freak to EAT IT- while Me n my boyfriend watch & laugh Our asses off! It was like "dinner & a show" for really mean slave-owning Couple! LOL! -Goddess Randi

Paris Orders Roomservice - PART 2

Princess Paris (blonde) and Ms. Brandi (brunette) are two new sorority "mean girls" that staying in a hotel and decide to take advantage of their hotel's motto "The guest is always right".   Eventually they decide that they want their FEET LICKED right out of their shoes- just to HUMILIATE him! Ms. Brandi even puts a leash that she uses for her little dogg on him to humiliate him further for their entertainment.  Then they decide that IF he does a good enough job they won't tell his female manager, but they WILL make him their PERMANENT bitch for them and ALL the girls at their snobby sorority!!! They even finish with a few solid ballbusts - 3 kicks each - to REALLY put him to the test to see if he would rather be their sorority's BITCH or have them call his manager!

***(GREAT verbal humiliation!! They totally destroy this loser's ego. And the full clip is priced at a discount compared to parts 1 & 2 separately.)***

Princess Paris Orders Roomservice - PART 1

Princess Paris (blonde) and Ms. Brandi (brunette) are two new sorority "mean girls" that staying in a hotel and decide to take advantage of their hotel's motto "The guest is always right". They call up the front desk and demand that they want someone from the staff to come to their room and be their personal bartender.
When the staffperson sent to serve them as their bartender accidentally makes their drinks wrong, they decide to humiliate the FUCK out of him- and he HAS to do whatever they say to make them HAPPY because they are GUESTS and therefore they are ALWAYS right! They even threaten to call the manager if he doesn't do WHATEVER they say!

They TOTALLY degrade him- they make him lick the DIRT off the soles of their shoes AND shine their shoes with his tongue- while they mock him because they are going to wear these shoes on dates with two hot guys later that evening. 

***(GREAT verbal humiliation!! They totally destroy this loser's ego. And the full clip is priced at a discount compared to parts 1 & 2 separately.)***

Our Pet Cuck

For Our entertainment, I make My fucking slave go put on a DOGG mask and when I ring My "service" bell, it comes crawling in on all fours like a REAL DOGG and Me n My BF laugh our ASSES off! LOL! I make it BARK for Us! HAHAHA!!!
And I explain to My boyfriend how I can make it literally act like a REAL dogg for DAYS if I want to. With a simple command and a snap of My fingers. (It is THAT obedient to me.) Then we talk for awhile about how it can be used as a real "pet" and how much better owning a HUMAN pet would be then owning a real one. Like, it would totally understand ALL of Our commands because it speaks english. We can beat it as much as We want if its bad or does something wrong and it wouldn't be like We were "being cruel to animalls". We wouldn't have to feel bad if We left to go on a trip for a few days and accidentally left it locked up and starving in a cage while We were gone having fun because it's just a SLAVE. I even explain to My BF that I made this idiot sign over its will to ME so if We extended our trip a few weeks (why not? LOL!) and came back to find the slave deadd in its cage- We could actually celebrate! LOL! Cuz we'd be getting a bunch of $$$! :) (I even talk about how we could take it on walks in the park and would even have to clean up after it because I could make it eat its own ! lol!)

-Goddess Randi

Valetines day For CUCKS

Valentines Day...gawd, that must be SUCH a lonely depressing holiday for SLAVES. LOL. Not to mention CUCKED slaves! One of Mine (My cuck-slaves) comes crawling in to pathetically BEG right in front of My boyfriend one last time for Me to show him ANY love or affection whatsoever on Valentines Day...(this is after I informed it that it would be taking Me n My BF out to dinner later and PAYING for Our date- LOL!)
What do I do? I LAUGH RIGHT IN ITS FUCKING FACE!!! LOL!!! Of course, I tease it a little before that just to play with its emotions, but...I do end up laughing in its face.

Then to humiliate the loser even MORE, I drop it's pathetic heart-shaped chocolate (which was all it could afford since it was saving every penny to pay for Our date! LOL!) on the floor and STEP on it...grinding it into the floor while Me n My boyfriend laugh at it. I thought this was SO appropriate- stepping on the slave's "heart" and crushing it

Then I make him LICK IT OFF THE SOLES OF MY SHOES while Me n My BF make out! :) SOOO hot for Me to HUMILIATE My slave while locking lips with My Lover at the same time! :) The best of both worlds! (It is SO good to be a GODDESS!) :)

Then We decide to lock him up in his cage like the dogg he is until We are ready to use him as a driver (and a wallet!) for Our date later on that evening... :)

-Goddess Randi

PROVE How Little It Means to You

So now My boyfriend actually wants MORE proof of how little My slaves mean to Me! (Or maybe he is just getting off on seeing how mean I am to them? IDK but OMG if that's it, I love him so much... :) Or maybe it's because this particular one is kinda big and he wants to make sure it is COMPLETELY submissive to I decide to REALLY prove how little it means to Me!
I drag it over next to the couch and command it to lay down- so I can fucking STAND ON ITS FACE while I make out with my boyfriend! (Seriously, is there ANYTHING that is more DEGRADING than THAT???) I think this will prove to My BF that I love HIM and these slaves mean NOTHING to Me!!! ESPECIALLY when I dont even bother to take off My needle-thin stilettos when I step up onto its FACE! LOL!

We just makeout for awhile and I actually forgot after awhile that I was standing on some loser's head! It was just so nice because I was the perfect hight for kissing My BF... Eventually I even take off the slave's dogg mask so My heels are digging in directly into the side of its face and then I make it take off My shoes with its TEETH while I am STILL STANDING ON ITS HEAD! LOL! Then I spend the rest of My time standing directly on its FACE while making out with My BF. and to add to the slave's TORRTURE I make sure I am standing with one foot on its forehead and one foot on its mouth so it can look up from inbetween My gorgeous stockinged feet and WATCH while I kiss My boyfriend!!!!! HAHAHA!!! -Goddess Randi

You Mean NOTHING, Cuck!

The first few minutes of this clip are Me n My BF are having a discussion about My slaves now that We are home and relaxing and you losers get to listen to Us laugh about using slaves and how pathetic they are. (Especially the ones that serve me in real life! LOL!)
Then My BF asks Me if this is totally real and if these slaves seriously mean "nothing" to Me- so I decide to call over the slave We left by the front door and SHOW My BF how LITTLE these THINGS mean to Me...

I start by literally grabbing the loser by the hair and staring directly into its eyes and telling it flat-out that it means absolutely NOTHING to Me! I mock it and laugh right in its face in front of My BF. (He can't believe that it will continue to "serve" Me like a slave after I flat-out TELL it that it literally means NOTHING to Me.) LOL! Then I make this freak literally LICK the dirt off the bottom of My shoes- WHILE I MAKE OUT WITH MY BF! LOL!!! There is NOTHING this loser won't do for Me & My feet. :)

I spit in its face, slap it across its face as hard as I can, KICK it in the face, and even STOMP on its face in My stilettos! LOL! (That's right- I don't even bother to take My STILETTOS off before stomping down on its face! My BF can't believe

And guess what? This fucking loser TAKES it ALL- and will continue to serve Me...FOREVER! NO MATTER WHAT I do to it! LOL! I have to admit, it IS kind of nice to have slaves in your life that you can literally walk all over, treat however you want, and say anything to (no matter how mean & truthful it is lol) - and they still WORSHIP YOU as a GOD no matter what, without question. ***(Btw, this is some of the meanest verbal and emotional abuse you can imagine - and it is ALL totally REAL. So you NEED to see this clip if you're into that sort of thing!)***

"I can't fucking stand your ugly face. The only thing you are good for is SERVING Us!"

Welcome Back Cuck

So I told My boyfriend about Me owning real-life slaves n stuff, and he thought it sounded pretty cool, but he couldn't really believe it until he saw it for himself. I also basically gave My slave an ultimatum ahead of time that it would be serving Me AND My new BF from now on- or ELSE! (or else I would get rid of it and it would never even SEE MY perfect feet again! LOL!)

So I decided to set this up for the "big moment" of introducing them to each other at My Mom's house. She was gone, but I had My main slave kneeling by the door (a simple text from me on the way there accomplished and another one filming when We walked through the door.

My BF was like SO shocked when he saw this loser literally KNEELING inside the door "awaiting Our arrival" and literally BOWING DOWN to Us like the Royalty that We are when We walked through the door! :)

So I like literally plant My foot on its back (the slave) and use it as a footrest while I explain how REAL this sh*t is to My BF. I explain how this loser I'm resting My foot on will literally do ANYTHING just for My fucking FEET! LOL!

But then My BF decides that he's not real sure he wants this "thing" even touching My feet (Uh oh...wasn't really planning on that being an issue!) So I decide to simply throw it in My slave's face and count on him being SO pathetic that he will serve Me AND My BF- just for the PRIVILEGE of serving Us! You should see the look on this loser's face when the harsh reality hits him- that he will NOT be worshipping My feet anymore just because My BF doesn't want him to. He looks like he wants to totally killl himself! LOL! (It's funny, seeing a slave's ego and self-respect being completely crushed right before My eyes is even more satisfying as seeing it scream in physical pain...)

But I decided to have SOME mercy...Me n My BF discuss it right in front of the slave - like it isn't even there - and decide that it would still be allowed to smell, kiss, and lick the INSIDES of My shoes right after I take them off- and THAT will be as close as it gets to My feet from now on! Kissing the still-warm insides of MY shoes...the leather part that had JUST been TOUCHING MY perfect feet! You should see how the pathetic fucking loser like practically REJOICES at this decision from its new OWNERS! Me n My BF totally laugh our asses off at this, and for some more laughs at this loser's expense (and to show My BF how pathetic it REALLY is, I pop My pumps off that I've been wearing all day and toss them on the floor to the slave. It pounces on My shoes like a dogg getting bone! LOL! So Me n My BF walk off and let that loser lap at the inside of My shoes like the freak that it

***You NEED to buy this clip to see Me n My BF totally destroy this slave's world by telling it that it is going to be serving US as a COUPLE from now on! The slave is sooo totally not "bi" or anything and TOTALLY hates this idea of being Our "cuck"! But it will seriously dye if I take My feet away from it, so...too fucking bad! It now serves US as a COUPLE! LOL!!!***


Dallas Cheerleader's Foot-Bitch

*(btw, since the last "cheerleading" video, the WHOLE SQUAD is now using the cheer-coach's personal assistants NUTS to practice their kicks and get them higher.)*
In this clip the loser has the NERVE to approach the HOTTEST cheerleader on the squad after the game and ask her for a "kiss". She is APPALLED! She doesn't even recognize him at first- even though she (and all the girls on the squad now) kick him in the balls over & over as "practice" before each game! He obviously means NOTHING to her. She even explains to him that she is the HOTTEST cheerleader on the HOTTEST cheerleading squad EVER- and he is a NOBODY. She shouldn't even be TALKING to him! Let alone KISS him!

But then she has an idea- if he PAYS her, she will let him kiss her...on the FOOT. She laughs at him when he actually DOES it! He PAYS her every dollar he has in his pocket just to kiss her sweaty FEET after they have been in her cowboy boots ALL DAY while she cheered the team on to victory. PATHETIC, but appropriate, in her opinion.

She goes on to arrogantly DEMAND a footmassage AND a tongue-bath for her feet while she relaxes and eventually even takes a short nap! When she wakes up she literally KICKS the losers FACE away from her and haughtily comments off-handedly that he will be doing this for her EVERY Sunday after the game (AND paying for it!) and she may even decide to lend him out to the other girls on the squad! It is obvious that she KNOWS how hot she is, and that losers are meant to be USED by girls like her!