Eenie Meanie Miney Moe

Since Princess Ambers real life, real sister Goddess Maci finally turned 18 we can finally have her join us as a Mean Girl at the Mean Girl Manor.

Princess Amber and I were so excited to have Goddess Maci come to the Mean Girl Manor for the very first time. We had been waiting so long for Goddess Maci to turn 18 so we could finally introduce her to the life she was born to live... The life as a Mean Girl. 

Day one we were able to show her how submissive all our loser slaves are. Show her how we can literally do anything to these pathetic losers that will do anything, or take anything just for the chance to be around us. It was so awesome being able to teach Goddess Maci our ways... teach her all the fun ways we use and abuse our slaves. 

Here at the Mean Girl Manor, one of our very favorite ways to have fun with our slave is Ballbusting. I needed to make sure Goddess Maci fell in love with ballbusting as much as we have. I decided we should put our slaves in different positions and have Princess Amber teach her little sister how to kick the slave's balls REALLY HARD!

We even made it more exciting by playing games where the slaves didn't know which one would get kicked or who would kick them. Lol! I love seeing the pure look of fear in our slaves faceswhen they have no clue what's going to happen next. 

Since I was having Princess Amber teaching Goddess Maci how to ball bust the losers I was there holding slaves leashes and helping by giving tips. I got in a really brutal kick on the fat slave when he wasn't looking, hahah! I couldn't resist. 

My geezer slave messed up big time! He moved when Princess Amber was going in for a kick. Princess Amber and I both decided it was time to remind him who owns him. I lined the wrinkly sack of skin up facing away from me while Princess Amber held his leash tight, and couldn't help but laugh and point out how truly terrified he was knowing I was going to be the next kick...

Watch this clip and see if the geezer learned his lesson from me, his owner kicking his saggy balls. I know Goddess Maci had a blast learning how to kick slaves in the balls as hard as she can.Goddess Maci definitely learned to not hold back by the end of this clip. She will be a pro by the time Princess Amber and I are done teaching her. Hahaha!!

Goddess Platinum

Geezer Gets Ball Bashed

Since I am a GODDESS I expect ALL MY SLAVES to completely obey my every order.

When a slave is dumb enough to disobey me he will have to deal with whatever CONSEQUENCES I SEE FIT.

Wellllll This ridiculously stupid, old disobedient, geezer slave got to FEEL MY WRATH!!!

I have owned this old piece of bum rope for long enough to know that his wrinkly, ancient ass absolutely hates to have his balls kicked... or any other form of CBT

BAHAHAhaha it is always a really bad idea to let your GODDESS know what you fear and hate the most, specially if you tend to be disobedient. 

This dumb, old, dinosaur fart decided to disobey my direct orders. I told this slave not to touch his pathetic little dick until I told him he was allowed to. Wellll he decided to, "touch it a little" and "cum a little." Whatever the fuck that means.Then this stupid, rusty, old dick had the BALLS to tell me he ignored my orders and did exactly what I told him not to do... Even worse, his ignorant ass then said, "YOU SHOULD HAVE LOCKED ME UP!"

WTF?!?!?!? He should know better than to disobey me. YOU NEVER DISOBEY A GODDESSspecially if she owns you!!!

Sooooo As his punishment, I had to make sure his balls would hurt soooo bad that he wouldn't even think about touching himself for a long time. LOL!!!!

Enjoy this clip at MY SLAVE'S expense. I know I thoroughly enjoyed making it. Hehehehe 

Don't never, ever, EVER DISOBEY ME!


Goddess Platinum

In Hot Water Again

I swear this fatuseless slave is soooooo stupid. He can never do anything right. 

Sometimes I wonder why I even keep this loser as my slave... But then I remember how much I love beating him and kicking him in his giant balls all the time. You know when I first decided to claim this slave, his balls weren't this big. I think they stay a little more perma swollen every time I SMASH THEM WITH MY FEET REPEATEDLY! LOL!!!! 

I bet you're wondering what this fuck-up did this time... It's more like what didn't he do. Ugh!!! This lazy ass knew I had a hot date with this super sexy, insanely ripped REAL MANwho also happens to have A HUGE COCK. He knew I wanted to spend all day getting ready to make sure I look perfect, LIKE ALWAYS... and he knew the hot water heater needed to be fixed last night. But do you think his pea sized brain could figure it out? NOPE! This walrus looking mofo probably didn't even try to fix it, he was probably too busy stuffing his fat ugly face with food like always.

Once again I have to teach him a lesson. I need to make sure he FEELS how upset and disappointed I am AGAIN. I figured maybe if I kick him in the balls hard enough, just maybe his brain will start to work. Lol!!! I'm sure he's too brain dedd for it to work but at least I can take all my anger out by busting his balls and I will be in amazing mood by the time my hot date picks me up.

Watch this clip to see if I actually kick some sense into him or break his balls right off by cunt punting him so hard. Hahaha

Brutally Ballbusting An Old Man

This was a real fan that wrote in wanted to "get beaten literally to tears" by Princess Carmela.

Be careful what you wish for!!

In this part, I take the $100 bills that the old loser brought with him for Carmela, and shove them in his mouth one at a time.  He has to hold them in his teeth while Carmela gets  her booted-foot up into his balls as hard as she can over & over! 

If the $100 drops from his teeth, it belongs to Carmela!

And Carmela loooves her $$$, so...she makes sure she rattles the teeth of "old man loser" with each thunderous kick between his legs! 

(This is a GREAT clip that every ballbusting fan will want to see!!) I even get a few kicks in of my could I resist?  LOL

Ballbusting Bosses

This loser has been working for 2 high-powered female attorneys for awhile now.  But they want him GONE.  But nothing seems to make him quit!

They decide to "take it to the next level"!

They will literally kick him in the balls until he FINALLY quits and signs his own resignation letter!

Then they will be able to hire a better looking legal assistant...

A Pirate Gets Busted

This slave actually admitted to us via email that it was not a member of Our site, but that he had watched Our clips for FREE on PIRACY sites!!  Well, since he was local to us, we warmly welcomed him over to the Mean Girls Punishment Compound...for a free session to "thank" him for being such a "big fan" of Ours...  (wink wink)

Little did he know that we were going to restrain him, spread his legs nice n WIDE open for Us- and then take turns running up and kicking his balls up into his throat!!  The whole time, we are reminding him that he NEEDS to pay the "price" for watching Our clips for free on any site other than OURS!

By the end of the clip, the slave is a mess.  (Princess Carmela especially hurts with her ankle boots covered in SPIKES!) 

This should remind him that if he had spent HIS OWN MONEY to watch Our clips, maybe he wouldn't find himself in this position?

By the end, he is begging Us to show him mercy and promises "never to watch a pirated clip of Ours again!"  HAHAHA

Push-up Ballbusting

Princess Skylar and I love the sound of our feet smacking into a slave's balls, and we both know that the sight of our perfect feet motivate our slaves to take more & more pain for matter how much their balls ache from our kicks.  But sometimes it hurts our feet!  Not to mention the pointed toe of a good "kicking boot" can cause even MORE pain to a slave's balls!

So we think we have found the perfect solution- these clear, see-thru boots!  They protect our perfect feet, AND have a nice pointed toe on them!  Yet the poor slave kneeling before us can still see our gorgeous feet sweating inside of them right before his eyes whenever we need to "motivate" it to take more kicks for us.  It's the perfect "win-win"!  (For Us, anyway...slaves ALWAYS lose around here...haha.)

We also decide to make this slave work out for us to get in better shape while we destroy its nuts by making it do pushups for us at our feet- with its LEGS SPREAD WIDE OPEN for us, of course!  We make him go "up, down, up, down..." until finally...WHAM!  A nice, hard kick directly into its nutsac!

By the way, I REALLY nail this loser's balls with several devastating kicks!!  These are probably some of my hardest kicks I've ever delivered to a slave's balls.  So watch the clip and let me know what you think.  Oh, and if you want to come here and let me put you through a "ballbusting workout" I will be more than happy to do that!  LOL


American Ballbusting

This is simply one of the best ballbusting clips we have ever shot.  All 3 of us (Me, Princess Skylar, and Princess Amber) are dressed in our hottest "Red, White, and Blue" outfits to torment our slave's balls.  We are wearing k1lller thigh-high boots to protect our feet so we can SLAM our feet into this loser's balls AS HARD AS POSSIBLE.  

We each take turns kicking our slave in the balls as hard as we can in multiple positions.

By the end the poor slave's balls are BROKEN and SWOLLEN.  

 And we include a bunch of really cool "super slo-mo" kicks too, for your viewing pleasure!   

We can tell he is scared for his life (especially when we put him in certain very vulnerable positions haha) but we don't care!  We can do whatever we want to Our slaves.  And we feel like kicking this loser's balls up into its stomach.

Watch this clip and send me an email to tell me who you think the hardest ballbuster is!  lol  


Suspended Disbelief

Well, I have a new victim to abuse. 

This is a fairly new ballbusting slave that we have just inherited.  I have already kicked him pretty good in a previous clip.  ("Testing A New Ballbusting Slave")  But now I want to take him to the next level and REALLY destroy his testicles.  So I have him strung up from the ceiling out in the garage - completely helpless - with his legs pulled apart nice and wide with chains so I have direct, unobstructed access to vulnerable testicles!

Then I begin my relentless onslaught on his balls.

Kick after kick I slam my booted foot into his balls.  Not sure why it is so much FUN to be so mean to boys...but it is!  :)

The slave apparently can't believe that someone as pretty as ME can be THIS cruel to him.  (Haha I love that.) 

Eventually it begins to complain and beg for my mercy.  So what do I do?  I switch into a new pair of boots that are even more brutal!  This loser will learn what happens when slaves complain around here! 

Eventually the slave starts quickly learning its place around here.


-Princess Amber

Testing A New Ballbusting Slave Out

This is just Me testing out a new ballbusting slave that begged to be used by Us in Our videos.  he takes some pretty good kicks...and just keeps taking more if I command him to.  Like a good slave should!

-Princess Amber