Popular Girls Punish Punter

Draya and I were on the couch the other day talking about Cheer practice and this past weekend's game, when Amber came in with a loser who needed to be taught a lesson.  First off, this loser goes to OUR SCHOOL, but during the game this past Saturday, both Amber and Draya saw it cheering for the other team and TALKING TO THE OTHER CHEERLEADERS!  Oh hell no, that stuff is not ever going to fly with the Mean Girls...  So We let this thing know that there are conequences for its actions, like getting restrained and put on your knees on cinder blocks so We could all make it known how little We care for things that don't show Us the utmost loyalty.  

So bitch boy, up you go...  and now We GET TO HAVE SOME FUN PUNTING BOY PARTS whether this bitch likes it or not.  Between Myself, Draya, and Amber, We utterly annihilate this things cock and balls and watch them swell up like a cantaloupe...  HAHAHAHAHahaha....  Well bitch boy, don't think you can ever get away with playing around behind Our backs, or talking to other Girls when We own and control you...  

Check out the clip and watch Three Mean Girls take out their frustrations on one little loser's baby balls... 


Goddess Platinum

Halloween Heart (and Ball) Breakers

Draya's loser male roommate is totally obsessed with her hot friend Lexi Chase. Draya and Lexi are all dressed up like "Queens" to go to a Halloween party and want to get going before Draya's loser roommate comes home and starts drooling all over Lexi.

Oops... too late.. he comes running into the room and practically THROWS himself at Lexi's feet!

Soon he is BEGGING to go to the Halloween party with them. Obviously, Lexi and Draya don't want to have this loser anywhere near them, especially in public! But then Draya reminds Lexi that they are supposed to provide some "entertainment" at the party, so maybe they can use this loser for that??? And since he will do "anything" to be around Miss Lexi Chase... they come up with a GREAT IDEA!

The loser is told that he can go to the party with them, but ONLY if he goes as their SERVANT and does WHATEVER THEY SAY. Since they are both dressed as Royalty, and Royalty would always have a servant or more, this makes perfect sense for Their costumes and has the loser thrilled out of its mind. 

But just like everything with the Mean Girls, there is always another catch:

Lexi and Draya are going to let ANYONE in the party kick their "servant" in the balls as hard as they want over & over! THAT will be the "entertainment" that they will provide for everyone at the party!! They might even CHARGE people for each kick and make MONEY off this loser!!  They are sure this twist will insure that the loser backs out, but surprisingly it still agrees to go and be their puppet.  

Unbelievable... well, they decide that they will need to "test" it out for themselves first, and make sure it  can take all their kicks with their pointed-toe pumps first... and one of the best ways to do that is with Draya's roommate who is a blonde bombshell who played soccer all through High School and college.  She kicks harder than anyone they know and they invite Her in to have a few whacks on this loser's nuts.  Suffice to say, it had never felt anything quite like the kicks She delivered.  

See what happens when you get the clip, and find out if this meathead, Lexi Chase obsessed loser finally gets to go out with its Dream Girls, or if it was left laying face down on the floor with its manhood crushed beneath Mean Girl feet... 

Present Your Balls

You would think the slaves here at the Manor would learn the routine and process here after a certain number of days. But this ginger one is just incredibly slow and not the sharpest tack in the box, so to say it needs some special attention would be the understatement of a lifetime...

So Princess Mia and I have a perfect plan to help it learn the way things work around here, We'll destroy it balls.  Because ball destruction and smashing Our perfect feet and heels into its worthless pathetic sack is exactly how We get these things to learn the rules.  

Watch as Mia and I move this thing into countless new positions to have it "present it's balls" to it's Superiors and how We promptly kick them fully up into this loser's throat each and every time.  

HAHAHAHAHA, you wish it was you loser.  Get the clip and see how bad you'd be doing too in just 10 minutes of Us ballbusting you to broken....

Goddess Platinum

Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun

So many of you loser's write in asking to be of use and wanting to visit Us at the Manor, but you need to realize, that sometimes, Our slaves aren't even in the Manor, they're kept in various slave quarters here or at the punishment compound in the desert.  These two things had been kept out in the compounds overheated storage building and when Goddess Platinum and I walked in it was so hot We made the loser's apologize for causing Us to sweat while We destroyed their little packages.  

It's hilarious through the clip that these two slaves are so broken and resigned to their roles as Our property, they no longer even fight back or offer any resistance.  Watch as GP and I demand they stand and present their balls for Us to kick into their throats and crawl over to thank Us after We do so.  

You things are all so pathetic, but at least these loser's got the chance to actually have their worlds destroyed by their Betters... you should be so lucky loser.. 

Prince$$ Mia ;)

Ballbusting for Twitter Tributes

So I am sitting on the Throne at Mean Girl Manor and decide to do a live feed for all my fans on Twitter. I have a slave kneeling at my feet, per the usual around Mean Girl Manor.

Then I have a GREAT idea! I will use the slave's BALLS to kick as MUCH AS I WANT for my fans! AND I will make $$$ from it!! I decide for every $5 tribute I get, I will kick my slave in the balls! Isn't that a GREAT idea?? What a great way to use a slave to make $$$!!!

Watch the clip to see how it goes! (These are some REALLY hard kicks btw! Imagine how hard I would kick it for a $100 tribute! LOL!) I made pretty good money though! Not to mention the $$$ I will make from this clip starts selling like crazy! LOL

Let me know if you want me to do more live-feed stuff like this, losers. Or I can even tell other Mean Girls to do it using Our house slaves. We are thinking about doing more live streaming us to abuse these freaks live! Haha

<3 Princess Amber <3

Goddess Platinum Breaks Balls With Her Bare Feet

I swear, all of you weird little slaves and submissive boys never cease to amaze Me with how pathetic and worthless you are.  Goddess Platinum and I filmed this clip a few weeks after I moved into the Manor with one of the little in-house bitches that We keep in the corner of the downstairs living room… basically, We had both finished up Our day, and planned to head out for a drink or two, and this little helpless thing was just kneeling there in the corner as We talked about some of the things We haven’t yet done to slaves since I moved in….  And one of those things was barefoot ball busting…

As obvious as it is to anyone who watches Our videos that We regularly ball bust Our play things and losers, We generally do so in heels, boots, or some spiked pumps that will utterly destroy a loser’s balls.  But as fun as that is, there’s something completely different about the sound, the feel, and the thrill of laying into a loser’s worthless little sack with just the top of Your foot that makes the whole experience something totally different.   Instead of the colossal thud of a boot hitting it’s balls, the sound is more a fierce slap of skin on skin followed by a loser howling in pain and almost singing in falsetto….   HAHAHAHAHAHA……. It was so fucking hilarious to watch this pathetic thing cry out and squirm on the floor trying to get away from the next kick from from GP as I held it’s leash or kept it in place with My foot on it’s back…..   

And unlike with boots or heels, it’s easy to justify another kick, or another, or another when We are in bare feet…. Because unlike the spiked pumps which always result in bloooooody boy balls, bare feet simply redden them up like an apple, but since they aren’t bleeeedding, of course We’ll take another whack at them…. And that’s exactly how this clip goes….  I hold the loser and WHAM She kicks… I move it to another vulnerable position, and again SMASH, it’s balls get destroyed…. Bwahahahaha…. How fucking pathetic…. I pull it this way or that, and then Platinum’s foot smashes into it’s helpless little almonds…  over and over again as the little bitch cries out and flops on the floor like an anniimal dyyiing of seizure… but I mean c’mon, what else would you expect from Mean Girl’s???

And that is the entire point, these little bitch boys beg to be in Our presence and obviously We don’t care at all what happens to them….  So they are playthings for Our amusement and when We get bored of them they’re dismissed (if we aren’t dumping them somewhere in the desert)… 

And that’s exactly what happened to this sad worthless little thing… We lightened up the mood, and got Our laughs at how stupid you losers are by just destroying this thing countless times before We headed out for the night….  it’s needless man-cherries got drilled into it’s throat over and again as it begged Us to stop….  Of course We didn’t, but really, slaves don’t get to decide when the pain is done, We do…. And usually it isn’t anytime around when they’d like….  

So get the clip and see what slave nuts look like after they’ve been bashed in endlessly by the Queen of Mean Girl Ball Busting… you’ll get to see Me drag and push it around into each uncomfortable position for the “penalty kicks” She crushed into his sad sack…. and those kicks are all the more brutal because they completely resemble the unloading She would do on a soccer ball back when She spent Her years in school crushing a fully different kind of balls….  LOL…. 

By the end, this thing’s sad and ruined “slave fruit” is nothing more than a mashed up mess of swollen red shame… part of the price of admission if you want to serve the Mean Girls and live (and diiieee) at Our feet….  Either way, the world definitely will thank Us as this is one more little bitch that won’t be reproducing after the number We did on it’s nuts…. 

Later losers,

$$$ Goddess Draya $$$

Tag Team Deez Nutz

One of the most exciting things that happens at the Mean Girl Manor is when several of Us are at the house on the day a new slave shows up in the hopes of earning an opportunity to serve Us regularly.  These pathetic beta males all typically promise the same thing, “Anything You Want Princess…”  or “Whatever You Say Goddess…” and the vast majority fail miserably…. 

In this video, Goddess Platinum, Goddess Draya, and Myself we’re all spending an afternoon at the Manor when a brand new little slave boy appeared at the door begging to be given the opportunity to be of use to Us.  And while none of Us expected it to last very long… (I mean, just look at how malnourished and scrawny the thing looks)  every now and then, a new potential slave manages to do better than expected and makes things even more fun for Us….. 

So after allowing this pathetic thing in to the Manor, We stripped it down, slapped a collar and leash on it, and anchored it to the large pillar that separates the formal living room and the entryway with a ratcheting tie down…. This pathetic little thing remained naked on it’s hands and knees as We decided what We wanted to do with it. Aunt Platinum immediately suggested ball busting the thing as She loves the fear it strikes in losers when She crushes their balls with some of the most vicious kicks of any Mean Girl past or present…. When Draya suggested making it into a competition to determine who could break “Deez Nuts” the fastest and with the most power, the game was on and this poor pathetic little bitch had it’s fate sealed by Our excitement at getting to destroy this disposable thing just to see which of Us could hurt it the most….. HAHAHAHAHAHA…..

And yet all you stupid losers beg and beg and beg for Us to continue treating you like the waste of flesh you are….   it is really hard for Me to imagine how anyone could be so stupid and so pathetic as to think that it’s a good idea to come and visit Us at the Manor after they see all the videos where We utterly destroy any minimal amount of masculinity that these losers might have from the minute they walk in the door until the time We kick them out broken in both body and wallet…. 

But back to the clip and what happened to this clueless sack of humanity… as it was still on all fours, We told it that We would all be taking turns kicking and crushing its worthless baby beta balls for as long as We’d like… and to add to the competitive nature of the game, the loser would need to rate each and every kick on a ten scale as each of Us took Our turn…. Draya and I would try and beat Platinum’s score to see whether We had become as “deeeaadly” as everyone knows My Aunt is….  

Draya started the process delivering a swift kick to the things groin… as it curled over in pain it gave the first score, and I had My first shot on the loser…. The third kick was from My Auntie and after the first round We discussed upping the ante and adding a challenge for who could get the first “Perfect Ten…” 

Draya took Her second kick, as did I, and then Aunt Platinum.  We continued through multiple rounds while this pathetic creature kept getting it’s little package crushed only to hear Us laughing at it as it flopped on the ground like a fish out of water.  It cried out repeatedly and sounded at times like it was going to diiee, but the numbers for each round of kicks kept continually edging upwards until We had Our first TEN!!!  And guess who blasted this slaves balls so far into it’s throat that it awarded Her a Perfect Ten….???  Give up loser?  Well, then buy the clip and see….  And better yet, check out how many more times We kicked it even after reaching a perfect score…. But We can bitch boy, because We’re perfect, We’re Mean Girls, and We don’t give the slightest fuck about stupid losers and their pathetic useless balls.  As a matter of fact, We much prefer to destroy all losers balls to the point where none of you idiots could ever reproduce again….  

So as this thing lies crying on the floor, missing it’s manhood that We just kicked completely out of it, We stood it up yet again top take more abuse.   Kick, kick, kick, and the last rating it gave wasn’t even a TEN…. The thing just wailed and whined when We asked the score….   “Hard….. oh so hard…… it was so hard…. Oh my Goddess…. Princess…. Oh so hard…… “  and it kept whining and mumbling and making nonsense noises that probably might have sounded like words if the thing had any nuts left.  Too bad it didn’t, but that’s the price of serving the Mean Girls loser…. No one calls Us the Nice Girls, and this clip is a perfect example of why….  

So get one of the most brutal ball busting clips I can recall in My time as a Mean Girl…. Between My Aunt’s ferocious kicks, Draya’s love of smashing the hard pointed toe of Her heels into it’s nuts, and My willingness to make this thing beg Me to hurt it, this clip is one all Our ball busting fans should get.  It’s hotter than the summer swelter in Vegas this month and that is quite literally nearly as hot as it fucking gets….  

So click buy now like a good little bitch piggy and see what We’d do to you if you ever had enough guts to visit the Manor and take what Our loser slaves take….

Princess Amber 

Balls Are Healed So Time To Break Them Again

My Aunt Platinum and I were hanging out and she was talking about her old piece of crud geezer slave and how insanely dumb it is and how it loves to piss her of... Ya know, same old same old... But when she informed me that this slaves balls were finally healed up and it was definitely time to destroy them again, my ears perked right up! LOL!

Time to destroy this unappreciative piece of old trash's balls!

We took turns kicking it in the balls and stepping on its balls till we got bored of playing with our trash.


<3 Princess Amber <3

Intent To Masturbate

OMG I came home and that wrinkly old fuck I left locked in the cage was gone. And wouldn't you know where I found him...??  It's dirty, nasty ass was up in My room, in My closet, digging through My hamper with it's dirty grimy hands, and sniffing and playing with My panties... OH HELL NO.... that isn't going to fly with Me....  this old crusty piece of shizzz thing is now about to get it's ass beat..   so I give it a head's up as I put on it's leash and lead it's stupid old ass into the room to get it's punishment.... and what's the best way to punish a stupid disobedient bitch who had nothing on it's mind except it's intent to masturbate???  Well to destroy it's worthless tiny dick and balls of course...  and the best way to do that is to have fun kicking it's useless minuscule man meat with My favorite solid toe black leather boots.....  

I took my time kicking, smacking, spitting on and humiliating this idiot before locking up it's worthless little twig and returning it to it's rightful place in lock-up.  Because slaves exist to serve, not to spank it...

$$$ Goddess Draya $$$


More Cow Bell

So Auntie Platinum and I are having fun kicking one of our slaves in the balls, and we have its legs spread nice and wide for us using a new leg-spreader bar to give us COMPLETE access to its tender balls.  We also have its hands cuffed behind its back so it can NOT block our kicks!! 

And we are kicking it with our extremely POINTY-TOED designer heels!  I am wearing my brand new Louboutins that some loser bought me, and Platinum has her pointy-toed Jimmy Choos on!  The slave seems to be in a lot of pain from being kicked with our pointy toed shoes, but we don't really care...this is all about OUR fun!

We decide to make it even MORE fun for us by attaching a cow bell to the slave's neck so we can "ring that bell" with our kicks!  Haha.  We kick the slave and whenever it collapses at our feet, we laugh as we hear its cow bell ring!

We are both pretty competitive, so it isn't long before we are competing to see who can ring the slave's bell the most! 

After a couple of kicks all we can do is keep kicking HARDER so we can hear "MORE COWBELL!!!  HAHAHAHA.....

<3 Princess Amber <3