Macho Man Theraphy Pt.2

Now Dr. Nina decides to take her "therapy' to the next level and demands this former "macho" patient of hers literally WORSHIP her ASS! She reminds him that his wife gave her free reign to use her hubby for whatever therapy she deems necessary...and it is all court-ordered so he better not refuse!

Dr Nina kicks her patient off the couch, hikes up her skirt and demands that she has her ass worshipped...and she wants his tongue in DEEP! She wants her ass not only kissed but her asshole needs to be cleaned as far up inside as his tongue will go!

She even calls her secretary to "cancel her appointments for the rest of the afternoon"!

Adriana Wants Power Over Life

Adrianna complains about "old guys are always staring at her gorgeous ass all the time and wishes she could have 'complete and total power' over those loser's life or ." I actually think that's kinda hot so I suggest she use a slave for it! And we just happen to have one strapped to the bench at Mean Girl Manor lol. And he's handcuffed to it, so he really has no choice.

Adrianna really has some fun with him- totally cutting off his oxygen with her super tight jeans. Eventually he's begging for mercy. Although he seems to kinda like it too? (Unfortunately..) So I encourage Adrianna to give it to him more. Eventually he goes out. Maybe he will wake up...maybe he won't? Mean Girls don't care. We have more important things to do so we just leave him there...

Princess Kendall

Moist Ballerina Face-Sitting

Princess Carmela explains that she just got done with ballerina class, and now she is in the mood for some more dance moves- on this slaves FACE! She sits and crosses legs repeatedly in front of her kneeling slave newbie who is unaware of the severe face sitting that is about to come. She asks him Wouldnt it be hot if you went to a ballet school and all the sweaty ballerinas stuck your face in between their legs and thighs??? She gets the slave to admit he wants it really bad! She gives it to him- Mean Girl Style. She explains how she tempted him with the pleasurable thought of moist tights in his face but she really just wants to smoother little perverts by turning their fetish around just to torture them...

Princess Carmela

Tied Up Ass Face

This slave gets himself tied up by me Goddess Mya! I bet he wants to worship my body but all he is going to get is my ass in his face. I am literally going to use his face as human furniture. I even show off my ass as I walk so that all you guys that dont know me from the older Mean Girl videos can see my perfect ass! I can make a slaves whole face disappear in this ass as I sit on it and fully envelop all hopes for breathing!

-Princess Mya

Ass Is All You Get

I tie my slaves hands and feet so that I can sit on his face, haha! I make sure and remind him that he cannot satisfy me and all he will ever get is ass in his face, like a loser. He should go his whole life with only asses in his face being forever denied any other contact with the female superior gender!

-Goddess Harley

The Shocking Truth Part 2

Mistress Tangent and I decide that we are in such a good mood from causing the slave soooo much pain that we need to give this slave the close-up honor of our asses! We take turns sitting on the slaves face- WHILE we shock it. We are a good pair, I think! And maybe a little rougher on the slave than a regular face sitting video, LOL! Both of us are truly sadistic and really love cranking the shocker up to the MAXIMUM setting. The screams are hilariously muffled under our gorgeous asses! :)

-Princess Carmela

Tied Up For Sitting Down

Goddess Harley and I tie up this slave with our special pink rope and sit on our helpless victim with our superior asses. We took turns so luckily one of us was free to step on his cock while he was gagging for air with a full ass in his face, haha! I wonder how it feels to be used by sadistic women and sat on like a useless piece of furniture. Enjoy that ass if your face, slave. That's all you're gonna get because that cock grinding i\you got from the bottom of my shoe is not for you to cum, haha.

-Goddess Randi

Toned Ass Smothering

I decide to really remind this loser of its place- UNDERNEATH ME. Slaves need to learn that if they want to be near me, they need to SUFFER for that privilege. Even pleasurable things need to cause pain and discomfort for slaves. And in this case, it needs to risk passsing out and losing consioussness just to have the privilege of having MY perfect pussy on its face! And I make sure he is handcuffed to the facesitting bench so he has no chance to resist me! If I remain on his face too long (and I just might!) he will lose consioussness and I have COMPLETE CONTROL over it! And I really do not care about whether he "makes it" or not LOL. Must be scary- for HIM. (It is FUN for ME!) :)

I really grind on this loser's face HARD. I grind my muscular ass and even my perfect pussy on its face. I know his face and his lungs are burning- but I know he loves it anyway. I can do anything I want to these subhumans- and they are grateful for it. I sit HARD on his mouth and reach down to pinch his nose closed so I know there is NO air getting in his lungs! (And he really starts to struggle now! LOL!

Eventually I make him start "saying my name" whenever I let him up for air. Haha. And I make him scream out my email address so the other slaves watching this clip can write in to serve me- and replace him if he doesn't make it! Which is pretty ironic, because those were actually his last words he ever spoke...lol.

Who else wants to come to Mean Girl Manor and SAY MY NAME, bitches?? :)

-Princess Carmela

Your Face Is My New Chair

My dumb and broke ass slave said he bought me some new patio furniture. It was used and tore up! I cant believe he thought a Goddess would sit on such a thing. When I saw the hole in the back of it I knew what to do. I made him get down and stick his head through there. I used his face as a seat cushion. Now I have real human furniture! Haha!

-Goddess Harley

Ballerina Breath Control

This slave gets to help me practice my favorite ballerina moves. Its a Mean Girl Ballet, haha! And The special ballet move is facesitting my slave until he cant breathe. I hope he has a fetish for ballerina tights and body suits because my sweaty workout makes for a moist seal around his mouth and nose, LOL! Im sooo sadistic and I really like doing this to slaves because I know they are honored to get my ass on their faces and I make it so weird because I hold their breath for longer than the want. I wanna make them enjoy the first few seconds and then think OMG, is she gonna make me pass out??? LOL!

-Princess Carmela