Face Sitting For Our Entertainment

Cindi and I took turns sitting on this slaves face just for the entertainment of it, LOL! Oh, and I do think you guys will like looking at my perfect ass in these metallic silver leggings!
-Princes Bella



After letting my slave worship at My feet as the Goddess that I am, I decide I want to dip My perfect feet in the pool to cool off a bit and to wash its peasant germs off My feet. But the cement is like SUPER freakin HOT from baking in the sun! And I am NOT going to sit on that! So I command the slave to lay its naked body down on the pavement so I can sit on its face and use its face like a seat cushion while I dangle my feet and gorgeous legs in the water. :)

Can you believe that this idiot actually dared to complain about the skin on its back sizzling on the hot pavement?? Like I fucking care! AND it actually wanted OXYGEN too every once in awhile! Ugh. SO annoying... It is there to be SAT on and provide comfort for ME- it's comfort is completely irrelevant! It is also under there to lick my ass a little bit through my bathing suit, which actually feels kind of nice...I love getting the Royal treatment around here! :) (I bet all you losers wish that was you under me huh?! LOL) Eventually this peasant passses out underneath me. I really couldn't care less though. I just get up and walk off- literally stepping on the loser's carcass as I walk back into Mean Girl Manor! LOL...peasant lives mean nothing to Me.

-Goddess Suvana

The Hot Seat

When I want to enjoy dominating a slave without expending too much effort, nothing beats *** facesitting. Goddess Suvana and I indulged in that today with our new slave-in-training. First, we locked it into a modified queening stool and then took turns sitting fully clothed on its face.
While it lay naked, its body covered in welts from an earlier whipping, we occupied ourselves in idle conversation. Poor slavie couldn't help being frustrated with its nose so close to our lady parts but unable to smell them, and being treated like a piece of furnitre to boot. But that's the best part for me. That's what being a Mistress is all about!
FEATURING:Goddess Suvana, Queen Kasey

Muffled Screams

I would like to see the beautiful Goddess Suvana sitting on a slave's face in denim booty jeans shorts and mercilessly twisting its nipples while she muffles it's screams with her perfect ass! Please!

Suvanas Seat Cushion

New "Mean Girl Goddess" Suvana is sitting out in the backyard of Mean Girl Manor sitting on some hard bricks in her white shorts while texting on her phone. I come outside and I can't believe she is sitting on hard bricks! I explain to her that this is what we have SLAVES for!
Then I simply lock one of Our facesitting slaves into place using some handcuffs and show her how she can just sit on this losers face instead of the hard bricks. PLUS her pretty white shorts won't get dirty! She loves this and takes to it immediately. (A slave face is SO much more comfortable than hard bricks!) And Goddess Suvana is such a natural mean girl that she obviously doesn't care about the slave's head being smashed into the hard bricks underneath it- as long as SHE is comfortable!! (for those of you that have seen her previous videos already, this should not surprise you!) ;)


Buttbombed by Raven

Goddess Raven needs a nice, firm seat, and the couch has gotten a little soft, so she calls out Her slave. Unfortunately, it's a little too hard, so She tenderizes it with faceslaps and butt bombs. Her denim shorts grind into the pathetic human-furniture's face, The slave is still too uncomfortable, so She smacks it all along its body and slams Her ass into its throat until it ***s! LOL! What a pathetic loser! It just lays there and takes it. By the end, Goddess Raven has the perfect, obedient couch.

Chores or Consequences

***This was a paid custom request***
Jasmine Mendez comes home and her husband is just watching TV. She just got done spending all his money and expects to come home to a clean house- It doesn't clean itself! So She slams her tight jean-covered ass into his face over and over to teach him a lesson until he complains about a knocked out tooth! Maybe if he did the dishes he'd still have all his teeth. She takes off her pants and smothers him over and over again in her panties. He at one point! He wakes up on the floor to her jumping on him from the couch! Now he has to do her dishes and be her trampoline!

***EDITING SLAVE'S NOTE: 3 different slaves were used for this clip because Goddess Jasmine Mendez kept hurting and damaging the slaves. (In real life) Their faces were busted up and the 2nd slave's ribs were broken after one jump. (Not in video because it was only 1 jump.) She is almost 6 feet tall and 150 pounds so she did some damage jumping on and dropping her butt down hard on the slaves.*** Featuring: Jasmine Mendez

One Night Under Paris

Oh my god. This loser was lying in My chair, so I pretended like it wasn't even there and sat right on its ugly face while I texted my friends. The pathetic idiot couldn't hold his breath long enough for Me to send even one text. How sad is that? I had to keep popping up so it could breath. Like, why should it be allowed any of MY oxygen? I shouldn't have to be disturbed. So I texted My friend about how I smothered it with my ass. OMG. it squirmed so much I had to let it up. I turned around and shoved its nose in my sweaty crotch. The subhuman seat still couldn't hold its breath! Can you believe it actually started complaining? So I slammed My ass down on it HARD to it shut up and put all My weight on it until it had to gasp for air between My cheeks. LOL Whatever. it deserved it. Learn how to breath, moron. Oh my gaaaawwd!

Perfect Suffication

We have this awesome new torturre device at Mean Girl Manor that We made a slave build and We just call it "The Box". Its fuckin awesome! It completely puts the slave in it like TOTALLY at your mercy! So you can do WHATEVER you want to it! So Me n Goddess Randi go to town on this loser that is strapped into it and totally cut off its air with Our butts!
Randi sits on its face and it struggles a little bit but when it's MY turn he REALLY can't breathe! LOL! (My ass is a little bit more, um, "ample" than hers?) :) Anyway, this bitch is totally struggling now and really can't take it. My butt TOTALLY covers his whole face! And he can't get ANY air now!

Eventually the loser just passess out and We just walk off laughing, leaving him there. Goddess Randi was SO impressed with My face sitting abilities and I loved it! Facesitting is My favorite I think. :)


Poolboy Abuse

A man is lazy at the pool and do nothing. But Princess Jennifer demand that he should clean the pool. She wear a sexy outfit and sits down on him (his face) and yells at him. She takes him and stands up and pulls out the stuff and throws him into the pool. then rides on it shoulder like on a horse and plunges him under water again and again. Alot of FACESITTING and smother in the pool he tries to escape she catches him still and keeps putting him under the water.