Your Last Face-Sitting


This slave-bitch thought it could get away with jacking off in our bathroom. I have no room AT ALL for slave interested more in it's pleasure than in mine. I am going to put my ass in its face and it like a bug. This slave should be thanking me for extinguishing it with my perfect luscious ass. Shuffling off its mortal coil won't be so in the least be dignified for this slave.

I'm going to make this slave work for it. There's going to be plenty of ass-kissing and booty worship to as I send it on its way to the fires down below. I make this bitch turn as blue as a blueberry. Of course, I'm going to have LOTS of fun with this slave. The acts of degradation I will inflict upon it will follow it from this world to the next.

Princess Carmela

Motivational Facesetting

We are the Goddesses and he is the pathetic loser! I’m gonna drill that into his head. With my ass. When a slave needs an attitude adjustment at The Mean Girl Manor, they're sent to ME: Goddess Raven. Think of it like sending your car to the mechanic for repairs, I FIX SLAVES. I’ve been working on this loser now for a few hours, and the next round of repairs is good facesitting. My thought is when he wants to serve us as bad as he wants breath under my ass...THEN maybe he's learned his lesson.

Goddess Raven

Face-Sitting Pretty

This pimple nosed loser is such a squirmy bitch that we have to chain him down. He's one of our REAL LIFE SLAVES and he needs to be taught we hold the balance of life or ASS-PHYXIATION.

If this loser thinks we care about him breathing he is sorely mistaken.We faces it this fuck face until he is literally turning blue. His head looks like a blueberry popsicle. I nearly this loser. You won't believe how many times he comes up for air after I nearly him in my ass.

-Princess Ashley

Mean Girl '77

Superior Goddess Brooke loves everything about the 70s; disco music, TV re-runs, taking hostages... all of it! The Mean Girls often sit around and watch old 70's TV shows on cable. One day Superior Goddess Brooke gets a serious blast from the past after watching an old episode of Happy Days Richie tells Potsie to sit on it and The Mean Girls get a devilish idea.They can literally sit on their slaves face for their own amusement.That's right! The slave gets an old school smothering just to make the poor loser suffer. Can You Dig It?

Mindfucked to Hate Butts

***This is being written by the new "clip description slave" thathas been commanded to watch all Mean Girls' clips and do all theirwriteups from now on because they shouldnt have to do their own writeups.This is how I serve because I cannot live at Mean Girl Manor. I am towatch, review, and give a complete and fair description of each clip froma slave perspective to all potential clip-buyers before deciding to maketheir purchase.***

Princess Bella is always looking for ways to increase her control over the house slaves. She recently mastered the skill of and is now using it to brainwash the slaves. This slave was caught staring at the Mean Girls assess without permission so Princess Bella has brainwashed him into hating butts. Now even the thought of a girl shaking her butt at him is enough to cause the slave mental anguish and pain. Princess Carmela wants to test out how well the brainwashing has worked. She thinks its great that she can torture the slave all she wants just by sitting on his face and cant wait to make him suffer. Despite the fact that he is now terrified of girls butts, with his head strapped to the bench face up, there is nothing he can do to prevent Princess Carmela from sitting on his face!

Princess Carmela sits on the slaves face and she can tell right away that the brainwashing is clearly working! The slave is begging and trying to buck Princess Carmela off his face but there is nothing he can do as she continues using his face as her seat cushion. Princess Beverly is watching the demonstration and is amazed at the powerful skills of Princess Bella. She knows that any other man not brainwashed would be loving this as Princess Carmela has such a great ass! Princess Beverly enjoys watching the slave gasp for air as he is smothered under the full weight of Princess Carmelas butt. She kicks the slave and spits on him and wonders if he has stopped breathing? Uh oh! I dont see his chest moving anymore! Do we need to bury another slave in the back yard?


This is a great face sitting and ass smothering clip. Princess Carmelas ass looks amazing! The slave is literally gasping for air and smothered until ! You can see from his blue lips and how purple his face is that they almost him! But what a way to ! Overall, on a "slave scale" of 1-10, I give it a "9."

Kiss My Ass Slave

Goddess Nina and I allow a new slave to worship our asses because he did such a good job being whipped for the first time. We move our asses onto his face and smother him to the point he cant take in air. With our latex dresses its easy to block off his air. We sit on him in such a way his the ass worship session turns into a face sitting one, and the slave under goes suffocation under each goddess. We are really sweaty now and the latex just slides around on our body as we sit on his stupid face. We have fun spending the rest of the day taking turns tormenting the slave with relentless face sitting and asking him repeatedly if this is what he wants, if this is his fetish to suffer and suffocate for us. We are going to just keep going till he cant talk anymore

Princess Carmela

The Shocking Truth About Face Sitting

I want to have some fun today, one of our website members has been begging to be our real life slave and this is his big chance to show his stuff. So I got a wicked idea, I strapped a remote BALL SHOCKER on his nut sack and sat on his ugly face JUST TO SEE HIM SUFFER. I like a slave that reacts a lot. One that crys and wiggles so I know Im delivering maximum pain to him. This save is kind of a bore. He is so pathetic even when I know he is hurting he just lays there like a bump on a log, not too dramatic. But how much can I really expect from him anyway, Im sitting on his face for fuck sake and he cant even breathe LOL. I think Im going to just keep upping the voltage on this ball shocker till I get the reaction I want, when youre a QUEEN you can do that!!

Queen Kasey

Introducing Brooke to Facesitting

So I decided that I am going to teach Brooke how to use as slave's face as nothing more than something to sit on. She totally has like the PERFECT ass for it. And so she's like "OMG sit on their face? But won't they 'enjoy' that too much??" and I have to explain to her that we make SURE that we do it in a way that takes ALL of the enjoyment out of it for the slaves! (Funny side note- we were like sooo emotionally cruel to this loser that he literally cried while we were using him to film this clip! Hahaha!!! Watch the clip to see if you can tell when it happens.)

So anyways, I instruct Brooke on how to sit on a slave in the most uncomfortable ways. (For the slave- not for US, obviously...) And I tell her about how much fun it is to control their oxygen and literally have control over their life or detth. The funny thing is, this slave is like SO in love with Brooke that we REALLY start to push it and test its obedience. And it doesn't take long to figure out that it really WILL literally D1EE for Brooke if she just simply keeps sitting there too long in her super-tight jeans! Haha! OMFG! All she has to do is keep sitting there nice n comfortable...and this loser is SO obedient because he is like SO in love with her because she's so beautiful that he will literally stay there until he is GONE. Too bad for him that Brooke is like one of the coldest, meanest Mean Girls around and she just doesn't give a F*CK. She's been used to losers throwing themselves at her feet her whole life- so this idiot's life means NOTHING to her! So we decide to have some fun with it and see how far we can take it...

The question is...does the slave make it? LOL.

Princess Bella

If He Cant Breathe He Cant Talk

This idiot doesn't even deserve to breathe the same air as Mean Girls like US! Princess Kianna and I wrap the slave to a bench with plastic wrap so he is helpless to defend himself. He is such a loser he lets us do it just so he can see us for a few precious moments... We even take turns sitting on slave's face and laughing about how he can't breathe! (Fav line: REALLY make him struggle! lol) We even fart right in his face just to emphasize the fact that he is a total piece of garbage to us.

Princess Chanel

The Full Treatment

Sometimes I love to just t0rture and tease the slaves at Mean Girl Manor. Just because I can. Haha. This one has been kept in its cage too long, staring at my beauty and whimpering and beg for my feet. It just can't take it anymore. LOL so pathetic. Eventually I let it out of its cage- but not until I make it REALLY beg me for my feet! Once it is out, I make it literally BOW DOWN and WORSHIP ME like the Princess that I am!

I then allow it the privilege of taking off my gladiator boots and worshipping my perfect feet. The loser is in heaven- even though I am mocking it right to its face for being so pathetic. I literally kick this loser in the face over and over. It is so scared of me cuz its seen what I've done to the other slaves here LOL. I pour my champagne over its head. I spit on it. I yank it around by its hair. I can do anything I want with it. So then I start really shoving my feet right down its fucking throat- again, just because I can! LOL!

-Princess Carmela