Shoe Sniffer Demoted To Seat Cushion

This slave is not only a pathetic shoe sniffer but he is annoying me by constanly telling me how superior I am... Duh, Yes I am superior to someone that is a shoe sniffer. I told him to lick my feet but...still anoying. This worm is now being demoted to seat cushion! He can just lay there while I sit on his face and enjoy really pressing my thick ass all over his face. After he maybe I will put a shoe on his face so he can smell my feet some more!

-Princess Carmela

Hey Ass Face

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Welcome to Mean Girl Manor. This is how we treat an out of town slave that wanted the opportunity to meet the Mean Girls. We start by stripping off his clothes and giving him is new name, which is Ass-Face. Then we shove our asses in his face for him to KISS, haha!

Bella and I switch back and forth and allow him to kiss our assess as we humiliate him for being so pathetic. Kiss our asses, Ass-Face! Haha!

Next we turn up the sadism with some face sitting! After all, he doesnt need air, does he?? LOL! If he holds his breath long enough maybe we will let him stay here permanently and he can be one of our human seat cushions at Mean Girl Manor!

-Princess Carmela

Houseboy Gets Ass

What's up with this house boy today. All me and Goddess Raven want to do is makeout with each other and hurt some slaves to get wet. It so horney when I see Raven truly enjoyong sitting on a slave till he quits. Because even when he qiuts she keeps going! But this house boy just got done seving as our human garbage can at the party and he was being lame. We had to force the trash in his mouth and he was not in a grataeful mood today. I mean look at him in this clip where we order him to lay on his back. He acts like just because our asses are smashing his face in taht he should moan and complain. He should appriciate our asses... this is the only time he will get any ass. Doesn't he know we want to hurt him and suffocate him to get our rush?

Goddess Nina


You're Under Her Ass

This slave gets some cruel and unusual punishment from me as I do my duty as a sexy cop! I drag his naked ass outside on a leash. Then For the main event I sit on his face and use him as a human seat cushion. I dont care if he breathes or not because he has the right to remain silent, haha. I am a cop so he has to do whatever I say and right now he needs to sit there while I face sit him repeatedly, lol!

-Goddess Mya

Hold It

It's real simple. This slave came to us and applied to be a slave at Mean Girl Manor. So we need to test its ability to hold its breathe, in case any of us wants to sit on its face and basically use it as furniture like while we are watching a movie or something. So me n Beverly handcuff it to the ottoman in the living room, with its face up so we can easily cutt off its oxygen. We take turns sitting on it and teasing it, laughing about how we literally hold its LIFE in our hands. (or BUTTCHEEKS! LOL)

Poor loser has a LOT of trouble taking it- but it has NO CHOICE. At the end when it is pretty much "done" we just walk of chatting about our day. It was funny, when we went back and watched this clip we laughed because we realized that neither one of us even cared to try to revive the loser. LOL!

-Princess Bella

I Watch Her Sit On Your Face

After Goddess Harley and I decided how to position the dumb slave.. I sat back and watched her face-sit his face! LOL! Goddess Harley asked him if he and his face was ready for The Destroyer (thats what she calls her Amazon ass, haha!) I just sat there in my sexy high heels and watched as we both verbally humiliated him. This is a typical day here at Mean Girl Manor when we are bored and about to go to the pool.

-Princess Cindi

Kiss Bellas Ass

Pucker up! Haha! Its time for this slave to kiss my ass! How pathetic that the closest thing this slave will ever get to sex is having a mean girl like me stick ass in his face! He has no say in how I sit or if he even gets to breathe! This slave is so dumb that he considers it an honor to be humiliated on camera as a face sitting slave. What woman will ever take you after you have been used as an ass wipe on camera, LOL!

-Princess Bella

Watching TV On Your Face

This is just a little demonstration of how a slave will literally do anything for my gorgeous ass. I am just watching TV at mean Girl Manor (for real) and this slave is just under my ass. It's that simple, my real ass in his fucking face as I totally disrespect him as a human. (and I use that term loosely here lol.) He is nothing more than furniture for my ass. How would you feel as a disrespected ass-cushion? I actually have more comfortable chairs to sit on but I feel like Losers need to be constantly reminded that they are beneath me. Real men talk about getting some ass from a hot girl but all you get is an ass in your face and otherwise ignored like a loser.

-Princess Carmela

Skirt Suffocation

Well I see you like face sitting but this is no dungeon. We are in our regular skirts and black pantyhose. We are taking turns sitting on your face and have fun controlling every breath you take. You only breathe when me n Princess Carmela are done using your face as a seat cushion

-Princess Cindi

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Who's Ass Is Deadliest

This slave gets me n Goddess Harley's big asses In his face in this fluffy king size bed. If you want to see how he does without air you should watch this video. This may be the price you pay for "going to bed" with a couple of Mean Girls! haha! We decide to see who's ass and who's outfit can restrict its airflow the best...any guesses on who wins?? Oh and at the end the "winner" sits on its passd-out face one last time and forces out a little puff of "air" out of her butt into the slave's face just to disrespect it a little more! LOL

But you will need to watch the clip to see which Goddess has the deddliest ass...! ;)

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