Cum Have A Seat

Another dumb slave accepted our invitation to the loser luncheon. What he didn't realize is that he is only there to serve as our human seat cushion- totally humiliated and ignored! That's all you deserve anyway. You are just there for us to put our asses on, haha! We don't care about your life- or even if you can breathe. We may just face-sit you into oblivion while we laugh and gossip about more important things- like our nails, our clothes, or basically ANYTHING other than YOU lol.

Featuring: Goddess Harley, GoddessNO

Categories: Facesitting, Female Domination, Femdom, Human Furniture, Humiliation

Smothered By Amazons


It's time for the runaway male to be executed. In this century of Amazon's ruling the earth, the laws are very strict. Any runaway male slave will be executed by any means necessary and now that we caught this inferior male breaking into our house we are going to administer justice. Of course we make him BEG and humiliate him for fun but ultimately we intend to face-sit him into OBLIVION- where all worthless males belong!

-FEATURING: Amazon Goddess Harley and Taylor

Big Asses In Your F.A.C.E.

Oh poor slave... he gets me and Princess Carmela, the two best and biggest asses in Mean Girl Manor to sit on his face, haha! Hmmm, I think he wants air... he actually wants to breathe, LOL. Well We don't care about him living through this, we just want to demolish his face for our amusement with our gorgeous asses. Oh, and we make sure he is chained down too, so he has no choice but to TAKE it- whether he wants to or not!


Soft Kitty Ass In Your Face

Do you like my Ass in these Leopard Shiny Hot Pants? Does my sexy ass make you purrrrr? Well, I am no "stick figure skinny girl", I am all woman with soft curves to fit in this piece of cat clothing. Why don't you stroke your self to sleep watching the extended walk-around I take in them. I hope you dream about me sitting my super soft ass in your face for some intimate time with me. Imagine yourself laying here like this slave and contacting your face to my most exclusive body parts... I am sure it will take your breath away. It's a bit of a dangerous game but If you don't suffffocate you might actually get to enjoy it. Imagine being humiliated by me, used by me as a seat cushion as I apply lipgloss... all why you fall more in love with me!


Your Benched!

After this stupid slave leaked redd stuff all over my cleats in the previous balbusting clip, I decided to "BENCH" him! And around Mean Girl Manor that means you get literally STRAPPED TO A BENCH, and then I sit on your face and play with your oxygen- and your LIFE! Just cuz I CAN. I am a fucking GODDESS! So this loser's life means NOTHING to me! I flatten his face and smother him and remind him of what an insignificant piece of sh11tt he is to me. Haha.

-Goddess Raven

Cuckold Ass Cushion

Nina whispers something in Carmela's ear to give her an idea of how to further humiliate this loser and put him in his place. He needs to have it driven into his pathetic little brain that he beneath her AND her boyfriend! So Carmela tells he stud boyfriend to sit in the throne. Then she orders her LOSER BITCH CUCK to lay his face on the counch so she has something to SIT on while she makes out with her stud "man"! (Could anything be more humiliating??) Princess Carmela laughs that the loser has to "kiss her ass" which she kisses her boyfriend that she actually LOVES.
Carmela's ass is amazing and totally sufocates the loser cuck underneath her. She practically forgets about him underneath her because she is so into her man and their hot make-out session... And the loser is so desperate and hopes that by holding his breath and letting her treat him like absolute dirt- that he will at least be allowed around her. He doesn't care how badly he is treated, as long as he gets to be around his Princess!

Butt Bombs Bury Your Face

So, you are tired of being my human furniture? Well, I am tired of looking at you, stupid slave. I am going to do the world a big favor and make your face disappear... Into My ASS! You are going to get ass grinders and Butt Bombs until you become a part of this bed. You head will either become a squashed permanent part of this bed or your face will be permanently embedded into my Porn Star Butt. And get your tongue out of my ass until I tell you to! You are nothing but a butthole-licking piece of human furniture to me- FOREVER.

Fat Heads Make Good Seats

This is the 2nd slave that came to Our recent slave interviews. It was a pretty pathetic one. This one couldn't take ANY pain whatsoever, but since it didn't need a mask, we allowed it. And since it had like the biggest head I had ever seen, I decided to use it as my seat cushion. And it was actually pretty good for that! Except that it kept ANNOYING me by needing air! Ugh. So eventually I decide that since it is so fucking fat and ugly I should just keep sitting down hard on its face in my tight shiny pants and no matter how much it struggles for air...I should just keep sitting there. And hopefully I can just slowly put it out of its misery. LOL.

-Princess Bella

Flattened Furniture

I am having so much fun ignoring this dumb slave. He is nothing but human furniture to me. I don't care if he dyes... slaves don't need air. My shiny leggings actually make a good air tight seal over this slaves mouth. I hope he doesn't make too much noise under there because I am busy watching TV.
- Goddess Nikkole

Face Sitting For Our Entertainment

~~Cindi and I took turns sitting on this slaves face just for the entertainment of it, LOL! Oh, and I do think you guys will like looking at my perfect ass in these metallic silver leggings!

-Princes Bella