Butt-Bombed to Perfection

This is Princess Perfection's first time "butt-bombing" a slave! We were teaching her how much fun it is to just drop your full weight on their face until they totally just pass out underneath you. And it REALLY teaches them a lesson about who is in charge! We had SO much fun doing this.
Princess Perfection keeps dropping her gorgeous ass on its face over and over- and harder and harder as it goes along. I even put My foot on its throat to hold it down and give her a nice landing spot. LOL.

She "drops the bomb" on him so hard at one point that the disgusting slave actually starts to leak the red stuff! Ugh. How dare it, Do we stop? Absolutely NOT! We drop it on him even HARDER! Until it finally underneath Us... Such a great way to pass the time on another beautiful afternoon at Mean Girl Manor...for Us anyway. Not so much for the slave. :)

Butt-Bombed By GoddessNO


This loser from Australia (of all places) saw Goddess No and her friend Rachel at a fetish convention. And he had the AUDACITY to think that he could be crude to us and have sex with us just because he paid for all our drinks! So we "slipped him" a little something in HIS drink- and led him up to our room where we had a SPECIAL bed waiting for him! One with BUILT-IN STRAPS and some nice thick metal bars that he could be handcuffed to as he !

When the loser awakes he is strapped down (as well as handcuffed!) and completely at our mercy! We will teach this Aussie a lesson about messing with American Mean Girls! Then we take turns sitting on his face to cutt off his air and also SLAMMING our butts in his face to humiliate him and teach him who is in charge! (I decide to call them "Butt Bombs" as I smash my incredible ass down onto his face over and over and OVER again...) And we just LAUGH about how much Rachel's PANTYHOSE must scratch up his poor face! But we couldn't care less...

Their goal is to knock him out completely then take his wallet to "go shopping"...watch the clip to see if the loser can take it or not...

Scratch Ass Fever

Princess Barb is using a slave's face at the Mean Girl Manor as a seat while she sits out and enjoys the sunshine. She is getting off on cutting off its oxygen supply...and can't resist the urge to dig her LOOOONG french-manicured nails into its cock and balls...since they are right there in front of her, to torment as much as she wants!

This slave is a big, strong one, and actually DARES to fight back a little! Apparently its training as a Mean Girl Manor slave hasn't taken root yet. Princess Barb is having none of it though. She digs her nails in even DEEPER and teaches him a lesson- he is there to be USED by her! For whatever she wants! And if she wants to sit on his face and cut off his air supply while she scratches the hell out of his ballsac- he will lay there and LET her!!

Say Channing Tatums Hot!

Goddess Raven loves hanging out at Mean Girl Manor and using the slaves. She actually got so turned on beating on the slaves that she took one in the other room after filming and used it's face as a seat while she watched TV- making it lick her asshole the entire time. She was watching a movie with Channing Tatum in it cuz she thinks he's hot and LOVED the feeling of having a slave's tongue in her ass while she could completely ignore it and WATCH hot Channing Tatum on the screen in front of her! She even beats the slaves balls with a riding crop occasionally to "motivate" it to get its tongue in her asshole even DEEPER for her... Then she inserts a vibrator into her wet pussy to REALLY maximize HER pleasure while she watches her movie...

Oh, and to humiliate the slave even more and remind it that it means absolutely nothing to her but a warm tongue in her ass, she makes it say "Channing Tatum is hot" WHILE it is *** to kiss and lick her ass!

Cleaning Annas Ass

Anna has been laying out at the Mean Girl Manor all day and enjoying the experience of being waited on hand and foot by slaves and using them for whatever she wants. She is using a slave at the moment to give her a massage when she decides that her ass is getting sweaty- and she wants it cleaned. She would NEVER ask her boyfrend to do this. But a slave...why not!? All it takes is a snap of her fingers and a repositioning of the slave... Eventually she decides that this actually is sort of like a "massage" for her asshole- using a slave's tongue. And she loves it! She makes sure to take full advantage... 

Butt Burps

While Princess Leya from Men Are Slaves is visiting Mean Girl Manor she decides to have fun with one of the slaves.  Nothing degrades another human being more than to have their face burped and farted in.  LOL.  So she sits right on this piece of sh*ts face and lets rip with a few good farts right on him.  She is drinking some soda to REALLY build up some nice burps for him.  And O-M-G can she BUUURP!  Wow!  Princess Leya lets out some WORLD-CLASS burps from DEEP down right into the loser's FACE!  You have to see the video to believe how amazingly loud and long her belches are!!  

And whenever she feels like it she just plops her ass right back down on its face and lets another fart rip right nown its throat!  LOL.  So humiliating for the slave. 

Human Fart Vacuum

This was hilarious. In the previous video ("Mean Step-Family") we explained to this pathetic loser little boy that his new role in our newly formed step-family is to be a BITCH-SLAVE for me n My daughter to use however we want and then we spend some time abusing him to put him in his place so he fully understands his new role. We even farted in his face once or twice to REALLY fucking humiliate him!

Now in THIS video we actually make a conscious EFFORT to SPECIFICALLY launch raunchy FARTS right into his face! HAHA!! Can you imagine??? Having to let other people just FART right in your face and LAUGH at you?? Well that is going to be this loser's LIFE from now on. LOL. Who knows, we might even fart right in his face at the dinner table in front of his FATHER at some point! And we will ALL laugh at him! LOL!

There are a few breaks in the action where we take some time to build up some more "gas" for this bitch to inhale. Then Randi makes the most HILARIOUS joke I've ever heard- she says she is going to use her step-brother as her own personal fart-vacuum from now on! She is going to literally make him attach his mouth to her ass, create a nice seal with his lips and command him to INHALE as she is farting!!! So her fart goes directly into his lungs and she doesn't have to smell it! GENIUS! And a perfect use for this retardd. THEN SHE GIVES A DEMONSTRATION OF HER NEW "INVENTION"!

Its Good To Be The Queen!

Randi was telling me about how she likes to watch her own facesitting movies- WHILE sitting on a slave's face! It apparently is called "Queening"! (I didn't know that) So she gave me an example- and I have to say it was a bit weird watching my daughter use a slave like this, but it is just a slave...so I guess its perfectly ok. That is what he taught me that they are for- to be used for whatever we want.

Then you won't believe how little regard she has for the slave at the end! After she "gets off" on his mouth (AND makes him lick her her ASS to her satisfaction too) she decides she has to go to the bathrooom! And she doesn't bother to even get up! She just sits there comfortably, talks about "creating a seal" with the slave's mouth and casually carries a conversation with me while she pissses right down the pathetic fuck's throat like it's nothing to her...OMG! (Although to comply with c4s rules, you cannot see any actual fluid due to the tight seal on the slave's mouth- just the "relieved" look on "Queen Randi's" face as it goes down. LOL!)


Ms. Kayla's Whipped Furniture

Ms. Kayla has decided to step it up a notch in her abuse of her wimpy human furniture. And this time she is going to REALLY torrture it with her perfect ass! In more ways than one...
She starts by telling it that she is going to get NAKED when she sits on its face this time- but then she holds a spray can like it's her cock and sprays WHIPED CREAM all over its face like she is spraying jizz all over its face while she laughs at him! So now he can't see a thing!!

Then she proceeds to do a slow strip tease, taking off all of her sweaty gym clothes - but the poor human furniture slave can't see a thing... :-( Then she PLOPS down on its face and proceeds to smother him under her ass that ALL slaves are obsessed with- and LAUGHS some more about how she is SURE he can't breathe under there with all that whipped cream between his face and her ass cheeks!

This poor wimp slave is TOTALLY whipped on Miss Kayla's ass...

Kayla's Used Furniture

Goddess Kayla is back! And she is using the slaves around the "Mean Girl Mansion" as Her personal furniture again! Especially her favorite pathetic wimpy facesitting-slave. She just LOVES making him STRUGGLE underneath her!! She puts him in several painful and strenuous positions...and couldn't care less about how difficult it is for him to hold her muscular, toned body up! She berates him every time he falls and she comes crashing down on him...She is trying to watch TV!
She eventually decides to give him ONE MORE TRY...but if he fails, he will be sold off like he is nothing more than USED FURNITURE to Her!!!