Who's Ass Is This?

For this game, we blindfold our slave. We're going to stick our dirty, mean assholes in his face and he's gonna have to guess which Princess or Goddess the ass belongs to. Hahaha! i wonder if our dirty asses smell different or he's just gonna be guessing? Whatever, he BETTER do a good job at this game. Our slaves have been serving us obediently and it would be very disrespectful for them to get it wrong. So he damn well better know the difference! Yeah it's all cr@p, but that's no excuse to get it wrong lol. Put that sniffer to work bitch, and score high!  You need to know your Master's scent...

Human Cuckold Seat

Goddess Nina has a date tonight with her bf. As usual she has her slave helping her get ready to go out with another man. And by 'helping' we mean he's just making his useless ass into a human seat while she applies makeup. But hey, he's useless, and the bathroom mirror has no chair, so why not right? Nina gets a brilliant idea. She calls up her bf and has it all planned out. Her seat cushion can go WITH them on their date. But not as another man. As a little tag along cuck bitch. She tries to sell her bf on the idea, outlining all the ways the slave could make their night just a liiiiittle more special. He could wipe their car down, he could find them seats at clubs, he could BE the seat at clubs...dispose of their trash. And wouldn't you know it the dumb slave starts crying. Well if he's gonna bitch about his opportunity, then he's not going to be allowed to go. How about spending the night licking her toilet clean with his tongue while Nina is out on a date with her bf? Ha!

Who’s Ass Is Better

Princess Chanel and Goddess Nina have a slave chained up to a bench. The slave has been annoying them so they decide on a great way to shut him up! Goddess Nina stands above the slave straddling his head with her perfect full ass squeezed into a pair of tight jeans looming above him. She lowers her ass on the slaves face knowing this will finally shut him up, maybe permanently, seeing that he probably can’t even breathe. Goddess Nina grinds her ass into the slave’s face totally smothering him and enjoying the fact the slave is left gasping for air. Princess Chanel takes her turn smothering the slave and they switch back and forth until the slave is on the verge of passing out. As the slave struggles for air trying to stay alive Goddess Nina comments on how comfortable it is for her sitting on the slaves face. She could sit on it all day long and even forget that there is a slave underneath. If that happens the slave may be taking his last breathe but what a way to go! This a great smothering and face sitting clip. Goddess Nina and Princess Chanel look amazing dressed in their matching outfits of skin tight jeans and crop tops with cleavage on display. 

Slave Seats

Princess Carmela likes to just have some mean fun from time to time. Here she's got two losers chained to two sides of a bench. She smothers them back and forth with her skin tight latex pants making them smell all of the nasty air inside her ass. And then she makes them kiss her ass and say thank you for the horrible air! Ha ha ha! How does her ass smell, losers? Smells kind of like sh*t doesn't it? Oh what's that? Can't answer?

Punished for a Panty Fail

Goddess Raven and Aria have just noticed their panty boy has been slacking. He's SUPPOSED to hand wash every pair of Raven's panties, and Raven found out he's been using the washing machine. So now the bitch has to answer to Goddess Raven, crawling in on all fours to explain why he's too good to do his job right like he's supposed to. Goddess Raven sticks the nasty-ass cruddy panties in his mouth and makes him mouth rinse them. She pulls off Her dirty panties and makes him deepthroat those for a bit while smelling the stink on Her ass. Bitch boy doesn't like that ass stink, does he? Well maybe next time if he learns to do his job RIGHT then his face won't have to smell like Goddess Raven's dirty ass!

Lap Dance Your Face

This loser said he had an ass fetish, and we're about to find out. This may not be what he had in mind, but losers don't get ass in the way real men get ass. Nope, the only ass he is gonna get is Princess Aria's ass right on his loser nose. THAT is what you losers get. You get our nasty air. How's the smell, huh loser? Aria's ass smell good? No? Oh it smells like c.rap huh, well what a surprise! That's why you are a LOSER chained up to our bench with your brown nose right up her butt! It's not supposed to smell good, supposed to smell like slavery and like the little bitch you are. Go smell that air, get a good whiff of Princess Aria's sweaty ass and know that you will ALWAYS be a loser. This is what you get from us, and not a THING more. Be lucky we even let you breathe at all, even that is already way too generous of us.

Last Gasp Of A Slave

Custom Clip

"The slave is standing up against the wall in the throne room, stroking himself like a loser. He has been there for hours- commanded to begin "edging" itself by Princess HOURS ago... Princess's panties were left on its head just to humiliate and psychologically condition him. Princess Bella walks in wearing a bikini & stilettos the slave just bought her and sits on her throne. She mocks the slave that she has been at the beach with her BF all this time- and he is STILL where she left him! What a fucking pathetic life... After casually checking her texts for a few minutes and ignoring the slave, She announces: "I've been texting with the other Mean Girls and we decided that since your credit cards have been maxed out- you are hereby sentenced to death. (She says it like its nothing to her- like she is announcing her dinner plans.) And since I am the head Princess, I get to be the one to kill you!" "no no" begs the slave. "But first I will give you one last moment to be near me in your pathetic life because I am SUCH a nice Princess.." lol (She actually makes the slave THANK her for this!) She starts to smack his cock with her riding crop. Eventually she knees him REALLY hard- "you are NOT allowed to cum before you dye, idiot! I want you to literally DYE frustrated! NO release for slaves- EVER!" After a few minutes of going back and forth like this (between smacking and kneeing his balls, and letting him stroke a little bit while begging for his life) she kicks him full-force with her expensive shoes that she used HIS credit cards to buy! until he falls on the floor at her feet. Then she sits on him and proceeds to strangle him to death with her thighs while commanding him to lay their and LET her do it to him. She commands him to basically sacrifice himself and "show his obedience to the end" by letting her choke him to daeth while she mocks him and laughs as he can't breathe. She could not care less and thinks its funny that he is broke & dying because of his mindless obedience to Mean Girls. He literally can NOT disobey them...just because they are so hot. Poor slave passes out (PERMANENTLY!) and dyes completely sexually frustrated... Ashley loves it and is so turned on by enforcing the "ultimate frustration" on this slave that she says she can't wait to go home and have the best sex EVER with her BF!"

The Trouble With Toilet Seat

What kind of idiot slave would leave a toilet seat up at Mean Girl Manor? Goddess Saucha is going to teach the slave not to leave the goddamned toilet seat up! She calls the slave into the bathroom and orders the slave to place his head face up on closed toilet seat sit. Since he left the seat up his face will become the new toilet seat. Goddess Saucha lowers her ass onto the slaves face smothering him so he can’t breathe. How do you like that slave? Mmmfff, what’s that I can’t understand you! The slave is gasping for air but his head is pinned down against the toilet seat lid and he can’t escape. Whenever Goddess Saucha lifts her ass up for a few seconds the slave desperately tries to explain what happened between gasps for air but Goddess Saucha isn’t interested in his excuses and sits right back down on his face. She repeatedly face sits the slave asking him over and over if he will ever forget to put the toilet seat down again. The slave is smothered until he has learned his lesson. This is a very good face sitting and smothering clip. I like how it combines smothering with the humiliation of being used as a human toilet seat. 

Facesitting Engagement

It's the perfect moment for Princess Carmela. Her bf Sir Shane is finally going to pop the question! A moment right out of a soap opera, will she say yes? Well the answer may need to be on hold. Turns out the slave's face she was sitting on when being asked was sassing the back of her crack. He's asking for air and struggling. This is HER moment, and this loser has the nerve to want to breathe? Romantic arrangements can wait, Carmela has some work to do. Clearly. She punishes the fuck out of the loser boy, riding his face in her skin tight pants. Maybe he needs to pass out. A passed out slave don't ask for air, right? Carmela is just mean to the max in this one! His face is almost imprinted into her pants. She's gonna teach him not to spoil her moment by spoiling his air supply. And if he can manage to fight for air up her ass...its gonna be air that he definitely doesn't want. LOL!!!

Shut Up Slave

Some slaves just talk too fucking much.  They talk, and talk- just trying to get our attention. Like we fucking care what they have to say.  Even if all they do is tell us constantly how amazing we are and how much they worship us, its like....DUH.  That's why they are fucking SLAVES for us and do whatever we say even though we treat them like total sh**tt!  Because we are PERFECT, they are in love with us, and its the only way they can fucking be around us!  Like, we don't need to hear it all the time.  We KNOW how perfect we are and how lucky these losers are just to wait on us hand and foot.

Truth be told we really couldn't care less what our slaves have to say. So sometimes we just sit on their stupid faces to shut them the fuck up.. I even got Princess Chanel to help me out just so he could continuously be muzzled by our beautiful butts!

-Goddess Harley