Fucking Up The Slave

Goddess Alexis & Queen Farah are having some fun with one of our slaves. They just got done putting it through some forcced intoxxx and then shoved it into a cage to let it take effect. (not shown) Then they come back awhile later to drag it back out and put a MASSIVE beating on it for their own entertainment. They LOVED the fact that it HAD to let them do whatever they wanted to it! So they really let it have it! HAHA!

At one point one of them is kicking it right in the nuts WHILE the other one is beating it's ass with a cane!! Apparently it looks rather painful. LOL. (Based on the slave's reaction.) It has a hard time remaining standing with it's legs spread open nice and wide for Queen Farah to kick it in the nuts as hard as she wants over & over. But it is a REALLY entertaining scene as Queen Farah kicks it in the nuts as hard as she can with her pointed-toe boots and Goddess Alexis follows it up immediately with a hard cane-crack on its ass...and back & forth they go...cane, kick, cane, kick...all the while laughing their asses off at its suffering and the fact that it HAS to let them keep doing this to it for as long as they want- just because they COMMAND it to!

Beat It!

Princess Nikki is a new AMG and LOVES the concept of getting paid to beat on guys and be WORSHIPPED like a Princess! I am starting her off with this new slave of mine that came "virtually crawling" to Me on online and begging to be used & beaten by either Me or My daughter in Our videos. So he sent an online amazon giftcard as a deposit - just like he was commanded to do - (are you learning something here, all you "wannabe" slaves that say you want to be in My videos but aren't willing to prove it??? - and then once he arrived and took his beating, he received his deposit back. (Isn't that easy??

Now that the slave has been properly "prepared" for its beating- I allow Princess Nikki to go to town on it! She picks her "weappon" and begins beating it. She has never beaten anyone before and enjoys how it just TAKES it from her! And a little background- Princess Nikki is actually a dancer at a local club, and we talk in the video about how the "patrons" can sometimes be complete ASSHOLES- and how She can use this as Her "therapy"! Beating on slaves can be so relaxing... :) Btw, Princess Nikki isn't the cruelest or most abusive of girls (especially compared to Me or My daughter because We are used to beating on slaves) but She starts laying into him with the cane toward the end of the clip... :)

Beat Him For Me!

Being the GODDESS that I am, I have come to the realization that I own enough slaves now that I don't need to beat them all Myself- I can make the slaves beat each other for My entertainment! While I relax and enjoy their suffering for MY amusement from the comfort of My throne... :)

ESPECIALLY now that I own a female slave! And she has been such a good little slut, I decide to reward her by giving her one of My male servants to abuse to her heart's content. She is so excited- poor thing has never beaten another person before! LOL! She doesn't know the thrill of making another person willfully suffer for her own amusement...such a deprived little slut. lol.

So I explain to her that even though she is still nothing more than slave property to ME- she is still FEMALE, which makes her much higher in ranking than any of these male pieces of . And she can beat them as much as she wants- whenever she feels like it. (Although she is still required to grovel at MY feet like a cowering whore whenever in MY presence!) I then position the male piece of meat against the wall and command it to gaze at MY picture up on the mantle while it is BEATEN by My slut. I command him to think of ME the entire time it is being beaten. Then I position the slut where I will have the best view, and sit on My throne to enjoy the "show". :)

My slut chooses the cane to use on her victim...good choice. :) She is too soft at first, but eventually she breaks him as I encourage her to hit him HARDER! And of course I can't help but get a few cracks in at the end to show her how it's really done. lol.