Outside Seat

*(Custom Request)*

Beautiful Princess Sierra decides to take Her reading outside and sit poolside and enjoy the sunshine. But She wants to still feel the suffering of a slave's face underneath Her ass. (It helps Her relax and enjoy Her day.) So simple solution- make the slave take the stool outside and set its head on it to provide cushion.
When Princess Sierra comes outside, the slave is actually KISSING the barstool where Princess Sierra's ass has sat upon earlier! She is FURIOUS! This slave does NOT have permission to even kiss the seat that Her ass has touched!

She positions his head and sits HARD on the side of his head. She makes sure her jeans and buttons are digging into him. She could not care less though. It is going to be a looong afternoon for the slave...

Slaves Are Just Things

*(This is part 2 of a custom request)*
"Princess Sierra turns Her slave into a complete object. Just a "thing" for Her to sit on! She is wearing tight jeans with big buttons on the back that are very painful for the slave. And She positions it in a very painful position, with its legs crossed indian-style and She just sits right atop its head and reads a magazine! Like it is NOTHING to Her! She even farts on his head once in awhile to show it how little it means to Her!!"

Facesitting Workout

Princess Sierra is wearing very tight jeans with buttons on the ass and very high heels while She is walking through the hall when she decides to put a slave through a workout- for her entertainment. She steps up onto the slaves chest in Her high heels like it is nothing and commands it to raise its hands up for Her to sit on. She then makes it do press-up after press-up with Her ass coming just inches away from the slaves's face. She even takes full credit for the slave's muscles and makes it THANK Her for developing them through these workouts! She also farts several times in the slave's face when Her ass is down near his face and laughs at him because she has absolutely NO respect for him!

Mean Step-Mommy Sits On My Face

Mean step Mommy is taking further advantage of her poor, helpless step-son. She caught him peeping on her in the bathroom and now he has to do WHATEVER she says! She has already made him worship and massage her feet. Now he is actually complaining about her decision to make him have a babysitter while she goes out on an expensive date with his daddy and spends his future inheritance!
She decides that in order to shut him up she makes him lay back on the couch with his face up- so she can SIT on it while she watches TV! She just wants to humiliate him so he learns who is BOSS and runs this house now- HER!

And making him kiss her ass while she sits on his face like he is nothing more than a piece of furniture to her is a great way to do that! (Maybe she can convince his daddy to let her KEEP him in this position for days at a time as "punishment"! He probably will...because he does whatever step-mommy says too!)

The Persian Princess- First Facesitting FaceFuck

"The Persian Princess", Goddess Gabriella has never used a slave's face to sit on before. Actually, she has never used a "slave" before, period. She can't believe that this loser is letting me just tie him down so he is COMPLETELY at her mercy to do whatever she wants with him! I even blindfold him so she is COMPLETELY in charge! (She actually admitted later that it turned her on to have THIS much control & POWER over a male!) Especially since this was my arab slave! LOL! She saw it as PURE REVENGE for all the generations of abuse that women have suffered at the hands of middle-eastern men! Now he will have to suffer- under her ASS!
I left the room after securing my slave for her use- so she could have some "privacy" and feel free to do what she wanted... As it turned out she ended up getting SO turned on by the fact that she could literally end his life by cutting off his oxygen that she started to play with herself through her tights...

and eventually has a LOUD, screaming ORGASM right on my slave's FACE!

Poor slave...just got it's face USED for The Persian Princess's PLEASURE! :)

-Queen Kasey



My girlfriend Miesha likes to come over and use My slaves sometimes. She says its fun using and abusing people that just LET her do whatever she wants to them. Plus, I've turned her on to the POWER you can have over them- just by cutting off their oxygen while sitting on their face- until they pass out! :) She loves it.

In this clip she just got done working out and decides to HANDCUFF one of my slaves (this one I call "#3" because My inner-most circle of slaves don't have names- they just have numbers because that is all they are to Me...numbers.) to a hard bench and proceed to smash his face under her sweaty booty. lol. I wasn't there for it but I instructed on of my other slaves to film it for Me to watch later and put on my store. :)

My favorite part is when she tells him that she had sex with her boyfriend right before she went to the gym! HAHAHA!!! Slaves are SO pathetic! Oh, and then I love that he at the end too...lol. I wonder how that bench felt under it's head? HAHA slaves are meant to be abused like this though, IMO. It reminds them of their place and how disposable they are to Women like Us.


Princess Bridgette Facesitting in Lingerie

A classic Princess Bridgette clip.  She sits on her slave's face in lingerie just to tease him with what he can never have.  Meanwhile, her BFF drills her heels into the slave's balls at the same time.  She thinks its funny because she knows she can do whatever she wants to Princess Bridgette's slave...