Amber The Amazon

It's funny...we both drannk the same potion but for men apparently it makes you like totally shrink down really tiny, and for girls it makes us like into giants or something haha. Now I'm like WAY bigger and stronger then you! So you better be careful or I could sit or step on you or something- and I probably won't even notice it! OMG this is going to be so awesome being this BIG! and watch this clip to hear what I want to do to all the "big strong men" in the world now that I am like twice their size!

3 vs 1 Trample Training

Since Princess Amber's real life 18 year old little sister, Goddess Maci is our brand new Mean Girl we have to teach her how to walk all over slaves... Literally! Lol!!!!

We of course had to teach Goddess Maci how to trample on our biggest slave. The bigger the target, the easier it is. (But not for the slave!!!) Hahaha!

We had our very obedient, very fat slave, laying down waiting for us like a good little pet would. Princess Amber and I walked Goddess Maci on in and taught her how to trample like a Goddess, from step 1! Hehehe 

I had Princess Amber demonstrate, for her little sister how trampling is done. Then we held Goddess Maci's hand and let her hop on. She was a little shaky at first but by the end of our trample session it was like Goddess Maci had trampled a million slaves in her lifetime... Even though this was her very first attempt at trampling.

I swear Goddess Maci was born to be a Goddess, we know it's in her genes... They both get it from their Aunt! MOI! It feels so perfect now that I have both my gorgeous nieces with me in the, now, Family Business!!!

I hope you enjoy watching Goddess Maci learn the ropes. I know she is having the time of her life. This is only the beginning, and it going to be AMAZING!!!!


Goddess Platinum

I Found Out My BF Is a Sissy

I find out you're a sissy in the most unexpected way and wow... I'm really shocked at first but it starts to make sense after a while. Am I going to have to break up with you now? Or am I going to turn you into a full-blown sissy and really use this to benefit our relationship?

Ass Mask

It was a beautiful day outside so Princess Amber and I decided we wanted to go outside and play with one of our slaves. We went out on our patio and got all the restraints in place. Then we discussed which slave we would pay attention to.

We happened to have our ball busting slave still locked up in our garage from the ball torture we gave it the night before. We went down into the garage and asked it if it wanted to get outside. It begged us to let it go! it complained that it's balls still hurt from the night before...Lol! We told it how beautiful it was outside and that it was wasting the day locked away in the dingy garage. We convinced it that it should come enjoy this perfect weather on the patio playing games with was stupid enough to believe us!

When we finally let it outside the sun blinded it from being locked up in the dark garage for so long. Once we drug the slave up to the patio, we shoved it onto our patio bed where we set up the handcuffs and hid them under the cushions. We restrained it so there was no way it could get away from us... Not that it would want to, but we needed to make sure it can't wiggle and move while we had some fun. Lol!

Princess Amber and I decided that since it's balls were already bruised and broken we would play a little game to see how long it could hold its breath. We didn't want to abuse it's grimy little balls and make them fall all the way off. It would be completely useless to us without any balls. we love to kick, beat and all around torture.

Princess Amber and I took turns sitting on our slaves ugly face while the other Mean Girl trampled it's body and chest, kicked its sad little dick, stood on it's arms and gagged it with our feet.... That pathetic freak was lucky we even payed attention to it... AND two days in a rowwwwww! wow!!!! I'm sure that thing thought it won the lottery or something. Hahaha Creatures like it know that the only way they will ever get a chance to have perfect woman like uspay attention to them is if we can treat them like complete k9 logs and take all their money. 

We are actually doing a reallllly good deed. We give all these inadequate, measly, weak, pathetic excuses for the male breed a reason to live.. We are like saints or something. BahahaW

**Watch this clip to see our fun in the sun.**

After spending some much needed time out in the sun, playing slave games, we left the broken slave there cuffed while we got ready for our hot dates.

Geezer Wrap Rap

Since Goddess Maci just turned 18 years old and she is the newest Mean Girl, her big sister (in real life) Princess Amber and I had to introduce her to the oh so fun world of caning. LOL!!!

I know Princess Amber had been telling her little sister all about how much we torture and abuse our slaves, but I don't think she ever went into detail about how. Like Goddess Maci didn't even know what caning was before today. Hahaha

**This is for REAL! Goddess Maci had never used a whip or a cane in her entire life, nor had she ever seen a pathetic loser get beat in real life... Till today!**

I decided to teach Goddess Maci all about caning on my new geezer slave. It is so freaking old and still in training, and I really don't think there is such a thing as beating it too much. A lot of the other Mean Girls keep saying, "You can't teach an old dawg new tricks." but I think if you beat that beast enough it will eventually learn, no matter how old it is. Plus it is so insanely humiliating for such an old creature to be beat by an incredibly hot 18 and 19 year old. lol!

Anyways, as I was saying... I handcuffed the geezer to a big chest so it couldn't move, like literally at all. I had both its hands and feet locked up and also shackled to the chest. I left it there locked up like that for a   while, I definitely wasn't in a hurry. I had some texts to send and we touched up our makeup...

Once I was done all the important things I needed to do, I came back into the caning room and made sure the old fart didn't croak from old age. lol! I got comfy in my high heel chair with my feet up on the senior citizen, ready to enjoy the entertainment.

I called Princess Amber and Goddess Maci in. The look on Goddess Maci's face was priceless, like a tot in a candy store, so excited. Princess Amber explained how to cane and the show began

It had been a while since I laughed that hard. Watching that helpless old fuck struggling against its restraints while my 2 hot, young nieces caned the living dust out of it. Hahahaha It just makes me so happy watching them having the time of their lives while helping me with its slave training.

*This clip is called "Geezer Wrap Rap" because the geezer was making so many funny noises while getting caned that I told it I was going to record it and make a rap song. The rap be all the rage with the young kiids. LMAO!*

Do you think they made it cry?? Do you think it begged them to stop?

***Watch this clip to find out...*** 

Goddess Platinum

A Louboutin Story

***Custom Clip***

So this slave bought me a pair of Louboutins just so he can have a brief moment to see me do things like watch my shoe dangle and see me walk in them and do a few poses. It really is quite amusing to think about how easy it is to get nice things when you're as hot as me.... This stupid slave spent his whole paycheck just to see me do this.

Geezer Gets Ball Bashed

Since I am a GODDESS I expect ALL MY SLAVES to completely obey my every order.

When a slave is dumb enough to disobey me he will have to deal with whatever CONSEQUENCES I SEE FIT.

Wellllll This ridiculously stupid, old disobedient, geezer slave got to FEEL MY WRATH!!!

I have owned this old piece of bum rope for long enough to know that his wrinkly, ancient ass absolutely hates to have his balls kicked... or any other form of CBT

BAHAHAhaha it is always a really bad idea to let your GODDESS know what you fear and hate the most, specially if you tend to be disobedient. 

This dumb, old, dinosaur fart decided to disobey my direct orders. I told this slave not to touch his pathetic little dick until I told him he was allowed to. Wellll he decided to, "touch it a little" and "cum a little." Whatever the fuck that means.Then this stupid, rusty, old dick had the BALLS to tell me he ignored my orders and did exactly what I told him not to do... Even worse, his ignorant ass then said, "YOU SHOULD HAVE LOCKED ME UP!"

WTF?!?!?!? He should know better than to disobey me. YOU NEVER DISOBEY A GODDESSspecially if she owns you!!!

Sooooo As his punishment, I had to make sure his balls would hurt soooo bad that he wouldn't even think about touching himself for a long time. LOL!!!!

Enjoy this clip at MY SLAVE'S expense. I know I thoroughly enjoyed making it. Hehehehe 

Don't never, ever, EVER DISOBEY ME!


Goddess Platinum

Great Balls of Fire

While introducing Goddess Maci to the amazing life of being a Mean Girl, we had to show her some of the creatively fun ways we torture our pathetic slaves.

Today's torture involves a ball shocker fastened very tightly around my geezer slave's scrotum, and an electrical chastity device snuggly locked onto my bald slave's tiny dick. Annnnnnd we all know that out of ALL OF OUR SLAVES, these 2 hate CBT the most. LOL!

This is GODDESS MACI'S (PRINCESS AMBER'S FOR REAL, REAL LIFE LITTLE SISTER) very first time at the Mean Girl Manor. Goddess Maci just finally turned 18 years old, 2 days ago!!! Princess Amber has been telling her little sister all about life as a Mean Girl for over a year. Goddess Maci had been counting down the days till she turned 18, from the very first time Princess Amber told her how much fun we have everyday living our GLAMOROUS lives as Mean Girls.

I have never seen Goddess Maci have more fun before today. The huge smile on her face and the adorable giggles she let out every time she shocked my old geezer slave's balls. LOL! 

Goddess Maci absolutely loved torturing my geezer slave and actually made fun of him all day. Goddess Maci was ripping on geezer all day about how pathetic his life is and how humiliating it must be since he's like a million years old, and had his balls tortured and fried by a hot young GODDESS THAT LITERALLY JUST TURNED 18. Hahahaha     Goddess Maci was totally born to be a Mean Girl!!!

It was so much fun watching Princess Amber torture her least favourite slave with our brand new ELECTRIC CHASTITY DEVICE.Every time she would shoot the electric currents through that slaves sad little dick and he was freaking out, her eyes lit up and she was laughing soooooo hard.  

The slaves were in sooooooo much pain. Watch their facial expressions every time we light them up. LOL! They said it felt like they stuck their cock and balls into an electrical outlet. Oh well, we could just fry them right off, it's not like they will ever get a chance to use them with a real woman. HAhaha

Come laugh at our pathetic slaves being tortured just for our entertainment.


Swallow the Evidence, Virgin!

So I've recently moved you into the new Mean Girls Mansion as My live-in slave. That is all compromised when I come home early and hear you jerking off to MY CLIPS! I can't wait to tell the other Mean Girls what you've been doing to satisfy your urges LOL. Wait - you don't want Me to tell anyone you're a hand-humping weirdo? Well, there's only one way to get rid of the evidence... 

Finally 18

OMG!!!!! Princess Amber’s FOR REAL, REAL LIFE SISTERis FINALLY 18! 

Meet Goddess Maci, our newest Mean Girl!!!

Goddess Maci finally turned 18, two days ago. The time has finally come... I finally have my 2 gorgeous nieces both in Mean Girls with me. I'M SOOOOO EXCITED!!!

 I had to film right from the moment Princess Amber arrived with Goddess Maci. I was so excited for her to finally get to try out The Mean Girl lifestyle. 

Princess Amber had been telling Goddess Maci all about what goes on at the manor but it's kinda hard to believe it till you actually get to experience it. THIS IS ALL REAL!

I had 4 of our top slaves kneeling, waiting in the front room of the house. We didn't do one specific fetish at first, we started off with a fun mix and showed Goddess Maci how truly pathetic but very obedient our slaves are. LOL!

Goddess Maci was able to have her high heels cleaned after stepping in what she thinks was k9 craap. lol! Then the slave was allowed to worship Princess Amber's amazing red High heels

Then we had to humiliate our fat slave, like always! Hahaha We did some slave/ pooch training, played fetch... then we made him beg us to keep using and abusing him. LOL! I'm sure he was just happy we weren't beating him, YET!

Then we humiliated the other 2 for a while... we all used one as furniture, did obedience training,  made geezer show off his training panties, then wear them on his head. Bahaha It was so awesome seeing how shocked and empowered Goddess Maci was. It didn't matter what Princess Amber told her, seeing is believing. Goddess Maci was finally able to witness just how truly pathetic these its areHow these slaves will do and take anything just to be around us because we are their reason for living.

I think the best part of today was watching the FINALLY 18 YEAR OLD GODDESS MACI realize as a beautiful Goddess, she has amazing power over all these pathetic men. By the end of the day Goddess Maci was ready to go home, pack her bags and move into the Mean Girl Manor!!!

In Hot Water Again

I swear this fatuseless slave is soooooo stupid. He can never do anything right. 

Sometimes I wonder why I even keep this loser as my slave... But then I remember how much I love beating him and kicking him in his giant balls all the time. You know when I first decided to claim this slave, his balls weren't this big. I think they stay a little more perma swollen every time I SMASH THEM WITH MY FEET REPEATEDLY! LOL!!!! 

I bet you're wondering what this fuck-up did this time... It's more like what didn't he do. Ugh!!! This lazy ass knew I had a hot date with this super sexy, insanely ripped REAL MANwho also happens to have A HUGE COCK. He knew I wanted to spend all day getting ready to make sure I look perfect, LIKE ALWAYS... and he knew the hot water heater needed to be fixed last night. But do you think his pea sized brain could figure it out? NOPE! This walrus looking mofo probably didn't even try to fix it, he was probably too busy stuffing his fat ugly face with food like always.

Once again I have to teach him a lesson. I need to make sure he FEELS how upset and disappointed I am AGAIN. I figured maybe if I kick him in the balls hard enough, just maybe his brain will start to work. Lol!!! I'm sure he's too brain dedd for it to work but at least I can take all my anger out by busting his balls and I will be in amazing mood by the time my hot date picks me up.

Watch this clip to see if I actually kick some sense into him or break his balls right off by cunt punting him so hard. Hahaha

A Hard Wallet-Fuck

Usually, you're sensible brain keeps your findom fetish under control, but lately you need to give me more and more to feel anything! I know what you need- you need a HARD wallet fucking. Because unfortunately for you, an "average" wallet fucking just doesn’t do it for you anymore. You try to quell your cravings with meager little $20 tributes here and there but it’s just not enough to get you off. You need it HARDCORE and taken to the next level. So today, I'm going to do you a favor and give you that hard-to-achieve orgasm you've been yearning for! Let me tell you what your dumb ass is going to do for me today... 

Foot Job Torture

Have you ever thought about what you'd be willing to give up for just one foot job from My Perfect feet?! Of course you have, LOSER...

Now try to imagine how far you'd go after months of COMPLETEorgasm denial, being locked in chastity and literally chained to the foot of my bed. That's exactly what I did to one of my personal slaves.

Teased, tormented and denied by my gorgeous toes, I start to play a little game to see just how weak this loser really is. I start asking sking how many months of total denial he is willing to suffer through for just one little release from my feet...Needless to say he gives up ALOT! 

And how do I return his commitment to such long term denial??  By RUINING his one little orgasm before locking his cock back in chastity for a VERY long time.

I never agreed to letting him enjoy the foot job did I? Lol! 

The funniest part is, by the time I have him on the very edge of orgasm at the end of the video, I make him agree to such a long time in chastity if I let him orgasm, that he is literally begging me not to make him cum! 

But at that point my perfect feet have complete his orgasm is MY decision now!  And it looks really painful too when I pull my foot away at the first sign of his cum...the way his rock-hard erection just starts "twitching in the wind" as he BEGS for me to keep touching it...LOL! 

Oh well, too bad!  And it will be a looong time until his next one!  Haha      


Forced to Worship My Feet

So you don't really "like" feet, huh?  You aren't one of those "foot weirdos"?  Well, guess what?  You WILL be- I will make sure of it!  Now that I have you locked into this device that I had built into the "foot" of my bed (pun completely intended) you will learn to love feet, my new slave.  

In fact, MY feet are going to become your life.  You will learn to love them.  Why?  Because they will be forced down your throat 24/7 from now on until you love them, that's why!

Now watch the clip to hear every detail of how I am going to FORCE you into accepting this new reality of your pathetic life at the foot of my bed...

Mean Girls Incorporated- The Beatings Will Continue Until Moral Improves

Amber is Vice President of Mean Girls Incorporated.  Mia is interviewing to be the new "Head of Slave Motivation"

Amber explains how things work around here, which is basically that all of the "grunt work" is done by losers that we use as legit slave labor.  Amber asks Mia how she thinks she would "motivate" the slave labor workforce here at Mean Girls Incorporated to work HARDER and MAKE US MORE MONEY.  Mia says "That's easy- just BEAT them harder!"

Sounds like a pretty reasonable plan!  So Amber takes Mia over to one of the cubicles where she has a slave is working for her right now.  Amber explains that sales were down this month and blames the slave. 

Mia notices right away that this idiot is sitting in a chair- well, we will NOT be having any more of that!  Slaves don't get to sit in chairs.  Chairs are for PEOPLE.  And slaves are NOT "people".  Mia even has some other suggestions for how to motivate this slave.  (She explains that the more uncomfortable the slave is, the harder it will work.)  

Then Mia begins to use her cane, and the beating begins...and this slave better WORK HARDER and also learn to THANK its new "Boss" as she beats it!!!

$500 Beating


A 65-year-old man that wanted a "real 100% no-mercy beatdown" with bullwhips by cruel 22-year-old Princess Carmela until he was completely broken and begging for mercy.  He literally offered Carmela $1000 if she could "make him cry"!  So Carmela and I were both happy to accept that challenge!


The Family Business

Since my niece Amber has come aboard with our "family business" of owning & beating slaves for Our profit, we have been having weekly meetings to discuss our upcoming clips, etc.  At this meeting though, we discussed whether we think Our current crop of house/video slaves are as appreciative as they should be to be in the lives of such powerful, beautiful women.  (Even if we dobeat the tar out of them regularly and treat them literally like dirt 24/7. LOL)

Princess Amber and I decide to call in 2 of our regular losers and make sure they realize how fucking lucky they are.  We inform them that we get hundreds of emails weekly from pathetic men that feel their lives are meaningless unless they can be owned and used by the Mean Girls and these 2 idiots could be dismissed from our lives at the snap of our fingers if we feel like it. 

We make these pathetic pieces of human garbage worship at our feet and literally beg us not to get rid of them!

Did they convince us of their sincerity or did we cut them loose...?  Watch this clip and see...

Serving A Spoiled Pop Star

*(Paid Custom Clip)*

Amber is a mega-famous (and super spoiled!) pop star.  She has legions of fans that literally worship her everywhere she goes. 

Every once in a while she opens up an opportunity to her fans that follow her on Twitter to win a chance to be "a part of her life" and be around her- as her personal assistant.  She just simply sends out a tweet to her millions of followers- and she receives thousands of desperate responses from (mostly) male admirers literally begging to do anything for her.

She just simply picks the most pathetic one, brings them in, and then runs them ragged working for her.  She treats them like absolute dirt and works them like a daawgg until they are all used up.  Then she simply discards them and replaces them with another one! 

Her longtime manager has seen her do this to hundreds of old losers already...but there are always more of them in her fan base just waiting and begging for her to use them next!

This fat loser is the latest, "fan"...that Popstar Amber has brought in to her dressing room and given the "chance of a lifetime" to meet her- and basically wait on her hand & foot.  And she fully believes that he is SO lucky to be allowed to do this...

Interviewer Bias

*(Paid Custom Clip)*

Ms. Platinum is the hiring manager at a major Fortune 500 corporation.  She brings in two candidates to interview for the same management position, and the two candidates find out that they have to interview with her at the same time in her office!  

One is an Ivy League educated man in his 40s with tons of business experience, and the other looks like she is just a spoiled-rotten 19 year old girl with barely a high school education!  

When the man arrives to see this hot young girl sitting in the only interview seat in the office, he can't believe it.  Miss Platinum indicates that he can "just kneel" in front of her desk for the interview- while the female candidate gets to sit with dignity in a chair.  He is mortified!  But after meekly complaining about this kind of treatment not being acceptable, he begrudgingly complies.

Unfortunately for him, it only gets worse from there. 

This company apparently has zero respect for male employees and actually openly discourages the hiring of them!  Women have the advantage now in the workplace, and they are hired for allupper management positions, no matter how young or unqualified they may be- as long as they are hot.

And his competition for this job - "Miss Amber" - is definitely HOT.  She quickly realizes that she has this job in the bag once her and Miss Platinum start talking and getting along wonderfully.  Soon she is teaming up with Miss Platinum to completely degrade this old loser during the interview!  The old man is made to literally strip naked, gets openly mocked by both women- and then even made to rub his young female competitor's feet!

SPOILER ALERT:  "Miss Amber" gets offered a CEO-level position!  And she ends up asking Miss Platinum if she can keep the old man on staff as her "personal assistant" just to she can keep bossing him around!  She even decides to make him suffer the indignity of being used as a HUMAN FOOTSTOOL for her while she is sitting in Miss Platinum's office chatting with her about her new job...and comments that "maybe this is something she will use him for on a regular basis!"

(Watch the clip to see how badly this 19 year old girl ends up degrading this old man that is literally twice her age, once she realizes that she can get away with it!)  SUPER HOT CLIP!

Face Busting Fun

This is pretty straight-forward.  We just think this slave of ours is SO ugly!  So Queen Grace and I laugh about how we just want to literally kick it in its ugly face!  So...we do just that! 

Why not??  Its a SLAVE and we can do whatever we want to it!  So we make it position itself on its hands and knees between us, and literally "present its ugly face to us"- so we can KICK it! 

And then we simply take turns stomping on its face and kicking its head back and forth like a soccer ball! 

These are some HARD kicks and stomps to the head too! 

Poor slave was so dizzy and disoriented by the end of us kicking it around.  We just thought it was funny and walked off, leaving it there on its hands and knees, just "dazed & confused"...while it waits for the next Mean Girl to walk by and decide on a whim to abuse it for her amusement!

-Goddess Platinum