Elmo's Disappointing Dick Dysfunction

It is utterly unbelievable what these things at the Manor will do for a bit of attention. Check out this bitch ass white boy with his scrawny tickle-me-Micro-penis as it tries to show Princess Amber and I how much it adores and worships Us as it makes a puny puppy worship puddle at Our perfect feet.  The thing begs like a mutt to be allowed to touch itself and We rip it apart as it finally does, Amber even shoves Her stinky heels into its face as it frantically slaps its stupid stick. 

And this gross little sub-human strokes away until We decide to lock it back up and leave it in a corner to rot.  Get the clip to see what happened and why this sad little sucker got sent the fuck home like the bitch it was without ever getting to "pop" at the Mean Girl Manor. (Cuz Girls run the WORLD bitch...)

$$$ Goddess Draya $$$

Red Roasted Ginger

It's always so great visiting the Manor, because there are no stupid rules about what We can use the slaves for. And when I decided to take a quick swim in the pool, seeing the pathetic pasty bleach-white-ass-ginger sitting next to the door to the back patio, My mind had all sorts of ideas of things to do with it to torture and antagonize it.  Like what else does it actually have to do anyway, other than what I want it to do?  Ummmm, Nothing... LOL

So I had this disgusting thing grab Me a towel, and dragged it outside to use while I had My fun.  After getting situated and comfortable in My recliner and ready to enjoy the beautiful day here in Vegas, I locked the nasty little white thing to the huge heavy wooden stockade out on the patio and set to enjoying My day.  (Mind you I already have a gorgeous bronze base tan and this disaster of a thing has about as much color as a Xeroxed worksheet...) But that's not My problem...  And really, being the fun friend I am, I even let the thing use an old bikini top I found lying around so it could protect its sensitive nipples from the sun....  HAHAHA

So get a real glimpse into what it's like to be a full time slave at the Manor like this pathetic ginger, as this clip is a perfect little mini-view of how different every day can be at the Manor.  One day you're getting trampled on and your balls zapped off, and the next your handcuffed to a several hundred pound wooden torture device, on a 100 plus degree pool patio, and left outside slathered in baby oil to crisp and cook up while your Superiors swim right in front of you... and then even take the time to reinforce the lesson by beating your ass to really enhance the brightness of the coloring the sun already added to your loser self... 

Hahaha, it's all about who you know loser... and even though W/we might both know the Mean Girls, when I visit the Manor, I get treated so much better than you pathetic bitches could ever hope for....  

Goddess Asia

Covid-19 Converse Contamination

***Paid Custom Clip for AMG Member***
Princess Amber has been visiting her grampa in the "Covid Ward" of the local hospital. They even made her wear this stupid ugly HAZMAT suit because this stuff is supposed to be sooo life threatening. However, Princess noticed that the bottom of her favorite Converse sneakers were exposed to the germs! Especially since she stepped in all kinds of NASTY stuff in the hospital! Like, there were warning signs everywhere, and she even stepped ring INTO a puddle of some "gunk" that may have been like a spilled covid urine sample bottle or something? She wasn't sure, but there were people in hazmat suits scurrying to clean it right after she walked through it...Anyway, she wants the bottom of her Converse CLEANED!!

So she calls in her slave who is like SOOOO in "love" with her...even though the old pathetic losers knows all it can ever be to her is a SLAVE. She explains to the slave's face where she has been all day in GREAT detail. The slave is scared. Then she puts her foot out and commands her devoted slave to PROVE to her how much it "loves" her! And it will prove it by LICKING THE COVID OFF THE SOLES OF HER CONVERSE!!!!

All while she casually relaxes like a total spoiled brat and mocks the old loser because he is probably "like sooo vulnerable to the disease coz he is like sooo old.." and she just LAUGHS about it! She begins literally RAMMING her old, dirty shoes down its throat...the old man obviously means NOTHING to her. She thinks it is sooo funny to degrade - and even INFECT - him like this.

And the loser will just TAKE it from her. Why?? Well, just LOOK at Princess Amber! She is perfection...and she KNOWS it!

No Asylum Trample [PIP: Picture-in-Picture]


Can you believe She had two cameras running the whole time while We stomped on this little, weird, communist, foreigner slave She had in from the Czech Republic (or some other weird pretend-Kremlin place over there... ick...)  whatever... I get grossed out even just thinking about where these things We stomp on come from beforehand... like, how gross is it that We have to stand on some disgusting piece of floor trash from the evil empire.. as if this thing deserves a place in Our World or Society except as the trash as it is Under Our Spiked Heels as We Dig Them In CONSTANTLY!!!!

Yeah, so point being, We abuse and trash this third world import.  It gets the spike and abuse treatment beneath Our heels before We give it a bit of a break with Our bare feet (but that doesn't necessarily make things easier.  Hahaha loser.)

Watch as We exploit the hell out of this thing and get it ready to be sent back to whatever "S**T-HOLE" country it came from... and the whole time get to see every single bit of the action from the up close shots of Our heels completely crushing into its saggy body, and how it squirms under Our spikes...  HAHAHA

Get this first ever Mean Girls PIP clip now bitch boy and show Us you appreciate Our hard work abusing you things like the worthless little wannabe American, begging to be Our bitches, deplorable deportables you are.... LOL

<3 Princess Amber <3


***This clip is shot with 2 cameras capturing all the action at the same time- one camera angle shows our full bodies standing on the slave, and the other (main) camera is zoomed-in on our STILETTO HEELS digging DEEP into the slave's flesh beneath us!!  We are trying this "picture-in-picture" thing for the first time in a trample clip, so let us know if you like it!  The slave really suffered for Us in this clip as we stomped all over him, and kept our heels on almost the entire time while we held him down and just laughed at him while he seemed to be in agony underneath Us!

Inhale My Hosed Toes

Gawd, these stupid losers will do nearly anything at all for the slightest bit of attention from Us Mean Girls.  This old crotchety thing was laying there like a worthless old ass floor mat when I came back in from an afternoon in the Vegas Summer Heat rocking these kick-ass completely see through booties that just drive suckers everywhere wild... LOL... so of course My feet are absolutely soaked with sweat, so much so that I actually pour the wetness out into this loser's face...  and then the nylons wrapped around its ugliness so We don't have to see it's face become the perfect little trap to hold in all My feet's sweat and nastiness and let Me grind and rub it into this pathetic piece of trash's face over and over again...  HAHAHAHA loser... you're nothing but the worthless thing beneath the soles of My perfect feet... don't you ever think you could be anything more.

<3Princess Amber <3

Watch Me Pummel Our Plump Porky Pig

I went over to the Mean Girl Manor to hang out with Platinum for the day. I got super excited when Platinum told me she was going to teach me how to cane submissive freaks- annnnnnddddd she was going to let me cane her "fat piggy slave"... Can you blame me? Fuck, there is no missing with a target that humongous! LOL!

This clip is ***BRUTAL***!!!  You might even feel bad for "Porky" as we beat this fucking freak- unfortunately for him, WE don't!  HAHA

Enjoy loser!!!!!

***Queen Simone***

Students Smack Down Stupid Stinky Substitute

Can you believe the fools they allow to teach classes these days?  This senior citizen was up mumbling on about some nonsense none of Us wanted to hear about.  And it's old ass just kept talking. So We took to doing what We do best, and beating the hell out of it's old stupid stinky ass. Oh, and of course We did it the whole time in these little, plaid, short skirted outfits, all the better to warp the minds of you pliable ass old men out there. So pay up again piggie, show Us how well you can obey... HAHAHAHAHA... 

$$$ Goddess Draya $$

First Steps To Full Time Slavery

At one in the morning in the Manor, I get to handling some of the last business of the day; getting in a nightly workout beating the hell out of a slave... and this isn't an ordinary beatdown, this is the first of many trials for this ugly ginger thing as it tries to become the newest live in slave at the Manor.  This thing wants to move in and is desperately hoping to serve as Goddess Draya's newest bitch, but before any loser gets a chance to serve any of the Girls here at the Manor, they need to have My approval and permission to start the process.   Because I am the HBIC!

Check out the process as I work this sad little loser over and over and over with the various whips, canes, crops, and paddles I had in My treasure chest.  See if this freak makes it to Round Two of the ass-kicking as it tries to become a new Mean Girl Manor Live-in bitch... It hopes to one day serve Goddess Draya full-time. LOL! Not sure that will ever happen.

Goddess Platinum

Chastity Release Review

This poor slave. It has basically given up its life to live at Mean Girl Manor and serve Us. It has given Us all its money, and all the money it earns from now on goes to Us. It spends its days serving us hand & foot 24/7. And we treat it like absolute garbage 24/7 too. But to make sure it is 100% compliant no matter HOW badly we treat it, or how hard we work it, we have it locked up in chastity. I have been holding its key for quite awhile now. And it is like soooo desperate for a release...

But the thing is, it needs to PAY to be released! And it is out of money coz WE take it all! Haha. So it basically comes down to how much it is willing to go into DEBT just to have its pathetic little cock released so it can tug on it for a few minutes lol. OMG males are so fucking pathetic...but this makes it SO easy for me to get a shopping spree paid for! So I'm not complaining.

And today is "that day". It has been a good several months since I even considered releasing the slave last time. The loser starts whimpering at my feet, mumbling something about it being "the 1st of the month". At first I don't even know what the fuck the idiot is mumbling about. But then I remember, "Oh YEAH, isn't this supposed to be the day I review your performance to see if I will grant you a release from chastity for a few minutes??"

The slave is like SO ecstatic that I even remembered.

Then I tell the slave that we will have to play a little "game" to see if it will be released...haha. The poor slave seems distressed because it knows that my "games" always end up costing him- not just his money, but his pride, his dignity, his credit score. But it makes it entertaining for ME- and that is all I care about.

I make the slave go fetch ALL his credit cards and kneel back at My feet. As I am using the top of its head like a human footstool, and dangling one of my Louboutin stilettos off the tip of my toe right in front of its loser face just to tease it, I explain the rules of the "game". I will run through ALL of its credit cards, attempting to purchase this REALLY expensive NEW pair of Louboutins online. IF one of the slave's credit cards goes through, the slave will get released! If not, well...its "six more months of winter" for the slave's poor, locked up balls. Haha

Watch the clip to see if the slave gets released or not! (HINT: I am EXTRA cruel to the slave...and it is COMPLETELY BROKEN at the end! Haha)

<3 Princess Amber <3

Ballbusting for Twitter Tributes

So I am sitting on the Throne at Mean Girl Manor and decide to do a live feed for all my fans on Twitter. I have a slave kneeling at my feet, per the usual around Mean Girl Manor.

Then I have a GREAT idea! I will use the slave's BALLS to kick as MUCH AS I WANT for my fans! AND I will make $$$ from it!! I decide for every $5 tribute I get, I will kick my slave in the balls! Isn't that a GREAT idea?? What a great way to use a slave to make $$$!!!

Watch the clip to see how it goes! (These are some REALLY hard kicks btw! Imagine how hard I would kick it for a $100 tribute! LOL!) I made pretty good money though! Not to mention the $$$ I will make from this clip starts selling like crazy! LOL

Let me know if you want me to do more live-feed stuff like this, losers. Or I can even tell other Mean Girls to do it using Our house slaves. We are thinking about doing more live streaming us to abuse these freaks live! Haha

<3 Princess Amber <3

This Is My World Bitch

It's my world bitches... you're just a squirrel, tryin' to get a nut... and that's doubly true at the Mean Girl Manor losers...  LMFAO! 

As I'm sitting on the Throne, there are three pathetic bitches kneeling on the floor dying to be of use to Me... so of course I'm gonna have some fun with them and show them how pathetic they are and how out of their world I am...  I start off calling them all up in front of Me, questioning them, belittling them, treating them like the brainless dolts they are.. (you beta bitches are a dime a dozen...)

I watch them tell Me how perfect I am, how honored they are to be at My feet, and how they would literally do anything to be of use to Me...  after the first one nearly chokes himself trying to get out 1,000 words in 30 seconds, the next one sounds like its nearly in the grave speaking so slow I have to start whacking it with My crop to get it to finish its monotonous bullshit..  then the new lil teeny-slave rounded out the herd of idiots with something that sounded like a fetish haiku of adoration... lol..   

And each of these freaks wants so badly to be of use to Me, I can simply play them off one another...

:: Hey old man, are you really going to let this teen mother fucker beat you with his purple prose? 

:: Wow, do slaves really lose all their intelligence when they lose their hair? 

:: Wait, young bitch, do you really only work one job when each of these old coots has three?

How fucking pathetic... all three of these fools begging and trying to one up each other for the chance to lick the soles of My shoes or taste the sweat between My toes...   fucking peasant and fossils...  what a joke... 

So I return to the Q and A as an easy excuse to insult and beat them more...  (Did you really think anything a slave says is ever the RIGHT ANSWER??? Ummm, that'd be a NO...)

Question, Insult, Beat, Repeat...

Maybe that'll become My new Mean Girl Motto.. but they keep trying, and I keep insulting and beating... HAHAHA.. and sure enough they are addicted as within minutes the furry ass teen slave is already asking if it can take off My heels and get a closer look at My Divine Feet...  

Howsa bout NO slave bitch....  I say when things happen, and you rushing and pushing things is going to get your ass corrected, insulted, and beat more... 

Then the stupid old fossil chimes in and gives a random speech about what its learned in the million years it has been on earth and thinks that might be enough to remove My heels... Nope, Strike Two... how about the middle-aged bald ass mole rat... nope, he gets more retarded with every answer...

My level of disgust with these idiots is approaching a level none of them wants to see so the senior citizen tries to lighten the mood by offering to show Me its ass...  OH HELL NO GRANDPA...  why the fuck would I want to see that???  Oh, because Goddess Platinum tattooed and branded your stupid geriatric ass.. Mhm...  exactly, you bitches are fucking cattle to Us... 

My God, how does anyone put up with these losers if they aren't beating them or kicking their balls into their throat??? After dealing with old man ass shaking it like he was Twerking I decided to smack his fresh injuries with My crop a few times and he promptly promised Me I could tattoo his forehead or brand his body anywhere I wanted.. 

And of course a promise like that raised the stakes across the board..  next thing a slave is deep throating My heel showing how it could make Me money with its mouth (yep, definitely pathetic...) and they kept going until I decided to change things up and really put them to the test...  what happens when the heels come off....  HAHAHA.... work little bitches... work for your Deity.... LOL

I dumped the stank old coot first and sent him to kneel with his nose against the wall.. leaving the ugly teenage Clark Kent versus the middle age mole rat... bitch versus bitch for the title of Goddess Draya's Best Little Foot Faggot.. (I mean do you really think either one of these losers actually ever touches a woman if it isn't licking Her feet?) And that's exactly what they did for Me... massaging, then kissing, then full foot worship to doing anything and everything I say exactly when and how I say it... 

But guess what, even slaves can occasionally surprise a Goddess...  One of these two idiots had an "Ace in the Hole" with a new way to pamper My feet that I had never even considered.. and that advantage put him well in the lead... (Meanwhile, grandpa continued decomposing against the wall hoping for the afterlife to come and steal him away from his humiliation..) Eventually only one loser remains, and it gets its reward... the true Heaven of time alone with My feet all to itself.. while the other loser joins the arthritic dinosaur with its nose to the wall...

Get the clip and see what you can expect no matter how good you think you are at being a submissive little slut for Mean Girls..  This clip runs over thirty minutes, and is loaded with verbal humiliation and degradation, loads of quick strike crops across loser bodies, and a full assortment of foot worship, fetish, and humiliation.... In other words, treating beta boys like the worthless trash they are..  

So click buy now, or add to cart, and make the purchase and make Me happy loser...  Chop chop... you need to hurry up and get this paid for and then go out and find yourself another job so you have enough money to keep Me as well paid as these losers do....

$$$ Goddess Draya $$$

Watch It Suffer For Its True Goddess

For those of you who have been waiting patiently for another one of Our "Instant Classic" beatdown clips, this one will definitely fit the bill....   HAHAHAHA....  it had been a decent while since this slave had had its ass kicked and utterly destroyed by Myself or any of the other Mean Girls, so We took a bit of time out of Our day to deliver the strong and swift ass kicking every slave needs now and again....

The clip starts with the loser restrained to a storage Ottoman We have in the basement at the Manor, and Ms. Dandy and Princess Mia situated on either side of it with canes in hand ready to get the show underway. From the time I give the go ahead, until the time this thing is utterly destroyed, well, let's just say it's something you have to see to believe.  

We haven't done a caning quite like this since Carmella beat the fuck out of the stinky, fat one when We were still shooting in California... (But this is even better than that, cuz what happens in Vegas, well, you know... lol)

Let Me explain how... first off, there is almost no "lead in" to this clip...  no long dialog before the action gets started or no setting up the backstory of why this loser is getting beat.  The clips is just a straight away ass-beating, by two perfect Mean Girls who haven't gotten to really destroy a slave in the few weeks leading up to this clip being filmed...  

I mean, within the first two minutes of filming, the Girls had already crushed Their canes into this loser's body over 40 times, used four different canes (two each), and broken one of the bamboo canes somewhere across this thing's back or legs...   AND THEY WERE ONLY JUST GETTING STARTED...

It only got worse from there...  I lost count when they hit him for the hundredth time at what seemed like only another minute or two after the first broken cane went flying...   OMG, They absolutely destroyed this thing... and They did so with nearly every single cane We have in the arsenal, including the huge birchwood cane that is wrapped in rubber and over 6" tall...  talk about a violent and vicious cane, that thing is brutal by itself... it's nearly fateful when wielded by Ms. Dandy who is the tallest (and possibly strongest) Mean Girl by far...  

In addition to crushing the thing with canes We had never used on anyone prior to this clip, I also gave the Girls access to the most ridiculously painful canes We have; two simple short black canes made from Walnut and Hickory that are 3/8 and 7/16 in diameter respectively...  After the birch behemoth and the smaller vicious hardwoods, this thing was absolutely pulverized; its back and ass to the looking more like a tenderized piece of meat for the BBQ than a person, when the abuse was over.  

And how long do you think this thing took the ass kicking?  Two or three minutes like the little bitches that always write in begging to be Our film slave and then run away as soon as they get hit the first time or two? No, I already mentioned the thing had gotten hit over 40 times with four different canes and had one broke over its back in the first few minutes alone.  Five minutes maybe?  Nope, this bitch knows better and has been through some of the most vicious beatings on Our sites/stores...  And at roughly five minutes in the girls had gone through some 8 variety of canes and smashed them into this pathetic little bitch nearly 100 times...  

No loser, this clip wasn't some short brutal ass beating.  It was a long, unrelenting, unyielding, unbelievable ass kicking by two Mean Girls that wanted nothing more than to kick the hell out of a worthless slave and leave Their marks all over its pathetic body.  As I'm filming (mostly off-camera), you can hear Me interrogating the slave and reminding it who owns it.  At one point I even ask it about its former owner, a previous Mean Girl well renowned for destroying Her slaves and beating them senseless from the outset...  

And what do you think this pathetic bitch had to say when asked about its former Princess?  Hmmmm... ??? Give up... ???  NOTHING...   its stupid ass was so destroyed, broken, clueless, and writhing from the pain, that it professed to not even remember the name of the Princess that formerly owned it... 

So now you understand what I mean when I say that this clip is an instant classic of Mean Girl ass beating and merciless caning of a loser none of Us give the slightest fuck about.  Watch a loser scream and cry out (until We tell it not to make a noise and not to squirm at all.....HAHAHAHA) as its body gets tenderized and smashed to hell by two Gorgeous Girls that absolutely don't give a damn what happens to it...  

Ms Dandy repeatedly takes turns using Her cane as a drumstick to whack the loser as fast and often as She can, while Princess Mia ruthlessly takes different implements to this thing's back and ass right over areas that Dandy has just destroyed.. all of which lead to a grossly damaged and ridiculously broken loser...  

But oh well bitch boy, We don't treat slaves like a valuable commodity here as they are all replaceable little betas that are in abundance throughout the world.   This is just one more example of how quickly something can go from healthy and functional, to abjectly ruined and wholly violated in less than a quarter hour at the Mean Girl Manor.

Goddess Platinum

UGG-ly Foot Slave

Goddess Asia has just come back by the Manor following a loooong day of shopping. While She was gone, She left the Mean Girl Manor "live-in house slaves" literally withering out in the hot sun on the blistering hot pavement waiting for Her return. (Goddess Asia has been staying as a house guest at Mean Girl Manor for the past few days and has been LOVING the various amenities and benefits, especially the fun of having as many slaves as She wants so there's always another waiting if She breaks or ruins any one of the things...)

When Goddess Asia sits down (in the SHADE, of course) to consider what She wants to do next to the pathetic things that have been left kneeling on the hot pavement all day, She adds to their torment by reminding them that she has been wearing an Old Worn Pair of Nylons inside Her Hot, Sweaty, and Utterly Unbearably pair of UGGS All Day as She walked around shopping in the Las Vegas Heat!!! 

The slaves are all squirming on the pavement now, and it's not just because of the sun beating down on their worthless bodies... It's because they all might have the chance to fulfill the pathetic desires that stupid losers have to lick a Goddess' feet and towel in some hope they might actually be of some use to Her...

She sits down and after laughing at how sad and worthless each of them are, She makes them BEG to worship her ever so perfect feet. Whoever She picks will not only get to taste and smell Her perfect size 7 feet, but they will finally get relief from the blistering hot sun that has been beating down on them for hours!

She picks Her favorite piggie... the one that handed over his credit card to Her for Her shopping trip earlier that day! If only he knew how much this little treat cost him... Well, he will find out when the credit card bill comes at the end of the month! LOL

But as any slave knows, licking the filth off the soles of Goddess Asia's Uggs, sniffing Her warm nylons, and tasting the salty sweat from Her perfect bare feet is PRICELESS. And that is absolutely the best thing any loser residing at the Manor could hope for in its life....

Goddess Platinum Breaks Balls With Her Bare Feet

I swear, all of you weird little slaves and submissive boys never cease to amaze Me with how pathetic and worthless you are.  Goddess Platinum and I filmed this clip a few weeks after I moved into the Manor with one of the little in-house bitches that We keep in the corner of the downstairs living room… basically, We had both finished up Our day, and planned to head out for a drink or two, and this little helpless thing was just kneeling there in the corner as We talked about some of the things We haven’t yet done to slaves since I moved in….  And one of those things was barefoot ball busting…

As obvious as it is to anyone who watches Our videos that We regularly ball bust Our play things and losers, We generally do so in heels, boots, or some spiked pumps that will utterly destroy a loser’s balls.  But as fun as that is, there’s something completely different about the sound, the feel, and the thrill of laying into a loser’s worthless little sack with just the top of Your foot that makes the whole experience something totally different.   Instead of the colossal thud of a boot hitting it’s balls, the sound is more a fierce slap of skin on skin followed by a loser howling in pain and almost singing in falsetto….   HAHAHAHAHAHA……. It was so fucking hilarious to watch this pathetic thing cry out and squirm on the floor trying to get away from the next kick from from GP as I held it’s leash or kept it in place with My foot on it’s back…..   

And unlike with boots or heels, it’s easy to justify another kick, or another, or another when We are in bare feet…. Because unlike the spiked pumps which always result in bloooooody boy balls, bare feet simply redden them up like an apple, but since they aren’t bleeeedding, of course We’ll take another whack at them…. And that’s exactly how this clip goes….  I hold the loser and WHAM She kicks… I move it to another vulnerable position, and again SMASH, it’s balls get destroyed…. Bwahahahaha…. How fucking pathetic…. I pull it this way or that, and then Platinum’s foot smashes into it’s helpless little almonds…  over and over again as the little bitch cries out and flops on the floor like an anniimal dyyiing of seizure… but I mean c’mon, what else would you expect from Mean Girl’s???

And that is the entire point, these little bitch boys beg to be in Our presence and obviously We don’t care at all what happens to them….  So they are playthings for Our amusement and when We get bored of them they’re dismissed (if we aren’t dumping them somewhere in the desert)… 

And that’s exactly what happened to this sad worthless little thing… We lightened up the mood, and got Our laughs at how stupid you losers are by just destroying this thing countless times before We headed out for the night….  it’s needless man-cherries got drilled into it’s throat over and again as it begged Us to stop….  Of course We didn’t, but really, slaves don’t get to decide when the pain is done, We do…. And usually it isn’t anytime around when they’d like….  

So get the clip and see what slave nuts look like after they’ve been bashed in endlessly by the Queen of Mean Girl Ball Busting… you’ll get to see Me drag and push it around into each uncomfortable position for the “penalty kicks” She crushed into his sad sack…. and those kicks are all the more brutal because they completely resemble the unloading She would do on a soccer ball back when She spent Her years in school crushing a fully different kind of balls….  LOL…. 

By the end, this thing’s sad and ruined “slave fruit” is nothing more than a mashed up mess of swollen red shame… part of the price of admission if you want to serve the Mean Girls and live (and diiieee) at Our feet….  Either way, the world definitely will thank Us as this is one more little bitch that won’t be reproducing after the number We did on it’s nuts…. 

Later losers,

$$$ Goddess Draya $$$

Goddess Asia Squeezes Her Bad Day Away

Everyday at the Manor another surprise awaits the little losers that spend their every waking moment hoping to have an opportunity to be the object of Our abuse or the idiot We beat senseless for fun.  In this clip, our brand new honorary guest, Goddess Asia visits the Manor after dealing with several idiot men in a business meeting earlier in the day.  Of course the men in the meeting spent the majority of the time looking at Her incredible tight, toned, and tanned legs, and barely heard a word She said about the business issues She was there to discuss...  

So as She left the meeting She called Me and asked if there was a slave at the Manor She could come by and take out Her frustrations on.  And of course there's a slave for Her to abuse until Her heart's content anytime She wants to stop by the Mean Girl Manor...

Once She arrived, She found My helpless little naked mole rat kneeling in the corner of the living room waiting for any of Us to come by and make use of it. And after the morning She had dealing with idiot men who could hardly keep their dick in their pants, She wanted to kick some loser ass...

Within moments of walking into the room, She had taken My helpless little loser and locked Her incredible strong legs across the thing's neck and had turned it's entire head a deep shade of reddish-purple...  and things didn't get better from the loser from there...  She popped Her toned legs and nearly removed the loser's head outright, and switched back and forth between long straight leg locked scissors, to pulling the pathetic little things head right in next to Her body to figure four around it's neck cutting off whatever little oxygen it might have been able to get in the rare seconds She wasn't cranking on it's pathetic neck and loser slave body.... 

But if you thought just choking and scissoring a loser slave was enough for Asia, it definitely was not...  In between turning the bitch blue and laughing as it choked and coughed helplessly for air, She took regular breaks to beat the thing black and blue as well with a thick reinforced leather paddle that She pummeled off it's back, belly, legs, and anywhere else She could whack it...

It didn't take but 10 minutes of this ass kicking for the slave to be completely overwhelmed and nearly knocked out right there...  though obviously that earlier meeting had pissed Her off enough that She still wasn't done with this sad sack....  as it mumbled something incoherent She pushed it fully to the floor and placed Her right foot squarely across it's neck and then stood up and put the weight of Her entire body into cutting off this loser's ability to breathe...  I'm sure you can guess how this ends.... Hahahahaha....  (Well, at least bald, non-descript, generic ass white boys are a dime a dozen in Vegas and I'll have more to replace this one without anyone knowing any better...) 

Yes, I live a perfect life loser, I'm a Mean Girl...  and My friends even get the benefit of treating you little worthless idiots however They want to as well.... because your pathetic little loser beta life, is the kind of things that I'm willing to part with just to watch My close friends take out Her frustrations by removing you from the world......  LMFAO!!!!!!! 

Goddess Platinum

The Shining

Some of these freaks here at the Manor are literally nearly insane.  This overfed, and clearly overly mental odd ball has a major issue when it comes to "shiny objects" and Three Mean Girls in latex pushes all its buttons in a way that is not only pathetic, but generally fucking hilarious.  

After Goddess Platinum, Princess Amber and I had gotten ready to head out for the evening, We let this sad sack be Our pre-game amusement for the evening.  Already sitting in the corner of the living room where We last left it, this fool was locked into a straightjacket and helplessly mesmerized by the three of Us walking in.  

From the outset it was obvious how broken and stupid this thing was as it could really only say one word after seeing Us. But not like it is all the uncommon for most of you beta bitches to get all tripped up over your words and communication when any of Us are in front of you....  

We promptly took advantage and explooiited this loser further making it shine up Our latex with its mouth... then a rag in its mouth... then its mouth again. HAHahaha and the rag, that was a bonus, We shoved it in its big, fat mouth buff our latex, but it also helped us muffle its obnoxious, monotone, repetitive droning about how beautifully ~*"SHINY"*~ We all were.... 

This thing had the time of its life being used to prep Our outfits prior to Us going out and spending the night with REAL MEN...   too bad the little (actually not little at all HAHAHAHA) thing would never fit into that category and instead was stuck being just a disposable tool for Us to use...

But really, even at its worst, being used by Us is still the highlight of this piece of fecal matters life...  What else is it going to do ever with any woman, much less hot perfect Goddesses and Princesses like Us???  The answer there is absolutely nothing sucker, and that's just the sad pathetic reality all of you losers face when trying to worm your way into being permitted to be a part of Our lives...  

Nope bitches, you are all expendable and We will use you and throw you out like the trash you are...  you'll just hope to be so lucky as to get as close to Our perfect asses and bodies as this thing did before We locked it away again until the next time We feel like making use of it...   And maybe by then the thing won't have eaten for another week and will actually fit into its straightjacket...  Or maybe it will need tossed in a ditch in the desert...  Either way, We'll have Our fun, and this thing will continue to be nothing more than a prop and a piece of property that We use however We see fit....

$$$ Goddess Draya $$$

Goddess Draya's Very First Caning

So this is totally one of the most fun things to do at the Manor.  And I completely forgot to transfer this video back in December or so when We shot it.  Oops Me.  Not like you loser’s care when exactly the beat the hell out of Our slaves, but fwiw this was the very first time Goddess Draya was at the Manor and the first time She got to cane a slave.  So I totally walked Her through the process and showed Her how to bend these worthless little things to Her will…

Watch closely…. HAHAHAHA….. 

First I start by whacking the thing across it’s back a few times and then give Her a few cracks.  She starts a little easy and then I let Her know that these things are just worthless little bitches and show Her how to really nail it.  She tries again and the reaction is even more impressive.   The stupid little bitch howls out in pain and then immediately remembers to thank Us… 

Then since it is so fucking loud, I make sure to tell it to knock off the noise so We can really take out Our frustrations…. She and I both beat it awhile and it’s head still moves and the mouth opens but the retarded little thing is like a muted TV….. HILARIOUS!!!!!

Then GP makes a few comments about things from behind the camera and suggests that Goddess Draya and I have a competition to see which of Us can make it yell out first.  So We tell it to be completely silent, and then take turns trying to make it yell out.  Draya starts and whacks it hard across the legs and ass…. I crack it hard across the shoulders…. It jumped but remained silent…. Draya lays into it again, as do I…. And then another round and another….  How many times can you beat a slave  without it making a sound…..  If a slave yells in the forest and no one hears it, is it a noisy slave at all….. LOL….

We go multiple rounds, switching places, nailing it on the back, legs, ass and elsewhere….. and the thing flops and squirms but still remains silent…. The only thing you hear is the swish of air as the canes break the air and the slap as they land on its skin….. 

And time and time again it goes….. until it finally makes some noise….. and then We unload on it in rapid fire succession as it keeps noising it up….. 

Oh well slave…… how about We finish with both of Us nailing you at the same time…. So we did…..   and the pathetic thing still thanks Us for the effort…..  enough so that Draya even stops back for a last minute conversation with the thing….   

Anyway loser, think you could handle it?  Doubtful but feel free to come to the Manor and try….

XoXo Mistress Dandy oXoX


Amazon Crushes Teen Betas Face

What’s more fun than crushing and suffocating a little loser beta’s face…??? Crushing it with the incredible ass of a beautiful curvy Amazonian woman who has no time for little loser things like this for any other purpose than destroying them….. hahahaha

So this little loser teen slave has been stopping by the Manor to serve whenever it could get out of mommy and daddy’s house for an abusive “sleep-over” and this is part of what happened to it on it’s visit.  First I dragged the thing down into Our basement where no one could hear it’s yelps or muffled cries, and then I proceeded to have My way with it.  Smashing My perfect ass into it’s helpless loser face…. Time and again as the thing fought for air and gulp at every opportunity I wasn’t slowly taking it’s life from it….    LOL

I bounced over and again on this loser’s face, and then it’s body as I knocked the wind from it’s lungs as it struggled beneath Me.   The poor little restrained loser had no option but to lay there as I took out all My day’s frustrations on it’s beta-boy self… 

You’ll also hear Goddess Platinum making fun of the loser from behind camera as She films the action of this poor sap getting ridden hard, and put away broke…. LMFAO…


XoXo Mistress Dandy oXoX

Tag Team Deez Nutz

One of the most exciting things that happens at the Mean Girl Manor is when several of Us are at the house on the day a new slave shows up in the hopes of earning an opportunity to serve Us regularly.  These pathetic beta males all typically promise the same thing, “Anything You Want Princess…”  or “Whatever You Say Goddess…” and the vast majority fail miserably…. 

In this video, Goddess Platinum, Goddess Draya, and Myself we’re all spending an afternoon at the Manor when a brand new little slave boy appeared at the door begging to be given the opportunity to be of use to Us.  And while none of Us expected it to last very long… (I mean, just look at how malnourished and scrawny the thing looks)  every now and then, a new potential slave manages to do better than expected and makes things even more fun for Us….. 

So after allowing this pathetic thing in to the Manor, We stripped it down, slapped a collar and leash on it, and anchored it to the large pillar that separates the formal living room and the entryway with a ratcheting tie down…. This pathetic little thing remained naked on it’s hands and knees as We decided what We wanted to do with it. Aunt Platinum immediately suggested ball busting the thing as She loves the fear it strikes in losers when She crushes their balls with some of the most vicious kicks of any Mean Girl past or present…. When Draya suggested making it into a competition to determine who could break “Deez Nuts” the fastest and with the most power, the game was on and this poor pathetic little bitch had it’s fate sealed by Our excitement at getting to destroy this disposable thing just to see which of Us could hurt it the most….. HAHAHAHAHAHA…..

And yet all you stupid losers beg and beg and beg for Us to continue treating you like the waste of flesh you are….   it is really hard for Me to imagine how anyone could be so stupid and so pathetic as to think that it’s a good idea to come and visit Us at the Manor after they see all the videos where We utterly destroy any minimal amount of masculinity that these losers might have from the minute they walk in the door until the time We kick them out broken in both body and wallet…. 

But back to the clip and what happened to this clueless sack of humanity… as it was still on all fours, We told it that We would all be taking turns kicking and crushing its worthless baby beta balls for as long as We’d like… and to add to the competitive nature of the game, the loser would need to rate each and every kick on a ten scale as each of Us took Our turn…. Draya and I would try and beat Platinum’s score to see whether We had become as “deeeaadly” as everyone knows My Aunt is….  

Draya started the process delivering a swift kick to the things groin… as it curled over in pain it gave the first score, and I had My first shot on the loser…. The third kick was from My Auntie and after the first round We discussed upping the ante and adding a challenge for who could get the first “Perfect Ten…” 

Draya took Her second kick, as did I, and then Aunt Platinum.  We continued through multiple rounds while this pathetic creature kept getting it’s little package crushed only to hear Us laughing at it as it flopped on the ground like a fish out of water.  It cried out repeatedly and sounded at times like it was going to diiee, but the numbers for each round of kicks kept continually edging upwards until We had Our first TEN!!!  And guess who blasted this slaves balls so far into it’s throat that it awarded Her a Perfect Ten….???  Give up loser?  Well, then buy the clip and see….  And better yet, check out how many more times We kicked it even after reaching a perfect score…. But We can bitch boy, because We’re perfect, We’re Mean Girls, and We don’t give the slightest fuck about stupid losers and their pathetic useless balls.  As a matter of fact, We much prefer to destroy all losers balls to the point where none of you idiots could ever reproduce again….  

So as this thing lies crying on the floor, missing it’s manhood that We just kicked completely out of it, We stood it up yet again top take more abuse.   Kick, kick, kick, and the last rating it gave wasn’t even a TEN…. The thing just wailed and whined when We asked the score….   “Hard….. oh so hard…… it was so hard…. Oh my Goddess…. Princess…. Oh so hard…… “  and it kept whining and mumbling and making nonsense noises that probably might have sounded like words if the thing had any nuts left.  Too bad it didn’t, but that’s the price of serving the Mean Girls loser…. No one calls Us the Nice Girls, and this clip is a perfect example of why….  

So get one of the most brutal ball busting clips I can recall in My time as a Mean Girl…. Between My Aunt’s ferocious kicks, Draya’s love of smashing the hard pointed toe of Her heels into it’s nuts, and My willingness to make this thing beg Me to hurt it, this clip is one all Our ball busting fans should get.  It’s hotter than the summer swelter in Vegas this month and that is quite literally nearly as hot as it fucking gets….  

So click buy now like a good little bitch piggy and see what We’d do to you if you ever had enough guts to visit the Manor and take what Our loser slaves take….

Princess Amber 

Beautiful Goddess Draya Beats The Brand New Bitch

When a new little toy loser shows up at the Manor, it's a roll of the dice Who exactly will answer the door and introduce the thing to it's new role in life...  this hapless loser, met the Perfectly Petite and Exquisitely Exotic Goddess Draya and thought it had lucked out... as how bad could could such a small cute Girl really hurt it, when it is literally two or three times Her size...???  She couldn't really hurt such and oversized loser could She???


Look at the preview image loser and see how much She utterly destroyed this thing...  before it arrived at the Manor it assured Me that it would be able to handle whatever We dished out... it even indicated that it could, "act or play things up" if We needed it to for the clip, as if the ass kicking We give to every loser that walks through Our doors at the Manor isn't a legit ass beating that takes these things weeks to recover from...  No loser, the way things work around here is you exist for Our amusement and benefit...  We beat you when We want... We laugh at you when We want... and We kick your ass as hard, and as long, and as often as We want until We've had all the fun We wanted with you and then We kick you the fuck to the curb...  

So watch little Goddess Draya absolutely destroy this heap of human scum and see as it's face changes throughout the clip...  the initial smile and excited look to be around two hot Goddesses is quickly replaced with a face yelling out in pain, and scared at the lack of "acting" needed to demonstrate what an ass kicking looks like.   

Think you could do better bitch boi...???  I doubt it, and bet you'll never have the stones to try, but go ahead and pay to see what happens to every one of you losers who try to weasel your way into Our lives without being willing to realize the ass kicking isn't a ONE TIME THING.... IT'S AN ALWAYS THING LOSER, AND WE WILL BEAT YOUR ASS ENDLESSLY UNTIL YOU GIVE UP AND RUN AWAY LIKE EVERY ONE OF YOU BITCHES DOES...... 

HAHAHAhahahahaha.... but keep trying loser...  We love making beta-males an endangered species.....   LOL...

Goddess Platinum