Good Pain Slaves Get to Worship Feet

Good Pain Slaves Get to Worship Feet
We have just finished kicking this slave's balls up into its stomach.  It has learned its lesson and is showing a much better attitude.  So it is time to reward letting it lick our boots and feet.  We take it up onto the deck and let it grovel at our feet as any slave would love to do...  (Yes, this is 100% REAL.)


Cruella's Annimaal Cruelty

Cruella Platinum wants to make some shoes out of live pupees.  Specifically, Dalmations.  But when she tries to place an order with her favorite fashion designer, he refuses to skin pupees alive for her footwear!  OUTRAGEOUS!  Well, she will just need to take matters into her own hands then.  

It Deserves Spikes

Goddess Platinum and I are in the mood to kick a slave in the balls. I am finding that it is just SO much fun to command a grown "man" to stand there with its legs spread and simply LET you run up and kick it in the balls as hard as you want! Watching him crumble at your feet is so...empowering! We decided to cause some REAL fear in this slave though- by wearing shoes covered in SPIKES!

And this old loser STILL has to stand there like a fool and "spread 'em" whenever we command it to!! We kick it from the front AND back- so sometimes it doesn't even know when or where the kick is coming from! All he knows will be coming from a foot covered in SPIKES! Poor loser. And we literally make it THANK US for it afterward too! After all, I AM British- so I insist on slaves being ULTRA polite to me! No matter how badly I abuse them.

-Queen Grace

Whipped For An Attempted Escape

This slave has been kept in chastity for so long now, it has lost count of the WEEKS that it has been locked up. It has finally broken. In a desperate attempt at freedom, it has stolen a pair of car keys and starts backing out of the garage. It is still naked, wearing nothing but its cock cage, as that is how it is kept 24/7 now. Its goal is to drive straight to a hospital where it can hopefully have the chastity device surgically removed. The slave doesn't care how embarassing it will is so harny it just wants OUT at ANY cost!!

Unfortunately, Goddess Platinum and Princess Amber have gotten wind of his plan. As he backs out of the driveway- the ominous leather boots of Goddess Platinum and Princess Amber appear in his rear-view backup camera. Its pathetic attempt at freedom is over before it even began. The slave is practically shaking with fear as the dreaded tap on the window comes from Goddess Platinum's perfectly manicured fingernail. "Where do you think you're going, slave??"....

The slave is literally shaking, sobbing in tears, and begging for mercy, as it is uncerimoniously dragged from its "escape vehicle". its life is over now. Soon, it is literally strung up from the ceiling in the garage it planned its pitiful "escape" attempt from. Platinum and Amber plan on teaching it a lesson it will never forget... Let's just say that by the end of this "lesson", the slave is literally BEGGING to be kept in chastity for "as long as Goddess and Princess want"! Haha!! It is amazing what dangling a slave from the ceiling and whipping it to shreds will do for changing its attitude!

How Mean Girls Work Hard

This is what we call "hard work" around the Mean Girl Desert Retreat- relaxing in a hammock and demanding that a slave-loser worships our feet. Oh, and using another slave to film it, edit it, and post it so we can make more $$$ off of us relaxing and being literally WORSHIPED! Whatta a tough life...LOL.

$1000 Ballbust Bounty

I had a custom request to ballbust a loser for 20 minutes as hard as I could...and I would get a bonus up to $1000 if I really fucked him up. Let's just say this guy begged to go to the emergency room before I was even close to being done with him, haha!

Goddess Nikkole and I left him hanging by his hand cuffs after he quit...then after our lunch, we came back and kicked him in the nuts even more! I really loved the fact that I kept telling him that this was all because he was just a slave being used for me to make $1000. LOL. I made him thank me and beg to help me get the money as he was being kicked in the balls !!!

- Princess Cindi

Pre-Production Meeting With Platinum And Amber

This is just some sort of behind-the-scenes footage of me n my aunt Platinum getting ready before a shoot at our new place. We are doing our makeup and discussing what we plan on doing to the slaves today. Like, how repulsed we are by them, how pathetic we think they are, laughing at them for being just blatantly used like this, and also just bouncing ideas off of each other about what we can do to them in our clips today that will make US the most money!!

We are using one of our regular slaves as a step-stool and bench while we do our makeup and discuss our ideas for the day... Seriously though, these idiots really ARE like nothing more than objects for us to use however we see fit.

-Princess Amber

Trampling With Grace

After seeing how pathetic my little slave-minions are, Grace is quite impressed.  But I casually explain to her that she "aint seen nothin yet!"

I command a nearby slave to lay itself at My feet- and of course, it does so instantly at the snap of my fingers. I then just casually step up onto it in my 4-inch needle-thin stilettos my stilettos like it is nothing. Grace gasps in amazement, as the slave is obviously trying its very hardest to obediently suffer underneath me in silence.  And now SHE wants to try!

So of course, I graciously offer my slave for her to walk all over as much as she wants!  It IS just a THING for me to lend to anyone I want anyways.  And I must say, Grace has quite a bit of fun with it...until eventually we BOTH get up onto the slave in our stiletto heels and have fun making it SUFFER underneath BOTH of us as we laugh and mock its suffering!  It must suck to be such an inferior male that you have to let women literally WALK ALL OVER YOU like this just to be allowed in the same room as them!


-Goddess Platinum

Platinum's Boyfriend Behavioral Correction Service

Tina's ex-boyfriend wants to get back into her life, but he was a total dawwg and the only thing she really misses about him was his MONEY. Besides, she is seeing someone else now. She comes to Platinum for a solution. Platinum has a mysterious ability to "retrain" male brains. She has a plan to help Tina out... A phonecall is placed to this jerk of an ex. Platinum teases him with the possibility of a facetime call!

He thinks he will be seeing her "boobs"- meanwhile the only boob involved here will be HIM! Because little does he know about Platinum's psychic powers of mind control. Soon he is staring at Platinum's purple mind-controlling crystal. It sways back & forth...and a "trigger word" is placed into his brain. He tries to fight it, but its futile to resist. The asshole is then summoned to Platinum's office at Mean Girls headquarters to put her control to the test in person.

Of course, it works like a charm. he is now ready to be taken to Tina's house and literally GIVEN to her as a HUMAN PET! Tina cannot believe this. This "daawg" of an ex-boyfriend is now literally crawling at her feet, handing her $$$ and credit cards in his teeth! He has been trained SO well! (Or maybe "mind washed" is a better term?) He obviously is trying to resist this new humiliating life- but Platinum shows Tina how to use the "trigger word" to put him deeper and deeper under her control. The asshole ex is absolutely powerless to resist it.

All it takes is a simple command and a clap of Tina's hands- and this male chauvenist is reduced to a whimpering, cowering canine at her feet! Tina decides to push the limits and explains to her ex what his new life will be like. (Apparently he can still understand all human words- even if he cannot speak them anymore. All he can do is bark and whimper like a REAL canine- much to Tina's amusement!)

Tina relishes telling the jerk that he will be giving all his worldly possessions to her NEW boyfriend! And that he will be made to lay at the foot of their bed and listen to them FUCK all night from now on! The poor little puppy is CRUUUSHED! LOL Then it is on to making this new "bitch" of Tina's perform doggie tricks for our amusement! This bitch cannot be humiliated enough as far as we are concerned!

Ballbusting Tryout # 217





This slave wrote in to us on our Fetlife profile, begging to have its balls kicked in by The Mean Girls.  (Can you blame him??  lol)  And he is local, so after he sent in his ID, we brought him in.  He crawls into our garage at the Mean Girls Desert Punishment Compound and is instructed to sign the appropriate paperwork at our feet.  Then he is collared and leashed, and walked over to the area where his balls will be "put to the test" to see if he can make a good ballbusting video slave for us!  And YES, this is 100% real!  Your heart would be pounding out of its chest at this point, wouldn't it, slave?  Of course, most of you don't have the balls to follow through and do this in real enjoy this video of someone with REAL BALLS.

Tina and I put him through his paces.  We SLAM the pointed toes of our boots between his legs over and over.  We command the slave to hold on to the chain above its head for dear life and remain standing with its LEGS SPREAD for as long as it can take it!  The slave is having a hard time staying up, but it manages...for a little while. 

Me n Tina have SO much fun trying to BREAK this loser and bring it to its KNEES- where it belongs!  It hangs onto the chain above its head for dear life, just trying sooo hard to be obedient and stay up for us no matter how much pain it is obviously in.

But soon, it is on the floor, feeling around for its own testicles to make sure they are still there HAHA! 

Tina and I decide to "up the ante" and "see-saw' kick him now!  (That is what we call rapid-fire kicks, with one of us in front of him & one behind!)  Pretty soon the slave doesn't know where the kicks are coming from...he just knows they HURT LIKE HELL...and he goes down again!  YAY! At this point, we decide to start moving the slave into different positions that we think our fans will want to see him get kicked in.  We just want to see if he can take a pounding into his testicles from all angles...  (Me n Tina talked later about how funny it is - and FUN! - to be able to just literally put some loser into any awkward position we feel like, and then run up full speed and KICK IT IN THE NUTS AS HARD AS WE WANT!  LOL)

To be honest, this slave isn't really a "hardcore pain slave" in our opinion- but it just TRIES soooo freakin hard to please us with its suffering.  Which is what we LOVE!  It goes down over & over and is in REAL AGONY.  But it keeps getting back up and spreading its legs for us whenever it is COMMANDED TO- and any good slave should OBEY ITS MASTERS!  (No matter HOW much pain it is in!)  

One of our best ballbusting clips, actually!  (Even without any sound!)  We will be using this loser's balls again soon...

Do you think you could come here and handle kicks like this, loser???  OK, then PROVE it!


-Goddess Platinum

Foot Cleaning After House Cleaning

This bitch just got done cleaning for me, and what does he get?  The DIRT from the BOTTOM OF MY FEET.  Which is all slaves deserve anyway- and he better be GRATEFUL for it!


-Princess Carmela

The Mean Girls Office- Behind The Scenes

Sometimes people wonder about the "behind the scenes" workings of The Mean Girls. This clip shows the way the Main Mean Girls run thing around here and keep slaves motivated. It starts with "watercooler talk" between Tina and Platinum. Of course, a slave is cowering at their feet, just waiting to obey their every command. Platinum decides that a shoe-shine is in order.

So she simply snaps her fingers...and the slave immediately begins lapping at her leather work pumps to bring them to a shine for her. Then it is off to one of the slave cubicles. The slaves are on their knees (no office chairs for slave! They work on their KNEES 24/7!) as they are editing videos and promoting Our clips. They immediately get into proper position when the "Bosses" enter their cubicle.

Tina and Platinum want a report on sales. (Slaves do all the work around here- and WE just collect all the $$$!! Haha.) The fat slave has been working for Platinum, while the bald one has been working for Tina. Unfortunately for "baldy", Tina's clip sales are lower than Platinum's.

Of course, this is blamed entirely on the slave. So Tina and Platinum decide to teach these slaves a lesson, and also "motivate" them to work harder in the process! The fatso loser is allowed to kiss, sniff, and inhale the scent of BOTH Platinum AND Tina's stockinged feet!! This is like ecstacy to a pathetic fat fuck like this. He is SO lucky!!

And Platinum and Tina make sure it is done right in front of the bald loser so he can see what he is missing- and how GOOD slaves are REWARDED around here for making $$$ for their Masters!! Now it is on to this disappointing bald fuck...what does HE get?? A good BEATDOWN, that's what!! And the fat loser is made to watch his punishment too! So they BOTH learn from this lesson! MAKE MONEY FOR YOU MASTERS, OR YOU GET BEATEN!!!

Whipping Frenzy

This was SO much FUN! We had a slave stored down in the basement of the new MGM as we were using him for our shoot that day. I decided to go downstairs and just start BEATING HIM! HAHA! This is like just a total frenzy of beating him while he crawl around at my feet and GROVEL and BEG for mercy!!

He is so devoted though. I can do anything I fucking want to this freak...and all he does is worship me MORE! (REALLY having some FUN in this clip- so watch it if you want to see me really enjoying beating on my slave!) :)

-Goddess Platinum

Loser, its Cold Outside- Smoking Addition

Tina and I are all bundled up in our fur coats, boots, long pants- you name it. Meanwhile, this pathetic wretch of a slave of ours has been kneeling naked like a fool in the cold all morning, just waiting to be used as a human ashtray during one of our Smoke breaks during filming.

He has seriously just been waiting out back on the porch of the new Mean Girl Manor for our ashes- or until we need to beat him in a clip lol. Fucking pathetic...but he will have his wish. Along with a healthy dose of humiliation and spit in his face.

My Shoe Bitch Humiliated In Public Part 2

This is an absolutely REAL video shot IN PUBLIC where I lead my foot-obsessed shoeslave into a shoe store, boss him around in front of eveyone in the store, make him try shoes on my perfect feet, and then USE HIS BALLS to test the shoes to see how good they are for ballbusting! And I command him to take ALL my kicks IN SILENCE because we are in a public place, after all...LOL.

Even with his (almost) silence, we were still getting some prettty weird looks haha. I love humiliating these freaks in public.

-Goddess Platinum

Ballbusted For Foot Worship

I am just minding my own business at the new Mean Girl Manor when a slave crawls out from behind the bar. Apparently the sight of my dangling Louboutins was just too much for him to handle haha. So I decide to have some fun with him.

I will let him kiss my feet- IF he can handle enough abuse for my sadistic entertainment! And he is so desperate for my stockinged feet in these hot Loubs that he says "yes" before he even knows what I want to put him through! I decide it will be...BALLBUSTING! And I begin putting him into multiple positons, and...WHAM! kick after kick into his poor little balls.

It really IS like SOOO much fun to slam your pointed toe of a designer shoe into a loser's balls and just watch him CRUMBLE at your feet and whimper!

Such a powerful feeling...I love it! Eventually I break I ever let him kiss my feet?? Maybe...but maybe not! I can do whatever the fuck I want around here.

-Princess Skyalr

Real-Life Vegas Loser Interview

This was a local Las Vegas slave that BEGGED to serve me online. Of course, he has to PAY me for that privilege. This clip was his "intro" to me where he basically had to crawl up the steps at The Mean Girl Punishment Compound and present himself to me at my feet.

I then made him strip naked to humiliate him, and he had to tell me what he thought he could be useful to me for. By the way, this clip is a good example of how all you slaves suck. You probably shouldn't even download this clip. He is totally lame, acts retarded, and like can barely answer a simple fucking question in a complete sentance. I swear most of you idiots can barely understand English.

It's like you are being given this opportunity to SERVE ME, and when you are asked the fucking question "WHY should I LET you serve me" or "what can you DO for me"- you can barely answer it!! WTF??? And you wonder why no one wants you and you aren't serving anyone.

It's because you are WORTHLESS and STUPID and can barely form complete sentances- THAT'S why! Don't even download this clip. Honestly, its boring AF.

Princess Carmela

Hung and Whipped Without Conscience

We have had complaints about how we make slaves just stand their and let us beat them. Personally, we see it as a sign of their obedience that they will just let us beat them as much as we want without even needing to be restrained- they take it just because we TELL them to! But some of you want to see slaves RESTRAINED and HELPLESS- we get it.

So we had a new "slave pulley system" installed so that we could ratchet-up a slave and have it basically dangling at our mercy. And we decided to try it out on the fat slave. We figured if it could hoist HIS fat ass up, it could handle ANY slave we bring out here to Torment! LOL And Torment him, we Me n Carmela beat the FUCK out of it.

Until it is literally semi-conscious, dangling from the pulley. (Seriously- no joke. It was pretty much "out on its feet" haha.) Not sure if it was the beating, the strain of being hung from the ceiling by its wrists, or just the unbearable heat out in the hotbox of a garage of ours...but it was a wet sloppy mess of flesh by the time we got done beating it and dropped it to the ground at our feet.

***NOTE:  Seriously, if you watch the preview file closely you can even tell when at one point the slave is literally just dangling there, slowly spinning and totally limp and practically lifeless as Carmela beats it!  It was over 100 degrees the day we beat this fucker, and his fat ass probably wasn't used to hanging from his wrists as it takes its regular beatings either. Of course, Carmela just keeps beating it...HAHA I love how she doesn't give a FUCK about these losers when she beats the FUCK out of them!

-Goddess Platinum

Where's My Slave?- Part 1

So one of Our slaves ran away. Apparently it had gotten wind of our plan to sell him off to a gay guy in Romania. (Hey, he was paying us a LOT of $$$ for that slave! So what do we care what is done to him after he is sold off?? He is our PROPERTY and we can do whatever we want with him!!)

Anyways, I KNOW this fat-ass loser knows exactly where that other runaway slave is. So I have him restrained in our Torment chamber and I plan on extracting the other slave's whereabouts from him- through any means necessary. Oh, and he WILL me!

I toy with him, as I plan on having my fun with this... I start with blowing Smoke in his face (he hates this! haha) as I let him know exactly how bad this is going to be for him...

Then I begin by simply walking back and forth over his broken toes with my high-heeled boots. I burn him with my cigarette. (At one point, my still-lit cigarette butt rolls under fatass's ballsac and is burning him like crazy!- and I just laugh!!)

Then I cruussh his balls under my boots as I twist my foot back & forth. I give him plenty of hard whacks to his big, swollen and tender testicles with my riding crop...ouch, that must hurt, huh?? And to make sure he can't block my blows to his balls, I have his legs spread open using pulleys and cranks!!

Princess Skylar

Whore Bag

This slave will literally do ANYTHING it is told.  It does not just focus on "its fetishes" or selfish desires, like most slaves.  It is truly OWNED PROPERTY and does WHATEVER it is commanded by its Owners.  Recently, it has been whored out by The Mean Girls to increase profits and make sure it is "always earning" for its Masters!  Platinum cannot wait to show off to Tina what she has done to this freak loser NOW.  (As if its dignity could not be stripped from it any more than it already has!)  


Platinum explains that since turning tricks is totally legal in Vegas, she just has that "thing" stationed out on a streetcorner, literally begging passersby to turn tricks for any tourist that wants a quick BJ- or anyone else that wants to use ANY of its holes!  Tina asks if the slave is gay?  (She hasn't really used this one much.)  And she laughs her ass off when Platinum informs her that he definitely is NOT gay!  "So he literally gives BJs to random dude walking by- just because you TELL him to??"  She is amazed...but that is the power we have over these freaks.  And they want to please us sooo bad, so...why not take advantage of that and push it to the max??  We really believe these freaks were CREATED to be USED by us for OUR profit and amusement!  Why else would God make them so fucking PATHETIC and desparate to please us??  (Not to mention let us treat them like absolute GARBAGE.  LOL)


This is where the real fun begins.  Platinum explains that if this piece of trash male-whore ever does hesitate to obey, Carmela (his specific "Mean Girl Owner") had his balls PERMANENTLY HARDWIRED with an electronic shock device!!  And with one little touch of a button - from anywhere in Vegas - she can literally drop him to his knees in agony with a delitating electric SHOCK directly to its balls!!  Apparently, with this setup it feels pretty much like a cattle-prod directly to the balls haha.  The slave begs her not to, but Platinum demostrates how well it works just for Tina's amusement.  Of course, Tina just HAS to try it herself!!  (Can you blame her?  It looks like SO much fun!)  One touch of her little finger, and this bitch goes DOWN!  Oh yeah, he would MUCH rather give a BJ to a total stranger than have THIS done to him!  (No matter HOW "straight" he is!!  Or...was??)


Platinum has even locked his hands behind his back so there is no way he can try to rip the wiring out.  And a bag that literally says "Whore Bag" is hung around his neck!!  Can you imagine being sent out onto the street like this??  But he has no choice.  


Now it is time for Platinum and Tina to count THEIR $$$ that this bitch has earned for them.  (Of course they get it ALL- the bald bitch with the sore jaw and gaping holes gets NOTHING.)  But there is only like $100 and change in here!  After a WHOLE NIGHT of streetwalking for them??  WTF?!  This bitch has some explaining to do to its Mean Girl Hustler Masters....