Walking All Over a Path of Slaves

This is one of the wildest clips We have filmed in awhile as Princess Mia and I decided to start Our day with a walk through the desert canyon not far from the Punishment Compound here in Vegas.  It was a beautiful day, and We both wanted to get out and feel the sun on Our skin while enjoying the scenery throughout the area.  So we put on some sexy, shiny, bikinis to go for Our walk and torment the slaves with how hot We looked (especially the fat one, who might even have a bigger addiction to shiny than it does to food) as We walked through the desert.  

But of course nothing is ever that easy for slaves.  Did you really think We intended to let them just sit there and watch Us go for a morning walk and ogle Us with their eyes and brains filled with loser thoughts as We walked by???  Of course not stupid, We had been out partying the night before and Our feet hurt way to bad to put on shoes first thing in the morning so We decided to take Our walk barefoot.  But since walking barefoot in a desert canyon known to be home to countless snakes, scorpions, and other scary and nasty creepy crawlies, there was no way We would just be walking around without some means of protection.  

And guess what that protection was loser?  Right, slaves as a walking path.  We lined up all three losers that were at the compound that day, sent them down to the base of the stairs that leads down into the canyon from the compound, and had them lay head to foot to head to foot to head... Hahahahaha....  so when We got to the bottom, all We needed to do was step up onto each loser, an enjoy Our walk worry free.  And obviously We wanted to walk farther than the height of three losers, so as We stepped off one, it was made to run to the top of the path and lay down again, making Our slave path almost like a never-ending treadmill of losers...  and it seemed everytime one would run to insure Our path continued as long as We wished, they would almost always inadvertently lay down with a rock digging into their back, or a thorned plant reminding them that normal people don't lay down naked on the floor of the desert... but they aren't normal at all... they are the pathetic loser slaves who give up every aspect of their personal life and well being to come live at the Manor and have the opportunity to be at the feet of Perfect Women like Us permanently. (Can you say NO SELF ESTEEM??)

Oh and a few other notes about this clip... I was filming all the close up content as I walked out into the desert across these idiots.  Mia was just in front of Me so in the video there are countless shots of Her perfect gorgeous ass.. Anyway, get the clip now and support Our daily fitness goals loser, you know you wish it was you under Our feet.. 

Goddess Platinum

Tormenting the Thing Under the Table

Princess Mia and I we're having a nice Sunday brunch at the Manor the other day and we even allowed a pathetic loser slave to have a place at the table with Us.  Too bad for it, that place was cuffed naked to the legs of the table on the cold tile beneath our stilleto boots. Hahahaha

While We enjoyed socializing, this loser kept making noises and squirming about so We took to reminding of its place beneath Us.  And how did We do that you might ask?  With cruelty and violence of course!

As Mia drove the spike of Her heels into its tiny worthless boy parts, I smashed its head and crused its ear with My boots.  She wanted to watch it hurt even more so took to kicking it in the nuts repeatedly which only made the old crusty thing louder so I took off My boots and shoved My perfect Size 10 feet right into the losers mouth to shut it up.  

Needles to say, it was noisy no longer.  That didn't stop Mia from trying to make it scream out again as she unleashed another torrent of kicks to its groin.  I even had a little fun kicking and foot slapping the things face as it lay helplessly there on the floor.  

As we continued to laugh and torment the thing, We finished our discussion and decided to leave it there all alone.  But not before one last round of pain that the stupid thing completely wasn't expecting.  The entire time We had hung out there were multiple candles burning on the table, so we grabbed a few of the wider column ones with loads of melted wax in them and helped the loser "WARM UP" with a little Seasonal Holiday Love from the Mean Girls... .Bwahahahah... not... 

XoXo Mistress Dandy oXoX


The Church Ladies Full Clip

Goddess Platinum and her niece Princess Amber are good, upstanding pillars of the community, and devoutly religious church-going women.  But they also have this "other side" that has mostly just been thrust upon them because they are SO beautiful.  Pathetic men literally throw themselves at their feet - and instead of rejecting them completely (as most women of their beauty would do) they have decided to KEEP them around, and allow them to serve them as their SLAVES.  Most of them were sinners anyway, and not near holy enough to date Amber or Her Perfect Aunt.  Not to mention not being rich or good-looking enough!  

But upon returning home from that day's sermon about "doing unto others", Amber starts to openly question whether its "right" for them to own slaves.  These "poor creatures" have had their lives ruined, all their money & savings taken away from them by Platinum and Amber, and they literally wait hand & foot on Amber & Platium 24/7! 

Platinum decides to do a demonstration.  She snaps her fingers and calls a loser over.  Platinum asks the slave "what its purpose in life?" and the slave quickly answers that "MY PURPOSE IS WHATEVER YOU SAY IT IS MS PLATINUM, ANYTHING THAT WOULD MAKE YOU HAPPY!"

"See??" Platinum asks.  "These pathetic things won't leave even if We wanted to get rid of them, and besides, they are obviously wanton sinners who covet Us and lust after Us and I'm sure their heads are filled with nothing but impure thoughts, so the absolutely deserve to be treated however badly We treat them.  The meek might inherit the earth, but Satan has corrupted these filthy things and as good moral Christians We must stomp out the evil and unholy in them"

Amber feels MUCH better after all of this clarification from her Auntie Platinum.  She now has NO reservations about using, , humiliating, and laughing at the sad and pathetic nature of these sinners, especially when contrasted against the sheer perfection exhibited by Herself and Her Wise and Perfect Favorite Aunt Platinum.  

This clip picks up where Part One of The Church Ladies left off with Goddess Platinum showing Her young and impressionable niece just how pathetic and worthless slaves really are.  Amber gets up off the couch kicking the disgusting bald slave backwards and then walking across its body, making sure to smash her perfect foot right onto its face as she walks off.  Auntie Platinum follows her and walks across the loser as well before really driving the message home about how useless and worthless this slave would be if they didn't allow it to remain their slave.  


Platinum takes the thing by its leash and drags it across the cold tile floor to the door, swings the door open and gives the loser the option to leave the Manor and return to a "normal life" where it wouldn't be subjected to constant and humiliation.  The slave immediately begins begging to be allowed to stay, promising to do anything Goddess Platinum or Her Perfect Niece Amber demand of it.  


The girls laugh at how sad it is to stay and be , degraded, and treated like trash by them, but that is what pathetic sinners that don't devote their life to the Lord deserve.  After interrogating the slave a bit more they drag it back into the sitting room and tell it they want it to truly understand its place in the world will always be beneath their feet.  And to make that point as emphatically as possible, they are going to it to lay down and let them walk all over it with their incredibly sharp and spiked Christian Louboutins stilettos as they make it thank them for the attention and effort.


Platinum starts by stepping up onto the loser, then squatting down digging her heels into its chest as she reminds it that it is nothing to her but a worthless slave that can always be replaced.  It tries to hold back  from crying out in pain but doesn't last long.  When she steps off, she kicks off her heel to put her perfect nylon wrapped foot right across the loser's mouth so her niece can step all over it without having to hear it yell and cry.  They both laugh as Platinum offers Amber a hand to balance and dig her $1,000+ heels into the slaves body. She walks all over the thing and doesn't step off until Aunt Platinum puts her heels back on to climb up on the slave again.  When the thing continues to cry out, Amber does like Her Aunt and removes a heel before shoving her foot into the losers mouth to shut it up.  


Platinum stays on the thing walking up and down its torso as Amber eventually gets annoyed enough with it to stand up on its face with both her perfect petite lace covered feet smashed across its nose and mouth.  As the thing continues to struggle and cry out Platinum finally steps off and leaves her niece to walk all over the thing in her stocking clad feet.  As Amber continues the , Platinum again pushes her feet into its face to muffle its cries and make fun of how pathetic a thing it is that it chose to come back inside and be treated like this instead of leaving when she gave it the chance. 


Moments later both girls are stomping and trampling it while verbally it for being such a worthless sinner beneath their perfect Goddess-ly feet.  They smash the thing until it can take no more and Amber sits down one last time to dig her toes and heels into the idiot's face as her aunt practices running in place on the loser.  They walk off laughing, leaving their heels near the loser's head so it can constantly be reminded of all the power they hold over it and how it will always be below their Red-bottoms, and subject to being stepped on anytime they think it doesn't remember that fact.


An Old Ashbucket

Princess Mia and I were sitting outside in the hammock over at the Desert Punishment Compound enjoying the day, using these two losers as an ashtray and a foot licking retard.  How pathetic are they both? The younger bald one is laying on its back beneath the hammock doing little but licking My feet and enjoying Mia spitting in it's face.  Every now and again She shoves Her toes down its throat as well, but it has it way easier than the crusty loser old ass ashbucket We have kneeling next to Us.

The creepy old stalker-turned-slave, hates feet, ashes, dogfood, or anything in its loser mouth that isn't cheap white wine out of a box.  So We smoke multiple cigarettes each and use this thing as an ashtray as it wretches and writhes trying not to have to deal with the nastiness of eating burning hot tobacco ash...  Oh well loser, like We care, We've already dick dwn your throat a dozen times or so, so ashes shouldn't be that bad faggot.   

Get the clip to see how losers live the life or LOSERDOM at the Manor, Compound, MOuntain Retreat, or wherever Mean Girls go... 

Goddess Platinum

Hot Boxed Ginger

Wow, you wouldn't believe My surprise when My Aunt lead Myself and Goddess Draya outside to Our little courtyard area and opened up the old fridge that had been sitting there since forever. Not only wasn't it empty, it also contained a stinky nasty ginger slave, EWWWWWWwwww....

Well, granted it was some incredibly "rotten meat", but that wasn't going to stop Us from tenderiing it and making it into something worthwhile.  First Auntie pulled out a big wooden yardstick and took to whacking it... and the thing immediately started crying out and whining... as She continued to torment the idiot, I grabbed a crop and Draya took the yardstick as My Aunt grabbed yet another tool to beat, errrmmm Tenderize, lol, this worthless piece of meat...

We rapidly took turns smashing things into it's back, legs, ass, and more.... and Draya used the yardstick on it's feet repeatedly as the thing continued to wail... Getting sick of hearing it, My Aunt quickly wrapped the idiot's head in Gorillla Tape to shut it up and muffle it's noise and that made all the difference... because now I could get close enough to its face without having to worry about it yelling while I was there or having to accidentally smell its breath.... god, could you imagine??? Yuck.... But being that close, it made it super easy for Me to crop the dummy on its forehead, chest, nipples, or anywhere else I wanted..

Watch the whole clip to see how brutal We are to this sad sack loser and just what every loser slave is willing to go through for the Mean Girls

<3 Princess Amber <3

Humiliating the CEO (Part Three)

***This is the third part of "Humiliating The CEO" focused solely on Ballbusting - if you already own the "Full Clip" of "Humiliating the CEO" you already have this clip***

This creep has been working at Mean Girls Industries as a CEO for a long time. And we all know he just got their because of his White Male Privilege. Well eventually he got busted for hitting on some poor girl at the office and was reported.

As part of his punishment for mistreatment of Women, he was literally stripped naked and stationed in the Women's break room on his KNEES and with a CHASTITY DEVICE locked on his cock. The rules of his punishment? He has to do WHATEVER he is told by ANY Female that comes into the break room! Oh what fun this will be for all the women that work in the office when they come into the break room and find this former executive naked and on his KNEES, ready and willing to obey their every command! Miss Amber and Miss Draya decide to tease the old executive by telling him they will take his metal chastity cage off! The old man is soooo excited...until they complete cruuush his hopes by telling him that the only reason they taking it off is - TO KICK HIM IN THE BALLS!

Unfortunately, the former proud white male CEO has no he allows the bratty girls to take off his chastity device, then humbly spreads his let them kick him as hard and as many times as they want. And to add to his humiliation, he knows that all this pain is just "entertainment" to them while they are on their break!

Humiliating the CEO (Part Two)

***This is the second part of "Humiliating The CEO" focused solely on Foot Worship - if you already own the "Full Clip" of "Humiliating the CEO" you already have this clip***

This creep has been working at Mean Girls Industries as a CEO for a long time. And we all know he just got their because of his White Male Privilege. Well eventually he got busted for hitting on some poor girl at the office and was reported. As part of his punishment for mistreatment of Women, he was literally stripped naked and stationed in the Women's break room on his KNEES and with a CHASTITY DEVICE locked on his cock.

The rules of his punishment? He has to do WHATEVER he is told by ANY Female that comes into the break room! Oh what fun this will be for all the women that work in the office when they come into the break room and find this former executive naked and on his KNEES, ready and willing to obey their Miss Amber and Miss Draya decide to take their work shoes off and shove their beautiful, but sweaty feet DEEP down this old man's throat- just because they CAN. Soon, they both are trying to shoe their feet down his throat AT THE SAME TIME...

Humiliating the CEO (Part One)

(This is the first part of "Humiliating The CEO" focused solely on Shoe Worship - if you already own the "Full Clip" of "Humiliating the CEO" you already have this clip)

This creep has been working at Mean Girls Industries as a CEO for a long time. And we all know he just got their because of his White Male Privilege. Well eventually he got busted for hitting on some poor girl at the office and was reported. As part of his punishment for mistreatment of Women, he was literally stripped naked and stationed in the Women's break room on his KNEES and with a CHASTITY DEVICE locked on his cock. The rules of his punishment? He has to do WHATEVER he is told by ANY Female that comes into the break room!

Oh what fun this will be for all the women that work in the office when they come into the break room and find this former executive naked and on his KNEES, ready and willing to obey their every command.  Miss Amber has already been using this old man as her personal "office shoe shine bitch" all week! She absolutely LOVES making this former high-powered exec literally shine her office pumps with his tongue!

That is when Miss Draya comes into the break room. She is shocked at what she sees! Wait, she recognizes this guy! OMG...this is gonna be FUN!The helpless old man is forced to shine BOTH of these hot, young, bratty office girls' work shoes with his tongue- while they LAUGH in his face and MOCK him the entire time!! And there is nothing he can do...or else it is off to prison for him!

Re-training the Retard

My old geezer pain slut is possibly one of the worst foot worshipping losers who has ever been inside the Manor.  Whether it is its dry ass crusty mouth, or its inability to follow simple instructions, this thing is generally the worst foot licker We've ever had here.  So in this clip, I help break it of its inadequacies as Princess Mia and I retrain the retard in how to properly Worship the Feet of a Goddess or Princess.  

From learning how to properly remove Her shoes, to understanding when to kiss, when to lick, and how to ask for permission to move through each step of the process, watch as this mental midget gets the opportunity to learn how to be of use to Us. And not like We are going to let it go easy without a good bit of foot gagging, choking, slapping and more, check out the full Mean Girl retraining process here. 

Goddess Platinum

Whore Practice

I swear, some days you would not believe the abject excuses for men that show up at the door of the Mean Girl Manor hoping to prove their worth and be of some use to Us.  And while We will generally give most loser's a shot at becoming a pain slut, ball busting bitch, or floor mat trample thing, some of the bitches that arrive are so sad that they can barely even do those things.  So what the fuck is left to do with losers that can't take much pain and are generally useless for tasks that require them to think on their own???  

You know the answer bitch boy, THE LITTLE FAGGOTS GET WHORED OUT!

But before We can send these retards out onto the street to make Us money, We need them to know how to dress themselves, to apply makeup, to act like proper girls, and how to tend to their "new men" regardless of how disgusting those men that inhabit truck stops, trailer parks, and just off the freeway dive bars where they'll be honing their trade.  

So watch as Lexi and I get these two idiots ready for their trial run as Mean Girl whores; painting up their faces, making them curtsey, and doing lots more fun to humiliate, abuse, and rip any little masculinity either of these two sad sacks had left in them prior to performing for Us...  

While most of you losers that make it to Vegas to visit the Manor will invariably get your asses kicked and sent on your way, plenty of you are far too big of pussies for that to happen, so this is the result.  We emphasize your pathetic and make money from it.  Come on down and get some WHORE PRACTICE with us as well... 

<3 Princess Amber <3

Bootlicker 2040

In the Year 2040, the World has changed significantly from that which we inhabit in 2020.  No longer do "Men" rule the world with their Incessant Wars, ridiculous political gamensmanship, and generally terrible policies for enriching themselves against the good of humanity.  In 2040, WOMEN RUN THE WORLD, and men are only kept as slaves, laborers, or playthings for the Women who control everything.  

We begin with StarGoddess Draya speaking to StarPrincess Lexi about the history of Earth and the transition from male led embarrasment to the New World Order of Women in complete power.  They explain how men making decisions and attempting to think for themselves is ALWAYS A BAD IDEA, and how much better a place the world has become since Supreme Empress Platinum has been elevated to the rank of World Commander.  

As they relax in their incredible form fitting tight shiny outfits and boots, they decide to take one of the few remaining males out of it's cage and put it to work while reminding it of its role in the world.  Watch as they degrade and denigrate the thing while making it shine and clean their boots.  They insult it for missing spots, shove their heels into its throat to insure their clean, and treat the beast as exactly what men should be treated like, disposable commodities.  

Get back to the future now with this incredible Mean Girls Futurama.... 

Let Her Have as Much Fun as She Wants

Check out this great "throw-back" clip from Goddess Draya's early days at the Mean Girl Manor.  This clip was shot just prior to Her moving in while Ms Dandy and I encouraged to really have at it in beating this old decrepit senior citizen slave.  We started off dragging it down to the basement in the house, and then restraining it over a cage where its legs and arms were locked in place.  And better still, this slave absolutely hates not standing or being able to see everything when getting beat.  Oh well bitch, We make the rules.... 

So after locking the loser in place, and having a few cracks across its ass and back Myself, I relinquished control to Draya and Dandy to destroy the loser.  Watch as the clip progresses how they go from somewhat restrained and measured in hitting this thing, to fully unbridled and unconcerned with its reaction as things ramp up and each gets comfortable wailing on this piece of garbage.  

But My slaves ALWAYS know the RULES...   anytime I put them in a position to be used by other Mean Girls, or to offer up their body for abuse at whoever's hands I leave them in, the RULES are ALWAYS the same ::  LET HER HAVE AS MUCH FUN AS SHE WANTS DESTROYING YOU, and then thank Her for the abuse after the fact faggot...  

Goddess Platinum

Face Down Ass Up

Some of these slaves really think they have a chance to be something or someone important to Us... Unfortunately for them, that is just NEVER THE CASE!  Take this loser for instance, after originally promising that it was this well-built, stallion of a man that would come to the Manor and impress Us as it took whatever We could dish out, it arrived as this frumpy wreck of a thing and disappointed from one task to the next.  

That inspired Goddes Dray to drag it up to the office, and lay down the law as to how things work at the Mean Girl Manor.  She started out explaining the way things work, and within a few minutes realized that the easiest way to ever actually get through to these losers is by beating the ever loving piss out of them.  So that's what We did.  Starting with some simple small little canes, and working Our way up to crops, paddles, and into the ruthless variety of whips We keep onhand.  

This thing tried to impress at first, but as the beating continued it went from proud of it's sacrifice to Our wishes, to begging, and pleading, and nearly crying as it asked for a break and time to pull itself together.  The both of Us couldn't stop laughing throughout as We destroyed any masculinity and ego this thing may have had when it pulled into the driveway and strode up to the door at the Manor.  (Yep, MGM, where beta male dreams go to dye a hurtful and abrupt demise at the hands of their Superiors...)

Goddess Platinum

High Voltage for High Arches

This house slave is totally obsessed with Miss Lexi Chase's famously perfect high-arches. It was so excited to hear that She was visiting Mean Girl Manor that She decides to torture it with mega high-voltage shocks to its nuts to see how much it is willing to SUFFER, just for a little taste of her FAMOUS HIGH-ARCHED FEET.

It's all SOOOO MUCH FUN as I show her how to attach the ballshocker, and how each different button can be used to really ratchet up the pain and abuse so its worthless testicles have to endure the MAX PAIN available from this "Stubborn Large Breed" shock collar.... hahahaha

And get this, Ms. Lexi has never ball-shocked a slave before... can you believe that?!?! She is SO excited to do it!! She loves that all she has to do is hit a little button and the slave SCREAMS in massive amounts of pain for her! She is laughing her ass off as it KEEPS SUFFERING for her no matter how high she turns the voltage!! We laugh at how pathetic foot-freaks are that you can basically do whatever you want to them and they will put up with ANYTHING- just for a kiss on your FEET! Haha...

At one point she just turns the voltage ALL THE WAY UP and then just HOLDS THE BUTTON DOWN while laughing at the slave screaming in pain at her feet!! It is OBSESSED with Miss Chase, but obviously its stupid life (and all its suffering!) means NOTHING to her!

If you want to see TRUE SADISTIC GLEE on the face of one of the Newest Mean Girls, Miss Lexi Chase, you definitely want to check out clip!!


Popular Girls Punish Punter

Draya and I were on the couch the other day talking about Cheer practice and this past weekend's game, when Amber came in with a loser who needed to be taught a lesson.  First off, this loser goes to OUR SCHOOL, but during the game this past Saturday, both Amber and Draya saw it cheering for the other team and TALKING TO THE OTHER CHEERLEADERS!  Oh hell no, that stuff is not ever going to fly with the Mean Girls...  So We let this thing know that there are conequences for its actions, like getting restrained and put on your knees on cinder blocks so We could all make it known how little We care for things that don't show Us the utmost loyalty.  

So bitch boy, up you go...  and now We GET TO HAVE SOME FUN PUNTING BOY PARTS whether this bitch likes it or not.  Between Myself, Draya, and Amber, We utterly annihilate this things cock and balls and watch them swell up like a cantaloupe...  HAHAHAHAHahaha....  Well bitch boy, don't think you can ever get away with playing around behind Our backs, or talking to other Girls when We own and control you...  

Check out the clip and watch Three Mean Girls take out their frustrations on one little loser's baby balls... 


Goddess Platinum

FIshing for Chastity Keys

I decided I would show Draya a fun game to play with the house slaves after they have been locked up in chastity for awhile. We tie their chastity keys to the end of a string, and dangle it over the side of the railing at Mean Girl Manor. We make sure the slaves are good and restrained with handcuffs, ankle cuffs, etc- then we make them hop, beg, and grovel for their keys! All while we look down at them, laughing and mocking them for being so pathetic.

I mean, what kind of grown "men" have their cocks locked up and the keys held by young girls like us?? THESE idiots, who LOL.  It is sooo funny to watch how desperate they get, trying to jump from their knees just to catch their own chastity key in their teeth!

And what does the one that "wins" get? Well, it gets its chastity off, silly! But there is still one little surprise for the "winning" slave...because even when its chastity cage comes off, the tease & denial will continue!

Did we mention that those handcuffs are just a little too short to really get the slave's right hand to its cock?? Oh so sorry loser, hahahahaha

<3 Princess Amber <3

Goddess Draya Getting Real

Goddess Draya takes Lexi Chase into Our "slave barracks" in the back yard of Mean Girl Manor. (No, slaves do not get to rest under the same roof as MEAN GIRLS and GODDESSES!) And Lexi and Draya are there for one singular purpose- to pick out a slave to BEAT.

And the choice is easy for Draya. She offers up her personal live-in slave to Miss Chase to beat as badly as she wants. Draya pulls him out of his bunk and commands him to present itself for a BEATING! Both of my girls go to town on this ginger loser's ass and beat him without mercy. (It is what it exists for anyway!)

And the real-life reason for this beating? This slave actually slipped off its ballshocker a few days ago without Draya's permission, and when Draya had her friends over for a pool party and went to shock this freak's nuts for her friends' entertainment, she was SO embarrassed that he had taken it off without permission!! (Watch the clip for full details of that story!!)

But this just shows some background info that Draya is for real and owns real slaves in real life. And yes, she even abuses them in public in front of her vanilla friends! lol. (This clip is just the beating that is given to the slave though- the "ballshocker" story is just recounted verbally by Draya as she tells Lexi about it before they beat her slave.)

-Goddess Platinum

Long Hot Summer Boots

Princess Amber and I were hanging out by the pool at the Manor the other day while this bald loser slave was being used to fetch Us drinks and cater to Our whims.  After getting a bit bored of taking selfies and rubbing this loser's face in the fact that it would never be good enough to be with any Girl like Us, We decided to fuck with it quite a bit more as We both know how addicted to feet it is.  (How does that last sentence not make any of you freaks like this thing feel so pathetic I'll never know.... who likes feet other than beta bitch losers???) 

So while We are sitting there ignoring this thing, I decided to give it a chance to earn the right to worship Our perfect feet.  But to do so, it would first need to lick, clean, and worship the filthy bottoms and sweaty insides of Our sexy hot leather boots.  I made this loser crawl over and show Me how it could suck the heel like it was a tiny little slave micro dick.  I shoved My spiked stiletto down its throat and laughed as it choked trying to avoid gagging on it. Now stick out your loser tongue slave so I can wipe the dirt and grime from the bottom of My boots across you tongue to clean them...   Ewwww, what a nasty disgusting piece of garbage.... could you ever imagine actually kissing a guy who had licked the crud off the bottom of your boots... GROSS!!!

But We weren't even close to done with this loser. Amber had Her turn making this thing clean and lick Her boots as well, and We nearly made it cry as it begged to get to touch Our perfect feet once We were satisfied with the boot cleaning.  Beg for it slave boy... c'mon beta, tell Us how much your life revolves around licking the feet of your Superiors....  what a worthless loser... 

Get the clip to see if this thing's nasty lips ever did get to touch Our perfectly pedicured toes..  Remember, you exist to please Us loser, not the other way around wimp... 

Ms. Lexi Chase

Double Dicked Ginger

When Princess Alexandria and I visited the Manor recently, I could barely contain My excitement when Goddess Platinum told Me that She regularly pimped out the house slaves to earn additional cash.  OMG REALLLY???  So We can help it get some practice being good at sucking dick with Our Strap-ons???  

While I'm sure many of the Mean Girls past and present have a great time violating these little shitz, I had to tell GP that pegging and utterly using these little bitches is one of Our favorite past-times.  So We  grabbed the nearest little loser, and pulled the ginger bitch over to explain the plan.  We started it kissing and admiring Our cocks, before We took to destroying its throat as We shoved Our cocks way past its gag reflex.  Alexandria even did its long nappy hair so We would have a pair of braids to use as handlebars to shove Our cocks even further down its worthless pie hole. 

Watch as We absolutely degrade, defile, and ruin this pathetic thing (FOR OVER 30 MINUTES!!!).  See it gag and nearly vomit from Our relentless pounding of its mouth with Our super sized cocks.  Then bring your bitch ass out to the Manor and feel the tears strea, down your cheeks as We R-A-P-E your worthless mouth and fuck your face like the stupid little slut you truly are..

- Spoiled ALPHA Allie -

Party Puppy Pregame

Goddess Draya and Miss Lexi Chase are going to another Halloween party, of course, dressed as ROYALTY. But they want to take a house slave along with them as an "accessory" for their costumes, as their "pet". It will get them SO much attention at the party! Like a lot of vanilla girls still don't even know about owning losers as slaves and keeping them as pets! So the Girls make sure to correct, discipline, and train this puppy appropriately with crops and canes as it learns its tricks.  Watch as two gorgeous and cruel Mean Girls put this loser through his paces and make sure it will obey their EVERY command at the party!!