Too Bad You Are In Chastity

You just need to sit there with your pants down around your ankles... wishing you can stroking to the thought of me grinding these hot shiny legging up and down along your cock. You might even want to have me send you a pair of my used shiny leggings to jerk with, huh? What if I grind up and down on your chastity device like this? It's a bad day to have your cock owned by me loser.

Platinum Pedal Pumping


I am revving the engine of my Cadillac over and over...slamming my stiletto ankle boots onto that pedal to make it HUM for me!

-Goddess Platinum

Princess Gemma Is Gluten Free!!!

This was such a fun clip. Gemma is one of our first guests at the "Mean Girls Air BnB" and one of our idiot servants brought her pizza when she demanded to be fed immediately. Well, it turns out that Gemma is gluten free and she is VERY upset! She shares with me that she gets SO tired of waiters at restaurants bringing her foods with gluten in them! Well I explain to her that here at The Mean Girls Air BnB she can literally BEAT the waitstaff until they get her order right! She can't believe it, and asks me if I am serious about this?? I assure her that I am- and I give her a whip to use on the idiot servant that messed up her order!

I also explain to her that if you beat the servants hard & often enough, they will learn to literally fear you and will do literally anything to keep you happy and make sure they don't mess up again! I command this fatass idiot to lay itself at Gemma's feet, and to BEG for her forgiveness- and beg her to beat him as much as she wants!

Then Gemma goes to town on it! Throughout the clip Gemma makes the fatass loser literally yelp "Princess Gemma is gluten-free!!" after each and every crack of her whip on its back! LOL!!! Now that is how you train a waitstaff!

-Princess Carmela

Creepy Ass Pervert

You're not alone. Everyone loves to look at my ass, so why not enjoy it? It's not like I'm going to make you wear a t-shirt that say “I'm an ass watching pervertr maybe I should... I'll think about it. All I want you to do now it get teased by my ass. Can you do that creepy slave boy?

Gimme Your Money Loser

This was a real-life slave-member of Our site. He wanted to be used and abused by us in our clips. So after making him jump through all the necessary hoops, Princess Adrianna shows up at his hotel door in Vegas- and he immediately drops to his knees in awe of her beauty- and with money in his teeth for his Superior, of course. LOL

This was the first part of Adrianna's session with him where she basically takes all his money, makes him sign a a waiver (literally on the floor at her feet) and then proceeds to verbally abuse him for being such a pathetic loser that he will let her treat him like this.  And nobody tears a slave apart with just her words like Princess Adrianna!  ;)


***So what "hoops" did this loser have to jump through to earn the privilege of groveling at a Mean Girl's feet in person?  Well first of all, he joined Our American Mean Girls Members Site!  (If this is like "too much" for you to do- then we figure you aren't very serious about serving Us.)  He also sent a nice deposit, his cell phone #, and proof of his travel to Vegas- as well as a clear picture of his ID so we knew who we were meeting.  (Do you honestly think we will meet some random stranger off the internet without knowing who you are???)  He did it all- and therefore earned the privilege of crawling to us on his hands & knees in person with more $$$ in his teeth to show his TRUE worship of Adrianna.***


***(And YES, this is all REAL!!!!!!)***

We Bury Lazy Slaves

Sometimes we torment slaves just for fun.  Its not necessarily for punishment or misbehavior of any kind.  Basically it just entertains us to be mean as fuck to them.  Although this one does tend to be kinda fat n he deserves to be tormented on a regular basis, in our opinion.

Anyways, Princess Carmela had this fat buried out in the desert behind Our compound up to its neck just to be mean to it.  He is apparently handcuffed under the sand to some sort of cement block or something and can't get out.  So I just had to go see this!  I thought it was hilarious.

I make sure to sit in front of it in my shiny stiletto boots to torment it a little bit.  (It wants to lick my boots sooo bad- even after we have torturred it like this.  So fucking pathetic.  To add insult to injury, I am sipping a nice, cold drink right in front of him.  Poor slave, he must be sooo parched by now.  Eventually it starts to beg for some of my water. Just to be extra mean to it, I pour some of my water right into the sand in front of the helpless slave's face just to waste it in front of him haha.

Then I make it lick the dust and sand off my boots.  Of course, it HAS to comply with my orders.  Otherwise, what chance does it have of EVER getting out of this predicament?  Can you imagine if I told Carmela that this idiot dared to disobey a direct order from ME??  We would leave it to like literally ROT out here. LOL.  That sand it is licking off of my boots must be great for its dry, parched throat haha.  I don't really care.  I've already learned that this is how slaves are MEANT to be treated- and they need to be grateful for being allowed around us- even if we are tormenting them.

After licking my boots clean, it starts begging for water AGAIN!  I tell it I will give it whatever I want- so I decide to light up a cigarette and as I casually smoke it,I flick my hot ash into its open mouth. That hot, dry ash must be so wonderful to taste while being buried out here for days in the 100 degree heat LOL.  And I make its fat, ugly ass thank me for it too!

You need to see the clip to see if I have ANY mercy on this loser at all...or if I leave it to suffer some more while I go inside to laugh with Carmela about what she did to this pathetic fuck!

-Princess Skylar

Cruel Couple Caning

This clip was hot AF. So just being honest, my Alpha and I are both pretty cruel to slaves. I think that's why we get along. We both LOVE using slaves and treating them like total shi*t.  Like we fucking get turned on by beating Our personal cuck-slave. We are like the perfect couple haha.

Anyways, the whole backstory to this is that my cuck-bitch actually complained about having to serve me n Alpha breakfast in bed the other day! Like, he was ok serving ME breakfast (of course!) but actually dared to COMPLAIN about having to serve Alpha too! So me n Alpha decided to teach him a lesson- by CANING his fucking ass! Like we beat the FUCK out of him- and it actually was TURNING US ON to hear him screaming and begging for mercy!!

I even sit on my cucky's back at one point so I can sort of feel the vibrations of it getting caned by my man (withOUT feeling any of the pain myself, obviously lol) and it was like SUCH a turn on! Eventually I just couldn't take it anymore and I jumped on Alpha and we just started making out...and then we went straight to the bedroom to FUCK! Haha.

Poor takes all that pain from 2 people that don't give a FLYING FUCK about him- just so we can leave him there in pain and go fuck our brains out. And I know he could hear us in the other room too! haha I love tormenting him emotionally too.  Even better to really remind him of where he stands in my life- as nothing more than a "masochistic foreplay device" for me n Alpha to BEAT as much as we want before we FUCK. Haha.

Spit On A Pig

Real simple, I am just spitting right in the face of this idiot after he rode a bus like 8 hours to get here and gave me all his money. LOL. My girlfriend behind the camera can't believe that this sh**tt is real as she films and laughs. And just to make it even more entertaining for her, I mix it up a bit and start slapping the pig right across the face. My friend can't believe I can treat someone like this and they still worship me.

-Princess Cindi

Under Lock And Key (Humiliated Cuckold)

How much do you REALLY want to be OWNED BY ME? Not just sending me a gift-card and pretending... if you want to be around me and actually remember your name, then you're going to have prove it to me. I want you you to get a chastity device as living proof that you're ready to serve. It will be a constant reminder of my power over you and what I can do to you. When you're my slave then I can REALLY HAVE MY WAY WITH YOU. I'll have you wrapped around my finger, doing things for me you never would have imagined.

Gag On Our Feet EuroTrash

We basically just humiliate this European loser by making him kiss Our American feet and then shoving our big feet down his throat until he almost throws up lol. He is like almost gagging the whole time and we are like screaming at him that if he throws up on our feet we are going to whip him to shreds within an inch of his life! He is soooo scared of us haha. FEATURING: Princess Ashley, Princess Chanel

Slapped Silly

I have my personal slave locked up in the jail cell in the basement of the Mean Girls Desert Punishment Camp in Vegas. I have had him down there for awhile now with no food or water. But you know what this freak misses even more than THAT?? His PRINCESS!! Haha. So fucking pathetic. Kinda cute, but still pathetic.

And I have him restrained in a REAL straight jacket the whole time so I can basically slap him around at will as much as I want whenever I go downstairs for a little "stress relief". And honestly, I think the combination of him missing his Princess soooo much AND being slapped around like a helpless little BITCH so much has literally left his brain scrambled.

To be honest, there wasn't much "up there" with this one to begin with anyways, but after some serious slaps from his sadistic siren, this bald bitch has gone will see what I mean when you watch the clip.  But can you blame him?

Indian Piggie Part 3

Sometimes my loser fans are so entertaining. Some of them actually have the balls (and the MONEY) to come grovel at my feet in person. This Indian loser was one of those. He sent his deposit as ordered, and came crawling to me with his MONEY in his teeth just BEGGING for me to take it. See what can happen when you OBEY ORDERS, loser??

So I took him, abused him, and took all his money. And filmed it all so I could make MORE money off his pathetic ass. I start by making him do humiliating stuff, with no regard to wether its his "fetish" or not. Cuz his only purpose is to do what I tell him to!  And I don't care what his fetishes are!  He is here to do what I want!  It doesn't matter what he likes!

In this segment I whip my slave with my riding crop and make him eat food that i have chewed up and spit on the floor.


-Goddess Nina E.

Edge Work, Edge Sleep, Repeat

Lucky you You get to buy this video and edge to me for 5 minutes every day when you wake up. Yup, I am going to command you jerk for 5 minutes and rip your hand off your hard cock with a nice last hard tug and pull your pants up and go to work. No orgasm for you, haha! I want you to build up as much cum in those blue balls that you become stupider and stupider for me. Then, when you get home after a long day you can stroke to the last 5 minutes of this video, Yay! But there a catch. You are not allowed to cum then either, haha! I want you to dream of me and make that cum build up nice and thick inside your blue balls. Now repeat this over and over all week and email me and tell me how many days you can go! Haha!

Karate Kicks to the Nuts

So true story- I actually am trained in karate. And my instructor told me to work on my kicks. Little does he know that I am a "Mean Girl" now, and literally have SLAVES at my disposal to use for whatever I want- including BALLKICKING PRACTICE! So I drag this loser out of its cage and chain it up with its legs spread nice n wide for me to have clear access to its sensitive testicles. Then I let the kicking begin! There are a bunch of "snap-kicks" in this, with me taking direct aim at this fat loser's nuts. Poor thing seems to really be in some pain. Too bad. "Practice" won't be over for quite awhile...

-Princess Gemma

Ballbusting Madness

This particular clip is JUST the BALLBUSTING portion of this slave's Torment test... The slave did fairly well at this and we REALLY had to kick it HARD to cause real pain for it.

Mean Girl AirBnB- The Human Welcome Mat

This is the first part of "Ms. Platinum's" tour of the "Mean Girl Air BnB". Beverly shows her the "human welcome mat" she keeps outside of the front door for all women going in & out to literally wipe their feet on like it is nothing. Platinum can't believe it. Beverly informs her how this "thing" needs to simply lay perfectly still out here 24/7 in complete silence - even in the 100 degree daytime heat & the nighttime freezing temperatures - just so it can literally be used as nothing more than a welcome mat for women to wipe their feet on. Beverly explains to Platinum that it is SUCH a loser that it is LUCKY just to have their feet wiped on it. Platinum can't believe she doesn't even have to take her heels off to step on this "thing". Beverly assures her that she can do anything she wants to this "thing". She will just replace it with another one if it gets overly damaged. Platinum is amazed...and they just casually have a conversation about "it" while they are both standing on it in their stilettos! Like it is not even human to them... Princess Beverly's heels are especially brutal...and she makes sure to lean waaaay back on those designer stiletto heels while she stands on the slave's thighs...because she wants to show off to her guest and she knows that this slave is particularly obsessed with her heels could literally slice through its flesh and it wouldn't dare complain about it... It was a cold and rainy day too, so this poor slave was shivering cold as we stood upon it- in our nice, warm clothes and needle-thin stilettos LOL.

Too Busy For A Foot Loser

Slave I don't have time for your nonsense today I'm too busy texting my real friends and hot guys so just worship my feet and try not to bother me.  

Second Chance For EuroTrash

This slave is giving us terrible foot massages, so we make him worship our feet until he remembers his place in life- which is at our feet!

Grovel At The Feet of The Queen

Slaves need to report to me on a regular basis and have their performance reviewed. Since I have converted the "Mean Girl Desert Punishment Compound" into a "Bed-n-Breakfast" for any hot girl to use, it has really taken off! The reviews have been phenomenal. I read through them in this clip while part of my "slave staff" grovel at my Royal feet, massage them while I relax, and worship me...

Oh, and you losers at home can drool over my beautiful stockinged feet too in this clip.

Enjoy, my little losers!

-Queen Kasey

Goddess Tina- Her First Visit

So this is my real-life cousin, Tina. We haven't seen each other in a few years, but since we both live in Vegas now she thought she'd reach out and see what I've been up to. Well, I decided to tell her the truth- that I am living the good life as a "Mean Girl" now! She didn't know what that meant, and I knew she wouldn't believe me even if I told her, so I decided to invite her over and SHOW her!

This clip is her first visit. When she walks in, she notices right away that I have some pathetic-looking naked loser over in the kitchen scrubbing my floor on his hands and knees.  when I explain to her that is "my slave" she can't believe I show her! What follows is me basically degrading my bitch slave in front of my cousin to the point that she can't believe her eyes.

I make him literally bow down and kiss my feet and THANK me for LETTING him clean the floor that I walk on. I then literally WALK ALL OVER HIM! In my heels, no less- which absolutely blows my cousin's mind! Of course, after seeing me do it, she wants HER turn LOL! So I totally act like its no big deal and command my slave to let my hot cousin walk all over him too. And it is so funny, while my cousin Tina is standing on my slave in her heels, we just have a casual conversation about him like he isn't even there! Gawd, I miss her! Haha.

Then I move on to the next part of the "demo" of my slave's humiliation- I make him lick the dirt and filth off the soles of my cousin's shoes. Just to REALLY show off in front of her that I can make this pathetic fuck do literally ANYTHING I command him to do at the snap of my fingers! My cousin Tina's mind is blown...again! She can't believe this loser is THIS pathetic that he is lapping at the filthy soles of her shoes with his TONGUE!

But I explain to my cousin that there are all kinds of losers out there that you can just blatantly use and walk all over like this. We even talk about all the guys that we have rejected over the years...and how many of them we could have used like this instead of just rejecting them and walking away like we used to!


-Princess Carmela