Yum Yum Cum

My slave that came all that way from the Czech Republic, just to serve me, has been so extremely obedient. I decided to finally let this freak Princess Mya and I were hanging out and laughing at what a pathetic loser it is, but how obedient it is. So we decided to play a little red light/green light game...

We put on our shiniest red and green pants, that look amazing on our perfect asses, and we stood in front of the freak on his knees. When I had my ass in its face it was time to stroke his tiny, anteater cock...because I was wearing green. When Princess Mya's amazing ass, wrapped in her tight shiny red pants, was in his face...he had to stop. 

The entire time we were playing our little red light/green light slave with Czech slave we were forcing geezer slave to kneel and watch. I even restrained it so it couldn't get away because I had a little yummy surprise for it when we were done with Czech slave....hahahaha.

When the Czech slave finally came I made sure it had an XXXXXXXXSMALL condom on its pathetic cock so we could catch all that disgusting cum. When we were done with the Czech slave we took the condom full of cum and forced fed it to geezer through his crusty old mouth hole. We made that freak suck every last drop of Czech cum out of that tiny rubber condom.

And if you know anything about geezer slave, he hates anything this is right up his alley. 

I had to plug geezers big old nose to make sure it swallowed every little drop. Princess Mya and I laughed at how old and disgusting it is watching it suck down fresh, warm cum.

Man oh man...Princess Mya and I love being Mean Girls...this is so much fun.

Oops I Fell Asleep

I must have fallen asleep with you rubbing my feet last night. Oops!

But now that i'm up you better get back to rubbing if you want to get out today. I'm going to put on my dirty Jimmy Choo Red Heels too and make you lick them clean...

If you're good maybe I'll let you out for a couple of hours so you can take me for a pedicure!

Suffer For My Soles

Wow. I've met some foot hella foot freaks in my life but this one tops them all. For real this freaking loser flew over 12hrs because it's so obsessed with my perfect feet. Like, that's

This loser contacted me less than a month ago begging to come worship my perfect feet. Stating that it had not seen such perfection before...I know losers...I'm perfect from my head to my perfect toes.

When my new little Czech slave arrived at the Mean Girl Manor after flying all that way and paying all that money, I made sure I came to the door with my perfect pedicure toes exposed....just to see this freak drool...hahahahaha.

Numerous times this slave said that he was an amazing foot worshipper and could give a great massage, but that's what all you foot freaks say. So I decided I would see how bad it really wanted my perfect feet. We played a little game. A game I like to call "Suffer For My Soles". 

Mind you, this loser hasn't done any pain slave sessions and I'm wiling to see how much it will take just to be able to worship my feet. I had my phone and I would set the stopwatch and this loser would get 1 minute of worshipping my perfect fucking feet in return I get to beat it for a full minute. It's only fair...hahahaha.

Man oh man...I was really surprised. It probably would have kept going...until I beat it to pulp. What a good little foot freak!


-Goddess Platinum

Oh It's Your Birthday?

OMG! Can you believe my stupid slave was dumb enough to tell me it was its birthday? Hahaha.

This freak actually wanted time off...are you kidding me? Like, it actually thinks it has something more important to do than serve me? But, I am really glad that it reminded me that it is it's birthday so that I get to do what I do best. Which is giving it it's birthday spankings...only more brutal. 

I decided it was probably lying to me about how old it was so I made sure to paddle it way more than it told me. And I got a little excited and forgot what number I was at a few times, so I had to start over! Hahahaha....

By the time I was done celebrating this freaks birthday it decided it no longer wanted any time away from me and that its time was best spent serving me. How freaking dumb of this loser to forget that! But I reminded it...

Enjoy the birthday celebration!



-Goddess Platinum

Fill My Closet

Just moved into the new Mean Girls Mansion and My new closet isn't going to fill itself. That's what I have you for. Let Me remind you why you work so hard for those paychecks.

Let's Play a Countdown Game
Who Makes The Rules?

Ever hear of the "Golden Rule"? Well, "She who has the gold makes the rules." It used to be your gold- but then you gave it all to now I run things! You'll have to listen to ME because I run this house now, and you will do what I say! Starting with...

You Could Never Be With Me

Aww, my poor cucky footslave is groveling down at my feet, literally kissing the bottom of my shoes- while he has to listen to me talk to my hot, young boyfriend on the phone above him.  I am telling my boyfriend about how great the sex was with him last night, and how much I am looking forward to MORE of it when he come over tonight!  How much I love him, care about him...

And all the while, this poor old foot-freak that I own is kissing the soles of my shoes like a pathetic fuck.  (Can it get any lower than kissing the bottom of someone else's shoes? Hahaha) When I hang up with my boyfriend, this foot-cuck has the NERVE to try to tell me how much it "loves" me!  OMFG I am like SO appalled by this!  How DARE a lowly foot-cuck actually SPEAK to me like this!  Like, I KNOW it loves me!  (DUH!  That's why it does whatever I say!)  But the best a pathetic old foot loser like this can hope for is to KISS MY FEET- and it better be grateful if I even allow THAT!

So I decide to teach it a very cruel lesson.  I drag it over to the wall by its chain, get reeeaaally close to it while I make it think it has a "chance" with me and MAYBE I will decide to let it be "more" than just a foot slave for me...then when I can tell the dumb old man is actually starting to believe me...I SLAM my knee up into its balls as hard as I can and LAUGH at it as it drops to the floor at my feet- where it BELONGS!

And then I just start having fun and repeating the process over and over!  I'm not sure what was more fun- slamming my knee into its stupid old balls to physically hurt him, or emotionally destroying its hopes and dreams of ever "dating" me!  (Or whatever the fuck the old foot loser was thinking!)  I tease him, bring him in close...then SLAM my knee up into its balls.  Over & over.  SO much fun!  I love having old foot-cucks around to play with and torment.

I even rub it in that as EXTRA punishment for him now I am going to chain him to the foot of my bed when my boyfriend gets here and make him WATCH us have sex right in front of him!!  Haha that will DESTROY the poor foot-cuck's ego!  (Or whatever he has left of it, after serving me for so long now..)  I even add some REALLY humiliating things that I am going to make him do for my boyfriend..and he WILL do them, if he wants to be kept around as my foot slave!

You see, foot losers are meant to kept around as FOOT SLAVES and turned into FOOT CUCKS.  And foot-cucks serve my FEET.  They can hope for NO better than that!  And they better be GRATEFUL for it!  My FEET are the best they could ever hope for.  The rest of me belongs to my BOYFRIEND!


-Princess Amber

Caught You Jerking Off At The Party

OMG how gross there a house party going on here and your in the bathroom jerking your little dick off its so disgusting. the only reason your here is because your the younger brother of a real man and you got us beer. So go on don't stop now I want you to finish what you start just to humiliate you. Lets see if you can get any harder or bigger because you are jerking off with me in the room now. I'm not getting my hopes up. I'm just doing this because It going to be so much fun picking on you for the rest of the night with all my girl and boyfriend joining in HAHA I'm going to humiliate you in front of like 200 people so get ready loser

Post Workout Foot Worship

I am super into fitness and today I did an intense workout, then went for a crazy jog in the crazy you can imagine how sweaty my feet are lol. 

You know my pain bitch, geezer, loves to try and foot worship, even though it sucks at it. It's literally like sticking your foot into a dried up corpses mouth...gross

So today, after my intense workouts, I decided to have a little fun with my pathetic slave. I left that freak restrained on my living room floor with duct tape across its stupid mouth. When I returned back from my disgustingly hot and sweaty workout I tortured geezer with my nasty, but perfect, feet. He was forced to take it like the little bitch that he is....hahahaha.



-Goddess Platinum


Miss Dandy Learns Ballbusting

Miss Dandy is such a hot, powerful, redheaded, Amazonian Mistress who is insanely cruel. I was so excited when I found Miss Dandy and invited her to join the Mean Girls. Miss Dandy is mean by nature, but I am teaching her all the exciting things we do here as Mean Girls. Today was Mistress Dandy's first ball busting session and OMG she I knew she would. It is such an indescribable feeling when I watch a new Mean Girl experience the power rush over them.

You know ball busting is my absolute favorite way to abuse my slaves. so I love teaching the new girls ball busting. It's such a rush to bash a pathetic male in its ugly testicles with our Miss Dandy gets so excited every time I teach her a new way we torture our slaves. Just watch her eyes light up as she is learning and listen to her awesome laugh. 

I personally loved this ball busting session. Once Miss Dandy got the hang of it she was beyond brutal. With how tall and curvy Miss Dandy is its even more brutal. Hahahaha....




-Goddess Platinum

PMS Therapy


Every single month I have to deal with this stupid fucking slave, and every single month this piece of sh*t makes me bleed. Like seriously, I think his inner sissy period is trying to sync up with mine or something. I don't know what is causing it, but I know it's this freak. It really pisses me off.

So of course I have to deal with this loser and wouldn't you know it...I started my period again. Since I've had enough of his sh*t, I'm going to teach this pathetic loser a lesson. 

I'm going to take out my PMS on it.

I invited our honorary guest, Miss Tiffany, over because she is as cruel as I am. She will help me teach this creature a lesson on how much PMS hurts....when we take it out on it!

We strung the freak up from the ceiling at the desert compound. Then shoved tampons up it's pig nose. And then we just beat the freak....hahaha. I mean it was tearing up and crying like the little sissy bitch it is.

Just so you know...I felt so much better and all my PMS was gone after torturing this fat fuck. 



-Goddess Platinum

Slave Gets Tatooed

Since day 1 my little pain bitch slave, geezer, has done every little thing I have demanded. And taken every hardcore punishment I have handed it. I own this freak and will until the day it dies so I figured what better way to prove it then to tattoo it on it's ass. I had this slave buy me a tattoo machine and all the supplies I would need to give it a tattoo that would last forever. 

I have never tattooed anyone in my entire life and I've only had a couple tattoos done on myself, but I had complete faith in myself. If it turned out junky oh well lol....

I decided today would be the day that I would attempt to tattoo my slave's butt. I opened the packaging on the machine, put it together and told my geezer slave to report to my new tattoo station. I cuffed my slaves hands to the wall with its ass in the air over my bench. Then I got to work...

My slave knew better than to move...even though it had never been tattooed in its long, long life. 

I love my masterpiece and it proves that I truly own this old ass slave until the day it dies. Who in my army of slaves is next to be "OWNED BY G PLAT" ..... lol!



-Goddess Platinum

All The Way From Czech


About a month this really submissive/obedient slave from the Czech Republic reached out and begged to served me. So I decided to give it a chance since it did every little thing I told it. This freak flew over 12hrs to come serve me. Wow...I don't even think I could sit on a plane for 5 hrs let alone 12 hrs just to be someone's little This submissive little Czech slave barely even speaks any English, but arrived at the Mean Girl Manor after paying all its travel costs. Of course he came with a fistful of cash as an offering as well as his body for the next two

This Czech slave hasn't experience much pain so I started with this clip to see how much CBT it could take.  It's tiny little cock and balls were so incredibly small and ugly that I could barely CRUSH them against the table, so I got creative. And you know I had to try out some ball busting on This is the first of many little torture sessions that we will have with this slave. I will break it before I send it back to its stupid country. 



-Goddess Platinum

Beat By Our Feet

Supreme Queen Simone's very first day of being a Mean Girl and she's ki**ing it! She definitely listened and didn't hold back AT ALL! She is BRUTAL!

I had one more little test/fun game for Supreme Queen. We are going to f*ck my slaves face right up! And once again she didn't hold back. Lol, she didn't even take her rings off! Ouch...

It's not like this slave has any brains inside that big empty skull that we could hurt. We slapped, spit on and kicked the cr*p out of this loser. We definitely got out all of our agression on that worthless t*rd. I was kicking that freak so hard that my feet hurt after!

Man oh man...if this is how brutal and cruel is Supreme Queen is on day 1 just wait until she settles into her new life as a Mean Girl...



-Goddess Platinum

Your Balls Are Mine


**This sissy sent me messages on twitter begging to be my sissy slave for MONTHS. So I decided that if I was going to let this freak travel out here we were going to play by my rules. Not its pathetic, lame, sissy slave rules**

I have a brand new sissy slave that traveled in from L.A. to serve me. This sissy slave is more into pony play and foot worship, lol. It came dressed like a normal male would and since this sissy isn't good with anything with pain I decided to introduce it to my ball shocker, hahahaha.

I was looking for this disobedient freak and I find it dressed like a fucking woman. What a train wreck. And it obviously doesn't need its balls anymore since it wants to be a female now. I forced the freak to strap on the ball shocker above its chastity cage. Man oh man it did not like that!

I shocked its balls so severely it was rolling around crying like a little bitch; begging me to stop. 

So we made a deal. I would stop shocking its useless balls if I could kick them...lolSince this freak wants to be a sissy fag I will just help it along by destroying its testicles. See I can be nice ;)


-Goddess Platinum

Let Me Own You

I wore this entire shiny bikini with your favorite shiny heels...just for you. Here’s the catch...I want to own you. So I’m going to let you stroke your cock to me rubbing myself through this incredible shiny suit. Just this once though

Supreme Queen Breaks Balls *NEW MEAN GIRL*


This Hot, Young, Brand New, 19yr Old Mean Girl is freaking amazing! This is "Supreme Queen's" very first day being a Mean Girl. And Although she has never done this before, she is learning from the best. She's a super good listener and loves to really put effort into making sure all the slaves feel her wrath!

She was born to be a Queen and have men worship at her perfect feet. I discovered this Queen yesterday and rushed to get her in because she is so perfect in every way. The number one thing I told this Queen before she came to Mean Girl Manor was- don't hold back! Be as brutal as you can be. She totally came through and did not hold back!

Supreme Queen has never kicked anyone in the balls prior to today. But she was so insanely brutal with her tight, toned, dancer!  And she literally could not believe that I was paying her to be THIS mean to these losers!  She also couldn't believe that I literally own them as my PROPERTY and can do whatever I want with them for my profit!  It was quite the eye-opener for her.  But she made it very clear that she wants MORE!  (Her exact words?  "I can get paid just for kicking these old freaks in the balls as hard as I want??  Sign me up for MORE!")  So plan on seeing more of "The Supreme Queen" around Mean Girl Manor! 

We all know that ball busting is my absolute favorite, so I was extremely excited to teach this savage new Mean Girl how to break! The Supreme Queen tore through all the slaves balls and it was so epic to watch!

You are going to love this!



-Goddess Platinum

Women Taking Over

In a major scientific advancement led by a team of all-female scientists, the most beautiful women in the world have been selected to grow to over 100 feet high.  They are now taking the "#me too" movement to new heights.  They are walking around through cities throughout the country, and literally CRUUUSHING any man that refuse to bow down to them, kiss their feet, and apologize for males' past transgressions against women.  

 You are one of those men, and now find yourself staring up at the beautiful Amazon Goddess Amber.  What will she decide to do to you?  Will she callously squash you under her shoe?  

 What if you completely debase yourself, sacrificing your "manhood" right here in the middle of the street, and try to beg as hard as hard as you can for your life?  Will she let you live...or will she STILL squash you anyway after watching you grovel at her feet just for her amusement?  She seems to like the feeling of having a full-grown male's body "popping" underneath her shoe...guess you will just need to watch the clip to find out?

Human Piñata

Princess Amber and I were super excited for the party tonight! I found out that the party was going to have a big piñata filled with lots of money, and I needed to make sure that Princess Amber and I would win it all. I decided that the best way to train to kick butt at the party was....a human piñata.

I strung my slave up to the ceiling by its ankles and wrists to surprise Princess Amber. She loved it! We proceeded to practice our piñata smashing on our human piñata while making it sing fiesta songs to us....hahahaha! 

I think that we will have more fun with my human piñata than we will winning all the money at the party later.

The Mean Girls NEVER lose.



-Goddess Platinum