Mean Girl AirBnB- The Frustration Relief Dummy

This is the second part of "Ms. Platinum's" tour of the "Mean Girl Air BnB" from the first time she came here- before taking over the entire "Mean Girls" operation.  This is JUST the "ballbusting/faceslapping" part of the full video.  Do a search to find the full video on our store!

She walks into Our "Desert Punishment Camp" property and casually mentions to Beverly about how frustrating her travel was today. (Babees crying on her plane, turbulence, etc...) Princess Beverly has the perfect solution- a loser that she can slap around as much as she wants until she feels better! Beverly walks her over to a fat, naked loser that has been kept kneeling in the corner of the room for just such a purpose, and Platinum can't believe it! This is seriously part of the "amenities" of this place?? She can literally just "slap around" the servants here as much as she wants just because she a female and she's "hot"?? This is incredible!

After a demo from Beverly, they both go to town on this fat ugly loser! They slap him across the face over and over, making him kneel before them and "take it like a bitch" as well as making him literally THANK "Ms. Platinum" just for slapping him dismissively right across his ugly face! Then they begin mixing in some ballbusting! Platinum was already blown away, but now she REALLY can't believe she can just literally KICK THIS LOSER IN THE BALLS AS HARD AS SHE WANTS WHENEVER SHE FEELS LIKE IT ALL WEEKEND LONG??? This is crazy!

And after a bunch of slaps across the face and some kicks right to this loser's balls, Platinum says she really IS feeling much better! Like she can feel all the stress just melting right off! And then she asks the most mind-blowing question of all...she asks Beverly how much she "pays" these workers of hers to take all this abuse and put up with being treated like this?? Beverly just LAUGHS! Then she explains that these idiots don't get paid SH**TT! they work for her 24/7 for FREE just because she is HOT and they know damn well they are lucky to serve ANY purpose in her life! Needless to say, Platinum is stunned by this little revelation! She really can't believe someone would put up with being treated this way at all- let alone for free!

She is actually kinda concerned about being "too mean" to these males- even though they are obviously pathetic and deserve it. So Beverly issues her a challenge- if she can get any of them to quit during her weekend stay by being "too mean" to them, she gets a $1000 bonus! So not only is her stay FREE and she gets waited on hand & foot 24/7, but she can be as much of a "bitch" as she wants to these idiots and she will get PAID $1000 if any of them even dares complain about how mean and abusive she is! This is GREAT! She basically has carte blanche to be a complete and total bitch to these idiots!

There aren't a ton of ball kicks in this clip, but the ones that are delivered are BRUTAL. Platinum is in heaven...this place is SO much FUN! What's next??

Trampling Madness

This particular clip is JUST the TRAMPLING portion of this slave's "Mean Girls Torture Test"...

It was in soooo much pain during this portion of its test haha.  But it is just SO easy to hurt a slave with your heels though!  Especially when 155lb Kiki stood on it in her stiletto boots!

Macho Hippno-Slavery



A "macho guy" has been sent to world-renowned feminist hippno-therapist Dr. Gemma as part of a court order for his "unwanted sexual advances" in the workplace. He has NO respect for women and openly admits that he has abused women on many occasions like he thinks it is perfectly acceptable. He even insults the therapist upon his arrival in her office by questioning how "some dumb bitch" could be actually be a real doctor! Dr. Gemma just smugly smiles and ignores his insults...because she knows that her hippnotic powers will have him at her mercy soon enough, and she will have her revenge then!

The macho asshole is "put under" by Dr. Gemma using her powerful hippno-amulet and the power of suggestion. She calmly whispers into his ear the new "programming" that she wants his tiny male brain re-wired with. Once he awakens, he thinks nothing has changed, but Doctor Gemma tells him that he will slowly begin to realize that he can no longer say "no" to a woman or disobey ANY orders from ANY woman!! "Mr. Macho Man" just laughs in her face and says "no way".

She begins giving him simple orders. He tries as hard as he possibly can to resist doing what he is told by this "dumb bitch doctor" - to the point of complaining about his actions AS he is doing them! - but he now HAS to obey ANY command given to him by a female voice...whether he wants to or not!

Soon Dr. Gemma begins giving him commands to completely humiliate him and demonstrate the power that she - and ANY woman - has over him now! She begins by calmly ordering him to "bow down and kiss my feet." The Macho Stud vehemently refuses verballyto do this humiliating act- but he cannot stop his body! Soon his body is involuntarrily dropping to its knees and his head slowly lowers itself toward the doctor's stocking feet against his will! He tries as HARD as he can to resist and shouts that he "will NOT do this!!"- right up until the point that his lips are firmly planted on the good doctor's foot. And Dr. Gemma just laughs and mocks him as he involuntarily grovels at her feet.

After relishing a few moments of having this asshole helplessly grovel at her feet, Doctor Gemma decides to REALLY "up the ante" on his humiliation to try to "break" him. She calmly commands him to "shine her work pumps with his tongue"...and he is absolutely AGHAST at the concept of doing such a thing! But slowly his tongue slowly comes out...and he literally canNOT stop himself from dragging his tongue all over this woman's work pumps to bring them up to a nice shine for her! He complains about it the entire time, but he literally can NOT stop doing it simply because Doctor Gemma TOLD him to!

Doctor Gemma is obviously relishing he power over this macho asshole. She manages to keep giving more & MORE humiliating orders to him...and he can't help but OBEY! Even though his mind tells him not to...his body simply obeys Doctor Gemma's commands... Until eventually she commands him to "strip, stand, and spread your legs so I can kick you in the balls as hard as I want."

***Watch the clip to see ALL the humiliating tasks that Doctor Gemma puts this macho asshole through. But let's just say that by the end, he is VOLUNTARILY groveling at her feet and BEGGING her to "release" him from this spell she has him under!***

Euro Trash Abuse

In this clip we just generally abuse this foreign loser that is like a huuuge fan of ours and wrote in to us.

We have already kidnaped him from his hotel room, taken all his money (in other clips) and now we have him strung up out in our "punishment garage" in the middle of the desert and are going to HURT him- like BAD. We tell him this to his face too- and he is like SO scared! HAHAHA.

We whip him while he hangs in front of us helplessly from chains and he just SCREAMS like a little girl!! He totally cannot take it. He is such a wimp! So we just beat on him some more and laugh.  He told us in his emails to the site before he came here that he wanted to SUFFER for us and that we should ignore his please for mercy- no  matter how "convincing" they may be!  So me n Chanel were happy to oblige with that request haha!

Then we take a Smoke break while he is hanging there like a piece of meat, and we use his mouth as our personal ashtray. Like, we seriously have NO respect for this piece of human garbage. 

Then we unhook him and flop him down onto the floor- so we can WALK ALL OVER HIM like the euro-trash that he is. LOL This slave is a TOTAL wimp BTW. He like can't take anything. He screams and begs for mercy like a little bitch as soon as he is hit a few times. But we don't care...we keep walking all over him in our stilettos anyways.  We think his screams are kinda funny, actually. 

Princess Skyler Outtakes

These are just outtakes from in between some clips we were shooting out on the deck. Princess Skylar is SO mean to slaves- both on & off camera! This is totally unscripted, but she just couldn't stop abusing this poor loser that we kept out on the deck as Our ashtray slave during our shoot. Just a bunch of random stuff with her being mean and abusive to it.

Indian Piggie Part 4

Sometimes my loser fans are so entertaining. Some of them actually have the balls (and the MONEY) to come grovel at my feet in person. This Indian loser was one of those. He sent his deposit as ordered, and came crawling to me with his MONEY in his teeth just BEGGING for me to take it. See what can happen when you OBEY ORDERS, loser?? So I took him, abused him, and took all his money. And filmed it all so I could make MORE money off his pathetic ass. I start by making him dress like a girl, even though its not his "fetish". Cuz his only purpose is to do what I tell him to! It doesn't matter what he likes! Then its on to REAL humiliation... This time I make my slave worship my boots and I make fun of this small cock while he jerks off. This is the last clip so I make him clean up the studio before he leaves.

I Want To Humiliate You

This was a real-life slave-member of Our site that wanted to be used and abused by us in our clips when he came to Vegas. So after making him jump through all the necessary hoops (and PAY us for the privilege, obviously!) Princess Adrianna shows up at his hotel door in Vegas. This is the part of his session where Adrianna decides to call the front desk from the loser's room and order gay porn on pay-per-view and charge it to his room! Haha, The slave is mortified.

Want this to be you, loser? Then do what this slave did and join our site, send us your deposit, and a picture of your ID, and then book your trip to Vegas. We will let you know the total cost when we hear how lame you are LOL. (Oh, and BTW these clips don't have great lighting because it is a real-life session in a hotel room- NOT some scripted clip in some studio!!)

Caning-Boy Job Opening

This pathetic slob actually showed up for an INTERVIEW for a JOB at Ms. Platinum's business looking like this, can you believe that? Flipflops and a sweatshirt with holes in it? REALLY?? That's not going to work here...although there may be ONE position he would be good for...

The candidate is desperate for work and says he will do "anything". Hmmm...Ms. Platinum thinks about it for a minute. Yes, he may be good for this one specialposition she needs to fill in the office... She explains that her all-female salesforce sometimes comes back very frustrated from their sales calls if they don't make the sale. And she has found that having an "office caning-boy" is a very good way for her female sales reps to take out all their pent-up frustrations out on! That way they can feel "refreshed" and energized to go out and make more sales calls without taking their frustrations from one customer out on another.

So she explains that his pathetic, ugly, sloppy ass actually could be useful to her business! And he is so desperate for money that he begrudgingly accepts a "tryout" with Ms. Platinum. She proceeds to put him through his paces...slamming a huge rattan cane into his ass over and over - swinging it like a baseball bat - while verbally degrading him the entire time.

She explains that his sole purpose will be to accept constant punishment day in and day out from her (or ANY of her female sales reps!) and he will be paid literally by the cane-stroke! Although she laughs that he will only be getting paid PENNIES per stroke! But she promises that her sales reps will make sure he racks up as much $$$ as possible...maybe even several dollars a DAY!

***(Goddess Platinum actually cracks and breaks one cane on the loser's ass at one point during the filming of this clip!)***

Trample Camp

This poor slave was sent to the Mean Girl Punishment Camp by his wife. (Can you believe that some of these freaks actually have wives?? OMFG! Like who would marry a fucking slave??)

It has been chained up out in the “Mean Girls Garage of Pain” for awhile now. It is like 110 degrees outside- and God only knows how hot inside! This fucking garage is like a “hot box” to really break the slaves down for us without us even having to be there! Haha! So when I walk in, this loser is already broken. But that doesn’t stop me, of course. In my opinion, a slave can always be broken down MORE! So I hop up onto its carcass and start stomping away. LOTS of jumpin up and down in this one! (And yes, in my HEELS!)

I jump and stomp all over it until it is literally beggingme for mercy. ***(By the way, I literally broke one of this loser’s RIBS during this beat-down! For real! Haha!!)***

Eventually, as I am still standing full-weight on this loser’s broken ribs in my stiletto heeled boots, I ask it “who jumps up and down harder on you, slave? Me or Princess Bella?”- and of course with me leaning aaaallll my weight back onto my stilettos- it says ME! :)

So I will just have to send this little video over to her to see what Bella has to say about that…LOL. (This loser actually belongs primarily to Bella, which is what makes that little rib-cracked confession so hilarious! Can’t wait to see how she deals with him…)

-Princess Beverly

Meet My Slave And Shock It

So Princess Amber and Skylar are real-life "besties" and heard about the Mean Girl Compound from Amber's Aunt Platinum.  But they have never seen a real slave before.  (They didn't even think things like this really existed! LOL!)  So I had to show off a little bit and show them where I keep my real-life slave stored out in the garage- with a ballshocker attached to its nuts haha!The funny thing is, my slave haaaaates having its nuts shocked!  But Amber and Skylar don't know that.  They also don't know how much this things hurts my slave- and I don't care!  I think its funny to watch him jump and convulse in agony inside its cage.  (Its hands are cuffed behind its back too so it can't take the shocker off its balls!)  By the way, this is actually a dawwg shock collar made for BIG gawwgs to shock them through the thick fur on their necks- and we have it attached nice n tight on my slave's shaved balls! And we eventually crank it allll the way up to "15"!  (The highest setting possible!)

So we all basically take turns passing the remote around and shocking the shh1tt out of my slave's balls and laughing our asses off at its misery.  Amber and Skylar absolutely love it, of course.  Who wouldn't love making a slave jump and twitch in agony at the simple touch of a button??  They will be around here a lot, I think...


The best part is when I make my fool of a slave THANK Amber and Skylar for the shocks they are giving it and BEG them for more!  (Even though they know he really hates it haha!)  Skylar is the cruelest though- she makes my slave hit the "shock button" HIMSELF with his nose through the cage- so she is basically commanding him to tortuurre his own nuts while we all laugh at him!!


-Princess Carmela

You Will Serve Us Both

My Alpha man just moved in with me and he thinks its hilarious what I do for a "living". (Basically just using, abusing, and degrading weak beta men like YOU! Haha.) Anyways, he is totally cool with it. In fact we decided to make this clip for beta losers that want to serve us as the hot, Alpha couple that we are. Are you pathetic enough to admit that you could never please a real woman like me, and are willing to accept your role as a BITCH to support and serve me and my REAL man that fucks me good and pleases me in ways that you know YOU never could?? Really?? Ok then... Watch this clip because we are taking REAL APPLICATIONS from beta losers that want to be a "cuck bitch" for me n my Alpha! And I give you EXACT instructions in this clip about what we are looking for in a loser. You need to have absolutely NO spine, LOTS of $$$, and be willing to bow down to us as your King & Queen. And no matter how bad we treat you, you need to put up with it and THANK us just for abusing you. *** THIS IS TOTALLY LEGIT- DOWNLOAD, WATCH AND FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS EXACTLY IF YOU WANT TO COME TO VEGAS AND SERVE US IN REAL LIFE!!! ***

You Are No Comparison to My Alpha

So I am just making out with my hot boyfriend with my slave kneeling at my feet- and it like starts to "whimper" or some ! I ask it what the fuck its problem is, and it starts complaining about how it is "jealous" of my Alpha! Like it doesn't fucking understand that my MAN is a REAL MAN- and his pathetic ass is like NOTHING compared to him! So I have to like drill it into his head how fucking INFERIOR he is, and that he is LUCKY just to be kneeling at my feet while I make out with a REAL man! In fact, he should be THANKING Alpha for making out with me! (And of course, I make him do exactly that! haha) Its probably extra painful for him to hear all this though, because this loser slave actually met me by asking me out on a date a while back. (Of course I fucking REJECTED him! Duh.) But he agreed to do WHATEVER I WANTED in order to be in my life in SOME way, so he is basically my slave now. And I even make him serve me while I am with my Alpha boyfriend haha. So in this clip I make the slave strip down naked so me n Alpha can laugh at him and then I make a nice, long comparison between his scrawny loser ass and my big, strong Alpha- until my scrawny slave is totally CRUSHED and put firmly back in his place. ***(BTW this is my REAL-LIFE boyfriend and my REAL-LIFE slave! This is REAL sh1tt, losers!!)***

You Wish You Could Date Me

When I get ready for a hot date I first blow dry my hair, then put on my makeup, and then pick out a sexy outfit! I know you'd love to be sitting there at my feet, worshiping while I get ready for my stud to come pick me up! And, face it, you're such a fucking loser, you'll never have a girl primping herself like this for you. So just watch and enjoy, cuckold bitch!

Working Out The Stress

***Custom Clip***


It is a hot day  wearing a bikini, relaxing outside in a reclining lounge while sipping ****. She has requested a foot massage from her slave but unfortunately the slave has came Late. Princess is extremely angry and felt the slave was being disrespectful to her by being late. The slave has apologized repeatedly, claiming that he overslept as he was too tired from the hard laborious chores given to him yesterday. However princess is having none of it and decided to punish him severely. Instead of letting her slave massage her feet, princess decided to make her slave maintain push up position for the rest of the afternoon, while shocking his balls repeatedly as she likes or when her slave fail to maintain the proper position. (eg knees touching the ground/arching his back etc) The slave will be begging for mercy as this is a painful stress position to maintain in, but princess is having none of it as her slave will need to punish severely for being late! (also to make him stronger since he is complaining of being tired from his daily chores!) > while the slave is suffering in push up position and from the shocks in his balls, princess will relax on the reclining lounge, and continue to enjoy her champgne. Finally, at the end of the clip (around 25 min), princess will go back to  have a relaxing shower/bath, while leaving the slave to suffer in this painful position. (she will also finish by threatening her slave that if he fails to fulfill her orders by staying in push up position, she will send her to the mean girl punishment camp, where he will be whipped and starved to ....)

Watch A Real Skype Session

I was paid by some slave to skype with him.  So I decided to film it too so you losers can watch.  Goddess Platinum joins me. 

By the way, if you are wondering "how can i skype with princess Beverly too??"  Um, well how about you start by joining American Mean Girls so I know you have a working credit card and that you are a REAL fan of mine before contacting me??  AND send me a nice Amazon GC as a tribute AND a few gifts off my wishlist while you're at it?? 

I honestly HATE when you idiots email me out of the blue and you are asking me for shiitt (like a skype session) and you haven't even done SHIITT for me yet.  Like, seriously??  You think I want to even talk to you if you haven't joined our site, sent me a gift or a tribute?  Fuck off and come at me right if you wanna have a shot at serving me, bitches. 

Your email will be discarded like the trash it is if it doesn't include your AMG slave-member name as well as a gift card and a list of things you bought off my wishlist.  Why would I EVER take you seriously if you haven't spoiled me and shown true worship & obedience??  Duh...

-Princess Beverly

Pigboy Learns To Worship

So this slave just does not quite know how to WORSHIP us Mean Girls the way we deserve to be worshipped. We need him to GROVEL and show that he understands how BENEATH us he is. I inform my girlfriend (who is behind the camera fiilming all this and laughing her ass off) that the best way to instill true humility and devotion in a loser slave is to make it lick the dirt off your shoes. Especially the bottoms. LOL. It should lick the dirt we STEP on off the bottom of our shoes and SWALLOW it to make it understand how beneath us it is. -Princess Cindi

My Butler Slave

Now that you are my live in slave for the week you will kneel down and listen to the list of chores that I am making you do for me today. My friends are coming over later and I expect you to go to the store and get the freshest ingredients for our snacks. Then I want all the floors and bathrooms cleaned. You will be making sure all my shoes are polished and clothes are organized at all times. If you have any left over time I want you to chain yourself to the stove and wait there on your knees with your head down. I dont want you looking up at anything, you only get to stare at the floor. Oh and you can only look at one square floor tile not two, you only get to look at one floor tile and thats it! Haha! When you are done for the week I will toss you two dollars to take the bus back to where ever you came from because there will not be any funds available on your credit cards I maxed out.

The Edge Of Humiliation

***Custom Clip***

"Please wear a tight black dress while humiliating the out of your slave. Make him edge himself while kissing your feet. Then you allow him to lick your legs and up to your thighs, but not any closer. Please spit on him as well from time to time. If he looks like he is about to cum, just kick his balls. When he has gather enough precum, please wipe your foot on his dick and make him lick up all the precum from your foot. Please be sitting on your throne with the camera looking up at you. Also please wear the strapiest flat sandals you own (gladiator preferred), and if owned a tiara. Your our Princess and the wife and I can no longer pay our taxes to you. You took all our possessions and had us brought before you. You deemed immediately we're to ugly for sex and are to be your eunuchs, I was immediately sent away. My wife was coerced under your feet, and to look up to perfection. The entire time wiggle your feet in her face. Before you send her off to have her pussy destroyed with my dick, you lay out her new life as your slave. From this day out she is your new footstool, only being allowed to look at your feet. She must perform all tasks immediately when you snap your fingers. When she is not doing tasks for you, she must be at your feet kissing them, painting your toenails, or messaging them. You will place tattoos all over her body (please describe some). She is never allowed to speak only nodding her head yes, she can never refuse you. She must endure all the humiliating tasks you and your girlfriends do to her. You can't help but spit on her. She'll be forever in chains naked at your feet. coerce her to kiss each toe and thank you for not immediately us. Please call us peasants and slaves the entire time. Please be as arrogant as possible the entire time. Pointing at your feet, rubbing your feet in her face, middle fingers etc. Describe what you'll do if she ever disobeys you."

Your Favorite Foot Clip

This is my hottest foot clip yet! You foot boys are going to drool over my flawless, pedicure as I encourage you to stroke for my perfect feet. A hot princess, with long slender legs and a classic feet that are total perfection. Come on loser, let's have some foot boy fun with my wiggling toes and wrinkled up soles.

Beat It And Eat It

It is the time to practice your cum eating for me today. I want to give you some extremely sensual JOI so you actually "get in the mood" to eat it joyfully. I am going to as I tease you in the most erotic ways, and then coerce you to cum and eat it MY way! It is going to be seductive, dominating, instructive, and beyond exhilarating when you eat loads of cum for your Princess. First, it's going to start off easy and then slowly begin testing your obedience...every time making you go more & more extreme for me.