GoddessNO- Legs Of A GODDESS & The Invisible Man (FULL HD)


You are SO fucking just had a dream come true- you are INVISIBLE and inside your GODDESS'S apartment. She just came walking through the door after a long day walking around in her stockings and heels and sits on the couch and starts playing with her shoes and feet.

And because you are INVISIBLE, you can crawl right up to her stockinged feet and get as clooose to them as you possibly can without touching her...BUT BE QUIET!! Or she will hear you!!

All you can do is stare at her stockinged feet and get close enough to try to quietly sniff them without her hearing you...

You are SO lucky to be able to just kneel there and stare at the LEGS OF A GODDESS without her knowing...


***you get so close that in HD you can see every stitch in Her stockings!!! You can practically SMELL them...***

Ugly Euroseat While It Worships My Feet

Why use just one slave when two are at the ready?  After a day of shopping and generally having a great time spending loser money, I got back to the Manor and needed a bit of a break from being in heels.  I dragged these two losers over and had the import from the Czech Republic serve as My seat, while the bald thing got the pleasure of tending to My tired worn out feet.  

But as much fun as foot worship can be for losers, I never let them have it that easy.  Of course My whole foot goes down its throat as I gagged it, and not only did I expect worship, but the loser was obligated to massage whatever foot I didn't have it attached to by its lips... hahahaha...   that's right, work for MY perfect tiny peds loser... show Me how they mean the fucking world to you..

Of course this bitch did exactly that... licking every inch of My soles from heel to toes, between every toe, and sucking every bit of dirt and pain away as it lapped like a helpless pet at My feet..  How jealous are you that you aren't the one here on the floor opf the Manor being able to show your understanding of your inferiority while being My foot licking little bitch?  

Get the clip now and then get in touch after to make your pathetic little dreams of foot slavery to all the Mean Girls a real life experience you'll bnever forget bitch.

Teasing It's Sad Useless Little Cock

Some seem to think that the Mean Girls are solely about cruel, hurtful acts with Our slaves, and that isn't at all the whole story.  While We definitely have a great time destroying the things for Our amusement, at times, We also have plenty of fun fucking with Our property in other ways..

Take for instance this pathetic little loser here. It's almost like a Christmas present of sorts, all wrapped up and mysteriously unknown in the tight black plastic wrap that covers nearly every inch of its body.  Further, its eyes are covered and it's stuck laying at the end of My bed.. nothing or painful for the slave here. Just the mental games and twisted mind-fuck that I get to play with the thing as it lays there helplessly while I have My way with it... 

So I took a bit of a different tact here, instead of vicious cruelty and pain, I allowed its baby micro cock what all these slaves claim to want.  Attention from a Mean Girl...  the thrill of one of Us touching and stimulating the tiny things between their legs that none of Us would ever touch seriously...  hahahaha...  and not that My touch here is any sort of loving in style, but it does get its nasty little boy parts massaged, teased, tickled, and tormented...   though nothing is ever that easy and pleasant for a Mean Girl slave... so it isn't several minutes of sexual stimulation until the thing can have an orgasm, no, nothing like that... this is high intensity OVERSTIMULATION to where the pleasure becomes almost antagonizing in nature and the slave is slowly and continually tormented by something which it initially thought it would love...  

Pain isn't the only way to fuck with a slave... mind games and making them loathe what they think they love is nearly as exciting as hearing them cry out with every crack of the whip.  Get the clip and see the other side of Mean Girl malevolence now loser... 

GoddessNO- BallBusting In SPIKED Shoes!

GoddessNo is the MEANEST "Mean Girl"!  And She PROOVES it in this video!  She puts on Her black leather platform pumps that have REAL METAL SPIKES ALL OVER THEM- and Her first thought is "I want to kick my slave in the BALLS with these"!  So She makes Her slave come in the room and strip naked for Her so he will FEEL the SPIKES even more with every kick!  Then She takes aim and kicks him in his exposed, tender genitals as hard as She can over and over while She LAUGHS at him and mocks his PAIN!  

An unbelievable video...must be watch to be believed.

I'll Let It Prove It's Worth

This young little thing is so fucking addicted to Me that it's always trying to do anything it can to be around Me. So the last time it came by the Manor, I decided to put it to the task, and make it show Me how much it truly did worship and adore Me.  

After having it crawl over, I made it start where all losers belong AT MY FEET! And the pathetic thing got to doing as it was told. That's right bitch, lick the bottoms of My heels clean, show Me you know how to suck every little bit of dirt and nasty off the spike heel.  Keep licking, I want them fucking spotless bitch... 

After the shoes, next were My sweaty feet that had been wrapped inside them all day.  And this addict couldn't have been more thrilled. I could hardly help but laugh at how pathetic this bitch was to have My sweaty feet rubbed all over its face, and then shoved down the back of its throat as I stood over it and pushed My toes into its neck to laugh as I watched it choke on My tiny size 5s. 

And that's exactly what it means to be a Mean Girl slave bitch.  After choking it I stepped and slapped My feet onto its face, and just laughed as this thing would never be anything but a stepping stone, foot rest, or other thing to Me.  But it didn't care as anything I used it for was better for it than being ignored by Me... 

After I was done trashing the thing with My feet and heels, I had one last little surprise in store for this bitch that I was sure would take its breath away... Bwahahahaa... get the video now to check it out loser.

Beat the Freak

My Aunt's old crazy geezer slave is always more trouble than it is worth, except when we get to beat it senseless as it makes the most ridiculous faces, noises, and grunts. And of course it is even worse and more noisy when I bring someone like Miss Tiffany in on the action to kick this things ass.

Not only did we both crop/cane the hell out of this sad sack, we also took a bit of time kicking it around, digging our spiked heels into its flesh, and basically treating it like the worthless bitch it is... and if You haven't ever seen Miss Tiffany when She doesn't like a slave, OMG  She is so relentlessly brutal... 

Overall, this is probably the most caning/cropping videos beating a loser that I've been in as a Mean Girl...  and that's saying something.


<3 Princess Amber <3

Bashing Balls to Deck the Halls

What's better than Christmas?  Christmas with an EXTRA LARGE HELPING OF BALLBUSTING! And that is exactly what Ms Dandy and I served up to this Fat Man who was clearly missing his sleigh and eight trusty reindeer...  LMFAO...  

We strapped it into our custom built Little Drummer Balls chair featuring a chain driven kick drum pedal and took turn after turn tenderizing this things boy parts as it kept yelling out and grimacing in pain.  But that onlyu inspired us to hit it more, and to hit it harder...   (If you haven't seen how brutal this chair is, you definitely need to get this clip...) 

Watch as we both have at it... sometimes teasing it with little taps prior to smashing our foot onto the pedal to destroy it... other times giving the thing no warning and just stomping down ruthlessly and then laughing as it cried out.  And all the time wearing the shiny bikinis that the fat fuck had to buy us beforehand, because we know that is one of its fetishes... lol....  Would you get your balls smashed this many times just to see us in your favorite outfit loser.  This poor man's Clause did all that and watched its balls swell up after each "kick" from the pedal.  God are you freaks so pathetic that this is the only sort of interaction you ever have with women..  Too bad, not sad bitch, you exist as amusement for us, and we are happy to play Rum-pa-pum-pummmm...  all over your worthless bitch beta balls.... 


Inferior Freak Sucks at Face SItting

You would think that if you happened to be a slave living in the Mean Girl Manor, that one of your favorite things would be the day that any of us Mean Girls actually decided to use your worthless face as a seat.  I mean, when most days involve you getting beaten, being served Alpo or trash for meals, and generally being just destroyed by Us, that when you finally did have occassion to get Our PERFECT ASSES IN YOUR FACE, you might actually relish the opportunity.  

Well, not with this stupid senior citizen.  Yes, My cluelessly old and decrepit geezer slave has such a hard time taking Ms Dandy and I bouncing on its face and keeping the air from its lungs that it shakes on the floor throughout this clip looking almost like it is having repeated seizures... (Frankly, maybe it was, not like anyone would notice if it was slightly more retarded after than before We face sat the thing)

Watch as both Dandy and I lift Our legs and put Our entire weight down onto this losers face...  The old thing completely tries to squirm away as Dandy's Amazonian body sits atop its little head crushing beneath her ass...   A great clip for facesitting fans, with a slave who is certainly a little bit more retarded after than it was at the outset....  LOL

Goddess Platinum

Walloping the White Off of It

We have had a lot of truly pathetic slaves at the Manor over the course of the years, but I'm not sure there are any so helplessly ridiculous and outright worthless as Goddess Draya's ginger slut.  Princess Mia had stopped by the other day while Draya was out running around with Her Alpha, and we both took a look at this sad ginger thing kneeling in the corner not knowing what to do with itself, so we gave it a task... GETTING ITS ASS BEAT BY US!!!

You can even tell just how bad it gets for this sad sack looking at the preview image. It goes from having lily white skin that practically matches the white painted walls and carpets in the Manor, to being covered in bright pink and red welts all over its body after Mia and I finished up...   That could be because we went through the entire smorgasboard of implements including crops, paddles, floggers, short whips, long whips, etc... 

So if the pandemic, bad weather, and general state of things have you a little blue, get into the spirit of things as Princess Mia and I paint this loser red with all the brutality you love in Mean Girl's clips... 

Goddess Platinum

Bashing In It's Balls Again

This old crusty slave always finds a way to annoy Me anytime I visit the Manor.  It likes to think it is funny and witty and all too often tries to actually talk to Me or the other Mean Girls.  That is so disgusting, as if any of us want anything to do with the slave on deat'hs doorstep... 

So as Platinum and I were finishing up the day shooting, we decided to have another little impromptu ball destruction session with her rickety old ass geezer slave.  She was behind the camera throughout, and you will hear us talking back and forth as I put this old fuck through the paces... kicking its worthless little berries over and over again in all variety of positions; standing, kneeling, on all fours, looking at Me, facing away... pretty much any position I could think to put the thing in to have unfettered access to crushing its clitty dick... 

Watch as it howls and curls up in a fetal position on the ground after I kick its baby bits into its stomach.  Maybe someday this idiot will learn to stop thinking for itself and truly just surrender itself to the life it was meant to lead.. or maybe this old ass dawg is far too old to learn new tricks... 

Ms. Dandy

Rock'em Sock'em Slave Shock-n-Slug

Sometimes when there isn't much to do at the Manor it's fun to take a little time to socialize and play a game.  But We rarely play traditional style board games like Risk or Monopoly, that would be way too time consuming and nowhere near as much fun as what I had planned for Miss Dandy and I... hahahaha.... 

So while thinking back about previous gifts I received at Christmas, I remembered one of My favorite games as a much younger bratty mean girl...  Rock'em Sock'em Robots... and actually, if I'm being honest, it was My step-brother's gift but I always kicked his ass at it so it eventually became Mine because who wants to lose to their little step-sister at a boxing game???  No boy I know...  

But the game gave Me an idea of what We could do to entertain Ourselves tonight... We'd play Rock'em Sock'em Slaves...  and control Our hapless little robots with electric pet shock collars strapped around each loser's nuts...  That way, each time We deliver a jolt to their balls, they deliver a punch to the loser in front of them... I picked My bald little live in bitch, and Ms Dandy took geezer after he bragged his wealth of boxing and fighting experience...  We will make it a best of three rounds and let these idiots beat each other to a pulp while We fry their insignificant boy parts the entire time... 

OMG... if you want to have some real fun fucking with idiot losers, get yourself a pair and recreate this little Mean Girl Experiment... Dandy and I kept mashing the buttons on the shocker remotes and these two kept clobbing each other... Get this one of a kind clip today to see how Mean Girls Play Games loser... 

Goddess Platinum

Beta Beats It for Brutal Brats

Here's something you don't see everyday, the Mean Girls allowing a slave to beat off while We watch and tease it mercilessly... 

What do you think earned this young beta bitch the honor of getting to pull its worthless cock in front of Myself and Miss Dandy?  Whatever the reason, this pathetic young bitch was in such a state of bliss that it took to stroking its cock with both hands as if it thought it was unwinding a fire hose...  (though sadly this thing nowhere near the length of a firehose to be working with...)  As it kept stroking, Dandy and I teased it repeatedly with Our asses, feet, and verbal barbs until it was on the edge of spurting... 

Do you think We let it?  And what do you think happened to the load if it dod find its way out of its cock?  Get the clip and find out loser.. Goddess Platinum

Fucking up the Facesitting Freak

Miss Tiffany and I we're spending time at the Manor when We decided to fuck with My Auntie's freak of a live in slave.  We laid it down on the floor in front of Us and teased it some before We decided to give it a little by facesitting the thing and stealing the air out of its lungs...  But to be honest, sometimes face sitting isn't really Mean Enough for Mean Girls so We took Our time and put in the EXTRA EFFORT necessary to insure this slave absolutely hated its life the entire time... 

Well what does that mean Princess Amber, I hear you lowly losers asking..???  Well dummy, that means that since We all know the slaves at the Manor and what they like, don't like, love and hate, We can use all those things against them anytime We want.  And in this instance, this slave absolutely hates anyone or anything fucking with its nipples, belly-button, or useless excuse for a cock.  So guess what We decided to fuck with on this thing???  Can you figure it out??

And that is the entire point.  You fucking losers belong on the ground beneath Us and under Our feet.  Obviously if We want to trample you, pinch you, kick you, stick a nail or a heel into your belly button, or whatever fucking part of your body We choose, you lay there and take it like the stupid little disposable piece of slave bitch you are... 

<3 Princess Amber <3

Amber's Pet Pummeled by Pumps

What are slaves for? Anything I say they are for, of course... DUH! So while I was relaxing at the Manor I grabbed this thing out of the cage and brought it over to be My foot stool while I planned out My day and posted to My social media.  But footstools at the Manor aren't just footstools, they are things to use for whatever crosses My mind at the time, like scratching an itch on My foot, or having something stupid to kick in the balls everytime My auto-correct inserts the wrong word, you get the idea.  

Slaves are things, property, disposable, and not usually worth the effort We put into training them.  Look at this pathetic thing, just kneeling on all fours as I use it and don't even much acknowledge it is there. (Well except to laugh at it as I kick it and it whimpers in pain... LOL) But that is the joy of being a Mean Girl, these losers come from everywhere and accept their place as inferior things to be used as We see fit, and I saw fit to have a footstool that I could kick, degrade, and as I started My day.  

After I wrapped up My posting and texts to people who actually matter in My life, not like this disgusting thing, I left the loser a perfect little treat, the pumps I just pummeled its worthless peanuts with so it could sniff, lick, and enjoy cleaning the taste of its balls off My heels before I got home again later that day and made its life even worse... hahahaha.... 

<3 Princess Amber <3

Fishnet Fuck-up :: Double Domme Trample

So Platinum and I both got these super cute mesh and fishnet outfits off Our wishlists from some loser and were looking for a reason to try them on and show off a bit. And when there is no really good reason at hand, We just made one up... LOL...

She remembered kicking Her bald live in loser to rest on the deck outside the night before as there is no room at the Punishment Compound to have slaves inside... so We got done up, paired the outfits with matching Ben Franklin Boots, and walked outside to torment and trample the freak in Our new outfits.

Needless to say, the loser was gawking so hard, but its excitement became agony real quick. We both stepped up onto it and dug in our heels as it squirmed beneath Us. As Platinum stepped off to cover its loud mouth with Her heels I did a little victory dance on the fucker as We both laughed at how stupid slaves are.

I let Her get back on it and shoved the spike of My heel into the slut's mouth so it couldn't make noise and She bounced around and walked up and down the helpless thing. We continued on until it was literally breathing and heaving so heavily We worried it was having a stroke. Hahahaha.... at that point, Platinum shoved Her heels down its throat again and made it pull Her boots off with its teeth... 

After We were both barefoot the loser thought it would be in for an easier time and maybe a chance to not lose its life beneath Our feet, but easy is never an option with Us. And without those heels on, it is way easier to jump, stomp, and bash around without falling off the stupid thing. So that is exactly what We did. And now it was so noisy that Platinum had to shove Her entire foot in the stupid things mouth to get it to shut the fuck up.  Get the clip yourself to check out everything We subject this idiot to and then go buy Us both something from Our wishlists as well.  Chop chop slut puppy... 

Princess Mia

Leashed Meat for Sneakered Feet

There is nothing more pathetic than how addicted this slave is to Mean Girl Feet.  So when Miss Tiffany stopped by the Manor to visit Princess Amber the other day, this slave was practically in Heaven having the opportunity to have two perfect sets of feet to adore and worship.  

The slave took every opportunity it had to sniff the Girls perfect feet and shoes until Ms Tiffany pushed her foot right into its face while pulling hard on its collar.  She pushed the thing to its back while both She and Amber used its body as a foot rest while often smashing its face beneath their feet.  

Over and again this thing is to be near their feet.  Amber uses a leash to its dick to yank and slap its cock as She and Tiffany further tormet it.  It is perfectly happy beneath their toes, but every few moments AMber yet again whacks its balls to remind it that it is still always just a thing to no matter how happy it might be.  That is what life at the Mean Girl Manor holds for the slave. It exists to do whatever they decide and nothing else.  

Worship Her Perfect Size Eights

After enduring a vicious ballbusting moments earlier, this slave finally got its reward.  To taste the perfect delicious feet that destroyed its balls, and to thank the perfect Princess they are attached to.  Alexandria walks into the Throne Room at the Mean Girl Manor dragging the slave behind her on a leash.  As she steps on its back to lift herself to the throne, she giggles at how pathetic the slave is.  She watches as it begs to be allowed to remove her boots and worship her perfect feet.  

She teases and denies the thing, making it beg and plead further for its only reward.  After she's satisfied with its pleading, she allows it to remove her sharp spiked stilleto boots.  The loser is in Heaven as it immediately sniffs the light aroma of foot sweat from her flawless toes.  She laughs more at how addicted to feet the thing is before using its tongue as a cleaning device for her soles.  

She places it on its back and shoves her feet in its face, into its mouth, and eventually fully into its throat, gagging the loser on the object of its addiction.  You can see the loser is lost in a heady space worshipping a Princess who cares nothing about it and who only minutes before was repeatedly using these same two feet it is now professing to love, to kick the loser's balls fully into its throat.  

Watch this final clip from Princess Alexandria's first day at the Mean Girl Manor to see one slave on Cloud Nine under a pair of Perfect Eights.

Brutally Ballbusting a Burly Bitch

Ballbusting is one of the favorite activities of nearly every Mean Girl, and Princess Alexandria is no exception.  This clip was filmed on her first visit to the Manor and OMG is it AMAZING FOR ANY FAN OF BRUTAL BALL BUSTING!!! (And that is saying a lot considering how many ball busting clips we produce each year.)  

Most times, when a new Goddess or Princess arrives at the Manor, they are somewhat tentative about kicking a slave as hard as they can in the balls.  Regardless of how much we assure them that they have every right to treat the slaves like the disposable property they are, it genuinely takes most Mean Girls a few ballbusting sessions before they get really comfortable hurting losers and ignoring their screams and agony.  Not so for Princess Alexandria.  She is an absolute NATURAL at ball busting!

After Goddess Platinum and Goddess Draya gave her a quick tutorial on how to line up her kicks, and how to do the most damage to the loser, she took her first kick.  And it crumpled the slave immediately.  And yet it only got worse for the loser from there.  With Platinum holding its leash Alexandria unleashe again and again on the loser. Not only did she kick it with her dominant right foot, she also took a shot at it with her left.  As if that wasn't enough, she made sure to knee the things balls as well.  

This clips is an absolute must have for any true ball busting fan. There is no way you can watch this, and see all the super slow motion replays of how every shot absolutely destroys this losers sack, and not think that Princess Alexandria might just be the one to challenge Goddess Platinums ongoing dominance as the most brutal American Mean Girl at Ballbusting.  

Get this clip today before the Cyber Monday price drop expires!!!

Princess Alexandria's First Time Ballshocking

After being welcomed to the Manor by all the slaves on the premises, Goddess Platinum and Goddess Draya take Princess Alexandria into another room in the Estate to look at all the devices and instruments that were available to the losers.  Of all the toys, the ballshocker caught her eye, and Platinum and Draya knew just the slave to let her ZAP!

Draya strapped the electric shock collar for stubborn pets onto her ginger slave's nuts and made it wait in the corner as Platinum explained how the remote worked.  It can deliver 21 different levels of electric shock to the thing and is made for large pets with heavy coats of fur.  Needless to say, the ginger slave is neither large nor exactly furry.  

After Draya pulled the thing from the corner, and Platinum handed Alexandria the remote, it was off to the zapping and blitzing the hapless slaves worthless boy parts into oblivion.  As it flopped helplessly on the floor while getting shocked countless times the girls all laughed and made fun of how pathetic it was for actually letting them treat it so terribly. All three girls took turns zapping and shocking it as it begged for mercy, and cranked the dial all the way to the highest setting to see how much more the slave would cry out in pain.   

And as if that wasn't enough to have the slave broken and completely at their mercy, they added one final indignity to its torment.  They the pathetic loser to use the remote to shock itself while they watched and made fun of its sad, pathetic, life. There is no denying you are a beta-bitch loser for the Mean Girls after going through what this ginger went through in this clip.  

Get the clip now and watch as all three girls destroy one pathetic little slave.  

Welcoming Princess Alexandria to the Mean Girl Manor

There is little more exciting for the slaves at the Manor than to find out that a New Goddess or Princess is about to visit and use the slaves for anything and everything she wants.  This clip begins right as Princess Alexandria walks into the Manor for the very first and is brought into the front sitting room to be greeted appropriately by the slaves at the residence that day.  

Goddess Draya brings Alexandria into the room and Goddess Platinum is behind the camera filming.  As Draya introduces her, each slave is called over to greet her and acknowledge her superiority to them as they beg permission to lightly kiss each of her perfect feet.  After they have all admitted their inferiority, she calls over one to have the special honor of cleaning the bottoms of the spike heels she wore in.  Of course a Princess should never have to have dirty shoes when a slave's mouth is so readily available.  

Get this quick clip that shows the first time Princess Alexandria walked through the doors of the Mean Girl Manor and allowed the slaves and losers there the chance to be of use to her absolute perfection.