Hot New Goddess First Foot Worship

OMG The Mean Girls have a brand new Goddess!!!! Let me tell you all about my gorgeous new Goddess... Goddess Draya is her name and she is 18 years old and drop deeaad gorgeous! Goddess Draya is the prettiest, most adorable, and super cute young women. Goddess Draya has this contagious little giggle that gives me the biggest smile. She is perfection...

The day I first met Goddess Draya I was walking down the Vegas strip and I noticed her from far away. You cannot miss her, she is absolutely breathtaking. I had to stop to chat with her to get to know her. As soon as she opened her mouth I knew immediately she was born to be a Mean girl. This girl is not only perfect from her curly hair to her size 5 tiny feet but she is smart, she knows she is hotter then 98% of the females on this planet and man oh man she is super dominant! This Goddess doesn't take sh*t from anyone. Like I said, she was born to be a Mean Girl!!! 

This is Goddess Draya's very first day as a Mean girl and she has never done any kind of fetish before. When I talked to Goddess Draya this morning before she was heading over to the manor, she was super worried she would just giggle the entire time we would be filming. LOL! I told her that is perfect, just be you! Goddess Draya was so excited to start her brand new life as a Mean Girl that it almost brought a tear to my eye because I was so proud. (It would have actually brought a tear to my eye if I wasn't such a heartless bitch. HAhaha)

Miss Dandy was over hanging out with me all day, we were both so ecstatic to show Goddess Draya the ropes. We reminisced on how not too long ago Miss Dandy was just starting out as a Mean Girl, and look at her now! :)

As soon as Goddess Draya arrived at the manor we walked her into the front living room where 3 of our slaves has been kneeling naked since 5am, just waiting with anticipation to meet Goddess Draya. You see how excited I get when I find a perfect addition to my Mean girls, you should see all the slaves excitement. Lol! I figured since this is all brand new to Goddess Draya we would start with the most simple fetish, foot worship. 

Prior to today I had informed Goddess Draya about our slaves. I told her they are very obedient, trained daily, but most importantly I let her know that these freaks are not men, they are just our objects that we use and abuse anyway we see fit. I told her how incredibly pathetic each one was and some worse then others. But it doesn't matter how much I warn my new girls about how extremely wretched and deplorable our slaves are, the girls never quite get it till they witness it. I guess it's true, seeing is believing. So needless to say when Goddess Draya actually witnessed how pitiful our slaves truly are she really could not stop laughing... it blew her mind.

I was filming while Miss Dandy was walking Goddess Draya through what foot worship is and showing off the 3 slaves that had been ever so patiently waiting to get just one glance at her utmost perfection. The 2 slaves Goddess Draya picked were eventually allowed to welcome her with just one kiss on the foot. Then I made geezer, the slave not picked show off the "Owned By G Plat" tattoo I tattooed on its wrinkly old ass. 

The bald slave and whiny slave Goddess Draya picked were then instructed to show her the most amazing foot worship they could muster up. But once they took her high heels off they immediately got distracted with smelling her stinky heels, which then Goddess Draya began laughing at them again because she had never in her life witnessed such pathetic excuses for males. I let Goddess Draya know that they just have a very sad and pitiful existence.

Finally the slaves did put down the heels and moved onto Goddess Draya's adorable little size 5 feet and worshipped them while she often giggled and commented on how ridiculously pathetic these slaves are.

After a while I had Miss Dandy show Goddess Draya how to gag the slaves with her feet. Miss Dandy literally lodged her massive feet down the bald slaves throat over and over while Goddess Draya looked on in amazement and laughing so hard at it almost throwing up repeatedly. Then it was time for Goddess Draya to give it a go and she was amazing at it! Her tiny feet slid right down that whiny slaves throat like a cork. LOL!

They gaged the slaves for a while before Goddess Draya allowed the slaves to worsship her feet for just a few more minutes before I demanded them to  crawl back to their walls they had been kneeling at all morning and day. Goddess Draya laughed for a few minutes and then we went and hung out in my room.

Goddess Platinum

Don't Fuck With My Money

I am so insanely sick of this fat fuck slave I own.  It fucks everything up...  I mean EVERYTHING!

I have taken all editing duties back from all slaves because they can't handle doing anything properly. Uggghhh, so annoying!

So I'm sitting at a desk in the small office and I'm editing this really hot face-sitting clip and wouldn't you know it, at least 10 lights, multiple cords, and countless other crud that should never be on camera happen to be in what would otherwise be a super hot clip...   GRRRRRRR!

 My beautiful niece Princess Amber also had just informed me that the kick ass trample clip we did with the loser from the Czech Republic was totally blurry and COMPLETELY OUT OF FOCUS because of this fat piece of garbage. So now I'm going to fuck it up so hard it will wish it had never been born.Hahaha I will also feel way better after destroying this pathetic excuse of a male.

I called that fat freak up and after it gets it's slow, pathetic, fat ass to the office I grab it by the hair, shove it's face at the computer screen and point out how completely badly it sucks at life and the tasks it's assigned that I expect it to do competently.  And the entire time the thing acts wholly unphased and as if My assessment of the half ass job it did wasn't even a surprise.   

So I simply took things to the next level and sent the fat fuck crawling off to fetch my Platinum Booties... hahaha....  Those ever infamous booties that I use to absolutely destroy slave balls when they fuck up in ways that are intolerable...  I start by making it lay down for a quick taste of what's to come before dragging it off to my office where I have ample room to destroy it's worthless balls for fucking up my clips and messing with MY MONEY!

In excruciating fashion, I remind this piece of garbage, that the one life lesson it must NEVER FORGET is that NOBODY FUCKS WITH MY MONEY!!!

I kick, crush, and absolutely trash this fat fuck's balls over and over and over until I'm satisfied that this idiot is finally getting the concept through it's thick ungodly stupid skull.

Once I'm sure he understands, it's time to make sure it realizes that it still owes me for fucking up my previous trample clip.  I take this mountain of moron and restrain it between two opposite walls with heavy duty straps and thick bamboo so it is completely helpless and unable to even attempt to squirm away from the pain I intend to inflict.  I then trample this thing until it's face turns a dark purple color as tears stream down it's face from the pain My heels inflict upon it.... hahaha....     I should never have to take time out of My life or from My busy schedule to fix the mistakes of a subhuman wretch like this fat stupid slave.  Watch and see how well it learned it's lesson and how much it begs and promises to do a better job so I don't put it out of it's useless existence.

Goddess Platinum

Under My Hot New Heels

OMG I like get soooooo many pairs of hot new heels from pathetic losers every single day. I love shoes so it works out great for me. 

One of my slaves must have been patiently waiting all night then all the next day till I finally got home from one of my boyfriends houses. Lol! What a good little bitch! I actually totally forgot that I had told it to bring all my new packages of shoes up to my room and wait for me, before I left.

This is perfect because now I get to try on all my brand new, super hot pairs of heels then walk all over this freak to see which ones I love the most. That is where it belongs anyways, under my perfect feet, like dirt! HAHAAAAha

This worthless submissive piece of garbage is so lucky that I even take time out of my busy day to I guess kind of acknowledge it's existence... I mean I could care less if it was deeaad or alive and I hate it, but I do thoroughly enjoy watching it suffer.

Anywayssss... back to me, the only thing that actually matters. I had this slave open my new shoes one by one and I tried them on. I walked around in them while it drooled at my perfect feet, then I made it lay down and I walked all over it. Each pair of these heels looked like they would hurt like hell if they were digging into like flesh, not that I would know. LOL! 

I was laughing so hard at this door mat when I asked it which shoes were its favorite and which ones hurt the most while my hot heels were sinking deeper and deeper into its chest. Hahaha it sounded like it was actually dying. What a little bitch!!!

You know here at the Mean Girl Manor we are always looking for new slaves to use and abuse. I think Aunt Platinum is even looking for a few more live in slaves. If you think that you would be a good little house keeping slave or even a really obedient errand bitch for us mean girls you should definitely send us a message on our American Mean Girls site. Maybe you could one day be lucky enough to breath the same air as us. Lol!

<3 Princess Amber <3

Sissies Don't Need Balls

I have this sissy bitch from Cali that came here to be used and abused by me. It isn't a pain slut but Miss Dandy and I definitely turned it into one. LOL!

This freak wrote me and begged to serve me so after it did the few mandatory steps that I demanded of it, it was allowed to come to the Manor. It's list of fetishes were extremely lame so I informed it before it came all the way here that I would do with it as I please... and so I did! HAhahaha

Once Miss Dandy got home I filled her in on this sissy situation and then we decided that sissies don't need balls and we should definitely help it out with that, Mean Girl style of course.

I restrained it laying down on the floor to the end of my bed with cuffs and then went to get Miss Dandy. I was sure to warn Miss Dandy about how much of a hot mess it was. Not cute at all and pretty freaking pathetic if you ask me.

Once we came up to my room where this sissy was securely restrained we got down to business... we took turns destroying its disgusting sissy balls. We stepped on them, we punched them, we slapped them... we all around destroyed those balls. It was fun! 

You know that we love to destroy cocks and balls here at Mean Girls, so if you also have a useless pair of nasty balls or a tiny little cock that is just taking up space in your cute little girlie panties, you can message us on our website and we can also help you out with that problem. LOL!

Goddess Platinum

New Toys For Old Balls

I was hanging out with the beautiful Queen Simone when I remembered that I had recently purchased a new toy for us to try out... A brand new ball shocker that is actually a shock collar for mutts, but this one is VERY SPECIAL because it is made for STUBBORN MUTTS!!! LOL!

I called my geezer slave in who has experienced the old but still brutal ball shocker. I showed it the old ball shocker and assumed it thought I was going to abuse its wrinkly old ball sack with it again. Then I just tossed it aside and pulled out the brand new shiny ball shocker that goes all the way up to LEVEL 21!!!  

WOOOOO HOOOO I am so excited to electrify my annoying ass slaves balls with this super duper, crazy powerful shocker!!!

Queen Simone was just sitting back laughing and making fun of geezer and the stupid crud it does when it's in pain. LOL! It's almost like it's special needs or something. HAAAAAAhahaha

Well we hope you enjoy our brand new toy as much as we do!

Goddess Platinum

Mule Fucker

Goddess Platinum is getting ready for a hot date with one of her stud fucktoys. Tonight she is going to treat him to a nice meal at a fancy restaurant- but of course, she isn't going to be the one paying for it!

She snaps her fingers and simply calls out "WALLET!!"- and her human wallet comes crawling out of her shoe closet, wallet literally in its teeth, ready for its Goddess's use. Its Goddess grabs its wallet out of its teeth, laughs in it face, and takes ALL of its $$$ out. She tells her wallet-slave that she officially renamed it "Wallet" because that is ALL it is to her! Then she tells it that she plans on using all of its cash tonight to pay for her expensive date with her fuck-toy...AND she is even going to tell her fuck-toy about how the money she is using to pay their bill came from her loser "wallet slave"! She LOVES telling all her fuck-studs about her ownership of slaves because it always gives them a good laugh over dinner.

The wallet slave is TOTALLY humiliated and doesn't want his Goddess's "fuck studs" to actually know about how she uses him and how badly she treats him. But it has no choice. It is COMPLETELY OBSESSED with Goddess Platinum's perfect feet.

Not to mention, Goddess Platinum keeps his cock locked in chastity 24/7 and then stores him in her shoe closet- surrounded by all her gorgeous, sexy shoes! It is ecstasy and pure torture all at the same time! And Goddess knows that if he is left in there, sniffing the insides of her shoes while locked in chastity for a few weeks, the foot-freak "wallet" will agree to ANYTHING and put up with her treating him however she wants!

But the foot-freak wallet slave is now BROKEN hearing his Goddess talk about how she is going to "fuck the brains" out of her stud tonight- after treating him to an expensive dinner using her SLAVE'S money! And Goddess Platinum looks SO amazing dressed in her black pantyhose while she does her makeup in the mirror and mocking him....

The wallet slave begins to pathetically sob and literally BEG to be let out of its chastity- even if just for a few minutes!!! Goddess eventually agrees...but she is SO cruel and enjoys torturing her slaves sooo much- both physically and mentally!

Goddess agrees to release the slave from chastity ONLY IF it will also pay for her vacation with one of her other fuck-studs!! Goddess slowly pulls her perfect foot out of her shoe and dangles the slave's chastity key on her ankle chain in front of the the foot-freak wallet slave- it is quickly broken down even FURTHER and agrees!! It is sooo easy for Goddess Platinum to break a foot-freak and turn it into a useful wallet slave...

Goddess commands the slave to get its "foot humper stool" and stands upon it. She casually lifts the heel of her perfect foot and gives permission to her foot-freak wallet to insert its cock underneath the arch of her foot. Then she presses down with her foot- and commands it to "FUCK!" Adding that the slave needs to "KEEP ITS WALLET IN ITS TEETH WHILE IT FUCKS" her foot! This is done to mentally reinforce its status as nothing more than an OBJECT for Goddess to USE. It is a WALLET- it is NOT a human to her!

The wallet is then fourced to hump the sole of his Goddess's foot while she is stil wearing her shoe, and its wallet is clenched in its teeth. The entire time, Goddess Platinum mocks it for being this pathetic that the "highlight of its day" is humping her shoe, basically. No REAL MAN would ever do this. But the slave humps away at his Goddess's foot and shoe until he is FINALLY allowed to cum! (After literally BEGGING for its Goddess's permission!)

Goddess laughs in its face as she holds her shoe and makes her "wallet slave" shoot its pathetic load inside of her shoe. Then she destroys the slave's ego even MORE by letting the wallet's cum slowly run down into the toe of her shoe- and laughing as she tells the slave that she is going to WEAR the shoe on her date ust like that- with her wallet slave's cum down in the toe of her shoe, squishing between her toes!!

She laughs in the wallet's face, telling it that is all its cum is worth to her! All those little sperm will be desperately swimming around in between her toes, deep down inside her shoe - a perfect embodiment of the fool that produced them - while she is sitting at the table, making out with her REAL MAN fuck-stud!

Then she locks the wallet's cock back up and shoves it back into the closet so it can wallow in its shame as she is out on her date, spending its money! If it is lucky, she may even send it a text while she is on her date, just to remind it of how pathetic it is- as her wallet lays there, surrounded by her shoes with its cock all locked up again!

Knee To The Heart-Again!

So Queen Grace and I have been hanging out at Mean Girl Manor a lot lately.  We are just chilling on the couch checking our phones, when she complains about how she is so tired of pathetic old men thinking they have a "chance" with her.  But I tell her about how much fun it can be to play with their hearts, take all their money, and destroy their egos while you make them literally BEG for you!

I tell her about how bad I fuck with one of the house slaves that has this massive crruush on me.  I keep it literally locked in a cage down in the basement of Mean Girl Manor for like DAYS at a time, and only visit it once in awhile just to "toy" with it and make it think it has a "chance" with me.  (I have already taken most of its money haha.)  She laughs her ass off and says she HAS to see this!

So we go downstairs looking hot AF because we both have dates coming to pick us up in a little bit.  I drag the old house slave out of its cage by the chain around its neck and it IMMEDIATELY starts groveling at my feet and telling me how much it "loves me" LOL.  Grace and I just laugh at it.  It hasn't seen me in DAYS so it can't help itself.  Especially since its hands are cuffed BEHIND ITS BACK so it can't touch itself while it thinks about me all day!  I start to tease it and tell it that I have really been actually considering its offer to be "more than a slave" for me.  Grace is in on it, so she can barely contain her laughter behind the slave's back.

But these idiots are so easy to fool- especially when they are horny.  So I stand it up and start getting reeeaaally close to it, whispering in its ear that I think it is just "sooo handsome" lol.  After I tease it a little bit more...WHAM!  My knee flies up into it pathetic old BALLS and it drops to the floor at my feet!  Me n Grace both laugh our asses off!  After the slave stops coughing its balls up out of its throat, I tell it that I'm "sooo sorry" and that it was "just an accident!"  Haha.  The old fool falls for this like no matter how many times I pull it on him.  I guess he is just so desperately in love with me that he just can't help it?? It WANTS to believe it like sooo bad lol!

Eventually Grace says that SHE thinks he is "SO sexy" too!  The dumbass old slave actually starts thinking he may get TWO hot young girls to be "interested in him!  Haha!  So Grace stands him up (with me holding its leash for her) and then SHE gets nice n close to the slave, whispers into its ear, and...WHAM!  She slams her knee up into his balls while she is still whispering "sweet nothings" in its ear! 

We keep telling the old loser that we just have a "twitch" or that it was just an accident- and the old fool KEEPS standing up and spreading its legs for us!  Men are so fucking stupid for hot girls like us.
Then I strap on this new "knee jewelry" that another online slave bought me.  It has sharp spikes all over it.  The old slave seems to be a little concerned about me wearing it since I seem to have this "twitch" in my leg that keeps causing my knee to fly up into its tender balls.  But like I said, it is just so desperate to be near me that it can't really complain long.  Soon, I am whispering in its ear that I think he is "so sexy" and Grace giggles and holds its leash for me, and then...WHAM!  Oops!  I did it again...and again, and again, and again...and then GRACE does it again, and again...LOL!

Oh, and at the end, Grace and I are sooo emotionally cruel to the slave.  You should hear what we say to it when we are done toying with its poor old little heart as we are stuffing it back into its cage...

<3 Princess Amber <3

Still Haven't Learned?

I have had it with my stupid live in slave. Grrrrr I was filming all day with some of my gorgeous Goddesses and princesses and we wrapped up super late. I had my other live in slave go see where my geezer slave was and it informed me that my geezer slave was gone. Literally cleaned out its cage/ bedroom and  all his stuff and was GONE! WTF! 

Like it literally just has to look in the mirror to see that I own it till the day it drops deeaad! Tattoos are forever and so are Goddesses!

I am so sick of this whiney little fuck just up and leaving. I finally got a hold of it the next day and I informed it that it was to be back at the Mean Girl Manor to answer to me for being a disobedient little fuck.

I am the boss Goddess and I have way too much work and stress to deal with without my slaves being little cry babies. This is fucking ridiculous!!!

When it arrived at the Mean Girl Manor I had it strip down and I locked each of its ankles to straps on each wall, then left it to freak out about its punishment it was going to have to deal with... once I felt like dealing with it. LMAO!

A few hours later I went and gathered up Princess Mya and Miss Dandy and informed them of the situation. There is nothing this freak hates more than ballbusting so that is exactly what it was going to get. I have had ENOUGH! We went to the room where I left this disobedient bitch restrained in and it was terrified to say the least! 

Good! Maybe after this brutal ballbusting punishment it will think twice before ever fucking with me and pissing me off again. 

We let it have it! LOL!

Goddess Platinum

Princess Amber's Weekly Haul

Ok, so this is just basically like EVERY week for me.  If I don't stop by Mean Girl Manor for all my gifts for just like a week- they build up to like a mountain of gifts.  It gets to the point that I need a whole team of house slaves just to open them for me, present them to me, organize them, and then clean up the mess from all the boxes!

Watch this clip to see me opening all my gifts and see that YES I get all your gifts, losers.  And all of the online slaves of mine that spoiled me in this video will get pictures of me wearing their items and they will be allowed to take the next step of getting to serve me. 

You need to buy & watch this clip if you bought me any of these items to see what I had to say about them.  And you should also buy it if you haven't bought me anything yet - but are thinking about it - and just wanna see that I'm 100% legit for real and already have like TONS of slaves serving me in real life!  ;)  And they are ALL so fucking lucky just to be allowed the privilege of buying ME gifts...

The link to my wishlist is located on the AmericanMeanGirls members site by the way...and also my personal twitter.

<3 Princess Amber <3


Turkey Hunt

It's Thanksgiving!!!! You know what that means Right? We need a big fat turkey for our Mean Girl Thanksgiving celebration!!!

I had everything all planned out so I could surprise Mistress Dandy, (one of our newest Mean Girls,) with an exciting day she would never forget. I made one of my slaves take me to the sporting good store where I picked out the best paintball guunn and then I made it purchase it for us. When I met Miss Dandy over at the desert compound she had no idea what I had in store for her. LOL! 

I was so excited to tell Miss Dandy About our pre Thanksgiving plans that I could hardly contain myself.

Once Miss Dandy arrived we were hanging out on the couch and I was trying to act like nothing was up. Hahaha! It is hard for me to pretend anything. Once she asked about my Thanksgiving plans I had to tell her. 

I noticed Miss Dandy seemed a little hesitant when I told her we were going turkey hunting. I guess that's normal forsomeone who has never shot a guunn before and she was worried about hurting an actual animaaal. Lol! I had to put her mind at ease so I brought her down to show her the turkey I had caged up all week, saving it just for today.

When I informed Miss Dandy that it was a BIG TURKEY I don't think she believed me so when I showed her our 300+ pound turkey she was laughing so hard. Plus I was right, as soon as Miss Dandy laid her eyes on our big fat, prize winning turkey she was no longer worried about shooting or hurting it. Miss Dandy's eye's instantly lit up with excitement!!!

I took Miss Dandy out back and taught her how to shoot a paintball guunn. Once I felt like she had the hang of it we let that turkey loose. We each took turns shooting it over and over till it was done! This big fat turkey had no more fight eft in it. 

I definitely think Miss Dandy's first hunting experience was a success! We will definitely have to go hunting more often. Now we need our slaves to prep this turkey for our Thanksgiving dinner party.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Mean Girls!!!

Goddess Platinum

No Self Esteem

I am showing off to Queen Grace how much I have destroyed the ego of one of our resident foot slaves.  It is literally just a quivering mess of stupidity at my feet.  I make it lick the bottoms of our shoes clean just to show Grace that this idiot will do ANYTHING I say.  Grace laughs her ass off right in his face.

Then I dangle my shoe off the tip of my toe in front of its face- and that is all it takes to make this foot freak become absolutely fixated on my beautiful foot being almoooost showing itself to him...and driving the loser wild LOL.  Its nose starts creeping into my shoe...just trying SO hard to sniff my delicious foot odor! 

Finally the shoes drops off...and the foot loser is in HEAVEN!  It is worshiping our feet like they are the most delicious things it has ever tasted!  Haha! 

To be honest, we actually had fun degrading this loser and shoving our feet down its throat.  The time just flew by...and before we knew it, we had been making it lick the dirt off our shoes and shoving our feet down its throat and for like a half an hour! 

But its big, long tongue actually felt kind of good on our feet...

It is actually kind of funny to us how some of you losers can have your self-esteem SO destroyed by your obsession with FEET that you can literally be turned into a FOOT SLAVE for girls like us and just to be degraded to no end for our amusement!! 

And Grace asked me how I make sure the foot slaves at Mean Girl Manor "don't enjoy this TOO much?" and that when I showed her the CHASTITY DEVICE that I keep this old loser locked in 24/7!!  So while it LOVES my feet soooo can never really completely enjoy it!  We just LAUGH.  There is nothing more entertaining to Mean Girls like us than completely tormenting a sexually frustrating the FUCK out of our slaves!!!

We are like SOOOO Mean to this slave!!!

<3 Princess Amber <3

A Cuck's Worst Nightmare

My poor live-in slave.  It used to belong to another Mean Girl.  It thought I would be "nicer" to it- but I'm not.  I am so emotionally cruel to it...and it doesn't even know that it actually turns me on to abuse it.  I literally get wet from making it cry at my feet while it tells me how much it "loves me"- and I basically just laugh in its face. 

And now I plan on taking my abuse of my property to a new level.  I found a number in my slave's phone that was just listed as "Alpha Realman"- so I had to text a hot pic of myself to that number from my own phone just to see who it was.  I knew I would get a reply right away.  (And yes, I have access to my slave's phone, all its bank name it, it is MINE!) 

Here, it turns out that number is the boyfriend of my slave's old owner!  And OMG what a "REAL man" he IS!!  After a little "sexting" back & forth (and few HUGE dick pics!) I had to meet this stud!  And I was going to make it a surprise for my slave- and I made sure it was all caught on camera!

On the day I am going to meet my new fuck-toy, I start by putting my slave in its living room cage, and then teasing it about how I have a "friend" coming over to help me torment it tonight.  I'm not very specific, and of course my slave thinks it is one of my hot girlfriends.  Poor thing...what a surprise he is in for!

When my "date" arrives, I am SO happy!  He is like 6'4" and full of muscles!  I bring him around to the living room to introduce him to an old "friend" of his!  He can't believe it!  "This is the same pathetic fucking loser that my Ex used like he was literally her fucking SLAVE or something!"  

I laugh and explain that I own him now!  Then I decide to put him through his paces in front of this REAL man!  (I absolutely LOVE making my slave do this because I know he HATES it! Haha!)  I pull my cuck-bitch out of its cage and make it HUMILIATE itself in front of me and my hot date for our amusement.  I make it say things for us that absolutely cruuush its ego and make my stud & I laugh our asses off. 

I even make it SHINE OUR SHOES before our hot date with ITS TONGUE!!  (I can't have my new man going out with me while wearing un-shined shoes, can I??  LOL!)

Then I make my cuck-bitch literally crawl off and bring us back plenty of $$$ in its TEETH that I can use to pay for my date with this REAL MAN that I am going to fuck the shtt out of later!  My slave tries to hand the $$$ to ME, but I decide this isn't humiliating enough for it.  I want to make it REALLY suffer emotionally- so I make it crawl over to my stud and kneel before HIM so HE can take the money directly from my cuck-bitch and laugh in his face.  Then I make my cuck BEG this muscular stud to take me out and show me a "good time" with his money!!  (I even make him refer to my date as "Sir"!!  LOL I am rolling....and getting SO turned on at the same time, as I can almost see the tears welling up in my slave's eyes!)

Then we are off to our date.  I make my slave crawl back into its cage and WAIT for me to get home with what is soon to be my new lover!

When we get back, the night only gets worse for my cuck...I am going to destroy its remaining shreds of dignity while my pussy gets destroyed by my new stud fuck-toy RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM!  

YOU NEED TO SEE HOW CRUEL I AM TO MY CUCK- I LITERALLY LAUGH AND SPIT IN ITS FACE WHILE TELLING IT THAT I HATE IT- AS I AM GETTING RAILED FROM BEHIND BY MY MASSIVE NEW LOVER!!  And my cuck-bitch can't do anything about it, as he is chained to the foot of my bed and has no choice but to watch as his Goddess gets fucked- something he will never get to do!

I even made our new cuck serve my new lover and me breakfast in bed the next morning.  And then I make it worship my feet just to turn me on so I am ready for "round 2" with my new fuck toy before he leaves! 

Aww, it must suck to know that you are relegated to licking my feet, of all things- and that all that toe-sucking will do is turn your Goddess on...until she kicks you in the face, tells you to get lost, and then goes back to fucking a guy you hate! 

But it just turns me on sooo much to know how destroyed my slave was with all of this.  I know this sounds so mean, but slave tears turn me on.  And MY needs and desires are all that matter!!!

-Goddess Platinum


Slave On The Run

Sometimes my slaves just get broken.  I beat them daily, take all their money, work them to d3th, and basically just treat them like absolute garbage- because that is what they are to me, quite honestly.  But that's what they are FOR, right?  Slaves exist for me to USE.  If I treat them like garbage, so what?

But sometimes they just BREAK- and unfortunately, they run.  And when that happens, me and Amber need to go track them down, bring them back, and TEACH THEM A LESSON SO THEY NEVER RUN AGAIN. 

We have all our house slaves fitted with sub-dermal tracking chips, so it's not hard to find them.

This one ran to his old abandoned RV in the desert.  Fucking pathetic.  I knew he would be there even without the tracking device.  We find him curled up on the floor like a little runaway puppee.  We drag him off to the punishment compound and string him up from the ceiling for his "retraining"...

We start by feeding him some nasty-ass dawgfood.  You want to run away like a dawg?  Ok, we will feed you like one!  And OMFG this stuff is nasty...the slave can barely keep it down.  Which just makes us laugh.  Because the slave knows what will happen if it spits it up!  

Then I put a dawg shock-collar on its NECK and its BALLS!  You want to run away like a dawg?  Ok, we will SHOCK the sht out of you until you learn better!  Then me n Amber have fun making this old geezer slave  DANCE for us by taking turns cranking up the juice and BOTH of us sending electricity through his old body!  Neck, balls, neck, balls...until he is dancing around like a fish on the end of a line and BEGGING us to stop!  (While we just LAUGH and turn up the voltage!!)

Then we get out the whips...  You want to run away like a whipped puppee?  Ok, we will whip you to SHREDS then!  (Oh, and we make sure to whip his LEGS to SHREDS so he will never run again!!)

I am thinking about having these ballshocking devices literally surgically implanted INSIDE my slaves' scrotums so I can send massive, crippling voltages to their testicles at the push of a button on my iPhone...and literally drop them to their knees from anywhere in the world.  And to get away, the slave would have to literally cuutt the device out of its own ballsac!  HAHAHAHA

-Goddess Platinum

Beating The Bald Bunny

I was hanging out with Goddess Platinum while she was going through the costume closet when I found the most adorable bunny ears. I knew right away what I planned on doing with those adorable, furry, pink and white bunny ears... I was going to make the slave that pissed me off this morning wear them while I beat the butt head bunny senseless! LOL!

That is exactly what I did! I beat the crud out of this little bunny bitch! Goddess Platinum filmed it all. Platinum was laughing so hard while making comments during this cruel beating. We definitely had a blast and it was so very entertaining. 

I must say by the time I was done abusing this little bitch I felt amazing! But I am pretty sure my little bunny bitch will be thinking about me for the entire next two weeks every time it attempts to sit down on its little bruised bunny booty! HAHAHAHA 


Mistress Dandy XoXo


Waste Of Time

I get emails from you idiots all the time begging to come to Mean Girl Manor. BEGGING to be in our videos, etc. Andmost of you get completely ignored. You know why? - Because of idiots just like the fucking loser in THIS video.

He spent WEEKS trying to convince me to let him come and be used as a slave in my videos. He said he "loved" me (LOL!) and that I could do "ANYTHING" to him! Uh huh...RIGHT. Heard it all before- and its pretty much what ALL you losers say.

So I made him join my American Mean Girls members site and send a tribute to show that he was serious. I also made him send a picture of his ID and proof of his travel plans. So far so he was allowed to come here and suffer at my feet in person.

Then I invite Brat Princess Mya over to help me have fun abusing this loser and I had a WHOLE DAY planned around beating and abusing him! We were gonna have SO much fun shooting a bunch of clips abusing this tiny-dicked loser...

And guess what?? As soon as I strap this piece of human garbage into place at the Desert Compound, he starts to complain! LOL! Then he complains even more as soon as we step him in our stilettos!! Keep in mind, this is the idiot that said in his endless emails that I could do "ANYTHING I wanted" to him!!! And in his very first clip he begs us to stop the moment ONE heel is placed on his chest?? WTF??

There is footage included at the end of us finally unchaining his fat ass and basically kicking him out. This fat piece of garbage wasted SOOO much of my time AND Mya's time!! Our WHOLE DAY was ruined by this idiot!

So you want to know why YOU probably aren't allowed to come here? Because of idiots like THIS. All your emails to us BEGGING that you will "take anything for us, blah blah blah"...they are most likely GARBAGE BS. And as soon as you get here (IF you even show up!) you will quit the second you feel your first whip-strike or a stiletto heel sink into your flesh.

So just keep watching the videos we make with our live-in house slaves, wimp.

Think you are "different" and can handle it? LOL well the price of admission just went up! Because of idiots just like this that are a complete WASTE OF TIME.

**(This is still a decent trample clip even though the slave was such a pussy, we were definitely mean as fuck!)**

Goddess Platinum


Suck My Dancing Shoes Clean

I was over at the Mean Girl Manor hanging with Goddess Platinum and I was complaining about how absolutely disgusting my favorite dancing shoes were because I worked all night dancing at the filthy bar. GROSS!!!!!
But like always Platinum had a great idea... She made that weird little Czech slave literally lick and suck my dancing shoes clean!!! HAHAHA NASTY AF!!!!Seriously this little foot freak that can't even speak English loved every second of licking these, more then disgusting dancing shoes clean. I don't even want to think about what was on them! EWWWW! We even made this submissive little bitch suck the heal like a dick... a bunch of times. I wasn't joking I wanted them sparkling. Oh and speaking of sparkling, my fav thing about these dancing shoes is all the rhinestones. you know they make my feet look even more perfect then they already are, if that's even possible. To make my rhinestones sparkle like new we made this loser lick  and suck them but we also made it scrub them with its nasty little Czech facial stubble. LOL!

After a while we inspected them and nope, they were not clean enough yet. Since it sucks at English we pointed out all the crud it missed in between the heel and the front part of the shoe. What a lucky, little, weird, submissive, small slave, it got to go back for seconds! 

**Supreme Queen Simone**


Did I Ststststutter

Seriously, did I ststststutter!

I had a list of demands for my slave, who is now my personal live in slave, and not one thing was done! 11 days after they were supposed to be done!

So guess what. Now it's time to put my idiot slave in its place. So it knows who's boss.

There's nothing I hate more than disobedience and I'll make sure this is the first and the last time this slave EVER thinks about being disobedient. This slave absolutely HATES pain. It will take anything I do because I OWN it. But let's just say I beat the living snot out of it. It will never fuck up again after this beating...

***This is a REAL discipline session of one of my REAL full-time live-in slaves at Mean Girl Manor!!!***

-Goddess Platinum

Humiliated And Henpecked Hubby


A fat rich guy is watching the game down in his "man cave" with buddies, and shows them a picture of his new wife that he just married in a rather sudden, private ceremony.  His buddies are amazed at how he got such hot, young wife!  They compliment him on being so lucky and wonder how he did it.  In response, he starts bragging about how he just "puts her in her place" and that he calls the shots in their relationship.  

Then his super hot young wife actually comes downstairs- WAY earlier than her husband was expecting her to be home!  He didn't think his buddies would actually MEET her!  She begins YELLING at him right in front of all of his friends!

In a matter of minutes, this cocky, chauvinist braggart is suddenly ON HIS KNEES and literally BEGGING his new young wife- right in front of his friends!  They are all in shock, seeing their friend that was just bragging a moment ago about how he is "the boss" at home, now suddenly groveling before his wife who is literally less than half his age!

She yells at him about how his friends are being too loud, they are making a mess, and then drops a BOMB on him- "DIVORCE!".  She COMMANDS him to BEG her not to leave him, otherwise she will take EVERYTHING in the divorce!  And to his friends' astonishment, he DOES it!  He is literally BEGGING her not to leave him, like a pathetic groveling FOOL!

When this super hot "Trophy Wife" then hears from his friends about how her fat ugly hubby was  BRAGGING about how he called the shots in this marriage, she decides to humiliate her hubby even MORE in front of her friends!!  "Oh, he said that, did he??  Ok, darling hubby- STAND UP, PULL DOWN YOUR PANTS AND SHOW YOUR FRIENDS WHO REALLY CALLS THE SHOTS IN THIS MARRIAGE!" 

The fat rich hubby is obligated to slowly pull down his pants like a humiliated little boy in front of all of his friends- and he has SOME SORT OF "CAGE" ON HIS COCK!!  His friends can't believe it!!  What IS that thing??? 

Then his "Trophy Wife from Hell" explains that she has NEVER had sex with him, and just to be married to her, he agreed to let her LOCK HIS COCK UP PERMANENTLY!!  So he has NEVER had sex with this "hot wife" that he bragged about!

At first, his buddies are disgusted.  But she is just SOOO beautiful...and the way she commands the room with her beauty as soon as she walks in...  Soon, one of the fat man's friends caves, and slowly slips off of the couch, and sinks to his knees before her.  He begins to grovel for her as well, trying to earn her forgiveness and approval- and she obviously relishes in this.  Then another of the fat rich man's friends gives in to the peer pressure and sinks to his knees and begins BEGGING for her forgiveness as well!!  

Eventually, even the most ardent of the chauvenist pigs on the couch gives in to her beauty, and soon ALL of them are on their knees, grovelling at the feet of this beautiful, powerful 19-year-old Domestic Goddess!  All of these men are 2 or 3 times her age, and they are begging like DAWWGS for a 19 year old spoiled brat!

Then she begins abusing her power, making them perform like FOOLS for her just so she can LAUGH at them...and they will apparently do literally ANYTHING she says at the snap of her fingers just to amuse her and earn her approval....

Foot Drunk

I was hanging out with my girls: Princess Mya and Goddess Platinum, over at the Mean Girl Manor when Platinum had a great idea...we should force our foot freak slave to worship all three of our perfect sets of feet at the same time! And that's just what we did.

How freaking lucky is this foot obsessed submissive bitch to have all three sets of our gorgeous feet all over it's ugly face at the same time! Like...seriously think about that. You have such an amazing variety. My perfect size 10 feet, Princess Mya's beautiful size 6/7 feet and Goddess Platinum's tiny little size 5/6 feet. 

We had fun with This slave was definitely foot drunnnk.

If you think you have what it takes to be one of our foot freaks submissive slaves you should reach out to Goddess Platinum because she's the boss Goddess and she can make anything happen.

Mistress Dandy XoXo

Cucky Claus Preview (Behind The Scenes)

New Feature (BTS)

Here's some behind the scenes (BTS) footage from the upcoming clip "Cucky Claus"

This is members only exclusive footage, only available on Behind the scenes (BTS) will be posted at least once a month, or as often as I feel like LOL. So keep checking back to make sure you can see all our new BTS. There's also a new dropdown so you can access all our BTS.

Enjoy Losers.

-Goddess Platinum