Shackled And Shamed

It's so fun visiting the Mean Girl Manor and just torturing the losers that Platinum keeps possession of there. LMFAO!!!  Take for instance this loser who is shackled and cuffed to the end if the bed and an absolute horrible site to have to look at for Myself and Goddess Platinum in the bed. Sooooo We do what We would to any worthless piece of human trash that might find it's way to be locked up anywhere in the Manor, We destroy and debase this thing from the moment We start interacting with it...  

I mean having a beautiful girl kick it repeatedly in it's face is all this meat-headed brain deeaad dolt is good for.  I actually even tried letting it be of use by worshipping Our feet and this idiot did such a terrible job and was like totally annoying... I had to kick it in the face, ya know... just a few times LOL!!! Don't act like you are surprised, you know how insanely brutal I get when I am around the Mean Girls... HEHehehe I guess you can say they are a naughty influence on me. ;)

This entire time Platinum and I insulted the freak and we definitely didn't hold back when letting it know how We really feel about it...  

And just for good measure we left it restrained to the end of my bed to ponder the final threat We made to it about what's next in store...   get it now and see for yourself freak... 

</3 Miss Tiffany </3

Beat It Before I Delete It

This idiot pain slave of Mine had the audacity to tell Me that if I wanted the tribute it owed Me, I'd need to beat it to get My money out of it.....  Well, happy to oblige Mister Moron....   I dragged this thing from it's cage and hung it from the rafters in the ceiling of the Mean Girl Manor...  this disobedient little tuuurd had been on My nerves for months with it's on again off again inability to stay obedient and do as it's told...  apparently, it has step-mommy issues and feels like no WOMAN has ever loved it back..... BWAHAHAHAhahahaha.... no kidding loser, no WOMAN loves you now, and NO WOMAN HAS EVER LOVED YOU AT ANY POINT IN YOUR PATHETIC AND ANNOYING LIFE.....  lol.....  

So, since of course I'm going to get My money, I took this loser, tied it up, and then beat it as hard as I have since the first day it walked into the Manor and pledged itself to Me..  I don't have time for annoying idiots who refuse to follow My instructions and get butt hurt every two minutes when I don't give them enough attention..  loser's exist for My benefit, not the other way around... so watch this stupid little loser's last beating at My hands...   HAHAHA...  after kicking it's ass and taking all but it's smallest bills from it's wallet, I laughed and kicked the thing to the curb.... Bub bye bitch boy...  remember who the disposable part of the relationship WAS sissy-cuck...  it's no worry in My world not to have your mentally unstable jealous cry baby ass around, but pretty sure the loser wandering around the pandemic with it's ass tatted and branded with My name feels every bit like the stupid worthless disposable discarded trash that it is without Me.....  bwahahahaha....   I'll start My watch now on the countdown until this retard comes crawling back....  and just wait for the hell I have lined up for it once it does... real Gay-Ass-Geezer-Going WATERWORKS because I will hurt it so bad if it ever tries to crawl back to My feet.... TRY ME BITCH..... !!! 

Goddess Platinum



Sissy Fag Training

OMG I was hanging out with my bestie Amber and we caught that old nasty slave dancing in our mirror, in a dress, looking like a hot mess sissy fag!!!

Wow! Just when you thought you had seen it all. LOL!

If this old freak wants to be a sissy, then we will train it so we can whore it out to make us more money.  It's pretty useless to us right now so it's either we train it or put it out of its misery. 

We dragged it downstairs since it's not even allowed to be in our bathroom. Then we made it show off its train wreck moves. Bahahaha it is such a mess I don't even know if it is even trainable. We may have to put a bag over its head and cut out a blow hole to get anyone to actually hire this cheap whore. LOL!!!!

We trained it how to look and act sexy, then we trained it how to suck off a dick. 

When we were sick of watching this useless sissy we tossed it back in its cage where it belongs but we left it with a dick. We warned it that it better suck that dildo all night till we were ready to see its progress. We will be watching so it better do as it is told or else..

)(* Miss Lexi Chase *)(

More Cowbell *BTS*

Here's a little behind the scenes from the clip "More Cowbell".... Check out the full clip HERE

...And we are kicking it with our extremely POINTY-TOED designer heels!  I am wearing my brand new Louboutins that some loser bought me, and Platinum has her pointy-toed Jimmy Choos on!  The slave seems to be in a lot of pain from being kicked with our pointy toed shoes, but we don't really care...this is all about OUR fun!

<3 Princess Amber <3

Tranny Shaming

OMG! You totally can't believe what things these loser slaves try to get away with when they think We aren't looking... BUT DUH, WE'RE ALWAYS LOOKING morons.... this fat fuck retard obviously has some faggot obsession over looking at ladyboys and he-she's online when it's supposed to be working on editing for My Auntie Platinum, and that shiitt just doesn't ever fly here at the Manor...   so I call Her over and We decide to remind this stupid thing what it is and what it exists for..  it exists for OUR AMUSEMENT and We intend to teach this self-serving disobedient loser that it does what We tell it, when We tell it, immediately when We tell it to do so...

Even if that means choking on a 9" thick black cock as We insult the fuck out of it and make it gag so many times and it even lost its lunch... hmmm I wonder if We actually gave the fat fuck food that day.. don't remember, definitely don't care... anyway, watch Us choke this closet homo with his real love for cock and how much We can and will turn him into a streetwalking cocksucker to benefit Us and Our insatiable love of SHOPPING.... Bwahahahaha....   welcome to your new future faggot, doing the work you already owed Us, and then getting whored out at night like the worthless cum gobbling slut dumpster you are now going to be for US...... HAHAHAHAHA

<3 Princess Amber <3

This Little Piggy Took Me To Buy Louboutins

Oh what these pathetic little losers will do just to be let out of their cock cages.  All you have to do is lock their cock up, use & abuse them as your slave for awhile- and see how long it takes for them to crack.  Eventually they will be willing to spend ANY amount of $$$ to have their cock unlocked.  Haha.

This old loser had been locked up for a few weeks now and was literally begging just for a chance to get out of the chastity cage I have had it locked in for what seemed like an eternity to him.  (Of course I didn't even know how long it had been, since I have been dating and fucking as many hot guys as I wanted during that same time.)

So I made the loser chauffeur Me to the most expensive mall in Las Vegas so I could shop, shop, shop....and spend, spend, spend HIS money!  And I made sure to record the public stuff on my iPhone so EVERYONE could PAY ME to watch it here and LAUGH at his pathetic ass. 

(And yes, you better believe this is all 100% REAL!!  I even make him pull out his cock-cage and show it to my camera right out in the middle of the parking lot before we go in to the stores!)  haha

Then I dragged him through the mall to get Me some Red Bottoms....and of course I made it get Me twice as many pairs as it initially agreed to!  (Watch the look of depression in its eyes as it realizes that getting its cock unlocked is going to REALLY cost it some BIG bucks this time!)  

When we finally get back from shopping, I make it kneel before me and BEG some more to get unlocked!  (Just because I'm power hungry and I like seeing grown "men" beg like fools at my feet haha.) 

Eventually I make it agree to the most humiliating things just to be allowed to touch its own disgusting little cock and masturbate to MY beauty...while I look down at it and LAUGH.  (While I am wearing my new Louboutins that IT spent a ton of $$$ to put on My gorgeous feet!  LOL)  I even make sure to dangle my gorgeous, expensive new shoes right under its nose just to mock it a little more and remind it how much it had to spend in order to be allowed this little release!

I am so kind though...I let the loser create its little "worship puddle" at my feet right on the expensive tissue paper My new Loubs came wrapped in!

Buy this clip now loser- and see what i would do to you after we got home from spending thousands on Me as I laughed in your pathetic.

<3 Princess Amber <3

Miss Dandy Learns Leg Scissors

This video is when I totally knew I was a MEAN GIRL FOREVER.... lol....  I mean, I think this was on the second day I spent at the Manor and just for fun Goddess Platinum decided to take Me into the side room where She kept this bald loser slave and demonstrate ways to bring it to the edge of it's life choking and scissoring it as it helplessly accepts that We can do to it whatever We decide for whatever reason We dream up...  and so this little worthless thing keeps jumping around into position to get choked endlessly by it's Goddess and all while She and I both laugh and practice taking the air away from this freak until it ha no choice but to do everything it's told....

Mistress Dandy XoXo

Balls Are Healed So Time To Break Them Again

My Aunt Platinum and I were hanging out and she was talking about her old piece of crud geezer slave and how insanely dumb it is and how it loves to piss her of... Ya know, same old same old... But when she informed me that this slaves balls were finally healed up and it was definitely time to destroy them again, my ears perked right up! LOL!

Time to destroy this unappreciative piece of old trash's balls!

We took turns kicking it in the balls and stepping on its balls till we got bored of playing with our trash.


<3 Princess Amber <3

Gorgous Goddess Draya's Foot Slut

Gorgeous Goddess Draya was chilling out at her new house, the brand new Mean Girl Manor. It looks so warm and beautiful outside where she is sitting in our new courtyard, but it's actually really chilly out today. 

Goddess Draya decided to take full advantage of the house slave and make it suffer in the cold weather and freeze its ass off laying naked on the very cold cement, for her perfect soles.

Goddess Draya also thought ahead and made sure she was wearing her chunky high heels (which we don't normally wear for filming.) just so she could laugh at it sucking her gurthy heels like a gurthy dick. HAhahaha So fucking funny!

Goddess Draya made this obedient little foot slut lick and suck her heels... Then she made it kiss the ground she walked on... (Let's face it, every male dreams about kissing the ground this perfect, hot, young Goddess walks on.) and then she made it kiss, lick, suck, and worship her adorable, little, cute feet. This is the luckiest little loser alive!

While this slave was hard at work pleasing this Devine Goddess, she took the HOTTEST SELFIE and made this slave drool all over her feet even more when she made it look at the jaw dropping pic she had just snapped. LOL! If only this pathetic present could actually get a woman even 1/10 of Goddess Draya's perfection... This is as good as it will ever get for this slave.This freak is just lucky to be in her presence... 

Ohhhh the amazing life of not only being perfect from head to toes but also be a Mean Girl... It doesn't get better than this.

Losers Don't Get Limits

The title says it all with this one.  This is one of Princess Carmela's real life personal slaves in Vegas that she "donated" to the shoot for us to use for whatever we wanted.  So we chain him up in the garage of Our Mean Girl Desert Punishment Compound and go to town on him!  OMG it was SOOO much fun!  We didn't have to worry about any stupid "limits" and just chained him up and BEAT him! 

We actually keep adding more & more chains to him and restraining him more and more as the clip goes on.  We even have to gag him with our dirty panties to keep his screams muffled because he is such a screamer LOL.  Let's just say this bitch gets BROKEN when we were finally done with him! 

I want a new toy to play with now!!  Who is next??  Haha...

-Princess Adrianna-

Public Pool Cock Shocking

You know I really love to humiliate the living snot out of my old, decrepit, stinky, freak geezer slave. LOL!

I decided to take it down to a busy pool/ hot tub/ bar in Vegas, forced it to strap on my new ball shocker (For stubborn slaves... this ball shocker goes up to level 21!), then I made it wear a white, semi-sheer, thong, women's one piece bathing suit.

I gave this annoying piece of crud exact directions... strut over to the chairs with the robe on, then slowly drop the robe... ensure its thong is completely in its butt crack, then walk backwards to the edge of the hot tub, REALLY SLOW SOEVERYONE CAN SEE its OWNED BY G PLAT TATTOO I PERSONALLY TATTOOED ON ITS ASS!  Once all this was done it was then allowed to relax in the hot tub while I repeatedly shocked the living shiiiiit out of its wrinkly, old, dangly, raisin nut sack! BAHahahahahaha

I don't think I have ever seen this brain deeaad freak so terrified to do one of my oh so twisted slave tasks, till today. This was so hilarious to me! I love striking fear into my pathetic slaves. 

At one point a security guard walked over to the hot tub area and you know I had to shock the crud out of its balls so hard... You see I had already warned this dumb fuck that it better figure out how to hold it all together while taking the excruciating electrical shocks I was sending directly through its nut sack... that I'm sure then shoots through the rest of its disgusting body after singeing is ball sack. If it was too loud and got kicked out, it was going to then have to deal with my wrath and EVERYONE KNOWS THAT NO SLAVE EVER WANTS TO DEAL WITH MY WRATH. ;))

Once I was over destroying its soggy nuts I simply walked away and continued shocking it all the way back to my hotel room. LOL!

I truly LOVE public humiliating my slaves!!!!

-Goddess Platinum

Princess Amber And Miss Lexi Chase's Young Foot Bitch

Everyday at the Manor brings a new surprise, and today was no different...  Princess Amber and I woke up after a night out and had this 18 year old slave locked in at the end of the bed, and sure enough Her feet were sore in the morning and She was certain the loser had been licking, biting, and kissing Her feet after We crashed out last night...  clearly this idiot didn't know his place and needed to be shown... lol...   so We took turns showing it the proper way to respect Mean Girl's feet if it planned to remain a useful littler piece of property at the Manor...  it licked, worshiped, was gagged with, and choked on Our feet as Amber took pleasure in kicking it's worthless face multiple times to remind it of it's place... check out the clip to see how many feet can fit into this things fat mouth at one time.... it's pretty unbelievable, and pretty fucking pathetic as well..... lmfao...

)(* Miss Lexi Chase *)(

You Can't Run From Covid Or Me

So many slaves are stupid and clueless about what they are... and what they are is property, chattel, things, disposable...  this idiot came with Me to the Mean Girl Mountain Retreat to be of use for whatever I needed... little did I know then that I'd test positive for Covid-19 as I was fully asymptomatic...  but hearing this news put My property into panic mode and on the run fearing for it's life...  why do slaves still think they can run from Me??? Stupidity knows no limits...  so watch as I hunt it down, drag it back to My isolated lakeside cabin, and expose it to every bit of filth and phlegm it's worthless loser mouth could handle...  it's worthless face smashed beneath My filthy Doc's... I wiped My feet on it like the trash it is and then dragged it to lick the rest of the filth from boots I value more than it's life.... hahahahaha.....   After the thing had buzzed enough of My time trying to get My boots clean I decided I wanted to kick it's worthless ass in the head over and over, but not wanting to have to drag out it's body for something that happened accidentally...  lol...   I decided to lose the Docs before pulverizing it's face....  but nothing stopped Me spitting in this losers face over and over and laughing as I made it drink My gargled and spat out Red Bull to see if it's body's response is anywhere near as effective as My asymptomatic experience has been...   

-Goddess Platinum

Intent To Masturbate

OMG I came home and that wrinkly old fuck I left locked in the cage was gone. And wouldn't you know where I found him...??  It's dirty, nasty ass was up in My room, in My closet, digging through My hamper with it's dirty grimy hands, and sniffing and playing with My panties... OH HELL NO.... that isn't going to fly with Me....  this old crusty piece of shizzz thing is now about to get it's ass beat..   so I give it a head's up as I put on it's leash and lead it's stupid old ass into the room to get it's punishment.... and what's the best way to punish a stupid disobedient bitch who had nothing on it's mind except it's intent to masturbate???  Well to destroy it's worthless tiny dick and balls of course...  and the best way to do that is to have fun kicking it's useless minuscule man meat with My favorite solid toe black leather boots.....  

I took my time kicking, smacking, spitting on and humiliating this idiot before locking up it's worthless little twig and returning it to it's rightful place in lock-up.  Because slaves exist to serve, not to spank it...

$$$ Goddess Draya $$$


Trample The Terrorist

You would think a terrorist who jumped through all the hoops to come and serve Us might be able to take a beating better than Our everyday live-in slaves, but that just goes to prove how wrong assumptions often are.  After sending a deposit, it's ID, and getting to the Manor on time, this weak dick loser promised it could endure anything My Niece and I could dish out...   We started simple letting it worship Our Chucks as We laughed at what an ugly little dumb brown twat it was...  and then We decided to have some fun...  We dragged it to its cage and put it through the paces... We started with trampling in just our chucks, jumping, and crushing it's worthless little body. We then swapped out our chucks for sexy high heels... within minutes it was crying out and pleading for mercy...   We continued laughing and humiliating the thing and giving it modest breaks in between bouts of abuse.... and even with the beating being broken up to let it's stupid ass recover, this pussy still whined and cried so much, we went back to destroying it in our chucks... we showed zero mercy... eventually I got sick of hearing it and dragged it across the carpet and back to it's isolation cage....   where it promptly coughed up an excessive amount of cash to be released from it's promise to let Amber and I do whatever We wanted to it...   probably a good decision on it's part, as We were just starting it's abuse as it bitched out and crawled away with it's micro dick between it's legs....  HAHAHAhahahaha.... another loser tries and fails to live up to its exaggerated claims of toughness....   NEXT...... lol

Goddess Platinum

The Princess Chanel And Princess Ashley Trash Beatdown

It doesn't take a Mean Girl to know this loser doesn't deserve to be in Our presence...  but it does take a Mean Girl to beat the hell out of it for wasting Our time once again.  This piece of trash spends all of it's money on flights from whatever random European place it lives in to fly over to Our punishment compound in Las Vegas to hand over the rest of it's cash and get an ass-kicking in return.  And in this go around the European loser gets it's ass kicked by a trio of Mean Girls who have nothing but contempt for having to waste Our day beating this trash before We clean out it's wallet and get on with our day doing anything but spending time with this European piece of trash.

We love being cruel.... That is exactly why we love being Mean Girls!!!

Little Electric Dancing Monkey

invited our honorary guest Miss Tiffany over to enjoy the random day of hot sun we had. 

Earlier in the week Miss Tiff and I where having an in depth conversation about unique but fun ways we like to torture our slaves. I brought up electric play, which Miss Tiffany hadn't done much of. Well well well... I just happen to have this little annoying Czech slave locked up in a cage here. I decided to surprise Miss Tiff with this piece of craaap slave locked up to a pole attached to our patio bed, with the ball shocker locked tight around its extremely tiny cock and balls. LOL! 

I showed Mistress Tiffany how to use the ball shocker and she went to town on its nuts. Bahahaha

We had so much fun soaking up the rays while electrocuting my slaves balls and watching it dance like a little monkey. LOL!

Goddess Platinum

Beat The Wig Off It

This pathetic little sissy bitch emailed me begging to come serve me. I decided since it was extremely submissive I would allow this hot mess a chance to prove itself.

WOW! HOT MESS was an understatement! LOL! This freak was such a fucking shitttt show! It broke its heel before we even started the session... Its wig was a rats nest... you will see for yourself. 

All this slave kept telling me is about how it was beat by Princess Carmela a long time ago and she is psycho... She is so mean... it is scared of her...

Well let me tell you, about 1/3 into this beating it was saying I make P Carmela seem nice and I am the meanest Goddess it has ever dealt with!!!! So funny and soooo true! I make most women seem sweet as pie! LOL!!! 

Goddess Platinum

Wrap It Before You Whack It

I was hanging out with Platinum and we caught our fat fucking slave stealing food AGAIN! Ugh! This fat fuck would seriously eat itself to deeaath like a bad dawg if it could. So we decided it was time to make it sweat off some pounds. LOL!

We wrapped its fat ass in Saran Wrap then we attempted to sit on it and squish and bounce the fat off... then we beat it till it got out... then we beat it some more. Hahahaha 

At Least we had fun!!!

Prince$$ Mia ;)

You Are Just Our Punching Bag

Slaves need to accept their place in this world.... All you slaves are like dirt for use to walk all over.

Aunt Platinum and I decided we wanted to do something physically active but not boring like going to the gym. We decided to do a boxing workout, using our slave as our punching bag. How fitting! LOL!

We strung this freak up BY IT'S FEET from the ceiling, upside down, then Aunt Platinum and I punched and slapped that submissive bitch till we were tired. This slave absolutely hates CBT and we took full advantage of it hanging and being completely helpless. BAHAhaha

We definitely worked up a sweat and had so much fun!!!

<3 Princess Amber <3