Shocked Slot Slut

I brought my old ass freak out to play in public!  I decided we would go gamble- using ITS money, of course!

But I hate to be seen in public with any of my disgusting slaves, so I would never be nice enough to just let it come out to play without makingit SUFFER for the privilege... There was definitely a twist, or should I say "shock"! 

I surprised this loser with one of its least favorite things: the ball shocker "FOR STUBBORN SLAVES"!

I made it strip down strap that thing on as tight as it goes. Then made it put its clothes back on over it so I could test it out and make sure it was still nice and tight and delivering MAXIMUM VOLTAGE to its nut sack!

After a quick slave-tongue shoe cleaning, we went down to the casino. OMG!!! So many people were laughing and barking at my geezer slave since it was wearing its pink dawg collar. I was laughing sooo hard. After walking around with it following far enough behind me that it didn't look like it was "with" me, I finally found the perfect machine. 

I decided that this old wrinkly tuurd had to play max bet at the slot machine I chose...and every time it didn't win me money it got the electrical jolt of a lifetime!  LOL

You will not believe how this fun little game ended! 


Goddess Platinum

Do Heels Hurt?

I came over to hang out with Princess Amber and she was having her Aunt Platinum's old fucking slave organize her shoe closet while we were verbally destroying it.

We were getting really annoyed with how utterly fucking stupid this freak is and how difficult it was making such a simple task. So we figured we would put our heels to work.

We just so happened to have a pink high heeled chair at the Mean Girl Manor so we cuffed this piece of crud to the giant high heeled chair and literally destroyed its balls with our high heels. I'm not going to lie...there was even some red But you all know how much I love destroying pathetic males balls. Hahahaha.

This was so much fun.

</3 Miss Tiffany </3
Piggy Bank Cuck In A Cage

Princess Amber dates nothing but hot, young guys.  REALLY hot, young guys.  But sometimes they don't have a lot of money- but that doesn't bother her.  Because she keeps a pathetic old foot-cuck locked up in a cage, and uses IT to pay for her dates!  Its a win-win for Princess!

Its really the best situation- she dates hot young guys, and just uses some pathetic old foot-freak fuck to pay for it all!  Amber can make withdrawals from her "Cuck Piggie Bank" whenever she feels like it.  She just has to dangle her shoe in front of it and tease it with her PERFECT foot...and the piggie is literally oinking and BEGGING to give her more $$$ for her dates!!

This time Amber is EXTRA mean!  She talks on her phone to her latest stud really LOUD so the poor cucky-pig in the cage next to her can hear all the intimate details of what his Princess just did on her date.  (Watch the clip to hear what it drives her cuck-in-a-cage CRAZY!!!)

Then she takes the cuck-pig out of its cage and lets it worship her feet after they have been in her shoes ALL NIGHT...but of course it will cost her cuck-pig even MORE $$$!!!  Poor little piggie...all its dignity was taken from it a looooong time it does whatever Princess Amber says...just so it can sniff and kiss Princess Amber's FEET.  Princess Amber thinks it is PATHETIC - and tells it so right to its FACE - but she has no problem USING the old man and taking all its money!! 

Princess Amber takes even MORE money from her piggie-bank cuck slave and even CALLS her  hot date back to brag about it and discuss where they are going to go on the old loser's dime.  Her young stud asks her if she is "fucking that old man" to get so much money from him.  Amber just LAUGHS and takes a picture of the old man's chastity device that she keeps him locked in 24/7 and sends it to her stud!  OMG whatta FREAK!!

Her slave is SO humiliated as his Princess and her newest boyfriend laugh their asses off at him...and then she simply tosses him back into his cage because she is done with him now.  She has taken all his money, humiliated him, degraded him- and now simply tosses him back in his cage until she is ready to use him again.

But in a final act of kindness, she tosses her worn heels into her cucky piggie-bank's cage so he can sniff the insides of them in his cage while she goes out on her next date with its credit card!

Useless Slave Boot Licking *BTS*

This pathetic loser flew in from Germany to come serve us...saying it would take ALLLLLLLL the abuse we would give it.

The very first clip we did it bitched out and made up all these excuses. We trampled it in Converse and then put on heels BECAUSE it said we could trample it in spikey heels. 

It IMMEDIATELY turned into a giant pussy and all of a sudden couldn't have any marks because it had to go to a religous retreat the next day.... LOL!

As it was leaving, because we were not wasting another fucking minute with it, it got on its knees and begged to be able to lick my everyday boots clean before it left. Normally I would have said you don't deserve it, but my boots were really freakin dirty LOL! At least it did something useful for me.

Stay tuned for the full clip soon...

-Goddess Platinum

Welcome Back Beating

OMG I was in the kitchen sipping my cocktail when the door bell rang... You will never guess who it was... Queen Grace!!! Yay!!! I love Queen Grace and she has been out of the country for a long ass time now.

I told her, "Girl you came at just the right time! Aunt Platinum is waiting on her throne for me to come beat the snot out of her geezer slave! Let's go surprise her!"

We walked in and Platinum's eyes got so big and she got soooo excited. She instantly realized that Queen Grace had never even beat her lil old pain bitch yet. This is going to be so amazing!

Platinum told us to pick our device of choice and give it to this old freak. She also reminded us not to hold back at all.

Oh we laid into this freak alright!!! HAHAHA! We actually had to cut this clip short since the real ending had way too much red stuff. OOPPSSSS! LOL! Sorry, NOT SORRY! Bahahahahaha

<3 Princess Amber <3

2 Ashtrays Are Better Than 1

Ugh it was 110 degrees outside and I had to convince Goddess Platinum to come out in the sweltering heat to have a smoke with me. She only agreed to brave the heat if we had 2 slave ashtrays. LOL!

Goddess Platinum decides she would come out to have a smoke in an hour so she immediately cuffed 2 of our freaks to our back patio and left them out there to sweat their asses off. Hahaha She is so insanely cruel, I love it!!!

When I saw she was using that old wrinkly slave I asked why that one? She informed me it's because it hates being an ashtray and it makes her laugh every time it freaks out when we ash in its mouth... so strictly for our entertainment. LOL!

When we were finally ready to suck it up and brave the heat we made sure we had an ice cold bottle of water to enjoy while our slaves suffer from thirst. We went out, chatted for a bit, enjoyed our cigarettes and laughed a lot. This dinosaur fart slave literally hates being used as an ashtray, it's hilarious.

We made sure we didn't waste any ashes, we got them all in our slaves mouths. We wanted to make sure they didn't forget how incredibly hot it is so we spit our ice cold water at them a few times just to shock them. 

When we were done and couldn't handle another minute of the heat we made our disgusting ashtray slaves eat our butts and we left them to melt. 

Prince$$ Mya ;)

Goddess Draya's First Time Ballbusting

OMG I am so proud of my super hot, 18 year old, gorgeous, brand new Goddess!!! Today is Goddess Draya's very first day of being a Mean Girl... not only that she has never in her life ever done any kind of fetish work. She is brand new at this and I really think we are blowing her mind, a lot!!!LOL!

Goddess Draya is killllling it! When I talked to her when she got here today she was a little nervous and I told her, just be yourself and DON'T HOLD BACK!!! And let me tell you, she is definitely NOT holding back. 

I know Goddess Draya is completely mind blown by how insanely pathetic our slaves are. She has never in her life seen males be so submissive. It is always shocking to all new Mean Girls, including myself when I started. 

Let's get down to business... Goddess Draya has never kicked a dude in the balls ever! So when I told her that our slaves are so submissive that we can kick them in the balls as hard as we possibly can, she didn't't believe me. Hahaha!!! I had to explain to her how worthless these losers are and they will do anything to be around us. I told her how well ballbusting sells so they will sacrifice their disgusting balls just to make us a fuck ton of money. Let's face it, there is no way any gorgeous women like us would ever even consider touching their balls anyway other than to destroy them.

I had Miss Dandy hold my video camera so I could show Goddess Draya how it's done. I totally get off on the look of pure fear on my slaves faces when they figure out that I am going to be the one kicking them in the balls. If they haven't experienced my kicks then they have heard the rumors and it scares the hell out of them.

Once I showed Goddess Draya how to kick this bitch in its balls as hard as you can I took my camera back from Miss Dandy and then had her hold this slaves leash to make sure it didn't move while Goddess Draya was doing her target practice. Both Miss Dandy and I talked Goddess Draya through her kicks and OMG she is a natural born ballbuster!!!! I knew she was perfect but this takes her perfection to an entirely new level. I am so proud!!!!

I think Goddess Draya will fit in perfect here. I am sooooo excited!!!

Goddess Platinum

Eurotrash Gets Owned "Part 2"

LOL! I can't help but laugh when I am telling you about the last two days of pure hell this freak went through.

If you need a Part 1 eurotrash came back to America from Europe to be owned by my perfect niece, Princess Amber. Over the first day she took complete ownership of this piece of garbage and put him through the absolute ringer. HAHAHA  (But he took all her abuse in a desperate attempt to please her.)  Go buy "Part 1" to see that.

When we weren't playing with our new little pet, it was simply & unceremoniously shoved back into its cage- where an1mals like this belong when they aren't in use.

In this clip we drag it out of its cage and we really let loose! We literally fucking broke this  little bitch numerous times over the next 2 days- but we KEPT beating it even MORE anyway, no matter how much it BEGGED us for "mercy"!  LOL! 

We dragged it out of its cage... Well actually Amber first tried to see if she could literally just pull it through the bars by its neck without even opening the door! LOL!   Then we put a second collar & leash on it and played "tug of war" with its NECK!  Then we kicked it back and forth as hard as we could with its hands cuffed behind its back, while telling it what a piece of subhuman garbage it is compared to US!  We totally broke this little bitch over & over!!!!!  It was actually exhausting for us kicking this foreign loser back and forth with our leather boots like a human soccer ball!  We had to take a break.

When we came back to the dungeon after our nice leisurely lunch break, we decided to hang our hungry, broken slave by its neck and beat it!  Just for fun- because we CAN!  Eventually it said it couldn't take any more and begged for "mercy", but we really wanted to play with the long fun whips now!!  But We were just getting to the FUN part!!  So we denied it any stupid "mercy" and hung it by its hands- and finished it off by beating it as much as we wanted with our nice, long BULLWHIPS!  We just wanted to have some FUN!!!! And for some reason, there is just nothing more FUN than beating the craaap out of some "thing" that is so obviously inferior to you and making it SUFFER as much as you want while it screams out in pain, begging YOU for "mercy"! Haha.  It just makes you feel so POWERFUL to see it BEGGING and PLEADING with you for mercy- and then you just laugh in its face and casually DENY it any mercy whatsoever and beat it some MORE!  Just because you know you can like literally do ANYTHING you want to it...

I guess Amber and I are just "sadists" or something..because it just entertains us to no end to watch these subhuman pieces of garbage writhe in pain for us- while we just LAUGH in their face and hurt them MORE!!  It just makes sense though, when you think about it...I mean, UGLY people should suffer for the entertainment of PRETTY people like US!  If it makes US happy, that is all that matters!!  (No matter how much agony they are in!)  As long as WE think its funny and it makes us LAUGH!  Hahaha...ESPECIALLY when we know their suffering will make us LOTS of $$$!!! 


We had a blast breaking this pathetic piece of dung. We will own this loser till the day it drops dedd at our feet!  And when that happens...We will just LAUGH even HARDER!!!

Slaves were BORN to suffer for Our profit & entertainment!  That is their purpose in life!

Goddess Platinum

Eurotrash Gets Owned "Part 1"

You probably know Eurotrash by now. It's a submissive little bitch that the Mean Girls have owned for a few years now. It flies in from Europe to come serve us AMERICAN Goddesses and Princesses. LOL! We get a ton of European slaves because we are perfect! 

Anyways... Eurotrash had in the past served other Mean Girls but the last few times it had come to America it has dealt with me. But then it found out about my gorgeous, young, hot, sexy, niece with perfect feet, Princess Amber. It emailed me begging me to allow it to pay a ton of money and come back to the manor and serve Princess Amber and myself. Since it is so obedient and has always done as it was told, I decided to allow it to come get owned by my perfect niece Amber. WOW! What a lucky loser! Not only does it get to be in both our presence but it will also be owned by Princess Amber!!! That's beyond lucky, that's like you can freaking diiee happy now because all you life long goals have been achieved. Hahaha

I got a few emails the last 2 days since this freak arrived here to Las Vegas. The emails where thanking me for allowing it to come serve us and thanking me for allowing it to even breath the same air Princess Amber breathes. It also let me know that it is truly beyond obsessed with Princess Amber and it cannot wait for her to take ownership of it... Oh and how extremely nervous it is because as you know we can be a lot on the brutal side. HAHAHA!!!!

In the morning I had my driver slave drive me over to where Eurotrash was staying and I tossed it in my trunk. I then took it over to the desert compound and locked it in its new home, its safe place, the place it should live everyday... its cage. Then Amber and I went shopping for a bit. We get to do what we want, that's the joys of being the boss and a Goddess/ Princess.

Once we got done with shopping and lunch we came back and Princess Amber decided she was ready to deal with the little bitch that was down in its cage. She went down and officially took ownership. She informed it that once she put that leash on it, it was hers till the day it drops deeaad. Literally!

Princess Amber then thought it would be a great idea to take it for a walk... a loooong walk. Of coarse she would be the only one walking cause no slave is ever allowed to stand around us, they must always be on their knees. Thats exactly what she did, she walked it, dragged it, stepped on it.... she made sure it was as submissive as I told her it was. Then she took it even further, she cuffed its hands behind its back and then she forced it to crawl around like that, as fast or as slow as she wanted. She went on doing this til Eurotrash had no more skin on its knees. than she made it crawl again. She forced it to crawl around behind her till it literally couldn't go another step. Hahaha She was laughing so hard when she told me about her taking her new pet for a walk. ***She makes me so proud.***

After the freak could no longer go on she put it back in its cage and left it for a few hours. We chilled for a while and watched a few of our shows. Then we changed into some sexy outfits. 

Princess Amber went down to retrieve her new pet and put it back on a leash and walked it up the stairs to come show it off to me. She had it crawl in front of me and then she showed me all the money it brought for her. What a good little bitch! 

I decided to have some fun with all that money... We made it lay down and I made it rain with all those $100's, $50's and $20's all over its ugly body. We then trampled the crud out of it. It was where it belongs, under our perfect feet. 

We trampled it till it was about to pass out and then forced it to pick every single bill up with its mouth. HAHAHA! 

Now you need to go buy the second half of this clip. It will be up in a day. If you thought we were mean in this half, oh just you wait for part 2. Hehehe!

Goddess Platinum

Slaves Don't Get Rest

OMG!!!! I fucking walked up to the patio at the Mean Girl Desert Compound looking for one of our slaves and couldn't believe my freaking eyes... Our wrinkly old sack of turds slave was in our hot tub! WTF?!?!?!?! Has this lunatic completely lost its mind? Like I knew it was senile and old as dirt but this mother fucker has lost it's mind completely!

I asked it what it thinks it's doing and it actually had the balls answer, "relaxing!" Wow! LOL! Slaves don't ever get to relax unless they are squeezed into their 3 sizes too small cage where they belong. 

Well since it had the balls to climb into our hot tub and contaminate our perfect water that is priceless because our perfect Princess and Goddess bodies lounge in here butt ass naked... I will fix those balls right up.

I hear water makes electricity like deeaadly and stuff and I just so happen to have this awesome new ball shocker that is made for stubborn slaves and says waterproof. But you know we tested that "waterproofness" out on a slave at the manor and the slave in water with the shocker maxed out on 21, almost shat itself. LOL! I'd say almost shat its pants but you know these freaks are never allowed to wear pants around us. 

Anyways back to this dinosaur fart imbecile and how extremely pissed off I am. I made it strap on this super duper strong ball shocker and told it to get back in the water and relax, like it obviously thinks is ok. it already destroyed this water anyways so I may as well have fun destroying its wrinkly excuse for testicles.

LOL! I didn't even allow this ass hat to fully get back in the water when shocked it so hard I thought it was going to have a fracking heart attack. Hahaha That would actually be hilarious!!! 

This geezer freak learned really fast that the new ball shocker and water together are beyond brutal! Perfect cause its beyond brutal dealing with this retarded old male. 

So long story short I shocked this loser over and over and then Goddess Platinum heard all the commotion and decided to come watch and laugh. Platinum also could not believe the audacity of this little bitch.

I then continued shocking it. It even choked on water a bunch of times. We were really hoping it would just drowwwn but we couldn't be the lucky. Hahaha!

I needed to make sure this disobedient piece of trash got it through its thick skull that this entire patio is off limits unless it is instructed by one of us to be up here.

When this old tard couldn't take anymore it asked if it could get out... I replied, "I don't know, can you?" Lol!!!!!! So it was trying to get out of OUR HOT TUB and you know exactly what I did, I just kept on electrifying its dangly, gross, old, dusty, never been touched by a real women nuggets!

It finally managed to get out onto the deck and I really wanted to ensure that it truly gets it and understands the rules, because next time it will drowwwwn... So I shocked it until I was completely satisfied it won't forget, but if it ever does...

Prince$$ Mya ;)

Beg To Lick My Pussy

Aww, my poor dedicated house slave is just sooo obsessed with me.  I work it so hard and beat it SO much for my profit- and it just keeps taking it for me because it is so obsessed with my PERFECTION.

But you know what is even MORE perfect about me??  My PUSSY.  Men throughout my life have literally BEGGED just for a taste of it.  (Yes, REAL men who weren't even "slaves"! lol)  So can you imagine what a slave of mine would do just to have a little taste of My Perfect Platinum Pussy???  Well, we are about to find out because I want to put this slave to the ultimate test of devotion.

I pull it out by its leash and strap it to the top of its cage.  Then I sit up on my throne so I can watch the "show" I am about to direct for my entertainment.  I tell Queen Grace that she can "beat this piece of human garbage as much as she wants- because it means NOTHING to me."  Then I slowly spread my legs so the slave can see HEAVEN right before its eyes! 

***(YES, the slave can really see My divine pussy just a few feet away from its unworthy eyes!  But no, you losers at home do not get to see it...we both know that you are unworthy of that!)***

I even tell the slave that if it takes this beating from Grace like a good little slave for me - withOUT breaking - that I will let it EAT my pussy! Haha the slave goes CRAZY even at the possibility of an opportunity like that!!  But of course, I tell Grace that she will get rewarded as well if she can break my slave!  The contest is on!

Can Grace break my slave's devotion to me??  Oh my, I love games like this!  I just sit on my throne in comfort and watch as my slave suffers for me!  To be honest, it was really turning me on!  It was taking such a beating just for the a taste of my Divine juices...and I made sure to spread my legs and tease him as I laughed and watched him suffer at My feet...

Grace was amazed at the beating that it was taking for me as it SCREAMED out loud in agony- and I just laughed.  

Pretty soon between its screams it began LITERALLY BEGGING OUT LOUD FOR MY PUSSY!!   I loved it!! 

I commanded it to beg LOUDER for my pussy if it reeeaaally wanted it so bad!!  And then as Grace and I were both laughing at its pathetic pleas for my pussy, I asked her to beat it even HARDER while it begs for me!

OMG it was sooo hot watching this subhuman "thing" suffer and beg for me...I actually got turned on as I relished in its suffering and watched the countless welts form on its backside...but then Grace and I decided to do something even CRUELER to the slave!  (You will need to watch this video to see how this video ends and how I CRUUUSH THIS FREAK'S HOPES AND DREAMS!!!)

***(A SPECIAL NOTE FROM your GODDESS:  Do you want to see what this slave saw?  Then come to Mean Girl Manor and take the beating of your life for it!  LOL)  WARNING: This slave took a SEVERE beating just to have a view of My Divinity...only to have its poor little heart cruuuushed in the end by Me and Queen Grace LOL!  

Goddess Platinum

Cucky Claus

Santa divorced Mrs. Claus when he made the mistake of falling for the charms of a beautiful young blonde- Goddess Platinum!  Poor Santa had no idea what he was in for. 

Now Santa is basically Goddess Platinum's personal little cuck bitch.  She walks all over him and treats him like absolute garbage.  She has "Cucky Claus" so wrapped around her little finger that she literally dates big muscular studs right in front of him- and there is nothing he can do about it!

Goddess Platinum's beautiful niece Amber lives with her at the North Pole. Amber comes home just in time to meet Platinum's new "boytoy", and she joins right in the abuse of "Santa Cuck"! 

Pretty soon, it is a regular "family reunion of Alphas", as Goddess Platinum, her muscular stud fucktoy, AND her beautiful niece are all there on the couch, just humiliating and degrading "Cucky Claus" at their feet.  She even makes Cucky Clause lick her real man's boots clean.

They are SO mean to him!  They are all demanding expensive gifts, not just for Christmas, but YEAR-ROUND! The elves are no longer allowed to make toys for all the little annoying childdrren around the world, they are now enslaved to make gifts for Platinum, Amber and what ever real men the 2 of them are fucking this week. LOL! They want those elves to WORK HARDER then ever before.

Goddess Platinum even takes every cent of Santa's money to pay for all her hot dates. Tonight Platinum is making Santa clean her bedroom while she is out with her REAL MAN. Platinum torments Santa by telling him she will be fucking he mans huge cock in the sleigh then she will shove Santa under her bed and force him to listen to her perfect pussy getting railed alllll night long!!!! Santa can't even enjoy listening to his hot wife cumming over and over because the, oh so cruel Goddess Platinum gave Santa a chastity cage for a wedding present and forced him to wear it from that day forward.

And poor Cucky Claus is sooo in love with Goddess Platinum and desperate to remain in her life, that he puts up with all of it!

***(WARNING:  Do not watch this clip unless you are OK with extreme degradation of Santa!)***


Hot New Goddess First Foot Worship

OMG The Mean Girls have a brand new Goddess!!!! Let me tell you all about my gorgeous new Goddess... Goddess Draya is her name and she is 18 years old and drop deeaad gorgeous! Goddess Draya is the prettiest, most adorable, and super cute young women. Goddess Draya has this contagious little giggle that gives me the biggest smile. She is perfection...

The day I first met Goddess Draya I was walking down the Vegas strip and I noticed her from far away. You cannot miss her, she is absolutely breathtaking. I had to stop to chat with her to get to know her. As soon as she opened her mouth I knew immediately she was born to be a Mean girl. This girl is not only perfect from her curly hair to her size 5 tiny feet but she is smart, she knows she is hotter then 98% of the females on this planet and man oh man she is super dominant! This Goddess doesn't take sh*t from anyone. Like I said, she was born to be a Mean Girl!!! 

This is Goddess Draya's very first day as a Mean girl and she has never done any kind of fetish before. When I talked to Goddess Draya this morning before she was heading over to the manor, she was super worried she would just giggle the entire time we would be filming. LOL! I told her that is perfect, just be you! Goddess Draya was so excited to start her brand new life as a Mean Girl that it almost brought a tear to my eye because I was so proud. (It would have actually brought a tear to my eye if I wasn't such a heartless bitch. HAhaha)

Miss Dandy was over hanging out with me all day, we were both so ecstatic to show Goddess Draya the ropes. We reminisced on how not too long ago Miss Dandy was just starting out as a Mean Girl, and look at her now! :)

As soon as Goddess Draya arrived at the manor we walked her into the front living room where 3 of our slaves has been kneeling naked since 5am, just waiting with anticipation to meet Goddess Draya. You see how excited I get when I find a perfect addition to my Mean girls, you should see all the slaves excitement. Lol! I figured since this is all brand new to Goddess Draya we would start with the most simple fetish, foot worship. 

Prior to today I had informed Goddess Draya about our slaves. I told her they are very obedient, trained daily, but most importantly I let her know that these freaks are not men, they are just our objects that we use and abuse anyway we see fit. I told her how incredibly pathetic each one was and some worse then others. But it doesn't matter how much I warn my new girls about how extremely wretched and deplorable our slaves are, the girls never quite get it till they witness it. I guess it's true, seeing is believing. So needless to say when Goddess Draya actually witnessed how pitiful our slaves truly are she really could not stop laughing... it blew her mind.

I was filming while Miss Dandy was walking Goddess Draya through what foot worship is and showing off the 3 slaves that had been ever so patiently waiting to get just one glance at her utmost perfection. The 2 slaves Goddess Draya picked were eventually allowed to welcome her with just one kiss on the foot. Then I made geezer, the slave not picked show off the "Owned By G Plat" tattoo I tattooed on its wrinkly old ass. 

The bald slave and whiny slave Goddess Draya picked were then instructed to show her the most amazing foot worship they could muster up. But once they took her high heels off they immediately got distracted with smelling her stinky heels, which then Goddess Draya began laughing at them again because she had never in her life witnessed such pathetic excuses for males. I let Goddess Draya know that they just have a very sad and pitiful existence.

Finally the slaves did put down the heels and moved onto Goddess Draya's adorable little size 5 feet and worshipped them while she often giggled and commented on how ridiculously pathetic these slaves are.

After a while I had Miss Dandy show Goddess Draya how to gag the slaves with her feet. Miss Dandy literally lodged her massive feet down the bald slaves throat over and over while Goddess Draya looked on in amazement and laughing so hard at it almost throwing up repeatedly. Then it was time for Goddess Draya to give it a go and she was amazing at it! Her tiny feet slid right down that whiny slaves throat like a cork. LOL!

They gaged the slaves for a while before Goddess Draya allowed the slaves to worsship her feet for just a few more minutes before I demanded them to  crawl back to their walls they had been kneeling at all morning and day. Goddess Draya laughed for a few minutes and then we went and hung out in my room.

Goddess Platinum

Don't Fuck With My Money

I am so insanely sick of this fat fuck slave I own.  It fucks everything up...  I mean EVERYTHING!

I have taken all editing duties back from all slaves because they can't handle doing anything properly. Uggghhh, so annoying!

So I'm sitting at a desk in the small office and I'm editing this really hot face-sitting clip and wouldn't you know it, at least 10 lights, multiple cords, and countless other crud that should never be on camera happen to be in what would otherwise be a super hot clip...   GRRRRRRR!

 My beautiful niece Princess Amber also had just informed me that the kick ass trample clip we did with the loser from the Czech Republic was totally blurry and COMPLETELY OUT OF FOCUS because of this fat piece of garbage. So now I'm going to fuck it up so hard it will wish it had never been born.Hahaha I will also feel way better after destroying this pathetic excuse of a male.

I called that fat freak up and after it gets it's slow, pathetic, fat ass to the office I grab it by the hair, shove it's face at the computer screen and point out how completely badly it sucks at life and the tasks it's assigned that I expect it to do competently.  And the entire time the thing acts wholly unphased and as if My assessment of the half ass job it did wasn't even a surprise.   

So I simply took things to the next level and sent the fat fuck crawling off to fetch my Platinum Booties... hahaha....  Those ever infamous booties that I use to absolutely destroy slave balls when they fuck up in ways that are intolerable...  I start by making it lay down for a quick taste of what's to come before dragging it off to my office where I have ample room to destroy it's worthless balls for fucking up my clips and messing with MY MONEY!

In excruciating fashion, I remind this piece of garbage, that the one life lesson it must NEVER FORGET is that NOBODY FUCKS WITH MY MONEY!!!

I kick, crush, and absolutely trash this fat fuck's balls over and over and over until I'm satisfied that this idiot is finally getting the concept through it's thick ungodly stupid skull.

Once I'm sure he understands, it's time to make sure it realizes that it still owes me for fucking up my previous trample clip.  I take this mountain of moron and restrain it between two opposite walls with heavy duty straps and thick bamboo so it is completely helpless and unable to even attempt to squirm away from the pain I intend to inflict.  I then trample this thing until it's face turns a dark purple color as tears stream down it's face from the pain My heels inflict upon it.... hahaha....     I should never have to take time out of My life or from My busy schedule to fix the mistakes of a subhuman wretch like this fat stupid slave.  Watch and see how well it learned it's lesson and how much it begs and promises to do a better job so I don't put it out of it's useless existence.

Goddess Platinum

Under My Hot New Heels

OMG I like get soooooo many pairs of hot new heels from pathetic losers every single day. I love shoes so it works out great for me. 

One of my slaves must have been patiently waiting all night then all the next day till I finally got home from one of my boyfriends houses. Lol! What a good little bitch! I actually totally forgot that I had told it to bring all my new packages of shoes up to my room and wait for me, before I left.

This is perfect because now I get to try on all my brand new, super hot pairs of heels then walk all over this freak to see which ones I love the most. That is where it belongs anyways, under my perfect feet, like dirt! HAHAAAAha

This worthless submissive piece of garbage is so lucky that I even take time out of my busy day to I guess kind of acknowledge it's existence... I mean I could care less if it was deeaad or alive and I hate it, but I do thoroughly enjoy watching it suffer.

Anywayssss... back to me, the only thing that actually matters. I had this slave open my new shoes one by one and I tried them on. I walked around in them while it drooled at my perfect feet, then I made it lay down and I walked all over it. Each pair of these heels looked like they would hurt like hell if they were digging into like flesh, not that I would know. LOL! 

I was laughing so hard at this door mat when I asked it which shoes were its favorite and which ones hurt the most while my hot heels were sinking deeper and deeper into its chest. Hahaha it sounded like it was actually dying. What a little bitch!!!

You know here at the Mean Girl Manor we are always looking for new slaves to use and abuse. I think Aunt Platinum is even looking for a few more live in slaves. If you think that you would be a good little house keeping slave or even a really obedient errand bitch for us mean girls you should definitely send us a message on our American Mean Girls site. Maybe you could one day be lucky enough to breath the same air as us. Lol!

<3 Princess Amber <3

Sissies Don't Need Balls

I have this sissy bitch from Cali that came here to be used and abused by me. It isn't a pain slut but Miss Dandy and I definitely turned it into one. LOL!

This freak wrote me and begged to serve me so after it did the few mandatory steps that I demanded of it, it was allowed to come to the Manor. It's list of fetishes were extremely lame so I informed it before it came all the way here that I would do with it as I please... and so I did! HAhahaha

Once Miss Dandy got home I filled her in on this sissy situation and then we decided that sissies don't need balls and we should definitely help it out with that, Mean Girl style of course.

I restrained it laying down on the floor to the end of my bed with cuffs and then went to get Miss Dandy. I was sure to warn Miss Dandy about how much of a hot mess it was. Not cute at all and pretty freaking pathetic if you ask me.

Once we came up to my room where this sissy was securely restrained we got down to business... we took turns destroying its disgusting sissy balls. We stepped on them, we punched them, we slapped them... we all around destroyed those balls. It was fun! 

You know that we love to destroy cocks and balls here at Mean Girls, so if you also have a useless pair of nasty balls or a tiny little cock that is just taking up space in your cute little girlie panties, you can message us on our website and we can also help you out with that problem. LOL!

Goddess Platinum

New Toys For Old Balls

I was hanging out with the beautiful Queen Simone when I remembered that I had recently purchased a new toy for us to try out... A brand new ball shocker that is actually a shock collar for mutts, but this one is VERY SPECIAL because it is made for STUBBORN MUTTS!!! LOL!

I called my geezer slave in who has experienced the old but still brutal ball shocker. I showed it the old ball shocker and assumed it thought I was going to abuse its wrinkly old ball sack with it again. Then I just tossed it aside and pulled out the brand new shiny ball shocker that goes all the way up to LEVEL 21!!!  

WOOOOO HOOOO I am so excited to electrify my annoying ass slaves balls with this super duper, crazy powerful shocker!!!

Queen Simone was just sitting back laughing and making fun of geezer and the stupid crud it does when it's in pain. LOL! It's almost like it's special needs or something. HAAAAAAhahaha

Well we hope you enjoy our brand new toy as much as we do!

Goddess Platinum

Mule Fucker

Goddess Platinum is getting ready for a hot date with one of her stud fucktoys. Tonight she is going to treat him to a nice meal at a fancy restaurant- but of course, she isn't going to be the one paying for it!

She snaps her fingers and simply calls out "WALLET!!"- and her human wallet comes crawling out of her shoe closet, wallet literally in its teeth, ready for its Goddess's use. Its Goddess grabs its wallet out of its teeth, laughs in it face, and takes ALL of its $$$ out. She tells her wallet-slave that she officially renamed it "Wallet" because that is ALL it is to her! Then she tells it that she plans on using all of its cash tonight to pay for her expensive date with her fuck-toy...AND she is even going to tell her fuck-toy about how the money she is using to pay their bill came from her loser "wallet slave"! She LOVES telling all her fuck-studs about her ownership of slaves because it always gives them a good laugh over dinner.

The wallet slave is TOTALLY humiliated and doesn't want his Goddess's "fuck studs" to actually know about how she uses him and how badly she treats him. But it has no choice. It is COMPLETELY OBSESSED with Goddess Platinum's perfect feet.

Not to mention, Goddess Platinum keeps his cock locked in chastity 24/7 and then stores him in her shoe closet- surrounded by all her gorgeous, sexy shoes! It is ecstasy and pure torture all at the same time! And Goddess knows that if he is left in there, sniffing the insides of her shoes while locked in chastity for a few weeks, the foot-freak "wallet" will agree to ANYTHING and put up with her treating him however she wants!

But the foot-freak wallet slave is now BROKEN hearing his Goddess talk about how she is going to "fuck the brains" out of her stud tonight- after treating him to an expensive dinner using her SLAVE'S money! And Goddess Platinum looks SO amazing dressed in her black pantyhose while she does her makeup in the mirror and mocking him....

The wallet slave begins to pathetically sob and literally BEG to be let out of its chastity- even if just for a few minutes!!! Goddess eventually agrees...but she is SO cruel and enjoys torturing her slaves sooo much- both physically and mentally!

Goddess agrees to release the slave from chastity ONLY IF it will also pay for her vacation with one of her other fuck-studs!! Goddess slowly pulls her perfect foot out of her shoe and dangles the slave's chastity key on her ankle chain in front of the the foot-freak wallet slave- it is quickly broken down even FURTHER and agrees!! It is sooo easy for Goddess Platinum to break a foot-freak and turn it into a useful wallet slave...

Goddess commands the slave to get its "foot humper stool" and stands upon it. She casually lifts the heel of her perfect foot and gives permission to her foot-freak wallet to insert its cock underneath the arch of her foot. Then she presses down with her foot- and commands it to "FUCK!" Adding that the slave needs to "KEEP ITS WALLET IN ITS TEETH WHILE IT FUCKS" her foot! This is done to mentally reinforce its status as nothing more than an OBJECT for Goddess to USE. It is a WALLET- it is NOT a human to her!

The wallet is then fourced to hump the sole of his Goddess's foot while she is stil wearing her shoe, and its wallet is clenched in its teeth. The entire time, Goddess Platinum mocks it for being this pathetic that the "highlight of its day" is humping her shoe, basically. No REAL MAN would ever do this. But the slave humps away at his Goddess's foot and shoe until he is FINALLY allowed to cum! (After literally BEGGING for its Goddess's permission!)

Goddess laughs in its face as she holds her shoe and makes her "wallet slave" shoot its pathetic load inside of her shoe. Then she destroys the slave's ego even MORE by letting the wallet's cum slowly run down into the toe of her shoe- and laughing as she tells the slave that she is going to WEAR the shoe on her date ust like that- with her wallet slave's cum down in the toe of her shoe, squishing between her toes!!

She laughs in the wallet's face, telling it that is all its cum is worth to her! All those little sperm will be desperately swimming around in between her toes, deep down inside her shoe - a perfect embodiment of the fool that produced them - while she is sitting at the table, making out with her REAL MAN fuck-stud!

Then she locks the wallet's cock back up and shoves it back into the closet so it can wallow in its shame as she is out on her date, spending its money! If it is lucky, she may even send it a text while she is on her date, just to remind it of how pathetic it is- as her wallet lays there, surrounded by her shoes with its cock all locked up again!

Knee To The Heart-Again!

So Queen Grace and I have been hanging out at Mean Girl Manor a lot lately.  We are just chilling on the couch checking our phones, when she complains about how she is so tired of pathetic old men thinking they have a "chance" with her.  But I tell her about how much fun it can be to play with their hearts, take all their money, and destroy their egos while you make them literally BEG for you!

I tell her about how bad I fuck with one of the house slaves that has this massive crruush on me.  I keep it literally locked in a cage down in the basement of Mean Girl Manor for like DAYS at a time, and only visit it once in awhile just to "toy" with it and make it think it has a "chance" with me.  (I have already taken most of its money haha.)  She laughs her ass off and says she HAS to see this!

So we go downstairs looking hot AF because we both have dates coming to pick us up in a little bit.  I drag the old house slave out of its cage by the chain around its neck and it IMMEDIATELY starts groveling at my feet and telling me how much it "loves me" LOL.  Grace and I just laugh at it.  It hasn't seen me in DAYS so it can't help itself.  Especially since its hands are cuffed BEHIND ITS BACK so it can't touch itself while it thinks about me all day!  I start to tease it and tell it that I have really been actually considering its offer to be "more than a slave" for me.  Grace is in on it, so she can barely contain her laughter behind the slave's back.

But these idiots are so easy to fool- especially when they are horny.  So I stand it up and start getting reeeaaally close to it, whispering in its ear that I think it is just "sooo handsome" lol.  After I tease it a little bit more...WHAM!  My knee flies up into it pathetic old BALLS and it drops to the floor at my feet!  Me n Grace both laugh our asses off!  After the slave stops coughing its balls up out of its throat, I tell it that I'm "sooo sorry" and that it was "just an accident!"  Haha.  The old fool falls for this like no matter how many times I pull it on him.  I guess he is just so desperately in love with me that he just can't help it?? It WANTS to believe it like sooo bad lol!

Eventually Grace says that SHE thinks he is "SO sexy" too!  The dumbass old slave actually starts thinking he may get TWO hot young girls to be "interested in him!  Haha!  So Grace stands him up (with me holding its leash for her) and then SHE gets nice n close to the slave, whispers into its ear, and...WHAM!  She slams her knee up into his balls while she is still whispering "sweet nothings" in its ear! 

We keep telling the old loser that we just have a "twitch" or that it was just an accident- and the old fool KEEPS standing up and spreading its legs for us!  Men are so fucking stupid for hot girls like us.
Then I strap on this new "knee jewelry" that another online slave bought me.  It has sharp spikes all over it.  The old slave seems to be a little concerned about me wearing it since I seem to have this "twitch" in my leg that keeps causing my knee to fly up into its tender balls.  But like I said, it is just so desperate to be near me that it can't really complain long.  Soon, I am whispering in its ear that I think he is "so sexy" and Grace giggles and holds its leash for me, and then...WHAM!  Oops!  I did it again...and again, and again, and again...and then GRACE does it again, and again...LOL!

Oh, and at the end, Grace and I are sooo emotionally cruel to the slave.  You should hear what we say to it when we are done toying with its poor old little heart as we are stuffing it back into its cage...

<3 Princess Amber <3

Still Haven't Learned?

I have had it with my stupid live in slave. Grrrrr I was filming all day with some of my gorgeous Goddesses and princesses and we wrapped up super late. I had my other live in slave go see where my geezer slave was and it informed me that my geezer slave was gone. Literally cleaned out its cage/ bedroom and  all his stuff and was GONE! WTF! 

Like it literally just has to look in the mirror to see that I own it till the day it drops deeaad! Tattoos are forever and so are Goddesses!

I am so sick of this whiney little fuck just up and leaving. I finally got a hold of it the next day and I informed it that it was to be back at the Mean Girl Manor to answer to me for being a disobedient little fuck.

I am the boss Goddess and I have way too much work and stress to deal with without my slaves being little cry babies. This is fucking ridiculous!!!

When it arrived at the Mean Girl Manor I had it strip down and I locked each of its ankles to straps on each wall, then left it to freak out about its punishment it was going to have to deal with... once I felt like dealing with it. LMAO!

A few hours later I went and gathered up Princess Mya and Miss Dandy and informed them of the situation. There is nothing this freak hates more than ballbusting so that is exactly what it was going to get. I have had ENOUGH! We went to the room where I left this disobedient bitch restrained in and it was terrified to say the least! 

Good! Maybe after this brutal ballbusting punishment it will think twice before ever fucking with me and pissing me off again. 

We let it have it! LOL!

Goddess Platinum