Trampling My New Pet Ginger

In these times of trouble, We're doing Our part by taking action that everyone can agree upon.  Trampling a Ginger, because Ginger's Ain't Got No Soul..... !!!!!!!    LMFAO, and yes that was sarcasm loser, I wouldn't give a fuck whether it had a soul or not, I'd trample the thing and do what I wanted with it regardless... 

So this pathetic but oh so submissive thing showed up at the Manor during one of Our latest "slave tryouts" begging to be used and abused to be allowed to be a part of Our lives...  after stripping it down.....  OMG EWWWwwwww... Carpet does match the drapes... and putting it on a leash, I dragged it up to My office to do the paperwork making it legally binding that it was My bitch for the day, the I laid it down, restrained the ugly thing, and took to teaching it what it means to be a Mean Girl's Bitch...... HAHAHAHAHAHA...

We don't fuck around loser...   it isn't a game....  you don't get to come visit, pretend you think We might actually be interested in you or your pathetic, needy, weak beta ass, and hang out at the Manor and be Our friends... We do what We want, and so in this instance, that means lay your ugly weird fucking balding ass ginger bitch self down and let Me Step All the Fuck Over you loser...

And that's exactly what I do with this freak...  digging My bright red Jimmy Choo's into this pasty, disgusting, soul-less freak, and laughing as it made the most bizarre and humorlessly painful noises as it struggled beneath the spiked heels. Watch as I just laugh at how pathetic this thing is as I step all over it and remind it exactly where it belongs as long as it is at the Manor; below Mean Girl Feet...  (even if We happen to be wearing spiked stiletto heels that We value more highly than your life loser.... ) Bwhahahahahaaa....   but too bad, soooo sad...   I'll just step up and all over you just like I do this worthless ginger, and keep going until it is whining so constantly, and begging so repetitively, for Me to stop that I stop to consider it for a moment....

Ummmmm.... No, Fuck you loser..... hahahahahaaaaa.....

I don't care about You, I do care about breaking in these heels because I don't want them digging in on Me when I'm out with an Alpha.....  but around a beta bitch boys like you of course the only place you'll be is under them.... 

Watch the little loser ginger get destroyed, and imagine it's you loser...  that's the closest you'll ever get to actually being beneath My perfect feet bitch boy.... 


Goddess Platinum

Parties At The Mean Girl Manor Get Crazy!

As by now you should know loser...that Goddess Platinum has gone and turned things upside down. She wasnt jiving on the old Mean Girl Manor AND there was way too many annoying ass, yelling crib midgets over there...they were fucking everywhere! Like a bunch of wild animals. So like I said...Goddess Platinum decided, because she is the, that we needed a better Mean Girl Manor. And that's just what she did. She went and got a better one. And we fucking. love. it!

So every since we moved into this gorgeous house, oh did I mention it was massive too...hahaha, we've been having last minute quarantine "social distancing approved" ;) parties. Well I guess we should say get togethers given the current state of affairs. We've had a few "events". And they all got really crazy. Like fun crazy for us of course. I think the craziest thing of all about these "events" is that I actually let a very select few slaves be seen at the parties....BUT only the most extremely obedient slaves actually ever make the cut and are allowed to attend. Well more like run and grab us drinks, make us food....and when we are good and frisky at the end of the night this sometimes will happen....


~The Mean Girls~

PS - You will only see this exclusive behind the scenes here on Did you know that you have actually completed the first step to being able to serve the Mean Girls I mean if you were to email us out of the blue we would tell you to join our site first....See how incredibly easy it is to actually be fucking obedient? Have you ever dreamt of having the opportunity to serve the American Mean Girls in the flesh? And maybe even get to inhale some of the same air that we've exhaled out of our perfect bodies. So if you can handle it and you are actually submissive and very obedient and would like a real opportunity to one day serve us...shoot us a message and let us know everything you can do for us.

Goddess Draya Slaps Slave Stupid

I cannot stand dealing with so much stupid shiiiiit! Seriously wtf is wrong with males? Like, cause you have a dick you need to be completely brain deeaad??? Or what?

Ugh this supposedly submissive loser that keeps messaging me without sending a tribute is really pissing me off. I was going to block it but then I decided to have fun with this entire situation... LOL!!!! Every time the a-hole annoys me, I'll take it out on this bald headed freak kneeling in the corner just wasting perfectly good oxygen.

That's just what I did... I slapped the bitch stupid.... and kicked it and back handed it and... Okay okay, I know, I got carried away!!!! HAAAAaaaaaa I can't help it... I just love abusing beta bitches!

I still blocked the dumb disobedient cunt! ;))

So, buy my clip and watch me have fun abusing this loser... then go like be a member of our site... Then maybe if you play your cards right, it could be you kneeling in my bedroom just waiting for my next demands.

$$$ Goddess Draya $$$

New Whips Same Ol' Bitch

So after leaving My personal little bitch out in the forest near the Mean Girl Mountain Retreat for several nights in which I rarely checked in on it to do anything aside from trample and stomp it's worthless little brains out, I finally decided to bring it's loser ass inside out of the cold.  Mind you, not because the thing deserved it, but because I had just received a new shipment of toys that another little loser bought for Me from My wishlist.  And of course, I want to make sure that you little losers out there who spend all your hard earned money on Me know that I do use and enjoy the gifts you send.... HAHAHAHA.....  especially when they give Me another way to have fun with the idiots that are already a part of My ever expanding collection.  So as I walked back into the lakehouse at the retreat, this little thing was already kneeling on the ground like the bitch it is waiting patiently for whatever I decide to do to it.   It's so happy just to be allowed to be around Me it is willing to spend days outside tied to trees without food, and then when I bring it inside and it thinks it might get some relief, all it gets is beat....  And of course, beat with each and every new toy I received...  I tried out canes, crops, paddles, and more on this loser as it yelped in pain... I imagine it's old loser ass was already hurt as I had just finished trampling it and it had been laying chained between two trees for the previous several days, but that really isn't My problem or something that I actually care about...  these things are all disposable and replaceable and it's hardly that big a deal if one gets hurt or can no longer be useful in Our videos....  the desert in Vegas in big but the forest here is bigger and even harder to find a missing person in, and I'm damn sure no one would come looking for this thing...   Watch as I torment, tease, and torture this pathetic thing for over 20 minute treating it like the useless disposable garbage it is to Me...   you wish you could be so lucky loser...  but until you get the balls to step up and get your ass kicked too, you can watch how I treat the things that pledge their life and undying love to Me just so I will let them be near Me and treated like the garbage they are...  

***To see what happened to this loser before I dragged it inside to beat it's ass, check out it's forest home on the floor chained between two trees where I regularly came out to stomp it before bringing it in for this beating***


Getting My Kitty Wet

LOL! I somehow collected a cat over the years when I thought I was just collecting slaves. LOL! This creature  has been our slave here at the manor for years but I have learned what makes it tick...

I swear it thinks it's a cat and will do anything to be able to rub on me, specially when I'm wearing shiny clothes.  

This freak has been extra obedient so I figured I'd ya know, throw it a bone... See total doooogg person! 

I pull it out of its cage and allow it to rub on my legs... But per usual it annoyed me... so I ended up "Getting My Kitty Wet!" LOL! OOOPS!!! 

Looks like I may need a new cat/ slave

Prince$$ Mia ;)

Over The Hills And Through Platinums Woods

So while I was away from the Manor during the start of the CoronaVirus pandemic, I dragged My live-in property along with Me to the Mean Girl Mountain Retreat and had all sorts of fun abusing and debasing it while trying to occupy My time as I generally stayed away from most people as We were still finding out about the disease.  After it pissed Me off early in the trip I took it out into the forest, restrained it between a few trees and left it there for about 24 hours before I returned...  The clip picks up as I return the first time and come to torment the loser as it lays helplessly in the dirt and mud where I left it...  I humor Myself making fun of the idiot, calling it names, laughing at it, and telling it what I have planned for it....  then I promptly step up on it's worthless body, and drive My sharp Red Spike Stilletto Boots into it's soft cold flesh.... the stupid thing cries out so loud I nearly slipped off it and so it needed to learn I could do whatever I want regardless of whether it likes it or not...  I take a bit more time stepping all over it, laughing at it's predicament, and then telling it I wasn't impressed with it's devotion to My amusement so it would spend some more times laying where I left it....  I then headed back to the retreat and left the loser to fend for itself again while shackled between the trees.... Hahahahaha..... 

After enjoying a great night sleep in My fluffy down covered bed, and finally getting up to enjoy the late afternoon sun trying to peek out above the tree tops, I decided to go torment the idiot again...  another night laying in the forest made the thing much more obedient and well aware that it was fully at My disposal and it's best chance for survival was to do whatever the fuck I said when I said it.... so when I stepped up and all over the loser this time, it was much more diligent in attempting to muffle it's cries of pain.... not that it helped as I trampled the thing into the squishy mud below until My heart was content.... LOL.....  

As this sad sack lay begging and pleading for Me to let it free to be able to do anything else I demanded I laughed and spit on it and told it how useless and worthless and disposable it was to Me.... I held up the Red Boots I wore the day before and made it use it's disgusting mouth to clean all the mud from the boots as I insulted it for being worth less to Me than the boots would ever be....  and yet it's stupid ass still lay there licking up the mud like a pathetic little bitch that knows it's place at My perfect feet...  

Needless to say, doing the same thing daily eventually grows boring so after stomping this thing and making it beg and plead to have the honor of licking mud from the bottom of My heels, I was ready for a new escape.... so as I  finished up, I unlocked the thing and dragged it behind Me back to the cabin where I had My next surprise planned...   Stay tuned to see what this piece of filth got to experience next while at My retreat......Bwahahahaha.....

Goddess Platinum

Swim For Your Life

I was hanging out by our pool at the new Mean Girl Manor, and I was getting kinda bored so I was trying to think of something fun and entertaining...when I remembered that Platinum was showing me the REAL straight jacket we have here for restraining slaves that we have abused out of their minds!  haha

Hmmmm straight jacket + pool= torture! LMAO! And I know juuust the freak to drag out into the backyard to "play" with... That bald, slippery little bitch that talks and mumbles way too much!  He's half crazy and deserves to be put in a straightjacket anyways.

So I made it crawl out back and strapped this loser into the jacket and made it kneel at the edge of the deep end of the pool.  Then...BOOM!  I kicked this freak right in! HAHAHAHAHA I was laughing so hard watching it struggle, trying not to droowwn! Freaking hilarious! And it looked soooo scared for its life!  I guess cuz it knows that its life means like literally nothing to me. He could sink to the bottom while I take a 2 hour phonecall from my boyfriend and I could not care less.  I probably would just laugh at the bubbles coming up from the bottom of the pool...and then get bored or distracted by my boyfriend on the other end of the phone and walk

Anyway, lucky for the slave, I just kept kicking and pushing it in over and over so I could have fun literally playing with its life.  I also made it lay on the step so I could see the fear in its eyes as I stepped on its face and submerged it under water. Lol!

So cruel...but way too much fun not to do!

I watch this submissive little bitch suffer over and over until I just got bored with tormenting it. You should see how it all I pull him out and let him dry out on the pavement?  Or do I just leave him to struggle in the pool...?  Or maybe I put my foot on top of its head and slooooowly push it under while it struggles helplessly....until the "bubbles" finally stop?  LOL

$$$ Goddess Draya $$$


~~~Goddess Platinum was filming and laughing at this loser slave, behind the camera~~~

Latex And Whips

I really can't stand this disobedient fuck! Owning slaves like this one, is draining. Seriously I don't understand why all my slaves can't be more like my personal, full time, live in slave? UGH!!

I will soon be deleting this one from my life... That's what slaves are to us... fucking REPLACEABLE! 

I think it's hilarious that this fool can't just do as it is told so it can have a happy Goddess... But nooooo it's gotta be a fucking mental midget like always. I can't act surprised though, the first day it came to get beat and owned by Us I actually thought it was mentally retarded... or at least touched. Hahahaha

Anyways... I was getting way off topic.

I decided since I had to leave town for a few weeks and this special needs, senior citizen seems to like to conveniently forget it is owned by me when I'm out of town... So I beat the snot out of it right before I left to the airport. I figure if it has severe pain every time it sits down and I was the one to cause it... it CAN'T FORGET IT'S OWNED BY ME! And if that doesn't work oh well, I always love beating this one!!!! =}

Goddess Platinum

These Heels Are Made For Walking All Over Slaves

So for any of you who might wonder why a stupid, old, disobedient shiiitt of a slave would get deleted, here's another little story about why We Take Out The TRASH when it needs to be put at the curb...  Here's what happened...

I had just walked into the Manor after a great morning shopping and partying on another loser's dime, when I sent My bags up to My room with the door slave and saw this idiot in the foyer...  so I decided to amuse Myself and dragged this thing over in front of the fireplace in the little Throne room and took to teasing it some as I trampled it because of how good I was feeling....  I let this little toad tell Me how beautiful and perfect I was so it could enjoy the act of Me stepping all over it's worthless self, but what does it's stupid old cracker ass go and do????  HE FUCKING TALKS ABOUT MY TITS AND ASS AS IF HE WAS A REAL MAN....    UMMMMM, HELL NO UNCLE OLD ASS FAGGOT TOM....  I was having absolutely none of that garbage from a lowly half in the grave rotting carcass of a slave....   lol...  

I gave it a chance and it failed miserably, like it did in nearly every instance where it tried to C-clamp it's way onto something where it didn't fit...   so I took even more joy and pleasure in stomping it's old ass body over and over and over again...  I dug My perfect clear plastic stilettos into it's legs chest and sloppy chubby belly as I laughed at it and told it what trash it was and always will be... and then as I really dug in, I made this thing stick out it's tongue so I could wipe the soles of My heels clean on it's worthless mouth and face before I dug the spike back into it's frumpy smooth fatness...... HAHAHAHA....  

Watch one of the final appearances of slave "Old Stupid Cracker Ass" as I trample his mental midget ass into the ground beneath My perfect feet... Beat it, trample it, abuse it, degrade it, and then kick this stupid fucker to the curb... Buh-Bye bitch boi.... Cya again Never loser...    Bwahahaha....

$$$ Goddess Draya $$$



Resting My Feet While I Take A Seat

You want to know what one of the most unusual things at Mean Girl Manor is, do ya loser???  Well, then get this clip ASAP as it is as UNUSUAL AS IT COMES....  LMFAO...  and none of you idiots even know the inside joke I'm talking about when I laugh My ass off like this in writing this description... maybe if you peasants pay enough attention you can see what it's working with when you watch the little preview....  

But more to the point stupid, every once in a while, even a loser gets the thrill of it's life when a Mean Girl decides to tease, torment, and otherwise take it's breath away....  this pathetic little thing got so hot and worked up for Me I couldn't help but giggle as I cut off it's breathing and toyed with it in ways it can only hope I might ever be so kind as to do to it again... like when I pulled it's little leash so hard through My perfect legs that it's lose face was smashed right into My flawless ass....   prolly will never ever happen again, especially not with the same random loser, but ya never know loser....   maybe it could, I mean just look at how happy this piece of disposable trash is.....    but anyone would be loser if I did what I was doing to this thing to them...  gracing them with My tight toned rear and teasing them with curvesthey'd never have....   HAHAHAHAHAhahaha.....   watch as it vainly tries to push it's little erect micro cock in My direction as I laugh at just how depraved a thing a boy will become to be able to kneel down and kiss the ass cheek of My shiny tight leggings...     

Anyway, you know this story loser, it's the one you play back to yourself 10 million times as you sock jerk dreaming about what someday you might have happen to you if you ever had the balls to come to Mean Girl Manor.....  MY PERFECT ASS SMASHED AGAINST YOUR LOSER FACE..........    keep dreaming bitch boy, or step up to the plate..... either way, buy the clip now bitch, because it'll be the first thing I ask you about when I see you in person and if you answer wrong you won't like what happens next....

<3 Princess Amber <3




I Want It All

It's amazing the things I learn with just a little effort.  One of the live-in slaves here at the Manor had the audacity to have it's mail sent to it here so I took the time to do a little snooping and lo and behold, found out that this thing had been holding out on Me and all the other Mean Girls here at the house.  Not only did this stupid little bitch off a thing have more money than it let any of Us know about, it also had a ridiculous life insurance policy and money stashed aside in case of it's end so it's mother, and other family members could go on without it....  YES I SAID MOTHER.... what a fucking loser.... Hahahahahaha... who has a will and insurance policy with their mother as their beneficiary???  This fucking thing has never had a girlfriend, or anyone that cared about its worthless self, so it's been hoarding cash endlessly for years and trying to hold on to that money to give it to its mother????  Oh HELL NO.....  That's all coming to Me loser...  

Watch as I work over this old piece of idiot fucktard, beating it with an assortment of different implements until it understands that what is its, is MINE!!! And what's mine is mine.  Especially when I say so and demand it do what I say.  In the clip I insult, degrade, abuse, and treat this piece of garbage like the trash it is.  Chop chop disposable old thing, sign that all over to Me and be of use to your Superiors... and do it quick because I hate having to repeat Myself...   you exist for My benefit, not the other way around loser...  

$$$ Goddess Draya $$$

Painting Loser *BTS*

So Goddess Draya is almost moved in...we are just waiting on this loser to finsh painting her perfect new room. Isn't it awesome! Just wait until we have everything all together. Here's a quick check in on progress...

The Church Ladies


Platinum and her niece Amber are good, prim & proper church-going women.  But they also have this "other side" that has mostly just been thrust upon them because they are just SO beautiful. 

Pathetic men have literally thrown themselves at their feet their whole lives- and instead of rejecting them completely (as most women of their beauty and social stature would do) they have decided to keep them around, and just basically allow them the privilege of serving them hand & foot so that at least they can be allowed in their lives. That's actually being "kind" to them in a way, isn't it??  I mean, at least they get to be in the presence of their great beauty.  Even though they aren't worthy of "dating" them or anything like that.

Most of them were sinners anyway, and just not holy enough to date Amber and Platinum.  Not to mention not being rich enough or good-looking enough!  So they took pity on them, and allowed them to serve them, cater to their every whim- and the losers actually seem VERY happy that Amber and Platinum allow them to remain in their lives.  Even if it is just to be used and walked all over by them...

But upon returning home from that day's church sermon about "doing unto others", Amber starts to openly question whether it's "right" for them to basically just use these pathetic men like their own personal "slaves".  These "poor creatures" have had their lives ruined, all their money & savings taken away from them by Platinum and Amber, and they literally wait hand & foot on Amber & Platinum 24/7 for absolutely nothing in return but the privilege of being in the presence of their beauty. 

Platinum explains that these so-called "men" are completely beneath them, and they are sinners for lusting after the 2 of them anyway.  So they deserve to be treated this way.  They are not as holy as Platinum and Amber, so they deserve to be punished for it.  Plus, she feels like God has literally provided these losers to serve them hand & foot as their reward for being so pious.  Kind of like how it states in the bible that the "beasts of the earth" were provided to be ruled over by humans.  No one complains about how a cow is turned into a hamburger do they?  You don't even think about the cow that was sacrificed for your "dining pleasure" as that hamburger is sitting on your plate.  You just dig in and enjoy it!  The cow has served its purpose.  And in the same way. these heathen losers are serving their purpose in life by SERVING THEIR PHYSICAL AND SPIRITUAL SUPERIORS.

Platinum decides to do a demonstration for Amber.  She snaps her fingers and calls one of the losers over.  (These idiots wait on them hand & foot 24/7, and Amber and Platinum don't even know the idiots' names lol!)  Platinum asks the slave "what is it's purpose in life?" and the slave doesn't even hesitate: "MY SOLE PURPOSE IN LIFE IS TO SERVE YOU, MISS PLATINUM AND MISS AMBER!!"

 "See??" Platinum asks.  "We couldn't get rid of these idiots if we WANTED to!  They WANT to serve us more than anything in their pathetic lives- just so they can be in the presence of our beauty.  So we are obviously doing them a FAVOR by keeping them around and using them."   She even OPENS THE FRONT DOOR and OFFERS THE LOSER THE OPTION OF "RUNNING OUT THE DOOR TO A LIFE OF FREEDOM"!  The loser literally THROWS itself at Platinum's feet and BEGS Her not to cast him away like this!! He BEGS her to KEEP him and allow him to CONTINUE serving her every whim 24/7!!!  It is all he wants in life...he doesn't want "freedom"...he wants to SERVE!!!

As this loser is groveling at Her feet, Platinum reminds Amber that all of these "inferior creatures" are not only inferior to them, but they are sinners because of their lust- and therefore they DESERVE every bit of mistreatment they receive!  Her and Amber are actually doing "God's work" by using, abusing, and punishing these heathens on a regular basis.  They DESERVE it for lusting after them!!

Amber feels MUCH better after all of this clarification and the demonstration from her Auntie Platinum.  She now has NO reservations about USING and walking all over these "inferior, sinning creatures"!

After "Auntie Platinum" has explained to her young, innocent, and somewhat spoiled niece Amber that it is perfectly fine that they own "slaves", and demonstrated to her that these "creatures" were literally created to serve them and be used by them in any way that they want, Amber feels much, much better about using them like her own personal slaves, basically.  Even though they are prim & proper church-going women, it is perfectly within their rights to own these "lesser beings" as "slaves"!! 

But Platinum still feels that she really needs to take this lesson to the "next level" for Amber- just to make sure that she fully understands that she has every right to walk all over these sinners and heathens.  So she selects a scrawny one, snaps her fingers at it, and commands it to lay itself prostrate at Amber's holy feet.

While still wearing their needle-thin designer stiletto heels that they wore to church that morning, Platinum and Amber LAUGH as they walk & stomp all over this inferior heathen under their feet without the slightest care about its suffering underneath them!  In fact, at this point Amber completely believes that these "things" literally DESERVE to suffer and be treated this way!  

Platinum then commands that the sinner underneath Amber's heels to confess its sins, and BEGS both of them to punish him for those sins!  The inferior, dim-witted heathen then makes the mistake of admitting that it lusts after its Superiors' beauty on a regular basis...

It soon becomes quite obvious that no matter how much this "thing" suffers under Platinum & Amber's heels, it is still just SO desperate to be in the presence of their beauty that it will take ANYTHING for them...and it seems to KNOW that it deserves to suffer for lusting after their beauty.... 



Shockingly Slow Senior Slave

This pathetic piece of shittt is the most useless thing for any task that isn't just beating it's stupid head in...  sure it's useful to beat on, but trying to get it to come when I need it and to be attentive when I want something is a near monumental task...   I grab the bell it is supposed to respond to in an attempt to call for it, and no surprise, the idiot is nowhere to be found...   he's slowly off doing some bullshit that is of no use to anyone, when it finally gets a jolt from its almost imbedded ball shocker, it comes running...  once this stupid thing is finally in My presence I just lay into it with the verbal abuse and as much physical pain as I can administer to this MORON  by shocking it's stupid little nuts over and over with the stubborn doggie shock collar I have strapped to it's worthless sac of beans and baby weenie...   LOL...... stupid fuck....   Just get the clip and watch as I fuck this piece of garbage up for being such a truly useless and shockingly slow and stupid senior citizen slave old ass....

$$$ Goddess Draya $$$

Self-Isolation Smoke-Out

My God does this pandemic mess make the world a completely different place.  Instead of being able to do what I want, when I want, at the expense of the little loser people who know they exist to cater to My whims and wants. I actually have to limit Myself from seeing people I'd prefer to see, and refrain from interacting with those I'd prefer to be around, just because of the danger the world presents at the moment.  So what am I to do? I am SOOOOOOOOoooo Fucking Bored! Well, maybe the best plan is no plan at all.  I drag My loser slave over to a small tree-fort cabin a short way from the Mean Girl Mountain Retreat, and decide to light a pre-roll as I figure out what to do with another lazy afternoon in My chilly isolated location.  

As the naked loser shivers in the cold, I verbally assault and berate the thing, telling it how awful it is and how much I regret not having gone elsewhere when this mess of a virus thing started...  as it tries to pathetically apologize, I spit My ice cold Red Bull over it's neck and back and laugh more as it frigidly tries to shake off the additional cold I just poured over it for the luls...

From there I generally ignore the stupid fuck and use it's mouth as an ashtray, spittoon, and even a garbage disposal to suck all the mud, rocks and dirt off of My perfect camouflage high heels.... HAHAHAHA....   get the clip and see how stupidly pathetic I make this little piece of garbage behave to be in My presence.... it crawls around in the dirt and mud in 30 degree temperatures only to be laughed at, spit on, made to eat dirt, and swallow the butt of My jooint...... Bwahahahaha.... you wish you were so lucky loser... 

Hmmmm just wait till you see all the creative ways I decide to waste time while having fun with my lil pet slave. I came up with so many ideas once I got done smoking this whacky tabacy. LOL!!!

Goddess Platinum

Slaves Heads Were Made For Standing On

On a recent trip to the Manor I caught up with Princess Mia and We got to talking about all the things you little losers spend your money sending us.  And since We started on the topic, I absolutely wanted to show off My new Heel$$$ and have some with them from the moment I placed them on My feet. So Mia and I grab this bald loser slave out of the corner of the room and order it to lay down in front of Us and guess what We are going to do to it...  You have to see the little sissy thing shaking as it looks at the size of Our heels and listens to Us explain that We plan to stand right on it's worthless face and head with Our heels and see if it lives through the process....  

First things first, I step right on the side of the loser's pathetic little head as My stiletto kisses it's cheek so close that the slightest slip and this thing could be blind, deaf, or deeaad....  but slaves are disposable so it's not a loss...   after I took My turn Mia had at it, and then I climbed on again... We took turns for a while... as this freak struggled to keep from seeing it's life end so unceremoniously.... LMFAO... 

After a while, this freak started getting slimy, sweaty, and nasty and was nearly impossible to balance on in heels so Mia and I decided to remove the heels and instead thump, whack, and walk all over this freak and especially it's head...  We both took multiple turns standing with both soles smashed into it's worthless face, and laughing that it exists for nothing more than to lay on the floor at Our feet so We can stand on it and tell it what a stupid, sad, excuse for a man it's beta bitch ass is... and see Who of Us can make it cry for a final insult and humiliation to this worthless thing that lives for nothing more than to be treated like garbage by girls like Us...... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!

Mistress Dandy XoXo

Shackled And Shamed

It's so fun visiting the Mean Girl Manor and just torturing the losers that Platinum keeps possession of there. LMFAO!!!  Take for instance this loser who is shackled and cuffed to the end if the bed and an absolute horrible site to have to look at for Myself and Goddess Platinum in the bed. Sooooo We do what We would to any worthless piece of human trash that might find it's way to be locked up anywhere in the Manor, We destroy and debase this thing from the moment We start interacting with it...  

I mean having a beautiful girl kick it repeatedly in it's face is all this meat-headed brain deeaad dolt is good for.  I actually even tried letting it be of use by worshipping Our feet and this idiot did such a terrible job and was like totally annoying... I had to kick it in the face, ya know... just a few times LOL!!! Don't act like you are surprised, you know how insanely brutal I get when I am around the Mean Girls... HEHehehe I guess you can say they are a naughty influence on me. ;)

This entire time Platinum and I insulted the freak and we definitely didn't hold back when letting it know how We really feel about it...  

And just for good measure we left it restrained to the end of my bed to ponder the final threat We made to it about what's next in store...   get it now and see for yourself freak... 

</3 Miss Tiffany </3

Beat It Before I Delete It

This idiot pain slave of Mine had the audacity to tell Me that if I wanted the tribute it owed Me, I'd need to beat it to get My money out of it.....  Well, happy to oblige Mister Moron....   I dragged this thing from it's cage and hung it from the rafters in the ceiling of the Mean Girl Manor...  this disobedient little tuuurd had been on My nerves for months with it's on again off again inability to stay obedient and do as it's told...  apparently, it has step-mommy issues and feels like no WOMAN has ever loved it back..... BWAHAHAHAhahahaha.... no kidding loser, no WOMAN loves you now, and NO WOMAN HAS EVER LOVED YOU AT ANY POINT IN YOUR PATHETIC AND ANNOYING LIFE.....  lol.....  

So, since of course I'm going to get My money, I took this loser, tied it up, and then beat it as hard as I have since the first day it walked into the Manor and pledged itself to Me..  I don't have time for annoying idiots who refuse to follow My instructions and get butt hurt every two minutes when I don't give them enough attention..  loser's exist for My benefit, not the other way around... so watch this stupid little loser's last beating at My hands...   HAHAHA...  after kicking it's ass and taking all but it's smallest bills from it's wallet, I laughed and kicked the thing to the curb.... Bub bye bitch boy...  remember who the disposable part of the relationship WAS sissy-cuck...  it's no worry in My world not to have your mentally unstable jealous cry baby ass around, but pretty sure the loser wandering around the pandemic with it's ass tatted and branded with My name feels every bit like the stupid worthless disposable discarded trash that it is without Me.....  bwahahahaha....   I'll start My watch now on the countdown until this retard comes crawling back....  and just wait for the hell I have lined up for it once it does... real Gay-Ass-Geezer-Going WATERWORKS because I will hurt it so bad if it ever tries to crawl back to My feet.... TRY ME BITCH..... !!! 

Goddess Platinum



Sissy Fag Training

OMG I was hanging out with my bestie Amber and we caught that old nasty slave dancing in our mirror, in a dress, looking like a hot mess sissy fag!!!

Wow! Just when you thought you had seen it all. LOL!

If this old freak wants to be a sissy, then we will train it so we can whore it out to make us more money.  It's pretty useless to us right now so it's either we train it or put it out of its misery. 

We dragged it downstairs since it's not even allowed to be in our bathroom. Then we made it show off its train wreck moves. Bahahaha it is such a mess I don't even know if it is even trainable. We may have to put a bag over its head and cut out a blow hole to get anyone to actually hire this cheap whore. LOL!!!!

We trained it how to look and act sexy, then we trained it how to suck off a dick. 

When we were sick of watching this useless sissy we tossed it back in its cage where it belongs but we left it with a dick. We warned it that it better suck that dildo all night till we were ready to see its progress. We will be watching so it better do as it is told or else..

)(* Miss Lexi Chase *)(

More Cowbell *BTS*

Here's a little behind the scenes from the clip "More Cowbell".... Check out the full clip HERE

...And we are kicking it with our extremely POINTY-TOED designer heels!  I am wearing my brand new Louboutins that some loser bought me, and Platinum has her pointy-toed Jimmy Choos on!  The slave seems to be in a lot of pain from being kicked with our pointy toed shoes, but we don't really care...this is all about OUR fun!

<3 Princess Amber <3