Pick Your Switch

I was playing with my Czech slave and it's really It basically has no idea what I'm saying 95% of the time. It didn't tell me that it didn't speak English until right before it flew 12hrs to come serve me for 3 weeks. I decided it would be fun to make it pick its tools that I will beat it with. It makes me laugh because anything I say it just says Even though I don't think it has any idea what it is saying yes to...Hahahaha. But I will have to say it is VERY obedient. 

I called the loser into the room and told it what it needed to do for me. And of course its answer was "Yes!"
 lol. Then I sent it off to crawl around the back yard, buck naked, to find me some torture devices. I told it to find 3 things that I could whip it with and it was dumb enough to find 3 things that hurt REAL bad.

I took my time testing out each switch it picked. Whipping it over and over and laughing at its suffering. I think they all hurt equally because it cried with each one. I really like this game. I think I'm going to play it again. It was messy, but that's what slaves are for ;)

-Goddess Platinum

Office Footboy Punishment

So I am walking into my office extra early one morning where Amber is already waiting for me at the American Mean Girls Corporate headquarters, and I can't find my work pumps that I left under my desk last night!  They stunk so bad that I left them there to air out and wore my tennis shoes home from the office.  But they aren't there anymore!

We both have noticed that one of the office boys literally stares at our feet constantly when we are in the office.  So we walk into the break room- and there he is, NAKED and on his knees MASTURBATING while inhaling my foot-scent from the inside of my work pumps!

Well, we will have NONE of that!  So we drag the office foot-loser into a cubicle and decide to teach him a lesson.  If he wants to masturbate so much to the smell of my perfect feet, we will MAKE him do it- for OUR entertainment!  I make him lay on his back and jerk off while I am practically standing on his face with my nylon-covered feet, so he can get as much of my "foot scent" as he can handle!  LOL

Meanwhile, Amber stands menacingly between his legs- with her dangerous stilettos still on. 

We decide to play a little game with this office foot freak.  He will masturbate when WE say so!  And he will STOP when we say so too!  AND, he ALSO has to tell us when he is just about to cum- so Amber can STOP him by STOMPING on his little hard-on!!  What a hilarious game...for US!

We bring this foot freak RIGHT up to the point of orgasm over and over again...only to make him STOP and stomp on his dick while we LAUGH at him!  We tease him and keep making him think "ok maybe this time we will actually let you cum, you freak..."

But do we??  Or do we deny him the opportunity to cum AND do something even WORSE to him??  (SPOILER ALERT:  When we are finally done with him, after he is COMPLETELY frustrated and humiliated, we make sure he will never get a hard-on in the office AGAIN!  No matter HOW much he smells the inside of our shoes!  LOL!)

-Goddess Platinum

Smashing Pumpkins

Goddess Platinum and I were getting ready in our costumes for some Halloween fun. We were almost ready when Goddess Platinum told me she had a surprise for me. She led me out to the dungeon room and to my surprise when we walked in there was a pathetic, fat slave strapped into our ball torture chair. Not only that, but a giant pumpkin shoved onto its head! Hahahahaha....funniest crud I've ever seen.

I was so excited to destroy this freaks balls. And it's so much more fun because the freak can't even see what's going on. With it being so restrained it LITERALLY can't move.'s balls are ours!

I've never had the amazing opportunity of trying out this ball destroying chair, so this was a first for me. The first stomp on the drum pedal was so awesome...watching the "ball hammer" slam down onto this pathetic losers gross balls so hard. It made such an incredible THUD sound. Watching this loser break into tears immediately....I'm sure I broke it's balls right there.....buuuuuuut....we both kept going :)

We took turns slamming our perfect feet onto the drumming pedal...over and over. Listening to the slave in excruciating pain the ENTIRE time was HILARIOUS! Goddess Platinum and I decided that we would leave this freak strapped in this chair and destroy its balls while trick or treaters came, so they could hear his screams and painful cries and think it's just halloween scares!

If they only knew.....hahahahaha

I'm pretty sure this is my new favorite CBT machine....Happy Halloween!

-Princess Mia

Foot Freak For Big Feet

I am Mean Girls own Amazonian Goddess...Tall, Curvy, Sexy and of course super gorgeous ;)

Oh and my also perfect size 10 feet...

Anywhere I go pathetic males grovel at my feet and beg to worship me. It was to no surprise that this foot freak was begging to worship my man crushing size feet. Since this loser was so obedient and did as he was told I decided I would give the freak a chance. BUT it wasn't only going to do an hour session worshipping my was going to be locked at the foot of my bed at the Mean Girl Manor FOR DAYS! Only so that I could torture it with my amazing feet every single morning.

No male would ever say no to me...they wouldn't dare say no or risk getting SQUASHED. I must say I would much rather men under my feet where they belong, but I do thoroughly enjoy waking up to a loser begging to worship my pedicured size 10 feet. 

You know you wish you were in this freaks're pathetic cock twitching every time you saw my perfect feet. Well then why don't you reach out to us so I can OWN you too...

-Mistress Dandy

Pony Bitch

Miss Dandy was coming over today to play, and I happened to have a pathetic loser that drove in from L.A. to serve us, over at the Mean Girl Manor. This loser had written in begging to serve, but it had told me that it loved pony play and foot worship. These nice, cutesy fetishes....LOL! Well the Mean Girls are never really nice...and just because this loser drove in for the weekend to serve us doesn't change that. 

This loser begged to please...please please try this pony play that it was obsessed with. So I finally gave in and said.."OK...we will do this pony play but it's going to be the Mean Girl way."

I have the freak get into its pony gear and had it wait until Miss Dandy and I were ready to come play. I didn't tell Miss Dandy what we were doing...I wanted to surprise her with how pathetic this loser is! All that matters is that we have fun, and we did. We rode the pony, we hit the pony, we kicked the pony and we whipped the pony. We even taught the pony to do tricks!

All in all I think the pony was really pathetic...maybe we need a better pony slave because this one sucked. By the end of our little pony play it even had red stuff all over its knees. I guess it's a little pussy pony or we just broke the pony. Hahahaha....

Enjoy the pony play

-Goddess Platinum

What Every Girl Needs

Everybody wonders how I get so much done in one day and how I accumulate wealth so quickly without really working. The answer is very simple: SLAVES. I take weak men like you -and put them to WORK for me! Everyone has a little job to keep me happy. I have a pizza slave to get me a pizza whenever I need it, a cell phone slave to pay my cell bill, I even have a slave who pays for gas in my car. I find what you are available for and I use you to serve me. Don’t worry loser, I'll have a job for you too...

-Princess Amber

Real Ball Yanking

Someone needs to tell this slave that I don't let just anyone kiss my little sisters boots THAT easily!  You gotta EARN the right just to kiss Princess Beverly's boots!  Earn it with PAIN! Haha!

So watch him go a head and try to get close to her boots while I practically pull his balls off as I drag him away- just to listen to how much he will BEG just to kiss her boots. PATHETIC. 

Oh and I am not talking about little tugs on his balls either! I mean I am literally dragging this big slave back across the damn floor with this rope tied to his nuts! Its amazing how much control you can have over a slave - no matter how big he is - IF you control his balls! Haha.

And since, it looks so fun and I am training my little sister how to make as much CA$H as me, we switch it up and I let HER yank the slaves balls for a while too! Watch stupid ass try to lick MY boots while my sister holds him back! And if we decide that he has suffered enough, I will actually let him lick the dirt off the bottom of my high heel black boots! Muah!

Its so funny to me and my sister that our COMBINED age probably isnt as much as this old loser- and yet we have COMPLETE control over him!! And that is like SO hot to us for some reasonwe were totally laughing our asses off about it later as we watched this video! :)

-Goddess Rodea

Cucky Foot Bitch

Sometimes I like hurting a slave mentally & emotionally even more than doing it physically.  And the more "in love" the slave is with me, the easier it is.  Is that really mean that I think that way?  Oh well too bad.  That's why I'm a MEAN GIRL and own SLAVES.  Because I like being cruel to men.  K?  K. 

And this foot-freak loser is TOTALLY obsessed with me.  So all I have to do is tease it with my feet, and...BAM.  It's poor little heart and mind are wide open for me to stomp all over it with my teasing, cruel words.

I make the old man listen as I tell it all about my date that I will be going on later- with someone ELSE other than him, obviously!  LOL

But even though I will be out with a hot young guy that's like my own age, I really rub it in that the old man that is literally at my feet will still be PAYING for my date- with his credit card!  Aw, it really seems to hurt his feelings...all those mean things I am saying to him.  I even tell him how the guy I am with is going to know all about it and that he is probably going to laugh our ass off that I have some old guy that I can just fucking use like this.  But I have my foot on the old man's face and he is inhaling the scent of my perfect size 6 feet, so...he will basically take whatever mental abuse I dish out to him!  And trust me, it just gets worse and worse as this clip goes on and I keep crushing his poor little heart more & more!

It just entertains me sooo much to see how mentally and emotionally cruel I can be to my foot slaves- and just see what they will take for me.  Apparently, it is quite a lot! 

You will need to watch the video to hear how cruel I am to this freak.  I like literally have NO respect for it.  i mean, come on- I regularly use this idiot's face as my footrest when I am lounging around Mean Girl Manor.   How can you have any respect for someone who's face you literally rest your feet on?  LOL

-Princess Amber

The Ultimate Cruuush

you know you love a good food crushing clip. What makes it better is when you have perfect feet like Mine to do it with. I take an assortment of fruit and squish them to My heart's content. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED: this one really gets intense with the crushing.

Weak For These Feet


This evil villain Goddess has taken everything from the locals and enslaved all the men that live for miles and miles. All these stupid men think they can overpower this evil Goddess but they don’t realize she has magical powers in her feet... until it’s too late.

Every male that tries to break into the Goddess’s castle gets instantly captured and brought before the Goddess that sits upon her throne. Once all these ignorant males kneel before the Goddess and her throne they are force to stare at and then smell her magical feet. Once they have one sniff of those powerful feet they are consumed by their magical powers and the males instantly devote their life to the evil Goddess. 

With these magical feet, evil Goddess has captured hundreds of males within a very short time. These dumb males have no idea that beyond being captured and enslaved to this Evil Goddess they have an even more grim future that lays ahead... she will soon be making her new throne room floor with all these useless males. She will not k*ll them but instead they will be alive and forever encased in her floor to be walked upon for the remainder of days. Hahaha 

This evil Goddess gives these males just a taste of what is to come.

Worship My Nylons

I put on this incredibly sexy sheer nylon outfit because I found out your dirty little secret...

You have a nylon fetish...or maybe just a Goddess Platinum Fetish hahahaha.

 But I did it for you because you have been good lately. So show me how much you appreciate me and jerk to me showing off for you.

Upside Down Foot Freak

I had a Slave from the Czech Republic reach out and beg me to allow it to serve me in real life. This slave was very obedient and did the few things I demanded... it started by sending me a big fat tribute, then it joined the Mean Girls website, then sent me a pic of its ID.  (Pictures of ID are for the all the Mean Girls safety, we don’t use it for games or blackmail bs.)  Very, very simple demands and it did them all immediately when I asked. I realllllllly love obedient little losers that do as they are told. 

Since this Slave did as it was told I gave it my next shoot dates and right away it booked and paid its flight and sent me its flight info. This Slave is so obsessed with my perfect feet and the rest of my perfect body that it flew over 12 hours just to come serve me in person for 20 days straight. Such a lucky Czech Slave bitch.

When this Czech Slave told me its fetishes it made it very clear to me that it was absolutely in love with my gorgeous feet. After this Slave came to stay at the Mean Girl Manor it told me how amazing it is at food worship and foot massages and asked often if it could worship my feet. 

Since this loser wants my feet so bad I invited our hot Friend Miss Tiffany over to the desert compound and I thought we could have some foot fun. LOL!

I decided to surprise Miss Tiffany when she came over. We walked in and I had my pathetic little Czech foot freak hanging upside down from the ceiling. Hahaha it wants my amazing feet so bad I figured we should torture it with both of our perfect feet and hang it upside down, all restrained so we could tease the freak. It was so perfect! It could only lick and kiss our feet when we allowed, no matter how much it struggled. We teased it and allowed to to kiss them and stick out its tongue to lick them. You know we had to do a lot of foot gagging to it too. Haha We were laughing at it struggled so hard just to get a little taste of our feet. It would have stayed strung up for the 20 days straight if it meant we gave it our feet the entire time. 

This by far is my favourite foot worship clip. 

Enjoy loser! 

You know what you have to do if you want to come serve us too.

-Goddess Platinum

Step-son Gets Stepped On

None of your step-siblings like me very much, except for you. I married your millionaire dad right before he "checked out" and now I got EVERYTHING- and you and your siblings get nothing HAHA. There is nothing left for your family of losers, and really there is nothing you can do about it. But you (for some unknown reason?) are the only family member to take MY side, I wonder why? Is it my feet? I always cought you staring at them every time I dangled my shoe from the tip of my toe during our family gatherings. Did you seriously help me steal your family fortune just to worship my feet! The feet of your stepmother?? You’re sick in the head’s okay. Here, you have my permission to bow down at my feet and kiss them. Pledge your complete loyalty to me- and my gorgeous FEET. It's the only thing you’re getting from this estate, so you better enjoy it!

Kicking The "No" From Your Vocabulary

I walked in from a long day of shopping and see Princess Mya looks completely pissed off. I ask what’s up and she informs me that our fat nasty slave actually had the balls to say NO. WTFAre you kidding me?

Seriously? This is not going to fly around here. All slaves at the Mean Girl Manor know that the #1 word they are not allowed to use around us is NO!

Princess Mya needs to lay down the law and we need to literally kick the word "No" from this freaks vocabulary. We call our stupid slave in to the room to answer for its disobedient behaviour. Princess Mya calls the worthless piece of crud out for saying no in front of me and I then get in its face and ask if it had extra big balls today? 

Well it seems all of a sudden this pathetic loser has grown an even bigger set of balls then the ones we have been abusing so Princess Mya and I are definitely going to have to fix those. Hahaha..

We will kick those balls right off its body if that’s what it takes. I will not allow a male to be rude and disobedient to any women in this home, specially not a Princess or Goddess. I have Princess Mya start the punishment. Princess Mya is obviously even more pissed then I thought because I didn’t even get a good grip on its collar before she slammed her perfect foot into the freaks balls… Wham! And the freak goes down....

Then we take turns kicking this disobedient slaves balls over and over again till we feel that it has completely forgotten the word NO. 

Not only did we teach it a lesson but Princess Mya felt so much better after we were through punishing our slave.You already know how much I LOVE blasting and slave punishments. Hehehehe

-Goddess Platinum


You Two Were Made For Stepping On

Mistress Dandy was dealing with 2 annoying ass slaves and she really wanted to torture them. The one slave had written in and begged me to allow it to come serve the Mean Girls. It did as it was told, sent a tribute, joined AmericanMeanGirls website, and then sent me the front and back of its ID. The other slave is my personal live in slave.

Hmmm.... what can she do? Ahhhh.... she can trample both these freaks. Miss Dandy is an Amazon woman, almost 6 feet tall with super sexy curves and gorgeous size 10 feet. Most males cower when they are in her presence.

Mistress Dandy restrained both slaves to each side of the couch to keep them from getting away while she crushes them under her huge, powerful feet.

Mistress Dandy wanted to see which one of her 2 bitches could take more trample use from her.

I watched and filmed as Miss Dandy took turns trampling on each of her subs. When one slave could’t take another second then she moved onto the other. I was dying laughing watching Miss Dandy stomp and jump all over these two. I was so excited watching the slaves truly suffer to the point of breaking I couldn’t help but laugh non stop from behind the camera as i filmed. I don’t think I haver seen any slave suffer from trampling like these two did.

If you love to see slaves suffer or love trampling you need to watch this clip, If you think you could be a good little bitch and serve us then reach out to me.


-Goddess Platinum

It's Hard Having a Hot Boss

This is what happens when I’m your hot boss and I catch you stealing all my sexy you’re slacking on the job!

I tease and humiliate you for over 17 minutes... let’s see if I let you cum!

You better obey me or I’ll make your life hell!

Permission Denied

Princess Mya and I got woken up by our stupid foot freak slave that we left strapped in at the end of our bed and OMG can you believe it had the balls to wake us up to ask us if it could leave? Like seriously we have slaves begging to be locked up at the end of our bed and this freak wants to leave? Wow!!! We ask it why it wanted to leave every slaves dream position and apparently it had a Goddess that it was supposed to go serve... Oh realllly? Huh well too damn bad for it we own it. We could get rid of this loser like pronto and nobody would care or even notice.

We decide to put this pathetic excuse for a male to work and make it think long and hard about if it really wants to leave. Not that we are going to actually let it leave the Mean Girl Manor, but if it actually decided it wanted to leave we would never allow it to come back. Let's face it, the Mean Girls are this freaks only reason for living. Some wannabe, fake ass goddess will never ever come close to satisfying its needs. That goddess will never beat or punish it to keep it in line like it needs. It would try to come crawling back in less then a week. LOL! 

 Princess Mya and I force it to worship our feet. Once it got a chance to sniff and lick our feet it couldn't think about anything other then our amazing feet. We gagged it so hard over and over and then rubbed all its nasty drool all over its ugly face. We literally got it foot dr*nk with our perfect feet.

By the time Princess Mya and I are done teasing and torturing this restrained slave it is a puddle and in foot heaven. Hahaha this submissive little bitch didn't even want to leave by then or ever again. 

I bet you would love to be our little foot bitch locked in at the end of our bed wouldn't you? Reach out to me and if you are obedient then maybe I will allow you to come serve us at the Mean Girl Manor.

-Goddess Platinum

Wake Up, Slave!

Yes, I know you where REALLY druuunk last night, but a promise is a promise! And you said you were "so in love with me" that you would doing "literally anything for me" and guess what I want? (YES, I am really taking you up on this! I even recorded it on my phone when we were at the bar so I' pretty sure it is legally binding!) I have decided that I want you you to literally be my personal slave. Yes, I mean it! I have always fantasized about having my own personal slave, so... Hey, no one made you profess your undying love for me- but you did. So don't be butt-hurt just because I'm holding you to your promise to "do anything" for me! Now get out of bed and get to work! I have a long day planned for you! Oh, and I have some surprises in store for you as well...You see, I couldn't help but brag to some of my friends about what you promised me, so...

Sweet Treat For My Sissy

This sissy begged to come serve me so I finished the brutal day off with a sweet treat. 

After restraining him underneath The Sink I made sure to dig my heels deep into its balls to remind him of why he is here...hahaha. This idiot thought he was coming here to Pony Play...nope. 

So I spent the rest of the time filling up The Sink and watching this sissy loser struggle to get it all down. Maybe next time I'll just force the tube into its stomach and just fill it up that way. I of course had to step all over it to make sure and leave my marks on it. This sissy is not into pain, but as you can see there's no fun in it for me if its not in I win.

Enjoy the show....and the sissy's special treat.



-Goddess Platinum

Out With the Old (slaves), In With the New (slaves)

I’ve had the same slaves for the past year and they become more and more worthless as the days go by. I’m building My empire and I want new slaves who can keep up with Me and do EVERYTHING I say. you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to show Me how devoted and obedient you will be for Me - the time is now. It does not matter if you have little or no experience - if you are willing and able to do these three things, I will provide you with all the guidance (and punishment) you need to mold you into My perfect slave. your reward: a hot girl who’s out of your league acknowledging your existence for once. Now open your wallet, get on your fucking knees and listen to the following instructions...