You Will Serve Us Both

My Alpha man just moved in with me and he thinks its hilarious what I do for a "living". (Basically just using, abusing, and degrading weak beta men like YOU! Haha.) Anyways, he is totally cool with it. In fact we decided to make this clip for beta losers that want to serve us as the hot, Alpha couple that we are. Are you pathetic enough to admit that you could never please a real woman like me, and are willing to accept your role as a BITCH to support and serve me and my REAL man that fucks me good and pleases me in ways that you know YOU never could?? Really?? Ok then... Watch this clip because we are taking REAL APPLICATIONS from beta losers that want to be a "cuck bitch" for me n my Alpha! And I give you EXACT instructions in this clip about what we are looking for in a loser. You need to have absolutely NO spine, LOTS of $$$, and be willing to bow down to us as your King & Queen. And no matter how bad we treat you, you need to put up with it and THANK us just for abusing you. *** THIS IS TOTALLY LEGIT- DOWNLOAD, WATCH AND FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS EXACTLY IF YOU WANT TO COME TO VEGAS AND SERVE US IN REAL LIFE!!! ***

You Are No Comparison to My Alpha

So I am just making out with my hot boyfriend with my slave kneeling at my feet- and it like starts to "whimper" or some ! I ask it what the fuck its problem is, and it starts complaining about how it is "jealous" of my Alpha! Like it doesn't fucking understand that my MAN is a REAL MAN- and his pathetic ass is like NOTHING compared to him! So I have to like drill it into his head how fucking INFERIOR he is, and that he is LUCKY just to be kneeling at my feet while I make out with a REAL man! In fact, he should be THANKING Alpha for making out with me! (And of course, I make him do exactly that! haha) Its probably extra painful for him to hear all this though, because this loser slave actually met me by asking me out on a date a while back. (Of course I fucking REJECTED him! Duh.) But he agreed to do WHATEVER I WANTED in order to be in my life in SOME way, so he is basically my slave now. And I even make him serve me while I am with my Alpha boyfriend haha. So in this clip I make the slave strip down naked so me n Alpha can laugh at him and then I make a nice, long comparison between his scrawny loser ass and my big, strong Alpha- until my scrawny slave is totally CRUSHED and put firmly back in his place. ***(BTW this is my REAL-LIFE boyfriend and my REAL-LIFE slave! This is REAL sh1tt, losers!!)***

You Wish You Could Date Me

When I get ready for a hot date I first blow dry my hair, then put on my makeup, and then pick out a sexy outfit! I know you'd love to be sitting there at my feet, worshiping while I get ready for my stud to come pick me up! And, face it, you're such a fucking loser, you'll never have a girl primping herself like this for you. So just watch and enjoy, cuckold bitch!

Working Out The Stress

***Custom Clip***


It is a hot day  wearing a bikini, relaxing outside in a reclining lounge while sipping ****. She has requested a foot massage from her slave but unfortunately the slave has came Late. Princess is extremely angry and felt the slave was being disrespectful to her by being late. The slave has apologized repeatedly, claiming that he overslept as he was too tired from the hard laborious chores given to him yesterday. However princess is having none of it and decided to punish him severely. Instead of letting her slave massage her feet, princess decided to make her slave maintain push up position for the rest of the afternoon, while shocking his balls repeatedly as she likes or when her slave fail to maintain the proper position. (eg knees touching the ground/arching his back etc) The slave will be begging for mercy as this is a painful stress position to maintain in, but princess is having none of it as her slave will need to punish severely for being late! (also to make him stronger since he is complaining of being tired from his daily chores!) > while the slave is suffering in push up position and from the shocks in his balls, princess will relax on the reclining lounge, and continue to enjoy her champgne. Finally, at the end of the clip (around 25 min), princess will go back to  have a relaxing shower/bath, while leaving the slave to suffer in this painful position. (she will also finish by threatening her slave that if he fails to fulfill her orders by staying in push up position, she will send her to the mean girl punishment camp, where he will be whipped and starved to ....)

Watch A Real Skype Session

I was paid by some slave to skype with him.  So I decided to film it too so you losers can watch.  Goddess Platinum joins me. 

By the way, if you are wondering "how can i skype with princess Beverly too??"  Um, well how about you start by joining American Mean Girls so I know you have a working credit card and that you are a REAL fan of mine before contacting me??  AND send me a nice Amazon GC as a tribute AND a few gifts off my wishlist while you're at it?? 

I honestly HATE when you idiots email me out of the blue and you are asking me for shiitt (like a skype session) and you haven't even done SHIITT for me yet.  Like, seriously??  You think I want to even talk to you if you haven't joined our site, sent me a gift or a tribute?  Fuck off and come at me right if you wanna have a shot at serving me, bitches. 

Your email will be discarded like the trash it is if it doesn't include your AMG slave-member name as well as a gift card and a list of things you bought off my wishlist.  Why would I EVER take you seriously if you haven't spoiled me and shown true worship & obedience??  Duh...

-Princess Beverly

Pigboy Learns To Worship

So this slave just does not quite know how to WORSHIP us Mean Girls the way we deserve to be worshipped. We need him to GROVEL and show that he understands how BENEATH us he is. I inform my girlfriend (who is behind the camera fiilming all this and laughing her ass off) that the best way to instill true humility and devotion in a loser slave is to make it lick the dirt off your shoes. Especially the bottoms. LOL. It should lick the dirt we STEP on off the bottom of our shoes and SWALLOW it to make it understand how beneath us it is. -Princess Cindi

My Butler Slave

Now that you are my live in slave for the week you will kneel down and listen to the list of chores that I am making you do for me today. My friends are coming over later and I expect you to go to the store and get the freshest ingredients for our snacks. Then I want all the floors and bathrooms cleaned. You will be making sure all my shoes are polished and clothes are organized at all times. If you have any left over time I want you to chain yourself to the stove and wait there on your knees with your head down. I dont want you looking up at anything, you only get to stare at the floor. Oh and you can only look at one square floor tile not two, you only get to look at one floor tile and thats it! Haha! When you are done for the week I will toss you two dollars to take the bus back to where ever you came from because there will not be any funds available on your credit cards I maxed out.

The Edge Of Humiliation

***Custom Clip***

"Please wear a tight black dress while humiliating the out of your slave. Make him edge himself while kissing your feet. Then you allow him to lick your legs and up to your thighs, but not any closer. Please spit on him as well from time to time. If he looks like he is about to cum, just kick his balls. When he has gather enough precum, please wipe your foot on his dick and make him lick up all the precum from your foot. Please be sitting on your throne with the camera looking up at you. Also please wear the strapiest flat sandals you own (gladiator preferred), and if owned a tiara. Your our Princess and the wife and I can no longer pay our taxes to you. You took all our possessions and had us brought before you. You deemed immediately we're to ugly for sex and are to be your eunuchs, I was immediately sent away. My wife was coerced under your feet, and to look up to perfection. The entire time wiggle your feet in her face. Before you send her off to have her pussy destroyed with my dick, you lay out her new life as your slave. From this day out she is your new footstool, only being allowed to look at your feet. She must perform all tasks immediately when you snap your fingers. When she is not doing tasks for you, she must be at your feet kissing them, painting your toenails, or messaging them. You will place tattoos all over her body (please describe some). She is never allowed to speak only nodding her head yes, she can never refuse you. She must endure all the humiliating tasks you and your girlfriends do to her. You can't help but spit on her. She'll be forever in chains naked at your feet. coerce her to kiss each toe and thank you for not immediately us. Please call us peasants and slaves the entire time. Please be as arrogant as possible the entire time. Pointing at your feet, rubbing your feet in her face, middle fingers etc. Describe what you'll do if she ever disobeys you."

Your Favorite Foot Clip

This is my hottest foot clip yet! You foot boys are going to drool over my flawless, pedicure as I encourage you to stroke for my perfect feet. A hot princess, with long slender legs and a classic feet that are total perfection. Come on loser, let's have some foot boy fun with my wiggling toes and wrinkled up soles.

Beat It And Eat It

It is the time to practice your cum eating for me today. I want to give you some extremely sensual JOI so you actually "get in the mood" to eat it joyfully. I am going to as I tease you in the most erotic ways, and then coerce you to cum and eat it MY way! It is going to be seductive, dominating, instructive, and beyond exhilarating when you eat loads of cum for your Princess. First, it's going to start off easy and then slowly begin testing your obedience...every time making you go more & more extreme for me.

Learn to Love the Cage

One of the slaves at the Mean Girl Desert Correctional Compound is complaining about being left locked up in a cell for days and even weeks at a time. So Princess Carmela teaches him to “learn to love the cage”. First, she makes him beg to get out of the cage. Then she takes him out of the cage- but only to whip him as severely as possible! In a short period of time this piece of human garbage is literally begging to go back in the cage!! He BEGS Carmela to put him back in the cage- and he says he actually WANTS to stay there for as long as the Mean Girls want to leave him in there now! Princess Carmela is SO good at psychologically reconditioning slaves...

Secret Cock Cravings

Here you are hidden away thinking of cock! A regular closet faggot. you can't even get an erection without thinking of sucking cock. I have designed it to be this way. I planted the seed and reprogrammed you for cock. you didn't even realize what was happening or how deep this fantasy would take you. I have turned you into My closet fag.

Cuckbitch Meets My New Man

So my man moved in recently. But I didn't want to let go of my live-in slave. I mean, my bitch slave means NOTHING to me- but it is sooo useful though! What girl would want to give that up? Having some loser around that just obeys your every command at the snap of your fingers and literally worships you as its religion...i mean, its great! And I DESERVE to have the "best of both worlds", as they say! So when my man was moving in, I just casually commanded my live-in to crawl into the back of the closet and cover itself under some blankets and to SHUT THE FUCK UP. That was like DAYS ago LOL! And it is like sooo doesn't make a sound! And the poor thing had to listen as me n my Alpha man were fucking super loud & long every night- just a few feet away from my slave's closet! He admitted later that he was literally CRYING as he listened the first night! So that just made me fuck even LOUDER and LONGER the next night cuz I am so sadistic that it actualy TURNS ME ON to know that my moans of ecstasy are causing agony for my slave in the closet! HAHA. So anyways, I decided after a few days of this to finally order my slave to crawl out of the closet and meet its new "Master"- my Alpha boyfriend! My slave is so embarrassed...I would say "mortified" is a better word. But he has to admit what a big muscular stud my BF is. SO much better than my scrawny, ugly bald slave haha. My boyfriend thinks its hilarious and happily joins in to help me humiliate this loser that has been literally living in my closet for days just to be around me- even while I fuck a REAL man. Watch this clip to hear what we say to him and see how I make his bitch-ass kiss my feet while I make out with a REAL man! (It sooo turns me on to have losers worship my feet while I make out with and fuck REAL men!!)

Basement Cuckold

Well, you wanted this you flew all the way over to Los Angeles so that you could live in my basement for a month and serve me, haha! You want to worship my worn nylons and sit at my feet. Sit there jerking at my feet until I take of my stockings and shove them in your mouth. After that I am making you put those black stockings on my feet and stoke your cock until you cum all over them! - Goddess Rodea

Using The Deck Slave

We keep this pathetic freak literally locked up in a storage bin on our deck at the Mean Girl Punishment Camp. Must get reeeaaally hot in there when it gets up over 100 degrees in the summer! LOL but who cares...its just a slave. Anyways, I pull him out of his storage bin and command him to literally bow down and worship me like the superior Goddess that I am compared to his loser ass. Then I demand a foot massage...before eventually just casually tossing him back into "storage" like the disposable piece of human garbage that he is.

My Boyfriends Back- And Your Gonna Be In Trouble!

***Paid Custom Clip***

(Note from Princess:  This is actually pretty close to a true story of how my current cuck-bitch  slave came to serve Me n Alpha as our personal cucky-boy!)

It all starts off with a bald, ugly loser being an obsessive stalker.  He followed you home from work.  He is outside your apartment and trying to get in!  He is even saying mean things to you because you won't let him in!  You call your big Alpha boyfriend in a panic and tell him to come home ASAP!  When your boyfriend finds the stalker outside, he beats him up, pulls him inside the house, and throws him at your feet.  Princess Carmela cheers her "real man" on, as she is in complete control now, and will have her Alpha boyfriend will teach him a lesson for her entertainment!!  

You are casually sitting on the sofa with Your Feet in front of the loser's face, and start laughing at how Alpha has kicked Your stalkers ass.  Alpha orders the slave to crawl to Your feet, kiss them, and Apologize to his girlfriend!  You relax away with a total bitch face looking down at this pathetic scrawny loser, your legs are crossed at the ankles, and the beaten-down loser is literally praying out loud to you and saying "sorry" for everything as Alpha slaps him around some more, and orders him to apologize even LOUDER to you!  You make him CRAWL over and over while laughing at him.  You even make him strip naked so you can laugh at him and demand that he literally SLITHER like a WORM to the feet of its new MASTERS- unless he wants to get beat up some more!  You just try as hard as you can to make him sink loser and lower for you & Alpha's entertainment!

Eventually You sit up, crossed legs and see the Stalker kneeling head down and CRYING now at your feet!  You Verbally humiliate him even more and order him to Kiss Your Feet even MORE and warn him that an old man like him should never to Fuck with a Young Goddess like You. Alpha joins You on the Sofa and You Both Demand that the loser debase himself even MORE for entertainment!  (The humiliation of this old freak cannot go far enough in your opinion, and you wonder how far you can push this loser to debase himself?  How scared is he of your big, strong Alpha boyfriend??  This is turning out to be really FUN for the young, superior Alpha couple!)  

You eventually even make him lick the soles of Alpha's boots clean so he can display true and COMPLETE submission to a hot young couple that is literally half his age. After the beating, verbal bashing, crying, feet worshipping, You both stand up and order the slave to kowtow 10 times in front of You and Kiss Your Feet as the hot young Alpha Couple makes out passionately to the point of bringing any Beta male to Tears...Kissing away - and showing him what he will never have - as the old man freak has no choice but to humbly bow down at the Feet of the ultimate young "Power Couple"!

Lastly You make the slave lie on his belly at your feet and You stand on its face full weight, smashing his Face full weight underneath your stockinged feet as You want to use its head as nothing more than a stepping stool for you to gain more height to kiss your tall Alpha man.!

You both then explain to the loser that the 2 of you may be keeping him around for awhile, as you are not done with him yet...since he wants to be "in Carmela's life" soooo bad....maybe she will have to find some use for him!

And she will have ways to make sure he does WHATEVER her & Alpha say from now on!  (Carmela even takes pictures with her phone of the freak while it is licking her Alpha's boots so she can blackmail him into doing whatever her & her man say from now on!)

The Final Pain Pill

You have no idea what you are in for as you sit in the cage at Mean Girl Manor. I walk by you and taunt you with the evil plans I have for YOU… My newest slave and victim! I explain all the pain and humiliation that you are about to endure here and I even offer to enhance your experience. I give you a little pill, Haha! You swallow it obediently and then I tell you that it will make your skin crawl. The pain of the whips will be much more excruciating. Your balls will swell up and become easy targets for kicking with my boots! But then I tell you the best part… You have been selected to get the best pill I had… The one that will end your life! Yup, you better enjoy all the attention We give you as we beat you today because it will be the last thing you ever remember! Let’s get started slave!  

Princess Beverly

Goddess Tina's First BallBusting

Goddess Tina (my real-life cousin) has kicked a guy in the balls only ONE time in her whole life. She tells the story about it in the opening minute of this clip. But I just laugh and can't believe that she has ONLY kicked a guy in the balls ONCE! I brag that I kick losers in the balls WHENEVER I fucking feel like it!

Tina wants a demo, so I call out a slave to crawl over, spread its legs, and let us kick it in the balls as much as we want. The slave doesn't want to get kicked in the balls, but I don't give a fuck. It better not embarrass me in front of my cousin! So eventually I have it "stand at attention & spread 'em!" for us!

And from there, we basically just take turns destroying its balls. Tina has a ball. (Pun totally intended lol.) She can't believe that she can do this as much as she wants to losers whenever she want- AND get PAID for it too!

-Princess Carmela

***PS-  We also put some "super slo-mo" replays in this of the really good kicks!  So you can reeeaaally enjoy them in slo-mo!***

Indian Piggie Part 1

Sometimes my loser fans are so entertaining. Some of them actually have the balls (and the MONEY) to come grovel at my feet in person. This Indian loser was one of those. He sent his deposit as ordered, and came crawling to me with his MONEY in his teeth just BEGGING for me to take it. See what can happen when you OBEY ORDERS, loser?? So I took him, abused him, and took all his money. And filmed it all so I could make MORE money off his pathetic ass. I start by making him dress like a girl, even though its not his "fetish". Cuz his only purpose is to do what I tell him to! It doesn't matter what he likes! Then its on to REAL humiliation...

Whipping Madness

This particular clip is JUST THE WHIPPINGportion of this slave's "Mean Girls Torment Test"...

This was the slave's weakest area, as we could tell it was reeeaaally having a hard time taking our whips for some reason haha. Hmmm...but did we care? Absolutely NOT! In fact, we felt like it made a better video for us because you could REALLY tell that it took everything this slave had not to "break" and beg Us to stop beating him!  (Which would have involved his pathetic ass having to pay us more to quit beating him, obviously haha.)

See how that works?  We don't have stupid "safe words".  How LAME.  No, if you come here and SUCK- we just make you pay us to stop beating you.  That way we either get a GREAT video, OR you pay us extra for totally sucking!  See, isn't that a great system??  LOL We win either way!

-Princess Carmela