Trampled Under The Needles You Bought Me

Miss Chase is standing on her "DumDum" in her new Louboutin So Kates while she chats on the phone with her boyfriend. They laugh about how Miss Chase LITERALLY walks all over these simp losers that worship her- and they will TAKE it no matter what! Miss Chase and her BF are talking SO mean about "DumDum" while it suffers underneath her needle-thin stilettos that he paid for. Miss Chase doesn't even seem to care. She just wants to talk to her BF. Simps are so beneath her- literally.

Miss Chase eventually asks, "Hey DumDum, how do these heels feel that you bought me??" and she makes him THANK her just for stepping on him. Miss Chase casually explains to DumDum as he suffers underneath her heels that he is sooo far beneath her that he is LUCKY just to be STEPPED on by a woman as hot as her. EVERYONE wants to worship & serve her and she would NEVER "date" a simp or a foot wierdo like him. Simps and foot freaks are just meant to be USED.

She makes DumDum thank her and confess out loud that he completely understands how far out of his league she is and that he has no chance of ever being "with" her no matter what it does for her or how much it suffers to prove its devotion. But it could be worse...because she could just not give him any attention at all!

At that point, DumDum is BEGGING Miss Chase to keep using him, mistreating him, and walking all over him!! Just PLEASE do not get rid of him completely!  To make it even worse for DumDum, it is really cold and windy out- as he suffers naked under Miss Chase's needle-thin stilettos. But of course Miss Chase is all bundled up in her warm fur coat!

This clip is the perfect example of how perfect Miss Lexi CHase is- and how unimportant and BENEATH her simps and slaves are! It simply signifies their relative places in life.

Everyone Loves SURPRISES!

"So I invited over my friend 'The Duchess' and show her all about owning slaves and what you can do to them! She's black, so she LOOOOVES the idea of owning slaves that SHE can smack around and beat on! LOL! She totally loves it. In this one we take turns sitting on the slave's stupid face and punching it right in the balls!!! :) We laugh our A**ES off in this clip! ESPECCIALLY when the slave gets hard as we are punching it right in the D*CK! LOL!"

*(Need to watch the video to see where the title comes from!)*

Shoe Shine Saturday

It is "Shoe-Shine Saturday"! This is the day I use my shoe-shining slave to tongue-shine ALL of my heels that I think I might be wearing that week. I simply snap my fingers and the slave places a pair on my perfect feet and it begins LICKING! My favorite part? Making the loser lick the SOLES of the shoes. I literally wipe the sole of my shoe on its outstretched tongue like its a rag. LOL

Whatta life. But some losers are just meant to be used like this. And it thoroughly entertains me.

-Miss Lexi Chase

A Garage Sale For Mean Girls

Like any American, I have accumulated a bunch of useless stuff that I don’t want anymore. BUT Instead of throwing this stuff away in the trash where it probably belongs, I know a business opportunity when I see one!

SO I decided to have my slaves gather a bunch of old stuff that I don’t need anymore… like some whips, handcuffs, debt contracts…. (Because I have BRAND NEW ONES! DUHHH)  And….a really old, pathetic slave that I’ve deemed totally useless!

It’s not long at all before my hot nextdoor neighbor makes her way over and eyes up all my old goodies! She seemed a bit confused why I was getting rid of some of this stuff, (Like the perfectly good shock collars and sturdy handcuffs) but I explained that I’ve used so many men over the years that I needed a refresh of supplies.

I think she was a little hesitant to purchase some of the tools I had laid out, but once she saw that loser in a cage waiting to be literally bought as human property, she KNEW she just had to have it! (I mean, what’s the point of being a super hot girl if you’re not literally owning using pathetic men?) I was VERY motivated to sell that old bag of bones anyway, so I decided to give Lexi an INCREDIBLE deal..

We haggled a little bit on the price (it came down to just a few measly dollars and a hefty debt contract that this loser signed) but we finally came to an agreement, and had that caged freak start serving its new owner straight away!

Kitchen Foot Mop

Princess Mia walks through the kitchen- and the bottom of her feet are NOT clean enough! She needs them CLEANED! And a slave tongue will do nicely... The Mean Girls always have a house slave stationed in the kitchen with its head bowed to the floor, ready to be USED for whatever they want. Mia uses its big head as literally nothing more than a stepstool to get up onto the countertop. She doesn't care if she smashes its nose into the floor underneath her. It is a SLAVE- it is an object that can be used for however she WANTS.

Princess Mia then commences to use the slave to clean the filthy soles of her beautiful feet, all while reminding this piece of human garbage beneath her just how stupid and insignificant it is. Mia likes being really mean to slaves and hurting them emotionally. It just makes her happy to say mean things to them, make them lick her feet, and remind them how much better she is than them.

Stiletto Trample The Whore

Me n Princess Mya couldn't believe this. Some guy was bringing us over his "girlfriend" that has been watching our videos and she apparently is like totally OBSESSED with us and was BEGGING t be in our videos! LOL! Like she was BEGGING to be used by us as our own personal lezo whore! Me n Mya thought it was HILARIOUS and couldn't WAIT to get a crack at this bi*ch!

This first video is just a warm-up. She had just been dragged in on a leash on all fours like a dogg and didn't even talk to us- she just crawled her bitch-ass over to our feet and started kissing them! LOL!! I walked in a couple minutes later and Princess Mya already had the whore laying on the GROUND, face-down and Mya was walking all over her- in her heels! Just for fun. Like, this bitch has NOOO self-respect! She let's us do WHATEVER the f*ck we want to her! She is so in love with us, she will do WHATEVER we say!! So Mya literally walks all over her!!

The Chastity Boss Part 1

Princess Amber has taken over this sales division. Most of the male salespeople have been let go- under unusual circumstances. They were belittled, worked 24/7, and seemed to shudder in fear of Miss Amber whenever she walked into a meeting. And then...they would be gone a few weeks later.

Now it's Bob's turn. He has been called into Miss Amber's office. He is one of only a few men left in this sales division. Miss Amber explains that his numbers are NOT acceptable. He tries to explain that they were perfectly fine for his old boss. "Well, I am your boss NOW!" Miss Amber explains- with her feet up on the desk, right in Bob's face. (Miss Amber got rid of the chairs in her office, as she expects employees to literally KNEEL before her desk when they are in HER office.)

Miss Amber explains that Bob was part of a "good 'ol boy" network before the corporate takeover- and that is gone now. And he better get used to it. Bob was SO cocky when he walked into her office- but his attitude changes over the course of the clip. He is eventually broken by Miss Amber. within minutes he is cowering at her feet, BEGGING to keep his job!!

Miss Amber LOVES this. Maybe there is some hope for this cocky A-hole after all? But he will need REAL motivation...

Floor Dirt Diet

I walk into the kitchen and this fatass is cleaning the floor- with its tongue, of course. It just makes me laugh what we make these idiots do for us. Then fatty dares to complain that he hasn't eaten in awhile and is getting hungry LOL! I explain that it needs to go on a "floor filth diet"- where all it lives off of from now on is the filth that it licks up off the floor! Aw, poor fatty slave starts to cry...

So I actually decide to feed it. But it is only getting some fruit- AFTER it has been chewed up and spit out by ME! Aren't I kind to the house slaves?

-Princess Amber

Electrified Foot Licking

Goddess Draya wants to use a slave to lick the soles of her feet. She just loves the feeling of a slave's tongue lapping at the soft soles of her perfect size 5 feet. But sometimes slaves just aren't "enthusiastic" enough for her. She has a simple solution for this.

She simply straps a ballshocker to its balls and cuffs its hands behind its back so it can't reach it! Then with a simple push of a button she can significantly increase its "enthusiasm" as it laps at her soles!

Watch the clip to see the effect of electric shocks to a slave's testicles on its licking ability...

Humiliating The Lezbo Whore - Parts 4-6

"This is the last part of the "Humiliate The Lezbo Whore" video series. You could call this the "Grand FInale" Me n Princess Mya are going to town on this b*tch while she moans like a dogg in heat...LOL!!!

We basically defile and dehumanize the b*tch in this video...look at the preview pics. And this is the final one because we finally broke her at the end! HAHAHA!!!! She cums and her pussy hurts SOOO bad from the cucumber at the end when I kept f*cking her with it that she begged us for mercy!!! LMFAO!!!!! "


Lick & Sniff Our Sweaty Pits

That Las Vegas heat is no joke, and Alex and Amber are not immune to the effects it has on people!  MAJOR SWEATING!

Most girls always complain about how sweaty their feet get, especially when wearing heels or sneakers all day…but Alex and Amber have been feeling EXTRA sweaty lately, resulting in excess armpit sweat. Amber had already had to change clothes MULTIPLE TIMES that day from sweating so much and was getting ready to change again when Alex came up with a great idea:

“Why not use that gross lezbo whore to clean our armpits?”

Loving this idea, Amber agrees to let the girl be useful by cleaning up the sweat from her and Alex’s armpits!  The HIDEOUS loser girl sniffs, licks and blows dry the armpits of the Mean Girls…humiliating herself with such a gross and demeaning tasks! LOL

Amber laughs to Alex about how this lezbo is giving her first "blow job”- by blow-drying her armpits!  Haha.  Can you imagine having your face stink like the armpits of two hot mean girls? HAHAHAHA Well this slut doesn’t have to imagine that because she will continue to get the privilege of being the designated armpit-licker for the Mean Girls from now on- even in public!

Ballbusting For Rent Money

Draya mentions to Amber that she needs some extra cash for her rent.  Amber has a great idea! Amber offers her slave up to Draya and suggests that Draya kick it in the balls as much as she wants- and Amber will PAY her for it! Amber calls it "contenting". ("Contenting" definition: Using your slave property to beat on, and film its torment for "content" that a Princess can then make money from, as the slave's owner.)  It really IS a great way for a Princess to make easy extra $$$ using her slaves and simps! Amber even says that the harder Draya kicks her slave, the more $$$ she will pay Draya!

So it is a total win-win for everyone. (Except for the ballkicking slave- but it's interests or wellbeing are of literally no concern to either Amber or Draya.) Amber just wants some good ballbusting content and Draya wants money!

So the slave's balls will simply be sacrificed to make that happen for both of them!

Draya's favorite move is the really hard KNEEING of the slave's balls.  And she LOVES that she gets paid for it! Her rent is covered in like no time!  And it is so much FUN at the same time!

Human Alarm Clock

Sometimes I like to just make a slave literally bow down and worship me- overnight. Yes, that's right loser. ALL night long, on its knees with its ugly face pressed down to the hardwood floor in a literal "WORSHIP position" facing toward I relax and sleep comfortably all night in a nice, comfy bed. I think it just reminds a slave of its place in life. And to be honest, it just makes ME feel good to have so much control that I can make these "things" literally bow down and worship me for 8 hours straight haha.

I have the slave's watch alarm set for 8am. At that time, it was instructed the night before to finally leave its "worship position", crawl over to my bed, and begin my "wake up routine"- which involves gentle, worshipful kisses and licks on the soft soles of my perfect little size 5 feet. I like waking up this way. It is so relaxing to wake up to a nice, long footworship session...

Once I am fully awake, I send the slave to crawl off and fetch my breakfast and serve it to me on a silver platter. And then, guess what? MORE footworship!  That's right- I want MORE!!! And I just lay back and relax as my feet are worshiped more as I enjoy my breakfast...

Hmmm....who else out there would like to be my "human alarm clock"? LOL I could maybe add a second slave so BOTH my feet get worshiped at the same time...

-Miss Lexi Chase

Humiliate The Lezbo Slut - PART 3

"OMG, this whore will do ANYTHING we say! Our abuse of her gets worse and WORSE in each of these videos- and she jsut keeps TAKING it for us!! And we are having SO much fun humiliating her!!! We even talk in the video about how its like playing with a robot that does whatever we say- no matter HOW humiliating or disgusting it is!

We make her lick our shoes- including the soles! And she actually acts like she LIKES it, she's such a lezbo slut! We make her bow down to us as her superiors and kiss our feet and Princess Mya even shoves her size 8 foot into the lezbo's mouth! We even make this b*tch lick the FLOOR under our feet while we LAUGH at her and tell her how PATHETIC she is!! Princess Mya even grabs her by her ugly little pigtails and pulls her face around the floor a little bit like her tongue is a f*cking mop for us to use to clean our floor! LOL!!

And at the end Mya even pulls out a cucumber and puts it between her legs and makes the bi*ch suck it like its a C*CK! Its SO much fun for us girls to be like guys and pretend we have a c*ck to shove in this b*tches mouth! LOL!"


Take It Because I Told You To

My most recent loser I have added to My collection "paid" me a little visit- literally. lol

Being in my clips is something completely new for him, and he was quite nervous to be honest. But I mean, how could he not be nervous to be serving someone as PERFECT as I?? 

Since he's a film VIRGIN, I had to see how well he could perform under pressure. He SAYS that he "can't handle pain very well" and begged me NOT to kick him in the balls repeatedly...AS I KICKED HIM IN THE BALLS!!!!! HAHAHAHA.

Unfortunately he stained the carpet and had to suck it out with his mouth, EWE!


-Princess Amber

Princess Skylars Step Stool

I just wanted to check out my new boots in the mirror, but the mirror is waaay too high up on the wall for me to see my boots when they are on my feet. So I call my slave over so I can use him to stand on as a human stepstool. My slave loves serving ANY purpose for me that it can. It is happy just to be used by me. Even if it is just a "thing" for me to stand on so I can check out how my new boots look on me.

You can tell the slave didn't know what he was getting into as my sharp stiletto heels start sinking DEEP into its stomach. It really had no idea of the awful pain that awaited him, but he WILL put up with it- because he's so desperately trying to please his Princess by doing whatever he can to make her happy.

The way this guy grunts it's like hearing drowwning kittens. Really intense. You would think the last bit of life is draining out of him haha. However I am obviously more concerned about if my boots look sexy on me, than whatever pain my slave is in underneath me.


This is my real-life slave who has been serving me for about a year now. As you can see, it's an overweight, balding, pathetic loser and really has nothing going for itself. It desperately tries to win favor with me by basically doing whatever it can to make me happy- as any good slave should. It is primarily a financial slave for me, as well as an "assignment slave". You know, the type of loser simp that I can use to run my errands and do chores for me- that kinda stuff.

I've never used it in my clips before though, and it is not a pain slave. So today was it's first time ever being trampled in heels, and it really had a tough time with it. But it was willing to suffer for me just to be a good slave for me.  :)

-Princess Skylar

BallBusting Devotion

Miss Lexi Chase gets bored with the power that her beauty has over simps sometimes. They grovel at her feet and literally WORSHIP her like a goddess CONSTANTLY. It is so easy for her. Sometimes she likes to "challenge" a simp to see how deep its devotion will really go.

One of the best ways to do this is by making it spread its legs and take devastating ballkicks while CONTINUING to profess its love for her- no matter how many times (or how hard) it is kicked in its balls!

Princess Skylar is here to help test this loser's devotion. Miss Chase has the simp on its hands and knees before her throne. It must spread its legs niiice and wiiide while kissing her feet and telling her how much it loves and worships her. Miss Chase just mocks it to its face and tells it that it means literally NOTHING to her. Whenever she "bores" with hearing the slave's groveling, she simply nods toward Princess Skylar, and she delivers a devastating kick to its balls from behind!

How many kicks will this pathetic loser take to prove its devotion to Miss Chase?

Lexi Chase can be so cruel to those that are so obviously beneath her. She relishes in showing off the power that her beauty has over them. The poor simp has no chance as Miss Chase lifts its ugly, massive head with one delicate little finger and looks directly into its can't help but tell her that he is so in love with her, and as Miss Chase laughs in its face and rejects it for the millionth time when....WHAM! Another kick is delivered from behind!

And Miss Chase just LAUGHS as the fool rolls around on the ground in front of her throne...

Humiliate The Lezbo Slut - PART2

In part 2, Me n Princess Mya take this slut's humiliation to a whole other level- we drag her over to the main room and start making the bi*ch lick our shoes- while STILL being led around on a leash like an ! LOL! And she just does WHATEVER we say...

Then we start shoving our toes down her throat and comparing her to our male slaves that we are used to using...WE EVEN START TALKING IN THIS ONE ABOUT PUTTING HER OUT ON THE STREET TO MAKE US SOME MORE $$$$!!!


Beaten by Lexi Chase

Miss Chase is sitting on her throne and whipping a slave-worshipper at her feet. She wonders what it will take to get this inferior foot-freak to stop worshiping her? Can she just beat it and verbally abuuse it until it has "had enough" and gives up?  Whatta fun little experiment...

But no matter what she says or does to it, the foot freak keeps kissing her perfect, petite, size 5 feet and professing its undying devotion and love for her, no matter how hard she beats it. She even verbally berates the pathetic foot-freak right to its face throughout the entire video, telling it that it literally means NOTHING to her, that she is so much better than him, and that it is lucky that she even LETS it kiss the FEET of a girl as hot as her!

She can't believe that this loser just puts up with it and keeps WORSHIPING at her feet no matter what she says or does to it!!

Her beauty just gives her SO much power over these stupid simps that she can literally do & say whatever she wants to them...and they will just KEEP worshiping her like the Superior Being that she is!!


Anyone Is Better Than You

I need to get ready for a date with a HOT guy- NOT you, obviously. You're a beta. Princesses don't date betas. We just keep you around to use, walk all over, and take money from. And you better fucking accept it if you want to remain in my life! Otherwise, you can easily be discarded and replaced. Now, show your obedience by lowering your head to ankle-level, stare at my feet (which is all you DESERVE to see!) and just STARE while I ignore you and prep myself for a real man.

I do spend some time in this clip just to explain to you point-blank that literally everyone and ANYONE is better than you! That must hurt to hear that from the girl that you worship, huh? Don't care lol.

-Princess Amber