Mean Girl Tribunal - Trial and Tribulation - Ep. 1 Part2

This is just the "beating/punishment" portion ofus passing our judgement on this idiot thatwrote a rude email to Princess Beverly. (And wereally beat the FUCK out of him!!) By the end ofthis beatdown he isn't talking so "tough" anymore...LOL!

Princess Bella

Drink Up Toilet Boy

So this loser has been stationed in the bathroom and basically just left there, bowing down before our "porcelain throne". When I sit down I see that there is no toilet paper!! Obviously, he thinks I am stupid and that I will let him "lick me clean" by using his tongue as my toilet paper. Um, I think not, loser.

So instead I make him literally drink out of the toilet after I have relieved myself into it! HAHAHAHA!!!! By the way, this is TOTALLY REAL and you can not only hear me "going" into the toilet, but you can hear his pathetic bald ass SLURPING it up out of the toilet!! LOL!!!!!


-Princess Carmela

My Old Shoes- SOLD!

So this is a follow-up to my clip where I was selling my old, dirty, stinky Converse tennis shoes. Well guess what? They sold! I honestly couldn't believe it. Some pathetic loser literally paid me $250 for my old, FILTHY sneakers! AND he paid for shipping, AND he bought me a NEW pair to replace them with! LOL who knew that an old pair of worn out shoes would actually be worth MORE after they have been on my feet for a few YEARS than they were when they were bought NEW! Haha.

I guess my ego is even MORE inflated now that I know my foot-sweat literally INCREASES the value of the shoes on my feet as I am wearing them! But rightfully so though, in my opinion...because I realize that I AM that fucking hot. In this clip I just talk directly to "slave Jan" (the pathetic loser that bought these shoes) and show him that I am legit taking them right off of my feet and putting them straight into a ziplock bag and mailing them off to him myself. (I show how dirty the insides are too! haha.)

I even film myself walking into the Post Office to mail them off to him! For those of you that want your own pair of my old worn shoes, you need to do what this loser did. And that basically means following the instructions in THIS VIDEO: __________ (This is the video that slave Jan bought the shoes from, and now he is serving me and communicating with me personally online, of course...haha using foot-slaves is so much fun!)

Mean Mrs. Claus

Most people don't know that Santa has a foot fetish.  Well, it finally got the better of him last Christmas.  He entered a house and saw the most beautiful pair of feet he had ever seen in all his years sticking out from under a blanket.  That very night upon his return to the North Pole he divorced Mrs. Claus and sent her packing.  Now he is married to his smoking hot "trophy wife" that the elves refer to as "Mean Mrs. Claus".  She knows her feet control Santa COMPLETELY and the pathetic old man will do ANYTHING for them.  She even made the elves literally build her a THRONE to sit on at the North Pole. And she has decided that if she has to live at the cold, desolate North Pole year-round, then she better get WHATEVER she wants!


Mean Mrs. Claus begins demanding that she will leave Santa if he doesn't CANCEL Christmas, and re-assign all his elves to work on making HER gifts year-round!  She wants the elves basically turned into HER OWN SLAVE-LABOR FORCE and made to churn out DESIGNER BRAND bags and shoes for her EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR!!  Santa literally BEGS for her to not make him do this- but she simply crosses her legs and waves her PERFECT size 6 foot under his nose...and he is instantly turned to mush.  He becomes nothing more than a jolly old foot-perv, kneeling at her feet.  He still tries to beg her to reconsider, and mentions all the "boys and girls of the world that count on him"- but she could not care less.  She wants PRADA and GUCCI and LOUIE VUITTON!   In fact, she decides to show him how little she cares about this old foot freak AND all the little "boys and girls of the world"...


Mean Mrs. Claus teases St. Nick with her perfect foot...and then commands him to stand up and drop his pants!  he will present his JINGLE BALLS to her to KICK as hard as she wants over & over!  And if he can take it all for her amusement, she will allow him to continue on with Christmas as usual!  If NOT...and he crumbles at her feet, begging for mercy...he will agree to CANCEL Christmas and turn his elf workforce into HER OWN PERSONAL SLAVE-LABOR TO WORK 24/7/365 IN HER FACTORY MAKING DESIGNER SHOES AND BAGS FOR HER YEAR ROUND!!


To make it even harder on Santa, she orders him to place her wicked pointed-toe Jimmy Choo stilettos onto her feet- so she can drive those pointed toes as hard as possible into his "Christmas Sac"!!


Will Santa be able to take all her kicks to save Christmas?  Or will he eventually crumble at her feet and beg for mercy even though it means a lifetime of enforced slavery for his elves and a world without Christmas for little ones around the world?  How mean and selfish can this beautiful "trophy wife" be???

Support My Habit

In this clip you get to watch me Smoke one of my SEVERAL daily cigs- and blow Smoke directly in your face the entire time. Do you enjoy watching me Smoke, slave? Well then maybe you should do your part to support my habit! After all, a Princess like myself shouldn't have to buy her own cigarettes, should she?? Absolutely not. So in this clip I actually tell you how YOU can pay for my next pack of cigarettes! (Or if you REALLY want to impress me, you can buy me a CARTON! LOL.)

-Princess Skylar

Grovel for Grace

I am showing off the life of a "Mean Girl" to Queen Grace. This is her introduction to being pampered, basically. We have 2 slaves groveling at our feet, massaging them and worshiping us.

I decide to be a gracious host and allow Grace to borrow my footslave- so she has 1 for each foot! :) She casually expresses in the video that she "thinks she could get used to this"...haha.  Being a Mean Girl RULES.


-Goddess Platinum

Friend-Zoned Foot Freak

***Paid Custom Clip***

"You are the hottest girl in school. I have spent the better part of the last 2 years basically being "friend zoned" by you. I have done everything I could do to try to make you like me. I bought you gifts, did your homework, and even ran errands for you and your friends whenever you texted me to. It is now our senior year and I decided to finally tell you my feelings for you. but instead of returning them, you just get a strange look on your face and then break out in laughter.

You literally laugh in my face. "Did you really think a girl like ME would ever like a loser like you?? Did you really think doing all that stuff for me would give you a 'chance' at DATING me??" You explain that you & I are just friends- and that is ALL we will ever be. From there you decide to give me a choice. Now that you are thoroughly repulsed by this confession of mine, you say that if I want to be anything more than "friends" with you it is going to be VERY humiliating for me. because you tell me to my face that I am NOT good enough for you and that you ONLY date hot, rich, popular guys. But you explain that YOU have a secret- you actually like having your FEET LICKED and TOES SUCKED ON. But the "real men" that you date would NEVER do that- and you would never ask them to because then you would lose respect for them.

So you decide that I can serve that purpose for you- I can be your "personal toe sucker". And if I want to be in your life I will need to accept that role. Then the rest of the video I am on my knees, staring at your feet, and you explain what my "duties" will be- and laughing in my face for being willing to accept this situation just to still be allowed in your life."

Breakup Video for Foot Freak

So I made this video for you, babe. I guess you got the link to yootube if you are watching this now. We've been dating a few months, and I wondered why you seem to be so "obsessed" with my feet, of all things. But I really got my answer the other day when I watched some home security footage...and I saw you SNIFFING THE INSIDE OF MY SHOES! Wow...whatta FREAK you are! And I can not be dating a weirdo freak that sniffs my old work pumps when I am out of the house. So am I going to break up with you and leave you forever? Or will I still keep you in my life in some way? You will need to watch my breakup video to find out...

Platinum's Bootlicker at the Bottom of the Steps

I am talking on my phone, just chatting with a girlfriend when I accidentally step in something. So I decide to stroll down to the boot licking slave I have chained up naked out in the desert at the bottom of my steps. I casually walk down, shove my boot in its face, and command it to "lick!"- of course, it does as it is commanded. Then I begin to tell it all the awful things I have planned for it while it is chained to a rock out see, I am renting this location out to a group that wants to use it for a party, and I plan on letting the guests use this freak chained up at the bottom of the steps for ANYTHING they want...

-Goddess Platinum

Too Small to Cum

We honestly cannot believe how small your dick is. Me n Queen Grace are laughing our asses off right in your face after we make you pull your pants down and show us! We even begin comparing it to various items we had laying around the house. No wonder you are so pathetic.

Every time you look down you are reminded of how INFERIOR you are and how you will NEVER please a woman lol. You were basically destined for being treated like this by women. Obviously NO ONE would ever have sex with you. But tell you what can kneel there and stare at the very bottom of our FILTHY feet while you masturbate and we LAUGH at you.

This is seriously like the BEST a loser like you could probably get anyway lol. We even give you a cum-countdown at the end! Do we let you cum?? Well you will just need to download the clip and find out, won't you, tiny?!? Haha!

-Princess Skylar

Slap and Kick The Loser

This slave just lost a "trample contest" for Amber. She was standing on him and he BROKE before the other slave did! 

So we have it restrained for further punishment. It will need to learn a lesson about disappointing Superior Females. 

We spit right in its face, slap it silly, and even take turns KICKING and STOMPING it right in the FACE!

Amber is SO disappointed in this freak's performance for her.  I mean, all it had to do was LAY THERE!  (While she stood on it in her stilettos.) 

But she MORE than expresses her disappointment to the kicking its head in, basically!


-Goddess Platinum

Amber's Mean Girl Scholarship

I just got a full ride scholarship!  Guess what it's called?  The "Mean Girl Scholarship"!  That is basically just where a hot girl like me uses a LOSER like YOU to pay for her school!  Amd YOU will be the loser that is paying for MY scholarship!  

You should know there will be a few extra items you will need to pay for in addition to my tuition.  There will be rent, food, and books.  Oh, and like all the keg parties I have to put on so I can meet all the hot guys on campus.  You will be paying for those- and cleaning up afterward too.  

There are a bunch of other things too, but you'll need to watch the video to hear what they are, loser.  Let's just say it’s gonna be a lot of money, but just think what it would be like if I  had nothing to do with you...wouldn’t that be like a LOT worse for you?? 

So stop your whining and semd me your first installment payment!  And maybe if you are lucky I will let you do all my homework for me as your reward for paying for my scholarship lol.

-Princess Amber

This Slaves A Real Drag

(This is part of our clip "The Return of Euro-Trash")

This is just plain ABUSE. LOL. We have been abusing this loser all day and Ashley decides to just start dragging it around on its leash- while it has its hands cuffed behind its back and is made to CRAWL behind her!

We whip it, beat it, and kick it! (And we do it all outside, right out in the open- with our neighbors walking by haha!!! The slave was sooo embarrassed!! Not to mention it was in PAIN...apparently its like really hard to crawl on your knees on hard cement while your hands are tied behind your back?? LOL We don't care- we just drag it around like a canine on a leash and kick it around like a soccer ball lol.

(Princess Skylar is filming it all for us and laughing her ass off while we abuse the F*CK outta him! You can hear her behind the camera in a lot of the clip..)

FEATURING: Princess Ashley and Princess Chanel

Making Boot Bitches Beg

This is only part 1 of "Making Boot Bitches Beg"- in which one of our loyal house slaves is made to lick my boots spotless- in hopes of eventually getting to my perfect, sweaty feet inside of them! (Kind of like "how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop" LOL.)

Anyway, this is JUST the bootlicking part of the overall clip!  Boots do not come off.

-Goddess Platinum

Wedding Day Requirements

Aww, so you want to marry me??  Isn't that cute.  An ugly, pathetic loser literally BEGGING a woman who is WAY out of your league to marry her.  What's that?  You'll do "ANYTHING" to marry me??  Ok...I can have some fun with that.  Let's see if you will agree to these terms...

You will need to download the clip to hear what I plan on putting you through just in order to marry me.  But let's just say it will be the most humiliating wedding ceremony in HISTORY!  LOL  For starters, I am going to walk you down the aisle on ALL FOURS on the end of a DAAWWG LEASH!  Yes, in front of EVERYONE!!  And wait til you hear the vows I make you recite in front of all of my friends and family!  

-Goddess Platinum

Waterboarded by the Mean Girls

We are always trying to come up with new ways to Torment our slaves. So me n Princess Skylar have this one handcuffedto a wooden plank and completely at our mercy. All we have to do is casually place one foot on its ugly face and gently push downward- and it is effortlessly submerged underwater for as long as we like!

And we actually kind LIKE the feeling of all the airbubbles on our feet as it is gasping for air!

But eventually the air bubbles stop...and this makes is really sad because we like how the air bubbles felt on our feet!!

Oh well...time to bring in a new slave to replace him with...

-Goddess Platinum

Putting Gay On Your Brain

So you want my approval? You want me to be pleased with you? Well I'll probably never respect you but you can win my approval if you prove yourself to me. I want to see how far you'll go to impress me. How far can I push you out of your comfort zone. The thought of getting fucked by another man might seem gross to you now, but with a little conversion therapy I can flip a few switches in that homophobic brain. You have to do this if you want any attention from me moving forward so don't fight it. I’ve been training many useless men to be fags so they can finally live happy lives. You are never going to get pussy anyway so thank me for giving you a social life faggot. I’ll tease you at first, but coerce you to watch gay porn while you jerkoff. All those giant cocks will be so distracting that you won’t be able to focus on me. Something else is on your mind now… excitement begins to build as you watch cock after cock get stroked and sucked. Soon you’ll be cumming at the sight of those hard dicks oozing cum just like yours. Another successful conversion from my gay conditioning!

Maid To Wear Panties

So I decide to allow this loser that contacted me online through Our site the opportunity to serve me, since he is local, he MAY be useful, and most importantly he is paying me. I learn that he will basically do ANYTHING for me - or any of the other Mean Girls - just for the pathetic privilege of receiving a pair of our oldest, smelliest, most-worn panties LOL. How pathetic is THAT?? Can you imagine working for like DAYS for someone - doing like hard labor and being beaten regularly - just for their discarded panties?? LOL! Slaves never cease to amaze me with how pathetic they are for hot girls like us...and they DESERVE to be used for it!

Oh and I don't know why but I scratched the hell out of the slave with my fingernails during this clip too lol.


-Princess Carmela

Weekend Plans

So I am putting this clip out to see if any of you losers want to go to a party with me as part of my "costume".  Of course, what I have planned for your part of MY costume will be EXTREMELY humiliating for you. How much of your dignity are you willing to sacrifice just in order to be near me?  What if all you are doing is crawling around on your hands & knees behind me all night long on the end of a leash?


I have a few ideas of how I want to dress you so that me and all my friends can have a good laugh at your the clip and see if you would be willing to do this just to be near me and amuse me.  (And for all you REAL freaks that will actually do what I lay out in this video, do NOT write me an email without also sending a TRIBUTE if you expect me to write you back!!)

Skylar's Human Wallet

So I am going on a hot date tonight with my Alpha boyfriend.  But first, I decided to stop by to make a "withdrawal" from my idiot human ATM before meeting my real man though.  I can basically treat this fat lard like garbage and take as much $$$ from him as I want- and he just lets me walk all over him.  I love it.  And me n my man love getting our dates paid for by losers!!  (My BF couldn't believe it when I first told him that I literally own a "human ATM"!)

Watch how bad I treat this fat fuck- and he STILL pays me!  I literally make him count his money - MY $$$!!! - out at my feet and BEG ME to take it!!  Then he has to kneel there with his wallet in his mouth like a FOOL while I rest my arm on him and make a phonecall to my boyfriend and discuss our plans for the evening.  And yes, I TELL my man about what an idiot I think this fat-fuck is for paying for our date- while he is right there listening to every word!  I don't give a fuck. 

Me n my BF are literally LAUGHING OUT LOUD over the phone with each other about how pathetic this old man is for letting himself be USED like this by a hot, young "power couple" like us- just so his pathetic ass can be allowed the "privilege" of bowing down and kissing my cute little feet for a few minutes...until I casually kick his face away and walk out the door with all his money!!

But I leave him with a little hope...because if me n my man get druunnk enough, we may even call him from our dinner table to laugh at him while we are spending his money! 

-Princess Skylar