Cucks in Chastity Pay to Cum

So this pathetic slave has been locked up for ages and constantly wimpering and begging to be of use and maybe be let out of chastity.  But frankly, what benefit do I receive by letting it out to "release" itself?  That is always the most important question.  And this overgrown hairy loser is about to find out the exorbitant cost associated with being My Chastity Cuckie-slut, and keeping Myself and those closest to Me happy.  

So right as Goddess Draya was getting home and started chatting with Me in the living room, I decided to make a little "show" out of this loser's humiliation. I dragged it out of the cage in the corner and tormented it with the key to its locked cock dangling around My perfect ankle.  You could literally see the tears welling up in its eyes as it begged and pleaded to be released.  But before I would let it release its cuckie-cock, I had Goddess Draya pull out a new agreement for it to sign.  After the thing heard what it would be obligated to do if it decided to take off it's cage, it sat wavering for a few moments before completely breaking down, signing its life away, and rushing to get its cage off.  

But that wasn't even the worst of it for this loser.  No, We both humiliated and degraded it as it stroked and lusted after Our feet and shoes... Watch as We treat this thing like the garbage it is and destroy any masculinity it might have had left before We fed it a special little meal after it made its mess.  

<3 Princess Amber <3

How Mean Girls Workout

So Lexi came out to hang at the Manor for a weekend but didn't realize the gyms are still mostly closed from the lockdown. Well, we still wanted to workout, and when I mentioned to Her how great a leg workout "Scissors" are, She kind of looked at Me like She had no idea what I was talking about.  So I took Her out to the Slave Quarters out back, grabbed a loser from the bunks, and proceeded to show Her.  

After a quick bit of stretching, I shoved the loser's neck between My thighs, locked My ankles, and then squeezed hard for as long as I could.  It is all about the intensity of the workout.  And you have to push yourself to go hard and try and squeeze the loser's head right off it's shoulders.  I turned him the opposite direction and squeezed again.  She was completely shocked but laughing and taking pictures of how pathetic the loser looked the entire time.  Then it was Her turn.  The little loser turned purple as She squeezed and I made sure to twist it's tiny nipples to add to the torment.  

We went through multiple positions and crushed this thing in countless ways.  All scissor holds on it's heads, while working out Our perfect legs and asses...  This loser would have been in heaven if it wasn't constantly having it's breath taken away and getting knocked out from the pressure.  Watch as Lexi and I destroy this thing, leave it broken on the floor, and then spit and step over it for one last degradation before We leave...  Hahahaha...  you wish it was you loser... 

<3 Princess Amber <3

The Dawg in Me

As if We didn't all already know men are dawgs, here's more evidence for the statement. Ms Dandy and I were about to head out for a night of Halloween Parties and decadence, but My Cruella de Ville outfit was missing one of its most critical accessories; a stupid mutt I could torment and abuse.... LOL

So we grabbed My crusty ass geriatric geezer slave from the corner and dragged it over to test it's doggie skills.  We had it beg, roll over, fetch, and do numerous other little doggie tricks before using the "Evil Queen's Magic" and casting a spell with Our feet to turn this loser into a real pound puppy.   Bwahahaha...

Once transformed, I took puppy for a walk and made it show off all it's new talents so it would be a hit at the party.  What a loser pathetic bitch this thing is...  I mean could you imagine being dragged out of the house in a doggy costume to be humiliated all night while hot girls did nothing but laugh and spit in your face....  (I bet you can loser, and it probably gives you the hardest lil baby boner anywhere)  

Get the clip and see what it means to really be a "bitch" for the Mean Girls..

Goddess Platinum

I Will Skull Fuck You With My Heel

This trampling clips is one of My favorites yet.  This pathetic slave hadn't yet undergone a Mean Girl Trampling and so Myself, Amber and Draya decided to put it through the paces.  But one thing loser's need to understand, is that We make the rules, We decide how long We are going to walk all over you, and We decide when everything is over.  Sadly, this bitch obviously didn't get the memo.  LOL

So after giving it a brief warning not to every try and move it's hands and touch My girls, when it did so the second time, I popped right out of My throne, climbed onto the loser's chest, ripped the mask off it's face, and let it know that if it even so much as thougt about touching Amber or Draya again that My six inch heel would be piercing through it's eye socket and I would impale it's worthless brain with My heel.  


You exist as a bitch for Us to destroy, abuse, trample, humiliate, spit on, slap, or whatever the fuck We decide to do to you.  Once you get that through your head, things go much more smoothly.  So check out this clip of a slave getting threatened and scared to within an inch of it's life.  Obey bitch, that's your job.  Obey and take whatever We dish out like the subservient, inferior, thing you are... 

Goddess Platinum 

Bish Tried to Steal a Kiss

This old man, fuck does he have some nerve. Going where he isn't supposed to, and doing things he's not allowed.  So now it's time for the payback.  

I locked this senior citizen to a heavy chair in the basement of the Manor and took out My frustrations on it.  Stupid thing thinks it can live how it likes and listen as occasionally as it feels necessary.  Oh hell no that ain't going to fly.  It's MY WORLD, and this lil bitch is just lucky to live in it...  

So I started with the bamboo cane, all across its back, legs, and until I broke the thing hitting its feet Bastinado-Style.  One cane broke, another dozen to go bitch.  For 20 minutes I beat this thing.  Canes, crops, and whatever else I grabbed from the trunk of toys.  Hitting it right across its freshly branded ass.  Watch as it flops around like a fish out of water.  And see why none of the loser's at the Manor ever want to get on My bad side.  

$$$ Goddess Draya $$$

Cruel Covid Test

***Paid Custom Clip for AMG Member***
Princess Amber was at a private party over the weekend, as she usually is. She gets invited to all the "in" mansion parties for all the cool people in Hollywood, Vegas, and all over the world, really. Well, she gets a call on Monday morning that some loser at the same party she attended tested positive for Covid-19! She is SO pissed. Amber and her friend discuss what a pain it is to go get tested for this covid thing, and that she hates being around all those "common people" in some doctors office or clinic. But Amber suddenly has an idea...and tells her friend she may have a way around all that "testing" stuff. She doesn't tell her friend what it is, and just giggles wickedly and hangs up the phone.

Next thing you know, Princess Amber is calling out, "Oh LOOOOOOSER....get IN here!!" She explains to the slave that comes crawling to her feet what happened and how PISSED she is about it! But she is not about to go to some dirty "clinic" and have some swab rammed up her nose to she if she has covid! Ew, NO! That is why she has SLAVES like IT!

She goes on to explain that since the slave has been locked away in the Manor with just her for the most part for awhile now, it will basically be used as her GUINEA PIG! She will literally spit right down the slave's throat to give IT all of her germs- and then send IT off to get tested for her! Its GENIUS! If the slave comes back positive, she will know her own results without even having to leave the comfort of Mean Girl Manor!

Princess Amber grabs its leash, commands it to open its mouth, and begins literally spitting LOOGIE AFTER LOOGIE RIGHT INTO ITS OPEN, GAPING SLAVE-MOUTH! And the slave has no choice- it WILL receive it's Princess's germs and it WILL LIKE IT!! (Why? Because PRINCESS SAYS SO!) Amber thinks its hilarious to use a human "test dummy" like this and thinks that EVERY hot girl should be able to use some loser idiot like this as her "surrogate covid tester"...

After Princess has spit about a gallon of saliva down the slave's throat, into its eyes, and basically all over its ugly face, she leaves it there to "really soak in and infect the slave" and casually walks off to make the freak's appointment at the free clinic...

The slave can here Princess Amber in the other room on the phone as Princess Amber's spit is still slowly dripping down its face..."Yes, Free Clinic? Yes, I'd like to make an appointment for a covid test. Oh no, its not for me..."

Alpha Amazons Annihilate Asshat

So last week when Princess Alexandria said She had a surprise in store for this pathetic slave, little did it know that the surprise would be the NEWEST MEAN GIRL SPOILED ALPHA ALLIE!!!  So not only did this sad little retard get to get beat by Princess Alexandria, it also got destroyed by a SECOND SIX FOOT TALL AMAZON at the same time!  Watch how quickly this thing goes from a boot kissing apologetic bitch, to being helplessly pummeled, flogged, paddled, caned, and more by this pair of Blonde Bombshells.  

The pathetic thing never had a chance and since they kept in cuffed and leashed so they could drag it about the room as they beat it, the thing got not only it's back and ass destroyed, but also its chest, belly, legs, feet, and pretty much anywhere else they could find to strike it.  

Check out what it's like for losers the moment a New Goddess, Princess, or Spoiled Alpha walks into the Manor and decides to take our Her frustrations on Mean Girl Property.  Slaves exist for Our amusement, and you can see the excitement and laughter from both Alexandria and Allie as they put this sad sack through the ringer.  Don't you wish it was you loser???

Goddess Platinum

Tongue Fuck My Toilet Clean

Everybody seems to think that We Mean Girls are always so cruel and unfair to Our slaves, and I think this clip shows just the opposite. Just before I was about to head out for a Halloween Party with My Auntie and Our hot Alpha Studs, I gave her pathetic little loser a Halloween Party all it's own.  And what is more fun at a Halloween Party than Bobbing For Apples...  BOBBING FOR APPLES OUT OF A MEAN GIRL TOILET OF COURSE!!!!

See, We really can be nice and sweet to these losers when We want to.  I dragged the old ass thing into the bathroom off My bedroom, and tossed a few treats in the bowl for this loser to have at it.  I even was kind enough to give it a little drink mid-way through the exercise.  And better yet, the whole time this loser got to clean and lick and feast on all the various little Mean Girl leftovers that it could find on the bowl. So between that, the apples, and the drink I let it have, this thing had a better Halloween Meal than most of Our slaves get on Thanksgiving.  LOL...  

Get the clip and check out the Mean Girl Meal Plan that put this loser bitch in Heaven on All Hallow's Eve...  

Stockade Beatdown

What can We say about this terribly clueless ginger slave? From the time it arrived at Mean Girl Manor and declared it's intention to do everything it could to become Our newest live-in slave, nothing has really gone according to plan (well, at least not for it.)  But of course, everything goes to plan for Us. Because the plan for Us is always just to exploit, manipulate, humiliate, beat, and denigrate these losers until they are the obedient, passive, foot-licking beta-bitches We expect them to be...  Got it loser? 

So before filming this clip, the ginger retard did some other moronic thing that pissed Me off and made Me want to beat it.  So Princess Amber and I had the other live in slave bring the Stocks into the slave quarters where We locked this pathetic Ginger in and took to beating it's ass severely once again.

It really shouldn't be this hard.  And it doesn't need to take 3 months for a loser to become a usable live-in slave, but when you beta bitches can't understand that it is your job to keep the house tidy, your job to do the laundry, your job to keep Our cars washed, your job to remember Our birthdays (Mine is less than 2 weeks away currently loser), and your job to get things done so We Mean Girl's don't have to toil with chores and tasks that are meant for Our inferiors.  In other words, YOU EXIST TO MAKE OUR LIVES EASIER.  

And if it just so happens you ever forget those facts, it won't be five minutes until you find yourself like the ginger here, locked up, locked in, gagged, with nowhere to go until We are done disabusing you of the wrongheaded notions in your skull...  Step up your game, or We will beat it completely the fuck down bitches... 

$$$ Goddess Draya $$$

Cuckold Affirmations

Every day I make my rich, fat husband recite out loud his "cuckold affirmations". It's kind of like a "pledge of allegiance"- to ME! I want him sooo indoctrinated that he is completely under my control in this marriage. It's always so hard to explain to my new friends the structure of our relationship...but its very simple: My pleasure is everything, his his pleasure means nothing.

I even make him wear a chastity device so I have COMPLETE control of his I make sure he can only masturbate to the thought of me having sex with other men! And once you have your husband in can make him accept anything! Especially with the right brainwashing techniques!

So I have him repeat his affirmations over & over to cement into his little brain that he is a CUCK- and nothing more.
Watch the clip to see exactly what messages I drill into his brain about my having multiple boyfriends while BEVER sleeping with my own husband....

-Princess Amber

Shock It til It Sinks

Sometimes when I'm at the Manor, I get really annoyed with the various losers, and this retarded Ginger is one of the biggest sources of My migraines.  So what better way than to take out My frustrations than to combine several of the things it likes the least.  Draya told Me all about how this loser hates having the ball shocker strapped on it, and better yet, how afraid the thing is of the pool because it can't swim.   Bwahahahahaha....  THAT IS SO FUCKING PERFECT...  SHOCK IT WHILE IT TREMBLES IN FEAR OF SINKING IN THE DEEP END....  

OMG these losers are so utterly pathetic...  watch as I zap it repeatedly while it is in the water that makes every zap that much more painful...  this dawg shock collar is meant for "Stubborn Large Breeds" and a stupid and brain-daed ginger fits that description to a tee...  get the clip and see if the thing survives... 

Prince$$ Mia

Feet and Denial

So Lexi and I came home from the gym and our feet were sooo sweaty. Luckily, we keep a footslave stationed in the side room of Mean Girl Manor by the front door! but instead of letting it LICK our feet (like we know it wanted to sooo bad!!) we decided to put duct tape over its mouth and make it SNIFF our feet dry!! Haha. The poor pathetic loser was like so desperate to lick and taste our foot sweat... but we wouldn't let it!

We were so mean to it too. But who cares. It will put up with anything from us. And we have beaten these losers so badly that they literally live in fear of us. It knows it exists just to be USED by us! And its purpose today was to SNIFF OUR FEET right out of our sweaty gym socks!! While the entire time it's pathetic little microdick was locked up in chastity as we abuse it. 

My favorite part was when we started by facebusting and kicking the loser in it's head, and then we pinched its big nose between our toes and squeezed it shut so it couldn't breathe! Sooo much fun playing with slave's lives... But that's the way things go at the Mean Girl Manor, We make the decisions, and slaves live (or not) with the consequences.... HAHAHAhahaha

$$$ Goddess Draya $$$

Face Sitting and Fart Sucking

OMG, if there ever was a time that I shouldn't have been face-sitting a slave, it was after going out with My man to a Mexican dinner here in Vegas.  LMFAO!!!!  While I love an incredible asada burrito, let's just say it isn't the most appropriate thing to eat before asphyxiating a loser with My ass...  But as if I really care that much about the live-in losers at the Manor.  I got home after My date and decided to take the breath away from My Auntie's perpetual loser by sitting on its face, little did I know that a bit of My Mexican Meal might end up squeaking out onto its face. This is the first and ONLY CLIP I HAVE EVER FARTED IN, and OMG WAS IT GROSS!!!!!

But this stupid loser had no choice and it stayed restrained to the table I had it locked to and took everything My ass had to offer....  What an utterly pathetic loser bitch.  But lucky for it I am perfect, and it is a blessing to have Me do whatever I like on its face and head regardless of how much that "STINKS" for it..... Bwahahahahaha.... 

<3 Princess Amber <3

Goddess Draya's First Time Trampling

Here's another great clip from Goddess Draya's first shoot with the Mean Girl's.  Well before She became the newest Full-Time Goddess living at the Manor, Goddess Draya was introduced to keeping loser's beneath Her feet by Our Resident Amazon, Mistress Dandy.  I let the Girl's use My old ass decrepit Geezer pain-slut slave for this clip (it hated being trampled more than anything except being gagged/blindfolded or being restrained laying down when I used to beat it.. hahahaha)  Oh well, as if I really care that much what you do or don't like slave-bitch.  So, as I said, the old thing was laid down at the foot of the bar as Goddess Draya learned to get Her feet under Her while destroying this old disgusting thing.  Miss Dandy spent plenty of time shutting the loser up by stepping on it's head, mouth, and face, and no matter what, the old thing got what it deserved and wanted by being the Ground that Our Perfection Walks On...

Get the clip now loser boy and see how We all treat disposable little things like you everyday at the Mean Girl Manor.  

Goddess Platinum

Present Your Balls

You would think the slaves here at the Manor would learn the routine and process here after a certain number of days. But this ginger one is just incredibly slow and not the sharpest tack in the box, so to say it needs some special attention would be the understatement of a lifetime...

So Princess Mia and I have a perfect plan to help it learn the way things work around here, We'll destroy it balls.  Because ball destruction and smashing Our perfect feet and heels into its worthless pathetic sack is exactly how We get these things to learn the rules.  

Watch as Mia and I move this thing into countless new positions to have it "present it's balls" to it's Superiors and how We promptly kick them fully up into this loser's throat each and every time.  

HAHAHAHAHA, you wish it was you loser.  Get the clip and see how bad you'd be doing too in just 10 minutes of Us ballbusting you to broken....

Goddess Platinum

All in the Family

You'd never guess what some of these loser's seem to think in their clueless little heads.  Here, the sad old live-in slave at the Manor was talking to his grandson about how well he knows all of Us and the great relationship he has with Us.  The old geriatric fool sat there bragging and talking about how he could come to the Manor and just hang out with any of Us, do what it felt like, and generally have hot Girls like Us always hanging out around him and making him look good.  OMG is the OLD MAN CLUELESS

He's a disgusting loser slave and not the Don Juan he has tried to tell his grandson he is.  And really, I don't even know why I am using HE to describe IT.  Watch as I put this crusty old disgusting loser in it's place and then quickly teach his grandson how things actually work at the Mean Girl Manor.  


XoXo Mistress Dandy oXoX

Cool Kidz are So Cruel

This is the Follow-Up to the clip I posted earlier this week with Princess Amber trampling Our loser slaves to see who could last the longest.  Now that one of them has obviously failed the challenge, it's time for it's punishment.  So of course We set out to destroy it and it's little nuts for how pathetic it was in the previous trample clip.  We dragged these losers up to the office where I made the ginger strap on a ball shocker so I could take out My frustrations on it. The whole time Princess Amber forced Her slave to watch the action and scared it half to deaths...  But because this stupid little ginger made Me lose the bet, I wasn't at all satisfied with just one ball shocker lighting up its nuts.  Nope, I had Amber give the loser one as well so it would have two devices strapped on its sad sack and We could both zapp it until Our Hearts were content.  Watch how badly a slave freaks out and cries in pain as it is getting shocked by NOT ONE, BUT TWO MEAN GIRLS AT ONCE.... 

Hahahahaha....  well maybe don't bitch out during the challenge and take the abuse We give you loser, because as My stupid little ginger found out, things CAN ALWAYS GET MUCH WORSE.... 

$$$ Goddess Draya $$$

Kicking the Cash Out of It

There is little more fun than taking cold hard cash from a slave.  But making the stupid ugly thing pay Me each time I kick it in it's miserable face or head, is an even bigger thrill.  This sad thing is so desperate for any attention from any of Us, that it literally paid Me over $500 to simply kick it's head and face over and over and over again.  HOW FUCKING PATHETIC IS THAT???   My perfect little feet smash into this loser's face and head, and it coughs up another $20 each and every time.  Watch Me make this loser agree to go into permanent debt to be kicked in the face by Me.  All just for the honor of My perfect feet destroying it's face, and any little bit of self-esteem it had left.  Sorry loser, you're nothing except a wallet and "kicking-bag" to Me.  And once your little wallet is drained and rinsed of all it's resources, you get kicked aside until it's replenished.  (And as an extra bonus, check out how this loser's face looked at the end when it's nose finally gave way after one of My last kicks... Boooo hoooo bitch boi, not My Problem...) 

Goddess Asia

Digging Our Heels Into Them

So the other day when Princess Amber and I were talking in the Manor, We decided that it was about time to try and test out My new little Ginger slut, against another potential Mean Girls Live-In Slave.  Amber took slave hipster-floppy-hair, and I put My ginger up against Her slave to see which of the two could handle Our sharp spiked heels the longest.  The winner would get out of further punishment, but the loser was to be taken and ball shocked endlessly for losing the challenge.  And knowing how much My little bitch hates the ball shocker, I was sure its pathetic ass would win the contest.  Get the clip to see whether My slave won the day, or if Princess Amber's hipster topped the challenge.  Regardless of the winner, they're both losers and the clip of Myself and Amber electrocuting the loser's nuts will be up later this week.  Stay tuned... LOL

$$$ Goddess Draya $$$

Shiny Sweaty Superior Asses

After a day of beating, trampling, and generally abusing slaves at the Manor, Myself, Goddess Draya, and Goddess Amber had My little naked mole rat slave at the foot of the Throne and decided a great way to end the afternoon would be to deny the thing the pleasure of breathing with our ridiculously sweaty Superior Asses.  We all had on some of the tightest, shiniest outfits at the Manor, and decided to play some face-sitting games with this freak in our super tight clothes.  Goddess Draya started off bouncing and smashing the things face, followed up by Princess Amber who stepped on it a few times in getting situated to rob it of its air.  After She destroyed it a while, I took My turn and utterly stole the breath from the thing.  Watch as I hiked up My dress and pushed My ass completely over its nose and mouth and watched it struggle helplessly beneath Me.  See how long I made it stay under and how purple red its bald head gets when deprived of something essential for living.  Oh well, Mean Girls Rule the World, so we make the decisions and the losers just live with it (or at least they usually do... LOL)

Goddess Platinum