Brutally Ballbusting An Old Man

This was a real fan that wrote in wanted to "get beaten literally to tears" by Princess Carmela.

Be careful what you wish for!!

In this part, I take the $100 bills that the old loser brought with him for Carmela, and shove them in his mouth one at a time.  He has to hold them in his teeth while Carmela gets  her booted-foot up into his balls as hard as she can over & over! 

If the $100 drops from his teeth, it belongs to Carmela!

And Carmela loooves her $$$, so...she makes sure she rattles the teeth of "old man loser" with each thunderous kick between his legs! 

(This is a GREAT clip that every ballbusting fan will want to see!!) I even get a few kicks in of my could I resist?  LOL

Shock Beg Toss

Amber and I decided to play a fun game with a slave.  We have a ballshocker attached to its balls and have it set to the highest level.  (It is set on "15" on a scale of 1-15 haha)

When one of us starts sending shocks to its balls, the slave has to crawl as quickly as possible to the feet of the girl shocking it and place desperate kisses on her feet while begging her for mercy to get her to stop sending the painful shocks to its balls.

Ballbusting Bosses

This loser has been working for 2 high-powered female attorneys for awhile now.  But they want him GONE.  But nothing seems to make him quit!

They decide to "take it to the next level"!

They will literally kick him in the balls until he FINALLY quits and signs his own resignation letter!

Then they will be able to hire a better looking legal assistant...

A Pirate Gets Busted

This slave actually admitted to us via email that it was not a member of Our site, but that he had watched Our clips for FREE on PIRACY sites!!  Well, since he was local to us, we warmly welcomed him over to the Mean Girls Punishment Compound...for a free session to "thank" him for being such a "big fan" of Ours...  (wink wink)

Little did he know that we were going to restrain him, spread his legs nice n WIDE open for Us- and then take turns running up and kicking his balls up into his throat!!  The whole time, we are reminding him that he NEEDS to pay the "price" for watching Our clips for free on any site other than OURS!

By the end of the clip, the slave is a mess.  (Princess Carmela especially hurts with her ankle boots covered in SPIKES!) 

This should remind him that if he had spent HIS OWN MONEY to watch Our clips, maybe he wouldn't find himself in this position?

By the end, he is begging Us to show him mercy and promises "never to watch a pirated clip of Ours again!"  HAHAHA

Rude Awakening

It had been reported to me that our bald little rambling slave had fallen asleep in a back room of the Manor while we were filming some clips in the east wing. How dare he sleep when he should be at our beck and call!!

I had Princess Amber and Princess Skylar and I go downstairs and give him a very RUDE AWAKENING!  We stormed our perfect feet in our perfect high heels down the stairs to find that imbecile snoring away. 

I jumped on his chest and start smacking his face while all 3 of us start yelling at him.  Princess Skylar jumped on the freak's back and rode him up the stairs like the animaal he is. 

We forced that lazy slave to clean our kitchen floor WITH HIS TONGUE AND MOUTH.   That sack of human waste will never sleep on the job again! 

***(NOTE FROM GODDESS PLATINUM:  This is an absolutely REAL clip with NO scripting- this stupid slave really DID fall asleep while we were filming our other clips, and this is how we really handled it! LOL.)***


Push-up Ballbusting

Princess Skylar and I love the sound of our feet smacking into a slave's balls, and we both know that the sight of our perfect feet motivate our slaves to take more & more pain for matter how much their balls ache from our kicks.  But sometimes it hurts our feet!  Not to mention the pointed toe of a good "kicking boot" can cause even MORE pain to a slave's balls!

So we think we have found the perfect solution- these clear, see-thru boots!  They protect our perfect feet, AND have a nice pointed toe on them!  Yet the poor slave kneeling before us can still see our gorgeous feet sweating inside of them right before his eyes whenever we need to "motivate" it to take more kicks for us.  It's the perfect "win-win"!  (For Us, anyway...slaves ALWAYS lose around here...haha.)

We also decide to make this slave work out for us to get in better shape while we destroy its nuts by making it do pushups for us at our feet- with its LEGS SPREAD WIDE OPEN for us, of course!  We make him go "up, down, up, down..." until finally...WHAM!  A nice, hard kick directly into its nutsac!

By the way, I REALLY nail this loser's balls with several devastating kicks!!  These are probably some of my hardest kicks I've ever delivered to a slave's balls.  So watch the clip and let me know what you think.  Oh, and if you want to come here and let me put you through a "ballbusting workout" I will be more than happy to do that!  LOL


Office Shoe-Shine Slave

Skylar comes into my office at Mean Girls, Inc. and she is in SUCH a bad mood!  Apparently one of her office slaves messed up her coffee order and her shoes got dirty on her way into work this morning!  

So I decide to cheer her up by taking her over to the water cooler and introducing her to the slave that I have "re-purposed" into an office shoe-shine bitch for all of us to use whenever our work pumps need a nice shine.

There is really nothing more empowering as a businesswoman than to have some lackey male on his hands and knees tongue-shining your shoes while you casually chat with your Superior Female coworkers! 

-Goddess Platinum

Phlegm-Covered Covered Footworship

Princess Skylar and I decide to take our sweaty boots off and shove our stinky feet as far as we can down this loser's throat.  Then to make it even more humiliating for him, we take turns hocking loogies right into its face!  By the end, its ego is completely destroyed and its face is COVERED in our spit!


Garbage Disposal

*Custom Clip*

Goddess Platinum and Princess Amber are having a problem with their garbage disposal.  They call a plumber in and put him to work under their sink.  (And yes, the garbage disposal at MGM was really broken! lol)

After awhile, the disposal is STILL not fixed!  Spoiled girls do NOT like to wait, so they start abusing the blue collar worker under their sink.  He tries to resist, and totally objects to being treated this way on the job, but these women are SO hot...and soon he is doing whatever they say.  

Amber especially is VERY spoiled and mean...she keeps dropping things on the floor "accidentally" and saying "oops"- and then making the plumber clean it up off the floor!  (She even makes him do it with his teeth!)

By the end of the clip the failed plumber is told that he needs to clean their whole kitchen floor and that if its isn't done good enough they may just store him under their sink and USE HIM as their "human garbage disposal"!

Caning Chore Chart - Episode 10: Spoiled Princess Amber

The chores at Mean Girl Manor continue.  This time it is Amber's turn! 

I have tried so hard to teach her to discipline the slaves regularly.  She is just soo lazy sometimes!  She doesn't want to cane the slave, but I inform her that it is absolutely necessary to keep them in line and make sure they serve Us to the best of their abilities...even if it is just out of pure fear of the beatings they receive from Us. 

When the slave's screaming gets to me too much, I simply take off my boot and shove my sweaty foot deep into its mouth and encourage Amber to keep hitting him harder.

To be honest, its not the hardest beating this slave has ever taken, but my dear Amber is learning and getting better...  :)


Facesitting - The Best Way To Go

Sometimes slaves just need to be put in their place- and their "place" is BENEATH US!! 

And there is nothing better than wearing tight leather pants as you facesit a slave, because you know how hard it makes it for them to breathe. 

And this poor slave is really we take turns holding him down while the other Mean Girl cuts off his air supply.

Does he make it?  You will need to watch to find out!


Princess Skylar

Off To The Races!

In this clip we are just being MEAN AF to our slaves.  We pit them against each other, with me riding one slave and Amber riding the other.  (Special thanks to our girl Skylar for helping film this!  She thought it was a hilarious idea to do this to the slaves too!)  

We make them crawl with us on their backs back & forth and KISS THE TOES OF OUR SHOES at each end of the "race track" in the basement of Mean Girl Manor to earn points for us.  The "winning" slave will not get tortured after the race.  

The slaves are literally leaving a trail of "red stuff" stains on the carpet behind them from the rug burns on their knees because they are so desperate to scurry their Superior Female Riders to a winning race!  


American Ballbusting

This is simply one of the best ballbusting clips we have ever shot.  All 3 of us (Me, Princess Skylar, and Princess Amber) are dressed in our hottest "Red, White, and Blue" outfits to torment our slave's balls.  We are wearing k1lller thigh-high boots to protect our feet so we can SLAM our feet into this loser's balls AS HARD AS POSSIBLE.  

We each take turns kicking our slave in the balls as hard as we can in multiple positions.

By the end the poor slave's balls are BROKEN and SWOLLEN.  

 And we include a bunch of really cool "super slo-mo" kicks too, for your viewing pleasure!   

We can tell he is scared for his life (especially when we put him in certain very vulnerable positions haha) but we don't care!  We can do whatever we want to Our slaves.  And we feel like kicking this loser's balls up into its stomach.

Watch this clip and send me an email to tell me who you think the hardest ballbuster is!  lol  


Squishing Fatso For His Life Insurance Money

Mia and I are talking about how I have this slave that so gross and annoying.  He even complains when I take money from him, even though it is only like a few thousand a month!  Like what is up with that?? 

So Mia suggests that they have this "shrinking machine" over at the Brat Princess sorority house that I can use.  It sounds awesome!  She suggests that we can just shrink the fat loser...and SQUASH him!  And it is like SO much easier to dispose of a slave if it is only like 2 inches tall!  

But Mia makes a good point- even though I am like SO over this slave, I don't want to give up his money!  But of course, I am a smart Princess so I make ALL my slaves get big life insurance policies.  That way whenever I get sick of a particular slave, I can just "get rid of them"- and collect the life insurance money!  And there is a specific stipulation in the policy that if the policyholder goes missing for more than 6 months, the money gets paid out to the beneficiary.  (ME!)  We just need to make this fat loser "disappear".  And I am so nice that I promise Mia that since she is helping me I will split the $$$ with her.  :)

So its not long before we have the slave shrunk and at our feet...and at our mercy!  We decide to play with him a little bit though before we "end" him...maybe if he begs hard enough I will let him live?

Locked Into Feet

I had Mia over for a Princess sleepover.  I had this cool stockade built into the foot of my bed, so we can have a footslave locked into place at Our feet and use it whenever we want!  It is SO convenient!  You just wake up, and SHOVE your feet down its throat! 

Poor slave...this clip opens up after we left it locked up at our feet all night long while we slept...and when we wake up, we just shoved our feet into its mouth until it literally GAGGED on Our feet over & over!!  Haha.

Some of you freaks probably wish you could be locked up at the foot of my bed like 24/7, huh?  ;)

-Princess Amber

New House - Old Foot Freak

I always enjoy having new girls over to show off my "Mean Girl" lifestyle to.  But some of them just don't understand how I can be sooo mean to old losers and treat them the way that I do.  But me n Princess Mia (from "Brat Princess" fame) hit it off right away online, and she was totally down to see my new house that a slave bought me and hang out for awhile.  We even shot a few clips together while she was here. This was the first one.

Basically, I just show off how this old foot-creep is like SO obsessed with my feet that we can do anything we want to him.  I let him bow down and kiss my feet in front of Mia and he is like soo happy...but then I tell him that he has to keep his legs spread niiiice and WIDE while he kisses my feet.  That way  Mia can line up her KICKS TO HIS BALLS from behind!  HAHA

Poor old foot loser is so addicted to my feet that he just keeps getting back up and bowing down to kiss my feet over and over again no matter how much pain it is in...and kissing my feet with his legs spread- even though he knows Mia is just going to KICK his balls again!  So pathetic.

It is so funny to play with loyal foot slaves.

-Princess Amber

Survivors Get to Worship

This clip was fun AF.  Its basically a hodgepodge of slave abuse lol.  I have just finished abusing the fuck out of this slave by basically kicking its balls up into its throat all day in some previous clips.  So as its "reward" I tell the loser to lay down and that I will now allow him to worship my feet.  And he is just enthralled at the opportunity.

This slave is just SO "in love" with me.  But it literally means NOTHING to me.  It must be so hard to be a slave.  I mean, the girls that you are "in love" with just walk all over you and basically abuse you.  And that is exactly what I did to the slave in this clip.  But no matter how badly I treat it, it still seems to be in love with me.  LOL

I walk all over it (literally) in both my stiletto heels and my bare feet.  I stand on its throat full-weight and laugh as it struggles to breathe underneath me.  I eventually allow the loser me to worship my feet- after they have been sweating inside of my boots all day.  Of course, the loser is grateful just to lick the sweat off my pathetic. 

I shove my feet DEEP into its mouth...literally shoving my foot down its throat until it gags-while I laugh.  I even kick the loser in the balls a few more times WHILE I am standing on it!  

This slave is so in love with me...I can do anything I want to it.  And in this video, I pretty much do!  How much do YOU wish that YOU were this loser??


-Princess Amber

Suspended Disbelief

Well, I have a new victim to abuse. 

This is a fairly new ballbusting slave that we have just inherited.  I have already kicked him pretty good in a previous clip.  ("Testing A New Ballbusting Slave")  But now I want to take him to the next level and REALLY destroy his testicles.  So I have him strung up from the ceiling out in the garage - completely helpless - with his legs pulled apart nice and wide with chains so I have direct, unobstructed access to vulnerable testicles!

Then I begin my relentless onslaught on his balls.

Kick after kick I slam my booted foot into his balls.  Not sure why it is so much FUN to be so mean to boys...but it is!  :)

The slave apparently can't believe that someone as pretty as ME can be THIS cruel to him.  (Haha I love that.) 

Eventually it begins to complain and beg for my mercy.  So what do I do?  I switch into a new pair of boots that are even more brutal!  This loser will learn what happens when slaves complain around here! 

Eventually the slave starts quickly learning its place around here.


-Princess Amber

DE-sensitivity Training 101

So sometimes young, less-experienced Princesses actually "feel bad" about hurting or abusing slaves.  But that is just pointless because slaves are not people.  They are less than people- they are things.  Things that were put on this Earth to be use, abused, and treated like dirt by hot young girls like Us.  As an experienced Brat Princess, I actually teach a class on this philosophical theory.  

My star pupil is young Princess Amber.  She even brings her own slave to class with her every day!  In today's lesson for my "DE-sensitivity Training 101" class, we are really working on breaking down the slave's sense of self-worth and ego.  It MUST be reduced to seeing itself as nothing more than the sub-human garbage that it truly is.  This way, its Princess Owner can get the most work and money out of it!

We start with face-slapping.  Then we move on to some hardcore verbal abuse to really break it down.  And then finally we end with some REALLY dehumanizing spitting right into the loser's face. 

It MUST understand at all times how far BENEATH us it is.  And by the end of class, Amber's property has no question that it is a LOSER and absolutely DESERVES to be treated like garbage by Amber!

-Princess Mia

Testing A New Ballbusting Slave Out

This is just Me testing out a new ballbusting slave that begged to be used by Us in Our videos.  he takes some pretty good kicks...and just keeps taking more if I command him to.  Like a good slave should!

-Princess Amber