Foot Sweat Vacuum

Princess Amber and Goddess Draya want to have their feet worshiped- right out of their old, smelly Converse sneakers. 

They think its hilarious to make a slave lick their feet when they KNOW how sweaty and smelly they are! 

So they take turns shoving their sweaty feet right down the slaves throat while they mock it and laugh in its face for being such a pathetic foot freak that they can just USE it like this.  They even SHOVE BOTH OF THEIR FEET DEEP INTO ITS BIG, OPEN MOUTH AT THE SAME TIME!

Eventually they make the slave literally SUCK the sweat from in-between their toes using its big nose!!




Converse Cum

Sitting outside on my day bed taking SUPER cute selfies, with my new slave down at my feet, I notice that he starts to DROOL all over my converse and his sad excuse-for-a-dick twitches when I move my feet!

I figured it'd be SUPER humiliating to make him to lick the dirt off the bottoms of my shoes while I take pictures of him and laugh in his face and think of ways to humiliate him MORE!!!

I eventually decide to let this loser have a chance to finally cum- but ONLY on MY COMMAND of course!

I even slap him around and further degrade him as he strokes his tiny cock! But all losers know that ANY pleasure from me must CUM at a cost HAHAHAHA


Seated Ballbusting

GoddessNo decides that Her & The Duchess are working too hard. They should be able to sit in COMFORT and RELAX while they kick slaves in the balls! So Goddess calls over two slaves and commands them to get on all fours and turn into human benches so Her and the Duchess can sit in comfort on their backs while they take turns slamming their boots into a 3rd slave's balls! They command the 3rd slave to stand between them with its legs spread so Goddess and Duchess can take turns kicking him- one from the front and the other from behind in perfect rhythm! They laugh their a**es off while the "bench slaves" are simply used like nothing more than human furniture to support them and the ballkicking slave is commanded to take kick after kick, much to their sadistic delight.

At the beginning of the video is a "between takes" sneak-peek as GoddessNo plops Her perfect a** down on a slave while Duchess is taking a bathroom break. (This isn't just for show with GoddessNo! She really lives like this! Using slaves is natural to Her...)

Eat The Cum Taco

This is a really gross video.  To be honest, you probably shouldn't buy it- or watch it.

Goddess Platinum commands two of her slaves to kneel before her and masturbate purely for her amusement.  The first one to cum on the tortilla at her feet "wins".  You can guess what the LOSER has to do...

Both slaves have some problems getting "up" for this task, as they are both so scared of losing.

Piggy Bank Cuck

My poor old cuck-paypig.  It is sooo in love with me, even though I treat it like dirt and blatantly use him.  Like, I literally keep it locked in a cage for days at a time while I am out fucking my hot, young, muscular boyfriends- and using my cuck's money to pay for the dates!  And the worst part is, I literally TELL my cuck to its face what I am doing, and that it is just a human piggie bank to me.  It means nothing to me.  And yet it still loves and worships me!

I tell my stud lover about my cuck-pig and that I keep t locked up in a cage.  He wants to go see this!  We decide it will be fun to really torment the old loser... 

While we are literally making out on top of its cage, I make sure to tell my paypiggie cuck how little it means to me while I am fooling around with my big, muscular stud boyfriend right in front of him!  I really rub it in about how we are out spending its money on US having fun together- while it  is locked up down here in a cage like a fool.  

Just to add to its humiliation (and show off a little to my BF) I decide to give my cuck-pig a little treat at the end...

Ballbustin With GoddessNo & The Duchess

GoddessNo is now showing her friend how much fun it is to kick slaves in the balls! The Goddess calls in one of Her ballbusting slaves and they both take turns kicking it as hard as they want right in the balls until it finally goes down and can't get back up. Not to worry- GoddessNo just calls in her "backup ballkicking slave" and their fun CONTINUES, as they slam their boots into this fresh slave's balls.

Then the girls decide to DOUBLE their fun by making both slaves take it at the same time. The Duchess is amazed that these obedient zombies just stand their and spread their legs at the snap of GoddessNo's fingers and just LET them kick them in the balls as hard as they want! ("What morons!") And the girls LAUGH SO HARD throughout the video...

Pummeling Porky Pig

This is a clip of beautiful, young Supreme Queen Simone's first time ever caning a slave!  She usually just rejects fat losers, but she had no idea that they could be used like this!  Who knew you could just chain them up and beat them for your own entertainment?? 

Supreme Queen Simone is learning from her visits to Mean Girl Manor that old, fat losers will let beautiful young girls do pretty much whatever they want to them just to be allowed around them.

Fat Fuck Double-Dommed

I invited Miss Tiffany over to Mean Girl Manor to beat our fat loser that we keep chained up in the basement...SO much fun!

BallBustin WORKOUT

"I just came home from my run and what better way to cool down than some nice, relaxing kicks to a slave's balls? LOL! (Well, relaxing for ME, anyway!) I guess its agony for the slave- but I don't really care. I enjoy it. And that's all that matters!

So when I come walking through the door of may apartment, there is my slave, naked & stationed agaist the wall awaiting my return- just like I told him to before I left! (He didn't even know why, but again, it doesn't matter cuz its only a slave- it just does as its told!)

I just go to work on this loser's balls. Kicking him right in the sac. First with my cute little tennies on, then with sox, then with my perfect bare feet!! (Watch the preview!!!) I LOVE the sound of my bare foot making solid contact with a loser slave's BALLSAC!! LOL!!!

Eventually I cool off and sit down on the conquored slave to rest after my workout- feeling completely victorious & powerful! Just as a GODDESS should!" 


Princess Mia Picks Her Pet Pig

All the Mean Girls got to pick a slave and make it into any pet they wanted for a day!  Mia picked this old loser and turned him into a pig!  Just for her amusement she decides to play with her little is so much fun to see how much an old man will debase itself for a hot young girl's amusement!

Bitch Broken Beneath Our Heels

It's not everyday that Supreme Queen Simone makes it to the Manor to torment the lot of losers at the house, and I had totally not realized that SHE HAS NEVER TRAMPLED A LOSER BEFORE!!!  So of course I was going to show Her how much fun it is to walk all the fuck over these things exactly like the Queen She is... 

After pulling over My bald live-in slut and laying it down on the floor, I quickly showed Simone the basics.  And proceeded to point out that She could have all the fun She wanted stepping on it, dragging Her heels across its chest and body, or even jumping up and down on it in Her spiked heel booties.

Once She climbed up, SHE WAS A NATURAL AT CRUSHING IT BENEATH HER! Usually this slave can take a decent amount of trampling and being smashed beneath Our heels but as She went to town you can literally watch it fall the fuck apart.  From sceaming, kicking its legs, and looking like a fish flopping on the deck of a boat, Simone totally destroyed this loser until it was begging for mercy.  

Find out if it got a reprieve or was kicked out to the curb when you get the clip... 


GoddessNo is reading Her book ("Why Men Love Bitches"- seriously, that is the book She is reading in the video and in real life!) while using Her two slaves as human furniture- to rest Her feet and ironically, Her book on while She relaxes on the sofa and reads.

She then decides that She wants to sit at Her computer desk to go on the internet for awhile- and She needs to use ONE of the slaves as Her deskchair. Both slaves hope She will use them, and BEG for Her to use them. Goddess decides there is only one way to pick a slave for this honor- kick them both in the balls until one falls down! This will show Her who REALLY wants it more- and it will be fun for HER! There is nothing GoddessNo lies more than kicking a worthless slave right in the balls...

The slaves are lined up and Goddess shows off Her shiny gold metallic POINTED-toe pumps to the camera, as she has decided to film this testicle massacre for Her store. Then She starts kicking balls, kneeing balls, and mocking the slaves for letting themselves be abused like this by a girl! ("A REAL man would never let a girl kick them in the balls over & over like this! Thats why you arent real mean- you're SLAVES!")

Eventually though, GoddessNo tires of kicking them, as they both remain standing through the pain- desperate to be used by Her as Her deskchair. (She shows off Her perfect ass in the beginning of the video to the slaves and it apparently keeps them motivated no matter how hard She kicks them right in the nuts!)

So Goddess decides to change a NEW pair of devastating red METAL SPIKE-STUDDED pumps! She even shows them off close-up to the camera She has set up on tripod to capture all the abuse of Her slaves' balls...Then She makes the slaves put the shoes on Her feet that She is about to kick them in the balls with! They have n choice but to obey their Master.

After just a few kicks with the metal studs to their exposed, bare ballsacs, GoddessNo has a "winner" and the lucky slave is dragged over to Her desk to be USED further by its Owner!

Don't Fuck With My Money (Part Two)

***Please note, this is the second part of a previously released clip by the same title focused solely on the trampling portion of the clip.  If you purchased the original Don't Fuck With My Money, you already have this clip***

Once I'm sure he understands, it's time to make sure it realizes that it still owes me for fucking up my previous trample clip.  I take this mountain of moron and restrain it between two opposite walls with heavy duty straps and thick bamboo so it is completely helpless and unable to even attempt to squirm away from the pain I intend to inflict.  I then trample this thing until it's face turns a dark purple color as tears stream down it's face from the pain My heels inflict upon it.... hahaha....     I should never have to take time out of My life or from My busy schedule to fix the mistakes of a subhuman wretch like this fat stupid slave.  Watch and see how well it learned it's lesson and how much it begs and promises to do a better job so I don't put it out of it's useless existence.

Lusting For Lexi's Feet!

OMG you are like soooo pathetic.  Look at you!  Down at my feet, literally begging like a fool for me.  And not even for "me", really- because you know I am so far outta your league, that's not even possible.  So you are literally begging just for my feet.  Haha!  And you know you aren't even worthy of that!

Look loser, just kneel before me while I sit on my throne and basically ignore you and play on my phone, texting people that I actually like.  And you are so pathetic that you will just kneel there and drool as I dangle my shoe off the tip of my toe, huh?  What happens if my shoe actually falls off?  Can you even handle that??  LOL

Gawd, foot-losers are so fucking pathetic.  Just kneel, drool, and send me a tribute through my twitter, foot freak.

Myami Mean Girlfriend

19yr old Princess Mya (formerly "Princess Jessica"- She wanted to change her name...) wanted to live out this fantasy- of completely humiliating and degrading an ex-boyfriend of hers. Did you ever have one of those times when you wish you could go back and do things differently? i guess this was one of hers...So She made the slave play the role and she knew she could do anything she wanted...and make that ex BEG for her and totally treat him like SH*T and DEGRADE the F*CK out of him this time! VERY entertaining...and therapeutic for her!

The Princess finds a text message from a girl in her "BFs" phone- and she HATES that. So she literally throws the phone (yes, a REAL phone) on the floor and stomps it to with her leathal stiletto boots. Some great close-up shots of her crushing her boyfriends phone...She actually bends the metal heel from stomping so hard on it!

Then when he gets home...she makes him get on his knees and BEG her forgiveness. She literally makes him CRAWL to her! He is so whipped...but thats not good enough for Her. She makes him kneel before her while she sits on the couch and enjoys a glass of wine while watching him BEG her not to leave him! She takes it even further by making him shine her boots - including the soles! - with his tongue! She fucks his mouth with the heel of her boot, just to give herself a good laugh...

Then she takes his humiliation to the next level- she drags him over to the entryway of the house - where everyone walks in and out all day - and throws an old burrito on the floor. She proceeds to step on it right in front of him, forcing him to watch. She talks about how she wishes that was his C*CK, with her metal stiletto heel going right through it! Then she tells hm if he wants her to not break up with him & throw him out- he needs to eat the floor like a D*G! She makes it even worse for him by opening up packet after packet of hot sauce and pouring it all over the sloppy mess on the floor at her feet. Then she MAKES him eat it! (you need to watch this!!!)

Does he eat it all? And what is her decision after he has begged grovelled, pleaded, and done eveythign she demanded of him? Will She keep him? You'll need to watch...

Don't Fuck With My Money (Part One)

***Please note, this is Part One focused on Ballbusting, CBT, and Ball Stomping from the previously released clip by the same title.  So if you previously purchased Don't Fuck With My Money, you already have this clip***

I am so insanely sick of this fat fuck slave I own.  It fucks everything up...  I mean EVERYTHING! I have taken all editing duties back from all slaves because they can't handle doing anything properly. Uggghhh, so annoying!

So I'm sitting at a desk in the small office and I'm editing this really hot face-sitting clip and wouldn't you know it, at least 10 lights, multiple cords, and countless other crud that should never be on camera happen to be in what would otherwise be a super hot clip...   GRRRRRRR!

My beautiful niece Princess Amber also had just informed me that the kick ass trample clip we did with the loser from the Czech Republic was totally blurry and COMPLETELY OUT OF FOCUS because of this fat piece of garbage. So now I'm going to fuck it up so hard it will wish it had never been born.Hahaha I will also feel way better after destroying this pathetic excuse of a male.

I called that fat freak up and after it gets it's slow, pathetic, fat ass to the office I grab it by the hair, shove it's face at the computer screen and point out how completely badly it sucks at life and the tasks it's assigned that I expect it to do competently.  And the entire time the thing acts wholly unphased and as if My assessment of the half ass job it did wasn't even a surprise.   

So I simply took things to the next level and sent the fat fuck crawling off to fetch my Platinum Booties... hahaha....  Those ever infamous booties that I use to absolutely destroy slave balls when they fuck up in ways that are intolerable...  I start by making it lay down for a quick taste of what's to come before dragging it off to my office where I have ample room to destroy it's worthless balls for fucking up my clips and messing with MY MONEY!

In excruciating fashion, I remind this piece of garbage, that the one life lesson it must NEVER FORGET is that NOBODY FUCKS WITH MY MONEY!!! I kick, crush, and absolutely trash this fat fuck's balls over and over and over until I'm satisfied that this idiot is finally getting the concept through it's thick ungodly stupid skull.

Not Like We Need Inspiration to Wreck Its Balls

Some slaves are just meant to be beaten and broken.  My old ass geezer slave is a prime example.  It has so many issues that constantly aggravate Me regardless of how good it is attempting to be, that I never need any additional motivation to destroy it in one way or another.  

Here, Ms Tiffany and I decided to play a little game of punt its balls into its neck and We each took turns unloading on the things balls.  (Well, when We didn't cheat and lay into its sack two or three times in a row just to crush its worthless boy parts.  And as many times as We kicked the thing, We really never got bored of hurting it so this is one of the very rare BallBusting Clips that is OVER 25 MINUTES LONG!!!

Wanna get an idea of what might happen to your worthless little sack if you ever made it to the Manor loser?  Get this nearly Half-hour clip for one of Our longest Ball-busting CBT clips to date.

Lick My Sneakers!

"Slaves will do ANYTHING for me- even lick the dirty bottoms of my TENNIS SHOES! LOL! I bet YOU wish you could lick the soles of my shoes, DON'T you, loser???

Well BUY THIS CLIP AND YOU CAN FEEL LIKE IM TALKING RIGHT TO YOU! COMMANDING you to lick them! LAUGHING at you in your FACE and telling you how PATHETIC you are! And then even taking them off and making you smell my stinky socks!

At the end you even get a special treat, loser- I peel my sweaty socks off after my long workout and show you my PERFECT feet!!"


Czech Freak Begs For Princess Mia's Feet

One of the noveltys of staying at the Manor is the fact that there are literally slaves FOR EVERYTHING! I mean, it isn't just a slave that is downstairs to beat when we feel like it, or a slave outside to wash our cars, or the one kneeling in the kitchen that will always cook or go fetch us any food we'd like, but even losers locked into the end of our beds (if we want) so there is always a pathetic little bitch there to worship or masage our feet as soon as we wake up in the morning, or if we get scared in a bad dream at night, something to kick in the face to scare away what bothered us... lol

So after crashing out hard the other night, I had half forgotten I had locked this loser from some foreign land at the foot of the bed and when I came too I nearly giggled to myself seeing its pathetic face right at the foot of my bed.   But what was I to do?  Obviously manipulate the poor sad thing with my flawless perfect feet. So I started by lightly teasing it, and made it use its teeth to pull off my knee high socks.  

And we were only just getting started.  Watch the clip and see me torment this sad foreigner as it is obviously so addicted to my feet.   Needless to say, I am nowhere near as interested in it so I had a great time kicking and slapping my peds off its face and tongue while also gagging and humiliating it.  Such is the life of a slave.  You wish you could be so lucky loser.

Come Relax In My Special Slave Chair

So I had one of My slaves build a special chair from steel that is perfect for restraining losers in any number of different ways.  And the slave that I always like beating the best is My old ass geezer slave as it constantly drives Me crazy in one way or another.  Here, Princess Mia and I too the old ass down to the basement in the Manor and strapped the old asshole into the chair and had Our way with it. 

Watch as We get this old man set up for an all time epic Mean Girl Beatdown beating all over the front of its body as this chair makes it super easy to do so.  We both have access to its tiny little cock to stemp on and crush, as well as its chest, legs, arms and head...  We use paddles, crops, whips, canes, and even Our stilletos to hurt and ruin this sad thing.  And you see its head bobble around like a broken doll as it cries out in pain.  

See, what better Christmas present is there from a slave, than a device made to hurt and destroy the slaves themselves? Perfect on-going mindfuck of Our property and alongside an asskicking or ten to boot.  Get the clip now to watch old man geezer receive one of the fiercest ass kickings of his time at the Mean Girl Manor

Goddess Platinum